Analysis Of Water For Elephant English Literature Essay

The twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours fighting that Jacob faces is a true image in which the older adult male is abandoned at a nursing installation by his household members. This is in direct antonym to the life that Jacob undergoes while at the Benzini. This is a subject of male favoritism in their older age where they are viewed as a nuisance to their society, and are non treated as human existences but as patients and which is a direct manifestation of the current universe. At the age of 90 three, Jacob Jankowski still remembers the memories, most of which gender based and which he was subjected to. He remembers vividly as a immature adult male how he was tossed by destiny to a train that was rickety. He still remembers a universe that was full of buffoons and monsters, coupled with hurting and admirations every bit good as passion and choler. After college he was ushered in a universe that stares in discriminatory, that has irrational, narrow, regulations, with complex life, and an every bit complex decease. To Jacob, the circus was a prove of the ferociousness and favoritism subjected to the male. He was really at that place because he was merely non lucky, was penniless and orphaned. Before fall ining the “ ship of saps ” train he had no way in life. Old McGuinty unwisely tells Jacob that he “ used to transport H2O for the elephants, ” ( Gruen 46 ) . Jacob sees this statement as an unfastened prevarication and an abuse to him. In deep memory of Rosie, Jacob dauntlessly asks back, “ Do you have any thought how much an elephant drinks? ” ( Gruen 47 ) . This connects readers who see the favoritism and deficiency of regard that the old Jacob is subjected to and are likely to inquire, Do you have an thought at how much an old adult male can retrieve and love? Jacob is the lone character who is morally unsloped and in wages he is forced to pass most of the clip broken, beaten, shed blooding, hungover, concussed, shed blooding and swollen. He is frustrated because in his old age he is trapped and discriminated upon. As a immature college pupil with small universe experience, Jacob is discriminated and ridiculed by his equals. But he subsequently bit by bit additions respect after being promoted to be in charge of carnal direction. This in itself reveals how humanity is cunning and how Jacob is discriminated as a adult male and merely additions acknowledgment after the publicity. As an animate being director he meets several characters including Walter, who become his friend merely after some clip. Other characters he encounters are Barbara, Blackie and Earl who are known to “ redlight ” human being. “ Redlighting ” here means that they throw people off the train. He besides meets Uncle Al who is besides a director. Question 2 The narrative occurs during the Great Depression where every individual in the circus was blessed to acquire any work at all. Marlena, is a star, who had fallen in love with a incorrect adult male. The adult male was fine-looking and he owned the circus and had a wide mean run. Rosie was a female elephant, who was a great grey hope, and was the new act that was destined to salvage the circus. The major job with Rosie was that she was really hapless in following simple instructions. There was a strong relationship of trust and love that emerged from the three, and which was viewed as their individual and lone hope for endurance. In the film Water for Elephants, the chief characters in it provide the film audience a journey that is really memory to human existences. The major issue in understanding any narrative is that the characters act out to declaration and accomplishment issues of the demands of human existences that they make the audience attentive. If there is a lesson to be learned this battle provides a agency in which the issue will stay in memory of the audience for long. When the characters in a narrative are introduced, writers and authors have to propose that character will go forth to the outlooks of the issues that arise from the narrative. Jacob is the chief character in the. Readers are subjected to about three months of Jacob ‘s life when he was twenty three every bit good as a few yearss as a 90 three twelvemonth old adult male. His character is loveable human being who portions anything he has with anyone about him as a immature adult male, but in older old ages he keeps most of the clip to himself ( Jamie 2007 ) . Marlena is his lover of life, a lady whom he met while in the circus. Jacob and Marlena ab initio fight against each other in their love, but lucks in life conveying them to love and care for one another for of all time and even have kids. Uncle Al is oe of the circus leader, who is a self-seeking, cunning who viciously smacks and beats the animate beings and anyone on site at will merely because he has the powers and no 1 can halt him. August is the lead trainer, who is characterized with ferociousness and most of the clip misuses the animate beings he is supposed to develop which includes the new elephant Rosie and any individual who works under him. On the other manus he is sometimes really capturing. Jacob creates a more careful relationship with August but he is unable to command progresss to his married woman Marlena. The actions of the characters are symbolic but a true contemplation of the current universe occurrences. The subjugations that Jacob was subjected to is really much similar to the current matter occurrences in the work topographic point. The love matter between him and he married woman of his foreman rings bells and can be regarded as any desirous authorship. The character of August was full of ferociousness and that of Uncle Al every bit cunning and a really hapless individual to associate with. Question 3 The character most identified with is Jacob. The is made possible because the state itself is by Jacob and he speaks of his ain experiences as a vet physician and the full experiences, good and bad including the love personal businesss he passed through. There is more play as he narrates about his experiences at the nursing place which gives a image on how he old people are mistreated in such places. There are two experiences from the book which are every bit interesting. One is the ferociousness subjected to the animate beings and human existences including Jacob by August and Uncle Al every bit good the old age yearss of Jacob in a nursing place, who is regarded as a patient and non as a human being. Another episode is the falling in love of Jacob with his married woman ‘s foreman as an carnal vet. He becomes near with a guided relationship with August and develops a close love relationship with his married woman Marlena, who is the most outgoing character. Despite her matrimony to August, Marlene finds favour in another adult male Jacob whom together they get a kid. All of this is coupled with Jacob ‘s bit by bit turning relationship to Rosie a really complex elephant. It leaves everyone inquiring what will go on if August discovers this illicit relationship and leaves everyone reading more to cognize what happened at the terminal. There were no characters in Water for Elephants that was seemed reliable in my personal experience.

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