Analysis of Michele Torrey’s ‘Voyage of Ice’



Nick’s male parent was a whaling captain, so what would go on if Nick follows his male parent stairss? What could be more glorious that a life of whale work forces? Ocean trip of Ice by Michele Torrey, a book that non merely has escapade but besides love affair and somehow a small spot of comedy from the characters. 2 brothers that wanted to make was be whale work forces as their male parent, but it no bends like they expected, they would hold to cover with the meanest captain that they of all time run into by sing in aboard the Sea Hawk


Nick and his older brother Dexter live with their aunt Agatha in a town of Bedford Massachusetts. Always inquiring when they father would be returning place. One twenty-four hours their male parent returns and give Nick a tooth from a giant and told narratives about the giants and how he hunted them. One twenty-four hours his male parent left to run giants once more but ne’er return back.

Old ages subsequently Nick and Dexter follow their male parent stairss and subscribe up aboard the Sea Hawk inquiring what adventures would get, they were in a group of other older work forces who were taking places and started they diary, but the brothers ne’er expected that they have to cover with a captain with bad wit and doing them insecure.

While they were making their occupation Nick saw a miss aboard the Sea Hawk, doing him more interesting in her, but no until he found out that she is the captain girl. Nick knows that the captain hates him for how useless and weaker he is, and now that Nick knows that the miss is the captain girl he is traveling to detest him more if the captain knows that they are seen each other. The existent job was that he was tired to be aboard the Sea Hawk so he and his brother attempt to scape and run off but failed.

Since they couldn’t flight, they non have other option that to remain on board. While Nick was aboard he and the captain girl Elizabeth get to cognize each other a small spot more and construct a friendly relationship between them and seeking non to be caught by the captain. A batch happen with the giants, runing and someway problem acquiring them, but all those yearss ended when a immense moving ridge hit the boat doing it clang. Nick attempt to happen his brother and be safe, but he finds Elizabeth locked in her room, Nick helped her and they escape. Then he finds his brother and tried to go forth but Nick stopped and told them to wait for him because he would seek to happen the captain. A few proceedingss subsequently he found the captain and helped him to get away. They escape in a small boat with their caprine animal. Dayss passed and their get lost in the center of the ocean hungrier and weaker and all they have was the goat’s milk. They end up eating all the nutrient go forthing them really hungrier. They stopped in a frozen country really disquieted and inquiring if they would be safe in this topographic point.

A polar bear attacked Elizabeth, but nick helped her and kipper her safe. They know that the bear is stronger and will ended killing them but so the captain shows up and forfeits himself for them. Dayss passed and Dexter decided to travel happen some aid but Nick refused but Dexter tell him that there’s no option except to decease here in the snow Nick understand and allow Dexter travel. Weeks passed without a individual signal of Dexter. Nick and Elizabeth loosed hope but so they find themselves with a group of work forces and their Canis familiariss along with Dexter by their side. They helped them and carried them near a town where they acquire nutrient and some remainder. Mouths subsequently they are once more in a boat ready for their following escapade, but ne’er burying the last memories that they have together.

Fictional character ANALYSIS

In the beginning of the narrative Nick was a 5 old ages old boy a sweet and nice male child with a brother named Dexter. He ne’er met his male parent earlier. He was a small male child inquiring when his male parent would be returned place. That is why every twenty-four hours he was looking through a window with a position at the sea, looking at the boats and inquiring every clip at his aunt that if that was his father’s boat but his aunt ever answers him with a house no. He and his brother were really sad when they found out that his male parent died at the sea. Six and a half old ages passed and Nick grows as a 15 old ages old male child who turns into a whale adult male with his brother Dexter. Nick through that to be a whale adult male like his male parent would be fun, interesting, and excited:“Looks like everything is in all right order, welcome aboard the sea hawk, chaps. She sails in the morning” . We shook his manus, neither of us able to halt smile. By fire, we were traveling a-whaling!. But so everything alteration when they foremost met the captain doing Nick feel afraid of him: ”He wasa largebully of a adult male strong-jawed and barrel-chested.A deep, jaggy cicatrix stretched from his cervix over his left cheek and disappeared into a depression in his in his scalp. His eyes were grey as the sky. Jerusalem crickets, I thought, he could snarl me in two with his bare hands!At that clip he was afraid, insecure and the worse of all he doesn’t have experience. But all that change aboard the sea hawk, with his friends and chaps he made they teach him how to be prepared. Nick became more brave male child at that clip: “it passed a hebdomad since Dexter went to hunt of person who can assist us. I was get downing to acquire disquieted, and Elizabeth and I started to lose hope. I know that if I don’t make something both of us would decease in the could. I most do something, portion of me knows that it could be unsafe and is afraid to go forth and hunt from my brother, but my other portion knows that I must travel and assist my brother even if I have lo leave Elizabeth by her ain.


The writer attempt to acquire a entire attending to the reader in adding some action on the book, and doing the reader get into the narrative more by adding some attitude to the characters. It was a good attempt adding that in the narrative, was excited all the clip it was truly entertaining. Yes it was deserving making, is a antic book, had a batch of things you would wish to happen in a book. I enjoy every individual portion of the book, all it was really good, I love the characters make more realistic the narrative 1s you are reading it, particularly the brothers Nick and Dexter, they were the good portion of the book, I enjoy every individual page of the book and most of the full concluding page it was a play. I will recommended to most of the people who loves reading that sort of books, with escapades, play, action, and a small spot of love affair, the book has a batch interesting things. The book had a batch of good material ; it was really a reasonably good book this book makes you think a batch 1s you finish reading it, it has a batch of interesting facts. The portion that call more my attendings was when the brothers where aboard the Sea Hawk, and alter their head about being on board because the captain make them endure reasonably much of the clip, and that is what they do non expected, cover with a serious and average captain that they were scared of. The reasonably good portion is when they get lost in the center of the ocean and ended up in a cold and freeze topographic point, contending every twenty-four hours to last, that portion was ill.


This book had a batch of interesting material that caught the reader attending. It is a book that would demo you many ways to do you experience like if you were inside the narrative. The book would demo you many different things that make you more interesting and acquire into the narrative. The narrative had a batch of interesting facts. This book would be turning in the manner you would experience surprised. It is when the two brothers Nick and Dexter sing up to acquire aboard the sea hawk, where they start a new escapade that will alter their lives. This book non merely shows you adventure but a true friendly relationship between two brothers.

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