Africas Herds Of Elephants Vanishing English Language Essay

In early April, a Ugandan military chopper was spotted winging over Garamba National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo on an unauthorised flight. Around the same clip, Texas Rangers found 22 elephants dead on the savanna. They were puzzled because there were no paths around the elephants, and merely the ivories were taken ( normally poachers take some meat with them for nutrient on the journey place ) . Many believe the Ugandan military killed the elephants and took more than a million dollars ‘ worth of tusk. Meanwhile, tusk has become the recent struggle resource in Africa. The Lord ‘s Resistance Army, a well-known armed group, are runing elephants and utilizing the money from the ivories to purchase more arms. The group circulates in cardinal Africa and foraies small towns, killing the villagers and enslaving the kids. The leader is Joseph Kony, and he urgently wants tusk. The tusk is distributing around the universe, and a batch of it is traveling to China. Park Texas Rangers are told to hit poachers without warning, and the non-profit-making organisation that runs the park is bettering the Texas Rangers ‘ arms and equipment. The Congolese authorities has been a strong “ culprit of illegal elephant violent death in DRC. ” This is no surprise, since authorities soldiers get paid every bit small as $ 100 a month, and tusk is a great manner to acquire money. However, the recent find of the Ugandan chopper has aroused new intuitions. In June, elephant ivories were confiscated at a Ugandan airdrome that could hold really good been from the 22 elephants killed in April.

I found “ Prime marks ” in the Nation and World subdivision of the Sunday, September 9th issue of the “ News and Observer. ” The article is of import for environmental scientific discipline because elephant hunting is damaging to the overall population of elephants. In 2006, there were an estimated 472,269 to 689,671 elephants in the universe, but poaching has well increased since so. It is unknown how many elephants there are. I can non conceive of a universe without elephants, and that is a really existent possibility now. The article said that elephants were being hunted at 10s of 1000s a twelvemonth, and the degree of hunting is increasing. Harmonizing to an ecologist at Princeton, the populations in Africa are worsening quickly. African elephants are in danger of extinction, and it could go on in our kids ‘s life-time.

The article is largely biased towards the side of the elephants, although it shows the side of some of the people involved in the poaching, indicating out the despair of their state of affairs and the value of tusk. The writer quotes many different types of people from different sides of the issue ; an ecologist, a park Texas Ranger, an escapee from the LRA, a Congolese military prosecuting officer. He is largely merely describing the events that have taken topographic point in the last few months, although it is apparent he is concerned about the herds of elephants.

There is non much I can make about this issue, since I live on the other side of the ocean, and I do n’t truly cognize what I could make to halt a barbarous Rebel outfit in Africa or an African authorities. As a state, we already have American Special Operations military personnels assisting African ground forcess Hunt for Kony. This article troubles me because I love elephants, and the fact that my childs or even my grandkids could populate in a universe without them is saddening. The fact that an full-scale conflict can be started over elephant ivories is refering, though, and I do n’t cognize what the right thing to make is. On one manus, it seems silly to hit people to seek and salvage elephants, but on the other manus, the poachers know the hazard and make it anyhow. Besides, they are non merely taking elephants ‘ lives ; they ‘re taking 1000000s of dollars from the people who own the land. I hope that the National Park will happen a manner to better protect their elephants from being hunted.

Article 2: High Levels of Plastic and Debris found off the seashore of Antarctica

October 4, 2012

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Some marine research workers did a survey on plankton in the Southern Ocean along the seashore of Antarctica. They left about two old ages ago and returned earlier this twelvemonth. During their clip at sea, they found some startling consequences ; there were high concentrations of plastic pollutants in the Southern Ocean. This is flooring intelligence because The Southern Ocean has until this point been considered a reasonably clean environment. It is slightly stray and decrepit connected to other oceans. They found about 50,000 fragments per square kilometre, which used to be a big sum, but is now the planetary norm. The scientists were anticipating approximately 5,000 fragments per square kilometre. The Southern Ocean was considered one of the last parts of Earth ‘s oceans that was clean. This find shows merely how far the human touch has reached. No 1 expected the degrees of plastic to be so high in a topographic point that was so far off from land. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is an country in The North Pacific Ocean that is known to be extremely contaminated. The recent findings in the Southern Ocean have led and oceanographer, Charles Moore, to talk out more about the at hand issue of fictile pollution ‘s consequence on ocean life. He says, “ We no longer have an ocean anywhere that is free of pollution. ”

This article is related to the survey of pollution in the environment and how it affects wildlife. We will larn about H2O pollution in chapter 17. It is pro environmentally biased because it merely shows the side of conservationists and does n’t discourse other points of position such as how we use fictile in about everything, and it is necessary in our lives now. The article is from the Smithsonian web site and they merely interviewed scientists, conservationists and marine life scientists. The reader merely hears one side of the narrative.

However, I believe the article makes some valid points, and although I would wish to hear other points of position, I likely agree with the positions expressed in the article. The fact that the mean sum of plastic pollution has increased is disturbing, and it is lay waste toing to hear that plastic pollution has reached all parts of the Earth. It makes me inquire how much worse pollution will acquire and how much worse it can acquire before it starts impacting worlds in drastic ways. What issues with clean H2O will my kids and grandchildren have to confront?

As an single I can recycle more and cut down on my usage of plastic merchandises. I can utilize brown bags alternatively of plastic bags, for illustration. I can raise consciousness about plastic and its increasing affect on the environment. As a community we can promote and pay for more recycling and environmental friendly plastics. As a province and a state we can develop more plans for earth-friendly plastics and recycling. The most of import thing is to forestall litter and rubbish that can foul the oceans.

Article 3: Can Monetizing Coral Reefs Save Them?

October 16, 2012

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Tim Richards founded a for-profit concern called ReefCam. He is working on his Master in business at American University. He had the thought to make ReefCam when he was believing about environmental concern theoretical accounts he could utilize in the Caribbean. ReefCam streams unrecorded HD picture of coral reefs around the universe, and concerns such as resorts, corporations, schools, and infirmaries can purchase provenders to expose in these topographic points so many people can see the reefs and larn about their importance. He hopes this aesthetic value can assist salvage the coral reefs. ReefCam can besides supply a nomadic app for people to see the footage. Richard ‘s concern is still in the test phase while the bugs are being worked out. He hopes to show the ReefCam in November. The undertaking requires coordination between environment and concern, and Richards plans to make occupations through his concern. He besides plans to give 25 % of the net income to reconstructing the coral reefs.

I think the thought of ReefCam is highly originative. I have ne’er heard of people raising awareness through a for-profit concern. Richards remarks on his original negative feelings about monetising the coral reefs, but he believes that since his end is to do known the aesthetic value, he will non negatively affect the coral reef. He is non working it ; he is advancing it and continuing it. I think it ‘s a great thought. Most concerns are for the thought because it is good for the environment and it will increase the aesthetic ambiance of public topographic points. He says that he views the reefs as priceless, and I agree. His attempts to advance the saving of the coral reefs are honest, and he can assist the Earth by salvaging the reefs. His program is smart and effectual because he is utilizing his personal concern to assist the environment.

This relates to Environmental scientific discipline in Unit 4 when we will speak about Coral Reefs and their importance to biodiversity in the oceans. There was prejudice in the article because the people involved fundamentally assumed that the reefs need salvaging and does n’t truly see any people who might believe that the reefs are all right or that increased consciousness wo n’t assist the cause. The article affects me because if I of all time want to see the coral reefs at some point in my life, I would desire them to remain beautiful and healthy.

Article 4: The Pheromone that Could Save Pine Forests from Oblivion

October 31, 2012

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This article discussed the recent issue of 1000s of estates of forest in Yellowstone National Park are being destroyed by an eruption of beetles. The bark beetle is a destructive invasive species that is smaller than a grain of rice. In 2010, they wiped out 9.2 million of estates of woods in the western United States. Recently, scientists have discovered new ways to command the beetles. Many methods have been tried, such as cutting down septic trees, spraying pesticides, and even electrocuting the bugs! All these methods have failed. The scientist featured in this article, David Wood, started working in this country in 1955. He studied under a professor at Berkeley. Back so they used pesticides like DDT chlordane, before they were banned. As he studied the beetles, he realized that the shaves they left behind carried a aroma, and he wondered what the chemicals were that created the odor. Through experiments he found that beetles produced pheromones that attracted big Numberss of females. He used traps with these chemicals to seek and destruct the bark beetling population. These pheromones did non work really good in acquiring rid of beetles because although it killed many beetles, the 1s that were left destroyed the environing country. Then they discovered the chemical verbenone that really repels the beetles because it is secreted one time there are 1000s of beetles in a tree and they want to put eggs and thrive. In the 80s when they were first proving the pheromone, they could non happen a manner to do it strong plenty to overrule the positive pheromones, but in 1998, an eruption raised involvement in happening a solution to the job of beetles. So far, the methods used in distributing verbenone are non cost-efficient, but scientists are happening better ways that may be used in the close hereafter to command the beetles. Right now they are merely seeking to restrict the harm.

This article is of import because it discusses a job that has been traveling on for many decennaries. The scientists in the article ‘s chief concern is protecting the woods. I did n’t cognize there was so much of a job with bark beetles. I ‘ve been to Yellowstone and it would be truly sad if all the trees were destroyed by bugs. This article goes along with our category because we merely finished larning about deforestation and pesticides in the last unit. If they perfect their methods of utilizing pheromones in beetling traps to maintain bugs off, so they will hold found an environmentally friendly manner to cover with plagues. This new betterment in plague control could do a immense difference in our environment.

Article 5: Hummingbirds Are Starting Up in the Strangest Topographic points

November 12, 2012

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This article is about how certain species of hummingbirds have been found in parts they were originally non supposed to be in. The chief species the article discussed was the rufous hummingbirds. They have been found late as far north as Alaska. The article high spots two scientists, Dan Harville and Nancy Newfield. There are fewer than 100 maestro hummingbird banders in the United States. In 12 old ages of stria, Harville has caught 9,986 hummingbirds from five species ( plus one loanblend ) ; over the class of a individual twelvemonth, he will revolve his trap among six or seven sites throughout Washington. His intent is to track unknown migratory forms of hummingbirds, but he hopes to assist reply a larger inquiry. In the last 20 old ages, rufous hummingbirds, along with some other species, have started to demo up more and more in topographic points they are non supposed to be. Harville and his squad would wish to reply the cryptic inquiry of why they are making this.

There are more than 320 species of hummingbirds, wholly restricted to the Western Hemisphere, and most found merely in Central or South America. The rufous is one of 8 species that reliably breeds more than a few stat mis north of Mexico. It is a animal of extremes. Even though it is merely three inches long and weighs an eighth of an ounce, it has the widest scope of any hummingbird, passing the winter as far south as southern Mexico and genteelness as far north as southeast Alaska. Some will migrate every bit much as 4,000 stat mis between their genteelness and non-breeding evidences ; in relation to body-length, the migration is the longest of any bird.

Until late it was believed that all the birds migrated south for the winter. The rufous hummingbird has shown a inclination to roll. One of Harville ‘s birds even spent the winter in Louisiana a twosome of old ages ago. Nancy Newfield is a bander in Louisiana who did non get down as a scientist, but was fascinated with the altering forms of hummingbirds. What started has a five twelvemonth undertaking has become decennaries of analyzing birds.

This article relates to environmental scientific discipline because it has to make with population and habitat change. The article discussed a rhythm in which people leave bird feeders out all twelvemonth because they see more birds, which causes more birds to lodge around. This causes more and more birds to remain north.

No 1 knows the true cause of the migration of these birds. It could be related to climate alteration, or it could merely be a random phenomenon. The scientists in this article are analyzing the causes of these unusual wonts. They are intrigued by the different migratory forms between the species.

Article 6: Thousands of Natural Gas Leaks Discovered in Boston

November 26, 2012

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The article, which is written from stuffs provided by the Boston University College of Arts & A ; Sciences and published on Science Daily, is from November 20th of this twelvemonth. It discusses the recent find of natural gas leaks in Boston. Harmonizing to a survey by research workers at Boston and Duke Universities, the City of Boston contains more than 3,000 leaks from its old natural gas grapevine system. The survey was administered because of the lay waste toing fires from natural gas during Hurricane Sandy. On the national degree, natural gas grapevine failures cause an norm of 17 deceases, 68 hurts, and 100s of 1000000s of dollars in belongings harm yearly. The natural gas poses an detonation menace, but besides an environmental menace with methane, which is a powerful nursery gas. Repairing the leaks is really expensive, but would better air quality and consumer wellness and safety. The research workers used a high-precision methane analyser installed in a GPS-equipped auto to map the gas leaks. The distribution of the leaks was associated with old pipes as opposed to socioeconomics. The degrees of methane in the surface air were 15 times higher than the normal atmospheric background value.

The article provinces that other metropoliss are prone to unsafe leaks if their grapevine substructures are old and aging. The research workers recommended gas-leaks function in metropoliss with substructures that are “ at hazard ” . It is of import for all of us to cognize about the effects of natural gas leaks on our lives and our metropoliss. If our metropolis is at hazard, we should do certain the gas-leaks are measured and mapped. I do n’t desire my kids to hold to cover with the effects of our part to greenhouse gases and planetary heating.

The article relates to Environmental Science because we merely learned about utilizing natural gas and alternate fuels, and we will larn about pollution and more about nursery gases in the following unit. I think methane leaks could perchance be the most unsafe environmental impact in our state. We should all seek harder to protect our environment from nursery gases on the personal, local, province, national, and planetary degrees. This article shows a major effect of disregard in old systems. We need to upgrade and do our metropoliss more environmentally friendly.

Article 7: Green-Shoots are turning in oil-rich Texas

December 6, 2012

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Everyone knows Texas to be a province rich in fossil fuels and doubtful of clime alteration. Recently, things have been altering in this province. In 2001, Bastrop County experienced wildfires that were the worst in the province ‘s history. There are still beliing positions spread throughout the province. The writer of the article said that the thought of the fires being related to climate alteration had non been discussed. One expert said that he believes the common belief is altering, even if people are n’t willing to acknowledge it. More people are ready to believe that clime alteration is a existent thing.

Due to protesting by scientists, the 2012 State Water Plan was passed. A bigger concern, though, is carbon extenuation, coming from the oil gas roar of Texas. It has the largest C dioxide emanations of any other province, and if it was its ain state, it would be seventh in the universe. This roar has come from new technological discovery with fracking. Companies are puting over a billion dollars a month for boring. With the progresss in oil boring, there are besides progresss in renewable energy. Texas now has the highest installed wind-power capacity of any US province. Texas ‘s 2nd metropolis, San Antonio, has embraced the new energy economic system and is reinventing itself as the Silicon Valley of renewables. San Antonio is good on class to bring forth 20per cent of its power from renewable beginnings by 2020, a mark that the European Union is fighting to run into. But there are important alterations under manner that may yet dispute the orthodoxy of clime alteration denial. Inward migration is taking to a population roar, most markedly in the Latino population, which has grown by 2.7 million in the past 10 old ages. And Hispanics are presently overpoweringly Democrat electors. The city manager of San Antonio believes that finally the democrats will outnumber the republicans, which could take to a alteration in an environmentally friendly way. If Texas alterations gait, the remainder of the US may follow.

The article was really evidently biased towards conservationists. The manner the writer sardonically remarks on Texan republicans ‘ positions is nonreversible. Although he shows some sentiments of the other side, he writes it in a mocking tone. He describes one adult female he interviewed as an “ old lady coming out of a Baptist church ” . He comments that Republicans are “ in denial ” and uses the phrase multiple times throughout the article as if this belief is a common-known fact. In world, some people who are “ in denial ” truly believe that their uncertainties about clime alteration due to worlds ‘ actions are factual and true.

This article is really interesting. I like that Texas may be traveling towards utilizing more renewable energy. I believe that this article is a small colored, though. I do n’t believe that the clime alteration has every bit much to make with our actions as the article assumed it does. My major concern is the fact that our current energy beginnings are non-renewable. I think that if we kept acquiring our oil from Texas it would be better than acquiring it from the middle-east. Our renewable energy should come from Texas, but besides from other provinces that are n’t already bring forthing energy. The lone job with go oning to utilize oil is that it will finally run out. I think we should seek to come up with every bit many ways as we can to maintain our energy renewable and salvage our resources, but in the interim we should utilize what we have sagely and trust that one twenty-four hours we will happen easier ways to obtain and more oil sedimentations so we will non run out every bit rapidly as we are expected to.

This article relates to my life because I will finally hold to cover with whatever effects come from people ‘s determinations now. Will I live in a universe that runs on renewable energy or will planetary heating go a global issue? What conditions will my kids live in? I believe that these inquiries are of import to inquire because the hereafter is really unsure politically and environmentally.

Article 8: Small, Portable Detectors Allow Users to Monitor Exposure to Pollution On Their Smart Telephones

December 20, 2012

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This article was written on December 18, 2012. It is about new engineerings that will let the populace to entree air quality evaluations immediately. This air-quality monitoring system is called CitiSense. It is the lone system to present real-time informations to users ‘ cell phones. Computer scientists at the Universtiy of California, San Diego have developed the detectors to do informations that measures the quality of the air. These detectors can even be used to administer the information on air quality to the general public via their smart phones. Their end is to do better and more informations. The informations collected from these phones can be much more helpful than the air quality mensurating Stationss in topographic point now. Three cylindrical constituents in the detectors detect ozone, N dioxide and C monoxide.

The scientists gave detectors to 30 pupils and module members of the school for four hebdomads. The topics were surprised at the consequences they found. Many were non cognizant of the pollution around them. The users found that the sum of pollution depended on the topographic point and clip of twenty-four hours. It was non consistent throughout the metropolis. Many of them changed their wonts or going paths harmonizing to the air quality. The ultimate end of the research workers developing CitiSense is to make a radio web in which 100s of little environmental detectors carried by the public usage cell phones to shuttle information to cardinal computing machines where it will be analyzed and sent to persons, public wellness bureaus and the community at big. The detectors presently cost $ 1,000 per unit, but could easy be mass-produced at an low-cost monetary value. So far, there are 20 of them in the field.

This article is relevant because we merely finished larning about pollution, specifically in the air. We learned that ozone ( troposphere ) , nitrogen dioxide, and C monoxide are all considered standards pollutants by the EPA. They can be lifelessly in concentrated volumes and they come from autos and other vehicles. These detectors developed by the squad at University field-grade officer California, San Diego will non straight “ clean ” the air or cut down and forestall pollution, but they will add consciousness to the job. Peoples can entree information about what is in the air so easy with this new engineering that they will get down moving more responsibly. One of the scientists in the article says that they are “ seeking to do the unseeable seeable. ” Typically, people ca n’t see what is fouling the air around them, but with these detectors, they will be able to hold a ocular representation of what is traveling into the air.

There is non excessively much prejudice in the article because nil is truly being argued or debated or defended. There is some prejudice in the fact that all of the people highlighted in the article support the program, but it is non excessively nonreversible. I think most people would believe that we have dirty air. It is non an utmost position.

I think this article is exciting. We use cell phones every twenty-four hours. Puting censors and administering informations through them is a great thought. Peoples should be more cognizant of air pollution for two chief grounds. One is to avoid to a great extent polluted countries to protect their wellness and another is so they realize what a large issue pollution is and possibly seek to repair the job. We are all affected by air pollution no affair who we are or where we live. I should be concerned about this job because I want to take a breath clean air. Having real-time informations on my phone about how clean my air is would be fantastic! I hope that this thought becomes a world in the close hereafter. The job of air pollution will non travel off on its ain. One twenty-four hours we might be confronting this issue in life or decease state of affairss. If more people are cognizant of the job, it is more likely to be fixed. I think that these detectors would be a good manner to do that happen.

What ‘s Happening Questions

Are general intelligence publications unbiased in their coverage? Should they be? Discuss.

The degree of prejudice in general intelligence publications is typically really low. For illustration, my first article, Prime marks, is from the News and Observer. It was the article that showed the least sum of prejudice and showed the most sides of an issue. This indifferent attack is expected of an writer composing for a general intelligence publication. If an writer shows multiple sides to an statement, he is making his occupation coverage on an issue. If he merely shows one side, so his work could be considered lazy or tacky or invalid.

Are environmental organisations ‘ publications unbiased? Should they be? Discuss.

Environmental organisations ‘ publications are non by and large unbiased. The article with the most prejudice was found on and most of the other articles with prejudice were found on scientific discipline magazine. The audience for these articles is scientists and conservationists. All of the prejudice I found was prefering the environment and from the position of conservationists. Another factor that influenced the degree of prejudice was the content of the article. For illustration, the article that had the most bias from was about alternate energy in Texas. There are many sides to take on the issue and many premises made on behalf of the writer. Some of the other articles I found are about interesting things that are happing in the environment. They do n’t hold much prejudice because there are n’t sides to take on the issue. For environmental organisations, their publications should hold some prejudice because the reader should be cognizant that he is reading from an organisation with certain positions and beliefs. Even the articles with small prejudice could non be considered wholly indifferent because they assumed that all their readers would portion a point of view. For illustration, the article I read about phones that can mensurate air quality was non peculiarly biased about a specific issue because it was describing on the new app and non so much debating an issue. However, there was some degree of prejudice in the article because the writer assumed most people are concerned that about the quality of the air in their towns. This premise is appropriate for the article because the focal point is non on the issue and it was published on a scientific discipline web site.

Do most of the articles about environmental jobs suggest solutions? Should they? Discuss.

Most of the articles non merely suggested solutions, but focused on one or two solutions in the article. The one article that was more about the job than the solution was the article about happening high degrees of plastic in the Antarctic. The ground it did n’t truly propose a solution was because the article was about the recent determination of plastic in the Waterss near Antarctica. It was n’t about happening solutions. I think it is appropriate for intelligence articles to neglect to propose solutions for jobs. Sometimes there are n’t any replies. Sometimes there are many replies and that is a whole different argument than what the writer is composing approximately. Other articles have been written about solutions to environmental jobs, such as the article about holding a unrecorded provender of the coral reef to increase consciousness and support for salvaging it, every bit good as increasing disbursement towards protecting it. Equally long as articles about new and originative solutions are being written, the writers of articles about the jobs are non expected to include a treatment of the solutions in their articles.

Even “ experts ” often disagree. If opposite sides of an environmental issue both seem to hold good statements and credible “ experts ” back uping them, how would you make up one’s mind on which side to establish your actions?

I would establish my actions on the side that relates to me more. If one side discuses how an action will impact money for schools or occupations so I wo n’t take action because I am a pupil and working towards a future calling and edifice a household. I do n’t desire my instruction to be affected and I do n’t desire my future kids and grandchildren ‘s instructions to be affected. On the other manus, if one side states that taking action will assist salvage endangered panda bears but prevent China from constructing a new mill or something like that, I will take action because I do non populate in China and coon bears are my favourite animate being. Of class I want to assist them and I am non as interested in China ‘s spread outing as I am in coon bear bears.

Make the general intelligence publications and broadcast media seem to travel into deepness, or do they merely do a superficial coverage of environmental issues? If they do a superficial coverage, what can one make to happen out more?

I merely have one article from a general intelligence publication and it goes in deepness. It interviewed many people deep into the issue. The writer clearly had been to Africa to analyze the topic. From anterior experience, though, it is common for broadcast media to make a superficial coverage of environmental issues. In these instances, the intelligence beginning gives a web site to happen more information. If non, there are most likely many beginnings with articles on the subject, particularly if the issue was of import plenty to derive adequate attending to do it to the intelligence.

Discuss the thought that understanding leads to concern, which leads to involvement, which leads to more understanding, which leads to more concern, etcaˆ¦

As people learn more about an issue, they find concern for it. For illustration, some people will read the article I found about the plastic found in the ocean Waterss environing Antarctica. After reading this article, they will derive concern for the wellness of the Earth ‘s Waterss. They will research more information about the topic and happen out what they can make to assist. After going involved, they will go on to understand more about the topic and portion their apprehension with others. Then the rhythm continues and more people will go concerned and get down acquiring involved, and the rhythm continues. Another great illustration is air quality. Person might hear about how bad air quality can impact a individual ‘s wellness. After making more research, they may happen the article I read about the new app that can mensurate air quality. The individual may acquire the app and derive more cognition about how bad the air around him truly is. Then he will portion this new information because if the app and information is on his phone, he will most probably have conversations about it with his friends and even aliens. Then these people will travel through the same rhythm.

There is a narrative that when ostriches see marauders nearing, they hide their caputs in the sand because they think that if they do n’t see the marauder, it wo n’t ache them. Some people seem to take the attitude that “ What I do n’t cognize wo n’t ache me ” with respect to environmental issues. What do you believe of this?

Finally, many of the environmental issues we are confronting today will impact everyone. Everyone should be cognizant of what is traveling on in the environment around them. For illustration, I read an article about plastic found in the South-polar Ocean. Antarctica does non hold any dwellers, but if people did populate at that place, they might hold lived their lives believing that they were safe from H2O pollution because they are so far off from all the other continents and their H2O is considered the cleanest in the universe. Unfortunately, there are now high sums of plastic in the South-polar Ocean. Anyone can be affected by anyone ‘s disregard of environmental action.

Discuss the thought of “ Think globally, act locally. ”

When discoursing the environment, we must believe about it on the planetary degree. What will my actions do to impact the Earth, even if I do non straight see these effects? This construct goes back to the thought of the plastic in the Antarctic. America ‘s actions are impacting Antarctica ‘s H2O. When moving on environmental issues, one must move locally. If every individual did his or her portion in assisting the environment, the Earth could see an betterment in wellness. Small actions by many people can do a large, planetary difference. For illustration, the people who used the air pollution app reported that they had already changed some of their wonts to assist better the air quality because they had realized how bad it could be. If everyone used the app and changed their wonts based on what they saw, the air quality would better everyplace.

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