A Report On Not A Goldfish English Language Essay

There comes a clip in everyone ‘s life that changes us, it defines us. “Why have you missed the deadline of your college admittances, ” the words of Curtis Nichols, the counsel counsellor sounded like a bomb shell. It jolted me out of a deep sleep. Yes, I was in a sleep during the whole 3rd one-fourth. In a euphoric universe of football, from patterns to tourneies, frequently having a standing ovation for hiting the wining end, I had lost orientation of clip. While others were maintaining record of colleges they were prosecuting, I was maintaining path of the following tourney in line. Until on a balmy spring forenoon of Lahore, I was summoned by my Mr. Curt, with a inquiry I did non hold an reply to.

Truth be told, I had been inquiring myself the same inquiry since. What of all time the grounds, I found myself lost, stranded, at the threshold of falling apart. I had reached the absolute stone underside of my emotions.

“There is silver run alonging nevertheless, ” Mr. Curt grinned in the following meeting. He had received hint of some still vacant college seats but I had to come up with excess particular classs to measure up myself in his eyes, to turn out my earnestness in the embroilment I had landed myself in.

I learned it the difficult manner that the yearss of cunctation and disregard were gone. The clip in my life had come when I have to take clasp of my hereafter, the lone manner out of this cavity had to be the manner up.

Forty-seven yearss was all I had, to measure up in the eyes of those who believed in me, but most of all I had a point to turn out for myself I had to cognize that I was strong plenty to acquire out of the quandary I had put myself in. For the following one 1000 one hundred and twenty eight hours with a clear mark. I devoted myself to the texts of Shakespeare and Dickens, I indulged in the theorems of Newton and Labyrinth. Burning the midnight oil as the demand be, I completed my college applications.

With my attempts I managed to contend my manner out. 29th May, the twenty-four hours every high school pupil looks frontward to, The Graduation twenty-four hours. As I took the phase and received my sheepskin with a winning smiling on my face, I knew I had changed I knew I had deserved it. I started believing in myself and the infinite possibilities that await every sincere attempt, that twenty-four hours I found myself.

Had I accepted, the missing of deadlines as destiny, I would hold had to acknowledge that I was a pre programmed pre-destined animal. Which I knew I was non. I do admit that the contours of my face and the colour of my tegument are pre-determined like the black and white chevrons of a zebra but that is every bit far as the pre-determination goes.

Fate ushers but does non order destiny jogs but does non coerce. Opportunity does non strike hard on every adult male ‘s door, but when it does it better be seized.

There is destiny no denying, which awaits us all, but this fate is subservient excessively the true potency of the human spirit. The secret of achieving 1s ends how of all time high they may be is in the realisation of 1s true abilities and potencies while most wait for fate, destiny delaies for those who realize their on egos.

I knew that I was non a gold fish nor this universe an fish tank, I was non to roll, slaming once more one glass wall so another. Destined to travel about from one corner to the following, this universe is more than that. Human attempt endurance and intelligence surpass that of goldfish by a huge border. We find our ain waies, we engrave our ain lines in the thenar of destiny, we captain our ain ships undeterred by the darkness in forepart of us embarking in to the beyond seeable. Unlike the journey of the gold fish, our journey can non be put to an terminal by transparent unseeable walls.

I learned it the difficult manner, Benjamin Franklin ‘s secret expression to his success. Never leave that boulder clay tomorrow, what you can make today, . “The early bird catches the worm” said Mr. Curtis, his stare perforating every bit much as his words “A stitch in clip saves nine, ” he added. I will non feign I was non warned. We ‘ve all heard the Proverbs, the philosophers and poets warning us about otiose clip. We have heard the seniors pressing us to do hay while sun radiances. Still sometimes we have to see for ourselves. We have to do our ain errors. We have to larn our ain lessons.

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