An Introduction To Sociolinguistics English Language Essay

“ The kernel of sociolinguistics is that foremost linguistic communication varies – talkers have more than one manner to state more or less the same thing. Second there is a critical intent that linguistic communication serves for its users – it is obvious that linguistic communication is supposed to be used for conveying information and ideas from one individual to another. At the same clip, nevertheless, the talker is utilizing linguistic communication to do statements about who she is, what her group truenesss are, how she perceives her relationship to her listener and what kind of address event she considers herself to be engaged in. The two undertakings – pass oning information and specifying the societal state of affairs – can be carried out at the same time exactly because linguistic communication varies. The survey of the interplay between these two facts about linguistic communication is sociolinguistics ” .


Sociolinguisticss is the survey of the relationship between linguistic communication and society. It seeks to explicate why people speak otherwise in different societal contexts ; to place the societal maps of linguistic communication and the manner linguistic communication is used to convey societal significance. Since linguistic communication is a phenomenon that is closely linked with the societal construction and value systems of society, it is indispensable to analyze it in its “ natural ” environment. Sociolinguistics is, at some point, an empirical endeavor. That is, it must be based on both informations and theory. The theoretical and methodological rules may slightly change harmonizing to the attack adopted and the degree of society at which sociolinguistic survey is conducted ( e.g. , state, community, single etc ) .A

Course description

This class is an debut to the survey of linguistic communication as a societal phenomenon. The class aims to supply an debut to assorted attacks to modern-day Sociolinguisticss, concentrating upon the societal and cultural deductions of linguistic communication usage, i.e. , the manner people use linguistic communication in different societal contexts. Particularly, we will research the function of linguistic communication in the transmittal of societal and cultural values every bit good as its function in the development and care of human relationships.

Subjects covered include: attacks to the survey of linguistic communication in its societal context ; lingual diverseness and social multilingualism ; linguistic communication planning and policy ( with particular focal point on Malaysia ) ; the function of linguistic communication in societal stereotypes and individuality ; societal norms and appropriate linguistic communication usage ; speech communities and societal webs ; the consequence of societal factors on linguistic communication fluctuation ; linguistic communication alteration ; and the lingual effects of linguistic communication contact.

Learning results

By the terminal of the semester you will:

be cognizant of a scope of attacks to Sociolinguisticss

be familiar with cardinal constructs in the survey of linguistic communication usage and society

hold considered the relationship between linguistic communication and its societal utilizations


Holmes, J. ( 2001 ) . An Introduction to Sociolinguistics. London: Longman

Please contact Mr Tan Yun Chuan ( Pustaka Prinsip ) for the text book.

His nomadic figure is 012-280-8241

Recommended readings

Ball, M. ( 2005 ) . Clinical Sociolinguistics. Oxford: Blackwell.

Meyerhoff, M. ( 2006 ) . Introducing Sociolinguistics. New York: Routledge.

Stockwell, P. ( 2002 ) . Sociolinguisticss: A resource book for pupils. London: Routledge.

Talbot, M. , Atkinson, K. & A ; Atkinson, D. ( 2004 ) . Language and Power in the Modern

World. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Wardhaugh, R. ( 2004 ) . An Introduction to Sociolinguistics. Oxford: Blackwell.


Your classs for this class will be assessed as follows:

Assignment: 30 %

Mid-semester trial: 30 %

Concluding scrutiny: 40 %


You will be given a written assignment to work on. The inquiries will be given to you during the first face-to-face session. The assignment is due WEEK 10. Please refer to the IMPORTANT DATES subdivision of this press release for entry inside informations.


There will be one Midterm and one Final scrutiny which will cover specific parts of the class. These tests will non be cumulative. Some inquiries on the test will necessitate you to discourse an issue in a short essay. You are hence expected to be able to make so in STANDARD ACADEMIC ENGLISH appropriate for a university class. Punctuation, spelling, and lucidity of your look will be considered in the rating of your responses.

You must non trust entirely on talk notes in order to fix for test. The talk notes ( which will be available on line ) largely indicate the subjects that are covered during a talk. It is your duty to be able to discourse such subjects exhaustively, based on the FULL CONTENT of a talk, and the assigned reading.

Important Dates


Assignment due


Mid-semester trial


Final scrutiny

Extensions Policy ( for assignments )

Individual extensions for assignments will be granted merely in instances of decently documented wellness and personal exigencies, which should be brought to my attending every bit shortly as possible. Non-emergency extensions will be granted merely after seeking blessing with me at least two hebdomads in progress of the due day of the month. In the absence of an extension, all late work will be penalized a full class per hebdomad ( for illustration, A will go A- , B+ will go B, etc. ) .

Student-instructor communicating

You are encouraged to pass on with me about your advancement in the class, and other course-oriented issues. You are besides welcome to see me at A158 during office hours, or to put up an assignment at a clip that is convenient both of us. For certain brief inquiries you can besides reach me by phone. Undoubtedly, most of our communicating will take topographic point via electronic mail. Please maintain the followers in head:

1. If I think the inquiry may involvement other pupils as good, I will post it on the category web site ANONYMOUSLY, and supply the reply at that place every bit good as respond to the pupil who asked the inquiry.

2. I answer category electronic mail merely during working hours. That is 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday. If you send me an electronic mail on Saturday, I will non reply it during the weekend.

4. In order for your electronic mails to be handled decently please get down your capable line as follows: Q-BBI 3204 – PJJ. Please do certain your inquiry is phrased clearly. Depending on the volume of standard electronic mail I may non be able to react instantly. However, I will seek to be every bit prompt as possible.


Academic dishonesty will non be tolerated and will be punished to the full extent that University Regulations allow. Academic dishonesty includes cheating, fiction, fraud, plagiarism and easing academic dishonesty. Academic dishonesty is ne’er a good manner to larn anything, thwarts the intent of true instruction, and is unfair to your fellow pupils. For prep, you are encouraged to discourse and problem-solve together, but you must compose up your ain work to turn in.A For all tests, you must work on your ain and bend in your ain work.

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