Adam Goldstein The Golden Record English Literature Essay

“ New York, new York. Big metropolis of dreams, but everything in new York is n’t ever what it seems. ” ( Eunice 2 ) . Adam Goldstein at age 36 was no ordinary local disk jockey but besides a Celebrity. His work included remixes by Papa Roach, and Will Smith, and appeared on several telecasting series. After executing at a montage with drummer Travis barker Adam was severely injured when taking off on the track in Columbia South Carolina enchantress killed 2 crew members and other riders. Goldstein had many jobs in his past clip that effected his life with drugs and relationship issues and later his life came to an terminal due to drug overdose.

Adam Goldstein was born in Pennsylvania to a Judaic household. As a child Goldstein ‘s male parent abused him verbally His male parent was addicted to drugs and was a Gay. Goldstein ‘s pa was besides sent to imprison for perpetrating a bank fraud and subsequently died due from the STD Aids. Adam ‘s solution to his male parent ‘s inhuman treatment was to eat, and by the clip he had reached age 10 he was corpulent. Adam ‘s parent ‘s relationship continued to deteriorate, when traveling out for dinner as a household Goldstein ‘s male parent would hit on the male servers in forepart of him and his female parent. By the age of 14 Goldstein ‘s male parent was in gaol and his female parent packed him along with his sister and moved to los Angeles. Goldstein was known as “ the fat child from Philly ” ( laurie1 ) .

Adam hated himself for being so corpulent and he used to stand in forepart of mirrors keeping the flab ‘s of fat and want he could cut it off with a knife. He would ever believe people would state “ thares the fat cat ” . He would non eat or imbibe in public because he was embarrassed of what they taught and said. Adam ‘s repasts would dwell of fast nutrient being the biggest size on the bill of fare and desert. All his taught was the word fat and the image of blubber.

After seeking to sober up at age 15 he asked his ma to direct him to rehab believing it would be like a summer cantonment. But Adams mother took him someplace she taught would be better a intervention centre named “ tough love ” and they specialized in it. This intervention centre was nil but a house of horrors. The counsellors would crush their patients, hunger them, and tongue in their hopeless faces, including Goldstein. This intervention centre would cut off all communicating with the outside universe so he could non speak to his parents or sister. Four or five months into his healing he was told he had a visit he was praying it was his female parent coming to acquire him out but merely one of his wants came true, it was his female parent but non to convey him out merely to state him that his male parent was deceasing of assistance ‘s and left with these three words “ I ‘m proud of you ” .

Goldstein ‘s reaction to the intelligence was like a bomb in his caput. He hurt on of his counsellors so severely it took more than one of the staff to keep him. After acquiring out of “ tough love ” he would go to meeting ‘s but it was n’t until 5 months subsequently he started making drugs once more. By this clip his male parent had died, he was kiked out of his female parents house and was a free 18 twelvemonth old adult male on the soiled streets of los Angeles. He would populate with friend ‘s and all the money he made with portion clip occupations would pass it on drugs so he could non lease his ain topographic point.

Adam ‘s chief beginning of income was of class robbing people and robbing drug traders. He would move as the in-between adult male more like a twofaced Satan. His programs to rob persons and drug traders were to calculate out where the cargo of drugs would come from and from who. Subsequently he would happen out who had gotten the cargo and direct a individual to rob them so he was the foreman in these programs after his “ employee ” would rob the drug traders Adam would divide the value of the drugs and money.

Adam goldstien at age 20 was addicted to cocoaine and deejaying. After watching herbie Hancock at the grammys Adam could non believe of anything else but blending. At age 23 he was acquiring so good at deejaying he became a famous person whirling at private parties for celebrated names like Jim Carrey, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Ben Stiller, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christina Aguilera, Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, and Kate Hudson. He besides played at celebrated locales and created his ain nine called LAX located in los Angeles. Adam was now the centre of attending from L.A to New York. But his depression held him back he was still corpulent and taught to himself he could non last because he had to hold a drink while deejaying he said it was impossible for him to deejay without a drink he would merely travel clean. Drinking made this ace feel wanted and societal. All of Adamss friends were in montage now but he now had a good occupation.

At 25 Adam started to travel to meetings once more and AA because the hardest thing for him was to deejay sober. After one of his meetings a adult male came up to Goldstein and said “ I promise you if you stay sober your calling will travel further than you can conceive of ” . After that Goldstein got better and started to work out. He lost 60 lbs and went from 270 lbs to 210 lbs. He spend most of his clip deejaying and the more that he pattern the better he would go mentally and physically. He got better occupations bigger wage and bigger famous persons. After making tom sail ‘s party and Leonardo Dicaprio the occupations merely started to pour in like he could n’t conceive of. He had late partnered with Travis todo a unrecorded set. Trvsdjam performed one time a month at sponsored nines and concerts. It consist of blending membranophone beats to rub records as they performed following to each other.

Adam Goldstein ‘s love life was a portion of his life when he was genuinely happy. He began dating Nicole Richie who is best friends with Paris Hilton and had their ain world show together as best friends. they announced they were engagement in February 2005. Nevertheless they broke up in 2006. After his dissolution with Richie Goldstein dated singer-actress Mandy Moore who is a singer/actress. After the dissolution with fiance Nicole Richie Goldstein started to eat and weighed 334 lbs and hated what he looked like more than anything in his full life. He was on diets with shingles and protein after nil working he preformed stomachic beltway surgery on himself and lost 100 lbs.

After therapy Adam would make one selfless act a twenty-four hours and decided he did n’t necessitate a trophy girlfriend to experience good about himself or drugs to do him experience good. At age 34 Goldstein withstood being sober for 9 old ages but had to remind himself every individual twenty-four hours that no affair how much he hides it he will ever be a drug nut. After Goldstein ‘s clang with Travis barker he filed a civil case against the plane ‘s charter company Learjet and Goodyear tires Goldstein suffered Burnss on his custodies and parts of his caput.

Goldstein was found dead at his New York City flat at 5:22 p.m on Friday, August 28, 2009 after friends could non make him for a few yearss became concerned and called constabularies. Drugs including cleft and cocaine were found in his flat. studies province Goldstein was found with nine oxycontin pills on his overdosed organic structure Goldstein had been prescribed the pills for hurting and station traumatic emphasis after the Learjet clang. Goldstein was interred at Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery, a Judaic graveyard in Culver City, on September 2, 2009 On September 29, 2009 a medical tester determined that Goldstein ‘s decease was an accident caused by an poisoning from a combination of cocaine and prescription drugs. He died from cocaine, Oxycodone, Vicodin, Ativan, Klonopin, Xanax, Benadryl and Levamisole.

Many other celebrated names in Hollywood and new York have dies due to inadvertent drug overdose. Michael Jackson dies to an inadvertent overdose from Propofol.. Mr. Ledger died of coincident poly-substance usage ; specifically Oxycontin, Valium, Xanax, Restoril and Unisom. Besides Anna Nicole Smith died of an inadvertent drug overdose which included at least 8 substances including, Chloral Hydrate.

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