A Study On Brutus V Cassius English Literature Essay

Throughout the drama,Julius Caesar, many characters contrasted each other, but there were two who stuck out the most and they happened to be Brutus and Cassius. Brutus and Cassius appear to be similar, but really diverse in different facets of their life. Brutus has a echt personality, and Cassius changes his personality when he is about different people. The four basic differences that Brutus and Cassius shared were personality, leading, relationships, and managing crises.

These two had several differences in their personalities. Brutus was a really honest adult male, as Anthony stated in his address several times. He ever would set his awards at the top of his precedences. On the other manus, Cassius wants to acquire to the underside of the instance. He is more of a job convergent thinker, than a wise mind. He chiefly tried to happen out why Anthony was so loyal to Caesar. Brutus felt he had more power over Cassius because he had a high authorities place. Every clip Brutus and Cassius would dispute, Brutus would be winning. When Cassius had an thought, Brutus would ever do up another thought, even though Brutus could hold been wholly incorrect. Therefore, Cassius felt his thoughts and work to be meaningless.

Brutus was a ferocious leader. He ever carried out his orders, no affair how tough they were. Cassius did a good occupation in rounding up all of the plotters, but he did non complete out the occupation. Brutus took control of them and led them to kill Caesar. Cassius would ever fall under Brutus ‘ control every clip he had a good thought. Cassius came up the thought to subvert Caesar and kill him, but he did non hold the strength to transport out the operation by himself particularly when there was a crisis at interest.

Brutus had a strong relationship with Caesar. Brutus was known for his honest traits. Antony, in his address, even references, “ And Brutus is an honest adult male. “ ( Act III, Scene II, 95 ) When Caesar said, “ Et tu, Brute, ” ( Act III, Scene I, 85 ) he thought that they were good friends and thought Brutus would ne’er harm him. For Brutus to kill a adult male, he must hold done it for the right cause. Cassius liked Caesar merely every bit much, but had a different sentiment. Caesar fundamentally became a God to the Roman people. When the Romans idea of him as this, he could acquire the people to what he wanted, he wanted. In a manner, Cassius was frightened and covetous of Caesar ‘s power. Cassius and Brutus both finished off Caesar for the good of Rome.

Neither Brutus nor Cassius were strong at covering with crises. Brutus was said to be a rational mind. When crises came up, though, he would ever take the easy manner out. At the terminal of the drama, he ended up killing himself because he could non do the determination whether to travel and contend or kill himself. Cassius does non believe about the crisis, he reacts. When he heard Antony was traveling to kill all of the plotters, he thought it would be best to kill Antony along with Caesar.

As you can see, Brutus and Cassius were both strong leaders, but Brutus ever had the upper manus. He was outspoken with a high authorities place. Whoever tried to dispute with him, he would come out on top. Brutus knew what he was making at all times and ne’er questioned himself. Cassius, on the other manus, turned out weak compared to Brutus. He knew how to take people, but did non believe he could perchance make it. Cassius and Brutus stock had some similarities but contradicted each other in many countries. They were both great illustrations of leaders inJulius Caesar.

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