Analysis Of The Movie Fast Five English Language Essay

Fast Five is besides known as Fast FuriousA 5A orA Fast FuriousA 5: Rio Heist which wasA written byA Chris MorganA and directed byA Justin Lin. It is the 5th episode in theA Fast and the FuriousA film series. It was released in Malaysia on 5th May 2011.

The characters in the film are Dominic TorettoA ( Vin Diesel ) , Brian O’Conner ( Paul Walker ) , Mia Toretto ( Jordana Brewster ) , Gisele Harabo ( Gal Gadot ) , A Han Lue ( Sung Kang ) , Elena Neves ( Elsa Pataky ) , A Monica Fuentes, A Roman Pearce ( Tyrese Gibson ) , A Luke Hobbs ( Dwanyne Johnson ) , A Hernan Reyes ( Joaquim de Almeida ) , A Tej Parker ( Ludacris ) , A Zizi ( Michael Irby ) , A Tego Leo ( Tego Calderon ) , A Vince ( Matt Schulze ) , A Rico Santos ( Don Omar ) .

Fast five was the 5th highest grossing film in Malaysia film industry for the twelvemonth 2011 that made RM 16,535,815. Basically, this film was on a budget of $ 125 million and the hiting ofA Fast Five had started by July 14, 2010. Basically the chief location of shot was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The grounds we choose this film is to reexamine the good values that contained in the film. We watched that film before and we find it really interesting as the film involved in state of affairss that relate to our world life for illustration, instance of graft and gaming. Furthermore, this film valued a good relationship between siblings ; between brother and sister ( Dominic Toretto and Mia Toretto ) and among their friends as good.

Other than that, most values in this film are related to this class, organisational behavior. For illustration, they are utilizing determination devising to do determination. Besides, they applied squad work to finish their mission. Each of the squad members has their ain function to do their mission success.

Analysis OF THE MOVIE – FAST Five

Main Storyline

The narrative starts whenA Dominic TorettoA is confirmed to be in gaol for his old incorrect behaviors. When he is being transported toA Lompoc Maximum Security PrisonA by coach, his sisterA Mia TorettoA and friendA Brian O’ConnerA lead an assault on the coach and doing the Ba to crash with their autos therefore liberating Dom. After the incidence, the governments search for them and the three escapes toA Rio de Janeiro.

In a interim, Mia and Brian expression for their friend, A VinceA on a occupation to steal three autos from a train. At the Vince ‘s house, Mia found out that she is pregnant Brian ‘s kid. The following twenty-four hours, Brian and Mia discover that agents from theA U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration ( DEA ) A are besides on the train and that the autos are seized belongings. When Dom arrives with the remainder of the participants, they start to steal the auto. The struggle begins when Dominic realizes that one of the participants, Zizi, is merely interested in stealing one auto, aA Ford GT40. Dom rapidly made a determination as he orders Mia to drive the auto and alter their program. After Mia has driven the auto, Dominic and Brian battle with Zizi and Zizi ‘s friend. Later, Zizi kills the DEA agents assigned to the vehicles and Dominic take this chance to get away and he is win ; nevertheless Dom and Brian are captured and brought to offense lordA Hernan Reyes, the proprietor of the autos and Zizi ‘s foreman. Reyes orders his work forces to interrogate them to detect the location of the auto, but they manage to get away and return to their safe house.

Dom found out that the auto Ford GT40 is really of import to Reyes and they try to detect its importance. At the same clip, Vince arrives to their safe house and subsequently he is caught seeking to take a computing machine bit from the auto and Dom saw it. Vince said he will sell the bit to Reyes on his ain and acquire things clear with Reyes but Dom forces him to go forth. Brian investigates the bit and he discovers that the bit contains inside informations of Reyes ‘ condemnable imperium, including the locations of US $ 100A million in hard currency.

Next, the slaying of the DEA agents aboard the train is been blamed on Dom and his squad. Diplomatic Security Service ( DSS ) , agentA Luke Hobbs Chief of PoliceA and his squad arrive in Rio and want to collar Dom and Brian. With the aid of local officer, Elena Neves, they travel to Dom ‘s safe house. At the same clip, Reyes ‘ work forces besides attack them. Brian, Dom and Mia escape successfully. Dom suggests they split up and go forth Rio, but Mia announces she is pregnant Brian ‘s kid. Dom agrees to lodge together and suggests they steal Reyes ‘ money to get down a new life.

Subsequently, Dom, Brian and Mia organize a squad to execute the rip-off, recruitingA Han Seoul-Oh, A Roman Pearce, A Tej Parker, A Gisele Yashar, A LeoA andA Santos. Vince subsequently joins the squad after salvaging Mia from being captured by Reyes ‘ work forces and gaining Dom ‘s trust one time more.

Agent Hobbs and his squad finally happen and collar Dom, Mia, Brian and Vince. While transporting them to the airdrome forA extraditionA to the United States, the convoy is attacked by Reyes ‘ work forces, who kill Hobbs ‘ squad. Hobbs and Elena are saved by Dom, Brian, Mia and Vince as they fight back against Reyes ‘ work forces and flight, but Vince is shot in the procedure and he dies. Desiring to revenge his murdered squad, agent Hobbs and Elena agree to assist them with the rip-off.

The pack plans how to interrupt into the constabulary station where Reyes ‘ money is kept and rupture the vault from the edifice utilizing their autos. On the twenty-four hours planned, they manage to rupture the vault and dragging it. As expected, the constabulary pursuit them trough the metropolis. Believing they can non outrun the constabulary, Dom makes Brian go on without him while he attacks the constabulary and utilizing the vault attached to his auto to nail their vehicles. Reyes is dead by the knock of the vault. However, Zizi is still alive and a speedy action by Brian, he manages to hit Zizi. Agent Hobbs arrives on the scene. Agent Hobbs refuses to allow Dom and Brian go free but, unwilling to collar them, agrees to give them a 24-hour caput start to get away.

The pack splits Reyes ‘ money. Some of the sum is given to Vince ‘s household as wages and as compensation of Vince ‘s dead. Last, all the members go their separate ways and live with their ain life freely.

Main Fictional characters

Dominic Toretto – Vin Diesel

Character Dominic Toretto is portrayed by Vin Diesel. He is an elect street race driver, car machinist, ex-convict and brother to Mia Toretto. Even though he is really unsmooth but he loves his sister and gives her protection. In the film, he is the leader of the pack which planned to uncover the corruptness by Hernen Reyes and besides be after how to interrupt into the constabulary station where Reyes ‘s corruptness money is kept.

Brian O’Conner – Paul Walker

Brian O’Conner is played by Paul Walker. Brian O’ConnerA leads an assault on the coach and doing the Ba to crash with their autos therefore liberating Dom. He is the fastest race driver and during the rip-off of the vault, he is assisting Dominic to rupture the vault from the constabulary station by his auto and dragging the vault. He is a courageous adult male. This shows when he courageously shoots Reyes ‘s work forces, Zizi. He is a loving adult male every bit good as he loves Mia so much and subsequently at the terminal of the film he lives merrily with Mia is pregnant his kid.

Mia TorettoA – Jordana Brewster

She is Dominic ‘s sister and Brian ‘s love involvement. In this film, she assists Dominic ‘s squad in the rip-off by remaining back at the base and proctors the traffic for them to avoid the constabulary. Character Mia Toretto is portrayed byA Jordana Brewster.

Roman Pearce – Tyrese Gibson

Roman PearceA is portrayed by Tyrese Gibson. He is a childhood friend of Brian O’Conner. InA Fast Five, Roman appears as portion of Dominic and Brian ‘s in their effort to steal a vault from a corrupt Brazilian man of affairs. He is loath at first, believing the mission is personal and non being good concern until Dominic utters the vault is full one hundred million dollars in hard currency which is adequate to alter his head. In this film, he is the most chatty and he went to the constabulary station to direct a automaton as camera on how to steal the vault.

Ludacris – Tej Parker

He is one of the Dominic ‘s squad in stealing the vault. He is superb as he can work out the security codification of the vault.

Sung Kang – Han Seoul-Oh

He is one of the members of Dominic ‘s rip-off squad to steal the vault. In Fast Five, he act as a preciseness driver and a “ chameleon.

Gisele Harabo – Gal Gadot.

He is besides one the member ‘s in Dominic ‘s rip-off squad. Her function in this film is she used to score the condemnable corruptor, Hernan Reyes to acquire his manus ‘s print to open the vault subsequently on.

Luke Hobbs – Dwayne Johnson

He acts as an agent from DSS. His mission is to caught Dominic and his friends because they are surmising of killing the DEA officer when they steal a luxury ‘s auto on the train. Subsequently he realizes that Reyes is a corruptor merely so assist Dominic and the pack.

Elena Neves – Elsa Pataky

She is assisting agent Hobbs to catch Dominic and his friends. Subsequently, she besides help Dominic ‘s squad to steal the vault.


The chief characters in this film are different from one another. The diverseness in the characters can be seen in assorted facets like genders, age, ethnicity and accomplishment. Two of them are adult females while the others is work forces. In the squad of Dominic Toretto, consists of two adult females and the remainder is work forces. Although Mia and Gisela are adult females, they are welcomed to the group merely like the work forces. They are non underestimating by the group and are given the undertakings merely like the work forces.

There are besides different phases of age. The characters are of the age between 20 to 40 old ages old. Dominic Toretto is the eldest among all members in the group. The characters besides come from different background, race and ethnicity. Furthermore, they come from the assorted states around the universe for case, United State of America, London and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In Fast Furious 5, the members are naming back from the topographic point they belong to by Dom and O’Conner to carry through a undertaking.

In add-on, the characters in this film have their ain accomplishment and endowment. Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Conner is a street race driver. They are really precision driver, do non check under force per unit area and ne’er lose. Han is person who can intermix in anyplace. Roman is a fast speaker. He can make anything merely harmonizing his manner. The adept individual in circuit goes to Tej. A adult female with the expertness in covering with public-service corporations and arms is Gisele who besides person who are non afraid to throw down her mark. However, they are all same in endowment and professionalism in driving. Besides that, Hobbs is acknowledged as ‘the authorities ‘s version of the best premium huntsman on the planet ‘ .


Harmonizing the research in Organisation Behaviour, there are three major attitudes which are occupation satisfaction, occupation engagement, and organisational committedness.

In the film, the characters are holding occupation satisfaction as they hold positive feelings about their occupation. Just like Hobbs, he is really exciting to make the occupation as he like his occupation so much. Although all of the instance he faced is really ambitious, he ever committed to make it as he takes the troubles positively.

Job engagement can be seen in all the characters. Dom and friends are involved in the robbery of Reyes ‘s money because they feel that they are worth it if they do steal the money. They will acquire a batch of benefits compared to the grade of effects that they may confront if they are caught. Dom is a good leader which he involve all the members in determination doing therefore they feel that they are portion of the undertaking and squad.

In organizational committedness, the Dom ‘s friends are the good illustration. They have identified a peculiar squad and its end, so they decide to stay as a member and volitionally to give a full attempt to accomplish the end. It is where person feels like he is belong to the administration, he tend to remain longer in it. Similarly, Reyes ‘s followings besides do the same thing.

Emotions and Tempers

This action film portrayed a batch of emotions and tempers. The emotions that can be identified through the characters facial look are choler, fright, felicity, hatred, hope, joy and love. On the other manus, the basic tempers consist of high positive affect and high negative consequence.

The scenes where Vince wants to steal the bit create choler and hatred emotion in Dom. He feels really huffy as he thinks Vince want to bewray him. Fear of the money would be steal by Dom ‘s, Reyes seek his best to set his box money in the safest topographic point that is Police Station to do certain Dom ‘s can non hold it. Love is flowers in three spouses ; Dom with Elina, O’Conner with Mia and Han with Gisela. This film has a happy stoping scene. Therefore, all characters are happy and bask their life meaningfully.

In high positive consequence, all characters are excited and alarm to make their occupation. They are committed to complete the occupation until the terminal. The tempers for high negative affect is when the state of affairs are acquiring worst and strain at clip the constabulary ambush the topographic point where Dom are concealing merely after they has work on their first program. Dom, Mia, O’Conner and Vince have been arrested at the minute.

six ) Personality Types

Four of chief characters in this film are Dominic, Brian O’Conner, Hernan Reyes and Agent L. Hobbs. Therefore, there is few personality types can be identified in those characters. The first 1 is Dominic, from MBTI construct, he can be classified as detection as he prefers order and concentrate on inside informations. This can be seen on how he made the scheme and choose who he needs to make the occupation before he started the robbery. Plus, it can be proved on how he collects the information in inside informations. For illustration, to interrupt into the constabulary station, he made research how the constabulary station looks like and where the vault is stored.

Next, harmonizing to Big Five Personality Model ( BFPM ) , he scores high on conscientiousness which he is shown as a really responsible, organized, reliable and relentless. As a leader, he leads the occupation really good and able to delegate which individual to their ability are. Most of the other members depend on him as the occupation is excessively hazardous, yet he is still able to derive trust from his members. Besides, he has a positive nucleus self-evaluation. He knows he is effectual, capable and he believes he can make the occupation really good despite the hazard he is taking which is can be said as an ambitious end, to rob $ 100 million from a really powerful adult male in Rio who is known to hold tonss of protagonists. Furthermore, he is willing to take hazards and ne’er fright of anything even when most of the members start to retreat from the occupation, he is still standing house with his determination to complete the occupation started.

Second character is Brian O’Conner. From BFPM, he is considered every bit high on amenity that refers to an person ‘s leaning to postpone to others. He is really concerted and swearing. In whatever Dominic ‘s determination, he will ever believe in him as if right-hand adult male of Dominic. Plus, merely like Dom, he is besides hazard taking individual. He grabs any opportunity to do certain the occupation done swimmingly, he even put on the line his life to rob the vault and thrust it on the street while followed by many constabulary autos behind.

Third character is Agent L. Hobbs, based on MBTI, he may fall into believing individual. While look intoing of Dominic and the pack, he largely uses grounds and logic to manage. In that film, when he wants to cognize where is Dom, he asked his teammates to reconstruct the auto once more as in logic, why would Dom interrupt the autos as if Dom is seeking something from that auto and right as he guessed, Dom did take something from the auto which is the bit. Besides, he can be classified every bit Machiavellianism as he said that he will utilize anything to acquire what he wants no affair at what costs. He is so determined to happen Dom and asks his co-workers to seek for any hints until he found Dom.

Next, last character is Hernan Reyes. Based on BFPM, he scores low in emotional stableness that he tends to be nervous, dying, down and insecure. It can be proved when he asks his people to travel all his money to be stored at one topographic point after one of his 10 houses has been robbed by Dom and the pack. Followed by emotions, he did n’t believe it carefully as what he did is already expected by Dom except the portion that Reyes shops the money at constabulary station. He is besides can be categorized as Machiavellianism. In order to be really rich and has a batch of wealth, he will utilize any mean to run into the terminal. He will kill those who on his manner and he even do illegal concern such as drugs. Plus, in order to utilize the local ‘s aid, he pretends to assist them by giving what the local wants but so, he asks them to make many illegal plants or menace to take back the installations given.

seven ) Perceptual Biases

Based on the film, there are three prejudices that can be identified. The first 1 is overconfidence prejudice, it can be explained as person who is excessively confident based on past success and believe that nil will travel incorrect in their ways. From the film, Dominic can be seen as person who has the prejudice as he truly believes that everything is planned right and no jobs will look. Yet, when he started to make the occupation, before he could do it, Agent Hobbs come to his topographic point and they start to contend. Though he already put the tracker on Agent L. Hobbs ‘ auto, he did n’t give a idea that what if Agent Hobbs realises there is a tracker on his auto. So, that ‘s when the merely error occurs.

Following prejudice identified is handiness prejudice which has been done by Hernan Reyes. He thought that if he moves all the money to patrol station, the money will be secured because as people said, the last topographic point felons would be willing to travel is police station. Therefore, based on that idea, he made that determination without believing farther that Dominic and the pack may be really determined which they are willing to take the hazard to interrupt into police station.

The last prejudice is risk antipathy. After being robbed at one of his hard currency houses and being told that he will come for more, Reyes without sing more, he decides to hive away all the money at the safest topographic point he can believe about which is at constabulary station. This is because he does non desire to take the hazard to merely allow the money be without recognizing his action is expected by Dominic.

eight ) Decision Making Process

There are many determinations made in this film. The first 1 is when Dom and Brian discussed and decides to rob Hernan Reyes. This is a large determination because this is a large occupation, to Rob the most powerful cat in Rio, Brazil. The determination is taken after they realize they have been chased by constabularies and they are in top list of wanted people. Therefore, for them to acquire out of that life and get down a new one, they decide to make one last occupation but a really large 1. Sing all the complexnesss to do the occupation done, they started to garner a squad and name all the capable people from around the universe. With a squad of 9 people, each of them has expertness in ain country. Dom is utilizing rational theoretical account as he gathers a great trade of information about all the options and abilities they have. After placing them, he started to acquire autos, mock-up the paths to the vault stored in constabulary station.

The 2nd determination is made by Agent L. Hobbs when he decides to assist the pack to acquire back at Hernan Reyes as he has killed many of his work forces. So, he wants to acquire retaliation for that. But he should be believing carefully approximately that as his chief aim is to catch Dominic yet subsequently he is on Dominic ‘s side. Plus, as a bull, to assist felon is against his curse. Therefore, the determination made can be classified as intuitive decision-making which is an unconscious procedure created out of distilled experience. To see his work forces died in forepart of his eyes, he may be unconsciously made that determination and it made that the determination is non rational.

nine ) Motivational Theories

Motivation refers to the procedure by which a individual ‘s attempts are energized, directed, and sustained toward achieving end. There are three elements on this definition which are energy, way, and continuity.

Among the motivational theories that were applied in this film is reinforcement theory which says that the behavior is a map of its effects. The effects that instantly follow behavior and increase the chance that the behavior will be repeated are called as reinforces.

In Fast Five, it shows when Elena works as a transcriber in constabulary station in Rio, Luke Hobbs chooses her as transcriber since she is one of the few incorruptible bulls in Rio. In add-on, she is motivated by the decease of her darling hubby in old film, who was besides a police officer before he was killed on her doorsill. Therefore, the fact that the decease of her hubby is really becomes a positive reinforcing stimulus for her to work as police officer in Rio.

ten ) Teamwork

There was a teamwork applied in this film and I think the teamwork applied was an effectual squad.

Teamwork is a group whose single attempts consequence in public presentation that is greater than the amount of the person inputs which able to bring forth positive synergism through co-ordinated attempt. The effectivity of the squad can be seen through Team Effectiveness Model. It encompasses three elements which are context, squad composing and squad procedures.

The first contextual factor related to Fast Five is a clime of trust. Members of effectual squads should swear each other. They besides must exhibit trust in their leaders. Dominic Toretto who is a leader receives high grade of trust from his members including Brian O’Conner, Roman Pearce and other members. Interpersonal trust among squad members facilitates cooperation and reduces the demand to supervise each others ‘ behavior. When squad members believe they can swear each others in any sort of state of affairs, they are more likely to take hazards and expose exposures. For case, there is a scene in Fast Five when Brian O’Conner needs to leap off from the train towards the auto driven by Dominic Toretto in order to avoid span from being crashed. This sort of crisis does necessitate a high grade of trust from Brian O’Conner to Dominic Toretto as it is rather hazardous. If there is less or no trust between each other, the possibility of Brian O’Conner to decease is really high. Therefore, the teamwork is less effectual.

The 2nd contextual factor related to Fast Five is leading and construction. If the squad members can non hold on who is to make what and guarantee all members portion the work load, squad is dysfunctional. For case, Domino Toretto has assigned particulars of work to each member and fits them all together to incorporate single accomplishments required by leading and construction. Since each of the members has assortment of accomplishments and capablenesss to do the work done, Dominic Toretto plays a critical function to depute duty to them, and plays a function every bit facilitator as good. This complies with multiteam systems which mean different squads need to organize their attempts to bring forth a coveted result. The coveted result in the film is destructing the corruptness made by a politician named Hermen Reyes.

The first variable in squad composing related to Fast Five is abilities of members. In this film, each of the members has different abilities, cognition and accomplishments to execute their several undertakings. For illustration, Roman Pearce is a fast speaker. In fact, he has accomplishments to deviate people when speaking from uncovering the existent purpose. It can be seen in the film when he enters the constabulary station to set the grounds box which is really a controlled auto. He is successful to deviate the police officer to set the grounds box in the vault.

The 2nd variable in squad composing related in Fast Five is diverseness of members. The diverseness is really should be a good thing. It should profit from differing positions. In Fast 5, there is squad diverseness which affects the squad public presentation to do occupation done. The squad portions a different demographic property such as sex, race and age. For case, Han Seoul-Oh is a Korean cat comes all the manner from Korea to fall in squad with Dominic Toretto in Brazil which shows different race with other members. Proper leading can better the public presentation of diverse squads. Dominic Toretto provides an inspirational common end for members with changing types of accomplishments and cognition devising squad more originative and able to accomplish coveted end.

The first procedure variable related to Fast Five is common program and aim. Effective squads begin by analysing the squad ‘s mission, developing ends to accomplish that mission, and making schemes for accomplishing the ends. Dominic Toretto, Brian O’Conner and Mia Toretto have ab initio analysing the program and intent of the mission before garnering the squad members. They even create schemes so that the others members ready to understand the common program and intent every bit good as ready to take hazard. They put a enormous sum of clip and attempt to discourse, form and hold on a intent that belongs to them jointly and separately.

The 2nd procedure variable related to Fast Five is specific ends. The teamwork in this film can be said every bit effectual as the squad is able to interpret its common intent into specific, measureable, and realistic public presentation ends. The end of the squad delegated by Dominic Toretto is to extinguish the corruptness made by a politician named Hermen Reyes and uncover the hidden and illegal activity of distribution of drugs made by him. The end is rather ambitious as the squad has to confront the politician who has a strong place in the state.

eleven ) Leadership Style

Leadership can be defined as an ability to act upon a group toward the accomplishment of a vision or set of ends. The leaders that can be found in this film are Dominic Toretto and Luke Hobbs.

Dominic Toretto is a professional felon and a leader of the squad with Brian O’Conner, Mia Toretto and other members. He uses a transformational leading manner. In organisational term, transformational leaders inspire followings to exceed their ain opportunisms and who are capable of holding a profound and extraordinary consequence on their followings. Dominic Toretto uses this sort of leading manner as he pays attending to the concern and demands of his squad members, change members ‘ consciousness of jobs by assisting them look at old jobs in new ways, and inspire squad members to set out excess attempt to accomplish their ends. On top of that, this sort of leading manner is more effectual compared to others and besides it encourages other squad members to follow them by being originative.

Besides, Luke Hobbs can be considered as a leader among the bulls. He leads other police officers to catch the most wanted professional felons like Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Conner. It can be seen that he brings out a character of magnetic leading manner in the film. In the point of organisational term, magnetic leading theory can specify as followings make ascriptions of heroic or extraordinary leading abilities when they observe certain behaviors. Among the cardinal features of a magnetic leader are vision and articulation, personal hazard, and unconventional behavior.

twelve ) Power and Influential Tactics

Power or influential tactics that could be identified from this film is that audience. It happens when Dominic is giving an thought to his friends and how they are traveling to make it together in order to do the program successful. All of them will hold their ain portion in order to carry through the occupation that they already to make it at the first phase. They all are given undertakings based on their expertness such as good in circuit, fast speaker, an expert driver and many more. Dominic get all of his teammates support by promoting them that they are traveling to acquire US $ 100 million if the program successful and every each one of them will acquire same sum from US $ 1oo million. This can be classified as exchange influential tactics, means honoring the mark with benefits or favours in exchange for following a petition.

Another one of power or influential tactics that applied in this film is force per unit area. Hernen Reyes uses this tactics so that his worker will listen and obey to him. He likes to utilize rough manner in order to acquire what he wanted, therefore do his follower afraid of him because he has power and money. He besides will kill anybody that is non completing what he asked for and when the undertaking is non accomplished so that it will be a lesson to his follower.

thirteen ) Conflicts

Yes. The struggles begin when one of the members, Roman Pearce does non desire to acquire involved in the program because he said it was a concern but really it was a program to rob one of the richest work forces in the state that conduct a drug concern but ne’er acquire caught. The struggle declaration techniques that Dominic, Brian and Mia apply based on the film is job work outing and besides superordinate ends techniques. First, they invite and gather all of their friends that they feel dependable and suited for the undertaking and so face-to-face meeting of the conflicting parties for the intent of placing the job and deciding it through unfastened treatment. Next, after knew that the end is to rob US $ 100 million in hard currency, the superior ends conflict declaration techniques take topographic point when they are making a shared end that can non be attained without the cooperation of each of the conflicting parties. It shows that everything can be done through negotiate if we do hold accomplishments about it.

fourteen ) Organizational Change and Stress Management

Yes. Dominic and the pack attempt to uncover the corruptness by Hernen Reyes and they try to do alterations in Rio. They besides want to acquire a freedom for themselves.

The tactics that they are used is to steal the vault from the corruptor Hernen Reyes placed at the constabulary station. Even though the mission is wholly incorrect and against the rule of Islamic pattern but they are still making it to derive self satisfaction.

The opposing party do non doing any tactics as they do non anticipate Dominic ‘s squad will steal his vault as the vault is placed in the constabulary station. So the possibility for them to steal is really low. At the terminal, when the squad is successfully steal the vault, Reyes and his work forces are trailing them as they expect they will acquire the vault back.

At foremost, the squad is giving up go oning their mission because they see their opportunities to success is really low but because of the external factor which they will acquire a large sum of money so they are courage to complete off their mission.

The well-planned scheme makes them success in the terminal and the triumph is by their side ( Dominic ‘s squad ) .



Based on the film Fast Five, the pack was collaborating to accomplish their aim which is to steal the corrupted money from the Hernen Reyes, the condemnable imperium, of US $ 100A million in hard currency. The pack breaks into the constabulary station where Reyes ‘ money is kept and tears the vault from the edifice utilizing their autos. They assigned each of one to make certain occupation. For illustration, Brian and Dom are assigned to rupture the vault from the edifice and Mia is assigned to detect the traffic during the vault is being dragging along the emphasis to avoid constabulary and Hernan Reyes ‘s squad.


In footings of friendly relationship, there is a quotation mark tells that, no affair how brainsick things get among friends, they should lodge together till the terminal of the clip. In Fast Five, although there are a figure of state of affairss and things attack Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Conner, they still stick together in whatever sort of state of affairss. In fact, it is because both of them remain side by side that they able to draw off such a large rip-off involved by a politician in Rio.


One of the lessons that we can larn from the film is approximately trust. To finish an of import occupation as that, they should non hold uncertainty about each other. Or else they may stop up busy bewraying each other while the occupation planned will ne’er acquire done. Even though some of them merely run into each other for the first clip and they are working on a large undertaking, yet, they ne’er have a bad perceptual experience of other members.


One of the lessons that can be categorised in this film is be aftering. The manner they plan in order to acquire something what they want and how they manage to acquire through all of fortunes and shortcoming. But before giving them their undertaking, foremost all of them must foremost hold with the program and the leader should take them based on the ability and expertness, can non merely pick indiscriminately. In this film, Dominick Toretto and Brian O’Conner choose their teammates based on accomplishments such as the one whom expert in circuit, skilful in driving auto, fast speaker, can intermix in where of all time he is and many other facets as good. Team work is besides important in order to do the program successful. So they need to cognize their functions and parts so at that place would non be any miscommunication. In this film, all of them will garner together and be after what they need to make and do certain that everybody understands it with crystal clear. If one of them did non hold with the program, they will negociate until they find understanding. The planning that they made besides must be agreed from all of them because they are the 1 that are traveling to make the undertaking.

Family adhering

Besides that, the lesson that can be besides larning in this film is household adhering. Dominic is a brother of Mia. Through the narrative that he portion with O’Conner, it truly demo that he does love his sisters so much as he truly take attention of Mia since she is little. He besides glad to cognize he will acquire a new member in the household ; kid of O’Conner and Mia.

The squad besides is a portion of the household. They truly take attention and appreciate one another. They do portion the felicity and unhappiness together and besides the challenge they try to confront together.

For Vince, he is like a brother to Dom. Although Vince has done something bad to him, Dom still can accept Vince to be portion of the squad. When Vince in died, Dom take the duty towards Vince ‘s household. He gives some money to the married woman and boy.


From Islamic perspective point of position, this Fast Five film besides applied the human to human construct which has been pattern by the histrions of the film. It can be seen from scene where Dominic Toretto saves the constabulary, Luke Hobbs ‘s life even though the constabulary have already caught him from the first topographic point. He did non waver to assist Luke Hobbs since there is still humanity in his psyche. Therefore, it made the constabulary realizes which one is in the good side and which one is in the bad side.

In Islam, we should continue the relationship between homo to human. There are three major relationships that we all as Muslim need to see, the first 1 is Allah to human, human to human and the last is towards animate being or works to human. That is why Allah select homo as vicegerent in this universe because homo is the best animal compared to others.

There is besides Quranic poetry that can be related which is Hablum-Minallah Hablum-Minannas. Hablum-Minallah means connexion with human with Allah and our relationship with fellow world, or Hablum-Minannas. These two profound relationships can non be separated. They go together and reciprocally beef up each other. That the closer one gets to Allah, the closer one will be with his fellow world. Another illustration of human to human relationship is that when Dominic Toretto still accepts Vince to come in into his group once more even though Vince was seeking to bewray to him. It is because Dominic Toretto considers and dainties Vince as his household even though they do non hold any blood kinship.

Islam does non allow stealing in any signifier. The regulations prescribed by Almighty Allah are terrible and would move as a sample for people who would look up to it. There are many grounds why a individual commits robbery and the two chief grounds would be either poorness and secondly is to acquire money in a short manner to fulfill the epicurean demands. Sometimes the fortunes become so worst that a individual thinks of making any wanted or unwanted things to fulfill his household demands, and he is successful in few efforts than he tends to experiments in bigger manner whereby they ne’er hesitate to traverse the bounds.

Islam does non wish any sort of robbery or larceny and if the perpetrator is found so the individual should be punished in forepart of the community so that they should cognize the thief and the ground why the individual being punished. Furthermore, it would go as a lesson for the others and they would ever retrieve that effects of stealing are really terrible and one has to lose his organic structure parts for whole life every bit long as he is still alive. Therefore, people who have lost the parts will afraid to reiterate those actions once more.

Islam ‘s instruction is practical and it gives equal distribution in footings of clemency and penalty. If the individual is caught for stealing, the determinations of the penalty are to be given every bit shortly as possible without hold in any instance. However, the determination would be harmonizing to Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. As stated in Koran:

“ As to the stealer, Male or female, cut off his or her custodies: a penalty by manner of illustration, from Allah, for their offense: and Allah is Exalted in power. ” Prophet Muhammad PBUH besides said, “ The manus should be cut off for stealing something that is worth a one-fourth of a Dinar or more. ”

( Surah Al-Maidah: 38 )


Robbery or rip-off is such a common issue in Western states every bit good as other states. An action film is a sort of film that easy to catch audience ‘s attending to watch particularly when the films come from Western states as they have high engineering of equipments compared to other states. From the negative point of position about the film can be found when the film is made of uncountable of actions, muscular histrions like Dominic Toretto and Luke Hobbs, sexy misss and a figure of bad cats who do non allow to be watched by adolescents.

However, there are still a quite Numberss of positive points of position found in the film. For case, in footings of leading manner, teamwork, household bonding, attitudes and many more as we learn in Organizational Behaviour. There are few positive sides from the film as it shows how Dominic is so determined to go on the occupation that they have started even after one of his friends dead and all other members choose to retreat from the undertaking. Therefore, in whatever we do, one time we have started, we must complete it. Besides, after the occupation succeeds they decide to travel on to a new life and all of them live their dreams. So, it can be concluded that even though we have done something bad in our lives before, we need to travel on and maintain in head that yesteryear is by. Next, Dominic still gives a proportion of money to his childhood friend, Vince ‘s household which shows that he still retrieve and appreciate his friends by assisting them though Vince is already gone. So, whoever we are for the following few old ages, ne’er bury the 1 who has been with us before.


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