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Love is patient, love is sort, love is compassionate, but love is besides really unsafe and bosom wrenching. The hurting love affair “Thoughtless” written by S.C Stephens, is a novel that leaves you desiring more. From the suspense, the intense head blowing dirt, to the compassionate narrative of a phantasy, this book has you reading until you finish it.

“Thoughtless” , a love narrative about a love matter between a adult female and her boyfriend’s best friend, is a really common love narrative that takes topographic point in the universe that we live in today. Personal businesss are all around the universe and as disgraceful, sexy, and breathe taking they might look, they come with a batch of complications as good. This narrative is beyond what you’re expecting and every page of the book leads to an even more astonishing page of the book.

Plot Function:

Kierra Brown and her fellow, Denny, had been dating for about two old ages when they eventually decided to take the following large measure in their relationship and take Denny’s new occupation offer all the manner in Washington where they would now populate. Not cognizing the province all that good, they decided to travel in with one of Denny’s former best friends, Kellan Kyle the really attractive rock-star of the town, until they get used to their new life in Washington.

A few hebdomads after life in Washington and basking their new place with their friend Kellan, Denny shortly learns that he has to travel on a trip across the state for his new occupation. Equally sad as Kierra and Denny were to hold to be separated for two whole months, Denny knew that he was go forthing Kierra in good custodies with his good friend Kellan but little did he cognize that him and Kierra would acquire to cognize each other even better while he was gone.

Spending twenty-four hours and dark together, Kierra and Kellan began linking in a whole new manner. Day after twenty-four hours got a small closer to going confidant with one another, and as the love between the two began to turn, Kierra felt more and more dis-connected with Denny as the yearss went by. Kellan was everything and more that Kierra had wanted, from his charming and gorgeous face and organic structure, to his romantic and sweet bosom, he was winning her over.

They knew that this was incorrect, but it felt so right at the same clip. They both assumed that every bit long as they weren’t excessively intimate with each other, so maintaining each other company and caressing and snoging wasn’t all that bad. Then, shortly after, Kierra and Denny decided to name things off as he called to state her that he would be for good taking the occupation out where he was on the trip. Not accepting this, Kierra ended things with Denny shortly after and after a long dark of drinks and sorrow, Kierra and Kellan’s matter began to spice up a small spot.

Their now matter, was every bit intimate as it could acquire, and waking up the following forenoon, Kierra felt the hurting and guilt coming on. When Denny returned a short hebdomad subsequently to surprise Kierra and come back place, Kierra had to populate with the two work forces that she loved at the same clip. Torn between who choose, she continued to hold an matter with Kellan behind Denny’s back until finally Denny over hears the two and gimmicks them in the act.

Devastated and wholly startled, Denny has to travel on with his life and decided to understand his two best friends love for one another. After a long two months of traveling their ain separate ways, Kierra and Kellan reunite and continue their love affair.

Fictional character Analysis:

Kierra Brown experiences legion life altering events throughout her new life and love narrative. Torn between her fellow of two old ages and her new beautiful rock-star lover, she finds herself lost and broken. Equally much as she loved her fellow Denny, the sexy and exciting chemical science between her and Kellan was excessively difficult to defy and shortly ended up being a love that would last everlastingly.

Kierra was more than merely a miss who had an matter on her fellow while he was off on a concern trip, she was a echt, beautiful, free spirited, and all around astonishing miss who couldn’t pass up true love when she saw it. She struggles between listening to her bosom and hearing to her yesteryear and what could be when she shortly has to make up one’s mind what path she was traveling to take.

She was in love with two work forces, as possible as this was, it was bosom breakage and an emotionally destructive clip for Kierra. She hated herself and she merely wanted to be free from the emphasis of the disgraceful love that she had found herself involved in while Denny was off. She had no purpose of falling in love with Kellan, or doing love to Kellan, or passing the remainder of her life with Kellan, but she shortly realized that Kellan was the one winning over her bosom finally.

Kierra compares to a batch of adult females in the universe today really and I think that a batch of adult females have read this book and have likely thought that they were reading their relationship or matter all over once more. An matter is non an unknown event, and many adult females in the universe are now involved in a disgraceful matter merely as Kierra was.

Motifs and Subjects:

One major subject that this book brings to the reader is that love is an unmanageable thing and you can’t contend what your bosom truly feels in the terminal. I think that this subject plays a function in a batch of women’s lives today and ever will. It’s candidly a portion of every women’s life and in the terminal we can’t control who we love or who we desire no affair how difficult we try to contend it.

The love and chemical science between two people involved in an matter is sometimes merely all merriment and drama, but in this narrative the matter that Kierra and Kellan portion is more than merely a dirt, it’s true love that grows each and every twenty-four hours. This subject was most surely individual between the two of them. They were non moral issues, because they merely could non command their desire for one another.

As the narrative went on, the subject became more open evidently as their small love matter became something a batch more confidant and serious. The reader so learned that Kierra and Kellan truly and genuinely did fall in love behind their best friend/boyfriends back. Equally atrocious as they felt about this, they tried for every bit long as they could to contend it and allow it travel, but their love was merely excessively strong to keep back and fell from.

Critique of Writer:

S.C Stephens is a phenomenal writer. “Thoughtless” was genuinely an amazing, exciting, bosom rushing novel and readers all over the universe have enjoyed this book merely as I did. His intent of composing this narrative was merely to entertain and state a fantasy love narrative of two people who were necessitating love and found it right before their eyes and with one another.

He accomplished his intent of entertaining the reader and supplying us with a teeth scraping love narrative that leaves everyone who reads this book experiencing the love between Kierra and Kellan and desiring more. S.C Stephens merely tells this love narrative non to seek and carry the reader that any love matter is all right, but to portion a narrative that continues to travel on in work forces and women’s lives still to this twenty-four hours and everlastingly will.

S.C Stephens is perfectly a realist because of the manner that he brings the reader into the familiarity in the narrative explicating every item and doing it every bit existent as possible to personal businesss that take topographic point every twenty-four hours in the universe. He seems to see this event as something that needs to be shared and in a manner that candidly sounds beautiful, exciting, and lovely. Personal businesss are non good, yes, but the manner that S.C Stephens has opened up this whole new adventuresome universe to each and every reader, he makes it look as if the matter was a God sent event that was meant to go on the manner that it did between the two of them.

Analysis and Evaluation of the Book:

This book was astonishing in every manner and one hundred per centum worth reading. It took non even a whole twenty-four hours to complete this book because you couldn’t assist but maintain reading from the beginning to the terminal, it was that exciting. I would urge this book to any adult females or even work forces who enjoy a good love dirt and love affair narrative.

Equally much as I enjoyed this book, it doesn’t technically fall into my beliefs because I believe in being faithful and being honest and committed to person that you are in a serious relationship with. Although the love that they had found with one another was unmanageable and excessively astonishing to defy, they could hold handled the state of affairs otherwise and found some manner to avoid the cheating and mousing about and merely be honest with Denny.

This book was unbelievable, and left me experiencing the love between Kierra and Kellan. It’s ever wonderful reading someone’s exciting and underhand love narrative and being wholly in deep idea while you are reading it, merely desiring to read the whole book at one time. This book did non alter my expression on personal businesss and I still experience the manner I ever have towards them sing that my parents divorced when I was merely five due to my male parent holding an matter on my female parent.


“Thoughtless” is by far my favourite book that I have read so far. It led me to purchasing every book that S.C Stephens has published and the book has genuinely left me emotionally attached to the characters love narrative because it was so deep in context and existent to mundane society.

Even though it was about an event that I strongly disagree with, it was an astonishing love narrative that led me desiring more and more. The exhilaration in this book has non left my head and I will go on to bespeak this book to anyone who loves a good dirt. Equally much as cheating is non an option in my book of relationships, it certain is merriment to read about person else’s experience with their underhand dirt.

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