A Review On The Refugees Of Pakistan English Literature Essay

‘I believe I ‘m in a H2O armored combat vehicle someplace in the desert, but is n’t that impossible because the last thing I remember I could hear a buzzing noise and there I was puting on the dark ruddy dirt between the rows of olive trees in my farm as I was watching Qais playing with the gifts I bought him from Kuwait and Um Qais shortly to give birth to a girl was at that place smiling towards her kid. I walked towards my household desiring to fall in them after the unsmooth twenty-four hours of working in the scorching Sun with my bear pess.When I approached my household I opened my weaponries to encompass them ; they did n’t look to see me. I opened my oral cavity to talk to acquire their attending, but it was as if I said nil or they were unable to hear me, as if I did n’t be, as if they were blind to my presence, ‘ . ( a knocking noise of Abu-Qais hitting his caput on the side of the armored combat vehicle. ) ( Sound of a adult male in hurting for a twosome of seconds ) .My caput being knocked on the medal side convinced me or Abu-Qais ‘ I think that I was in the metal armored combat vehicle. Abu-Khazarain could be heard reiterating the same sentence ‘ Why did n’t they strike hard why did n’t they shout for aid. ” Suddenly the stuttering H2O armored combat vehicle came to a seize and I could hear a heavy creaking door being opened and a crying adult male leaping out, mounting the metal ladder and opening the metal palpebra. The Sun ‘s beams crawled its manner in and seemed to interdict the darkness that used to linger in this glooming hell and seemed which revealed to the crying adult male the three Palestinian work forces lying dead. He started with the younger two adult male who had a baffled blazes on their faces and their oral cavities opened highly broad they were in torment for their organic structures were every bit stiff as a rocks. As for me I had my manus clenched in a fist around a rusty support. Abu-khazairain spent hours fighting to take me from that foul rusty old support he used all his might and eventually gave up. Urgently he took a prison guard driver and disconnected the support and threw me and the support onto the side of the route between the two aliens that were there with me in the armored combat vehicle. As Abu-Khazarain was about to step into his truck and drive off, he remembered that the rusty support was needed to forestall the armored combat vehicle from fall ining, so he rushed to me, rapidly stood on my carpuss and jumped, non merely did the hapless support return back to the infernal armored combat vehicle, but his places had been dirtied by the blood that I spilled for keeping the lone thing that belonged to me. I laid at that place unable to travel and solitude and stationary but the universe was n’t stationary for me. No 1 came looking for so called Abu-Qais they seemed, no one even respected my organic structure that was another obstruction, to be cleared to go on the procedure of life and there was nil I can make I, except ballad at that place on this waste desert and delay, delay for fate, delay for a miracle. ( Time base on ballss, morning arrives, roll gloating ) it started to rain, and rain it did till the land ‘s could no longer imbibe, and a inundation started. The inundation took my cadaver into the huge darkness, past the olive trees, past my hopes, and eventually into a ditch. The inundation calmed down covering me with the dirt, go forthing me to my fate. It was about to stop and I realized amidst everything that had happened, that I had been gifted something that ca n’t be lost that non even my enemies can take it off, “ Death ” .

Analysis portion: The originative portion that I have merely mentioned is about Abu-Qais momently after deceasing in the H2O armored combat vehicle with his Palestinian brethren on his manner to Kuwait. Abu khazairain was in charge of taking them to Kuwait, but during a checkpoint he was forced to go forth the Palestinians in the metal armored combat vehicle with the palpebra closed which prevented any air from come ining. Abu khazairain mingles excessively long in the stamping office and the Palestinians die softly without strike harding on the sides of armored combat vehicle or naming for aid.

In my originative scene I started by utilizing a mixture of flashbacks and boding as used by the writer Ghassan Kanafani in order to let the readers to experience the confusion and freak out that surrounded a normal Palestinian during his full life. “ I think I ‘m in a H2O armored combat vehicle someplace in the desert, but is n’t that impossible because the last thing I remember, I was puting on the dark ruddy dirt between the rows of olive trees ” Abu ‘Qais seems to believe that he went to Kuwait and that he got back his olive trees which ne’er occurred and at the same clip he remembers his girl Hosna who is still in his female parent ‘s uterus but she had already been born and died of malnutrition.

In the novelette the Abu-Qais parks his lorry antonym to an air conditioner that filled the air with its noise and silenced the sounds of the Palestinians deceasing. This is besides stated in the originative portion “ I could hear a buzzing noise. ” This is irony for a twosome of metres off from their infernal H2O armored combat vehicle was a stamp Eden with a hearty zephyr. This is similar to the state of affairs in Palestine which is considered a hell where kids starve, Men run off to happen bread crumbs, and adult females become widows, while near by Kuwait is basking a period of luxury and peace. Alternatively of the Palestinians concentrating on their jobs they were preoccupied with the oil roar in Kuwait and the narratives of those who win financily.

The mentioning of Abu-Qais ‘s Family and ownerships such as his oldest boy, his pregnant married woman, and the rows of olive trees is besides a manner used by Khassan Kanafani in order for the audience to be in a quittance with Abu-Qais leting a alone bond to organize between the reader and the characters in which the reader feeling understanding for all the harsh and inhuman treatment experienced by them.

When Abu-Qais goes to his household who are the people he expects to love him the most, he finds that they have turned their dorsums on him, and as stated “ I opened my oral cavity -to- as if they were blind to my presence ” . Which is similar to his place land, Palestine which had strong ties with its neighbour Arab states before it was invaded but when Palestine calls for aid from the people they know the most and the whole universe everyone looks in another way and pretends that nil is go oning.

When the Sun ‘s beams abolished the darkness Abu-Qais was seen with his fists clenched around the rusty support. This represents that even when you kill the Palestinians you are really doing the opposition stronger “ he struggled for hours ” ; this shows that the battle is still to be continued non straight but through different ways, through narratives, fables, heroes, and sufferer and this has worked because a coevals has been born that no longer mutely accepts the destiny that is given to them for they now yell and knock on the side of the armored combat vehicles, which was the ethical motives that Ghassan Kanafani wanted for us to larn

To reason If you noticed certain devices were used such as Dark ruddy dirt and besides olive trees. Dark ruddy dirt symbolizes that the land has non been gained freely but through decennaries of contending and with the forfeit of the blood of those who defended it, fought for it and died for it. The work forces and adult females who died for their state are forgotten over the many old ages by people, but the land seems to honour their forfeits by continuing the discolorations of their blood throughout its dirt noting their being for the following coevalss.

In every Palestinian book, narrative, and myth Olive trees are mentioned the ground for this is because Olive trees are the symbol for Palestinians, non merely does it stand for the land but it is the individuality of the Palestinians. In Literture This tree is a symbol of strength, peace, fecundity, purification, triumph and wages. The Olive is besides a stated in many sanctums texts being extremely regarded by God All Mighty. The loss of their olives trees would be the loss of their being.

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