Analytical Essay Regarding Plagiarism And Students English Language Essay

Students who come from non -western states abroad, to farther instruction in western states are called international Student.They have slightly been tagged as the people who are most guilty of the moral and academic misconduct called ‘Plagiarism ‘ . Overall plagiarism is a prevalent job in the academic environment particularly among international pupils who are new to the western states academic norms and larning procedure.

Plagiarism is a signifier of unjust academic pattern where a pupil puts himself at undue advantage over other pupils by utilizing other writers thoughts and ideas and go throughing it off as his, it is fundamentally deficiency of originality in academic Hagiographas e.g essays, studies and thesiss

Due to the divergent positions on what constitutes plagiarism it is a term that confuses international pupils. For international pupils plagiarism is perceived otherwise across assorted cross-cultural societies.When international pupil go abroad to analyze amongst accommodating to their new environment, they have to cover with seting to new systems of instructions, they have to cover with plagiarism, cheating and other signifiers of unjust patterns. Unfair patterns include but is n’t limited to rip offing, fiction, collusion and a host of others.

Extensive literature has been written on the prevalence of plagiarism among international pupils, it s been widely accepted the international pupils are more likely to plagiarise due to incorrect apprehension of commendation and citing conventions ( Larkham and Manns,2002, pg343 ) .

Beginning of Plagiarism

The Origin of plagiarism is harmonizing to Mallon ( 1983 ) , is from Ben Johnson English drama author, was the first individual to utilize the word plagiarism to intend literary larceny in the seventeenth Century while others say it plagiarism is a word coined from the Latin word ‘plagiaris ‘ which means ‘kidnapper ‘ and the Grecian word ‘ism ‘ .


There several definitions of plagiarism.According to the Collins Dictionary of English linguistic communication ( Hanks, 1979 ) , Plagiarism is the act of ‘plagiarizing ‘ which means to allow thoughts, transitions e.t.c from another writer. The Oxford Advanced Dictionary 7th edition says plagiarism is an act of plagiarising something and ‘to plagiarize is to copy another individuals thoughts, words or work and feign that they are your ain.

Plagiarism can besides be defined as the unauthorised usage or close imitation of the linguistic communication, words and ideas of another writer and the representation of them as 1 ‘s ain ( Wilkipedia ; the free Encyclopedia ) .

It could merely be defined as larceny of words or thoughts, beyond what could be regarded as general Knowledge. ( Parke,2003, pg 474 ) .Personally one am of the position that plagiarism an art of sophisticated larceny of anther individual s thoughts, ideas, and rational academic work without giving recognition to the writer whose thought you have stolen from. Some authors describe plagiarism, some call the plagiarizer ‘a idea stealer ‘ ( Whiteneck, 2002 ) others describe plagiarism as ‘Stealing in Print ‘ ( Lafollette Marcel 1992 ) .

There are some noteworthy quotation marks on Plagiarism:

“ My books need no 1 to impeach or judge you ; the pages which you use stands up against you and says “ you are a stealer ” .

-Marcus Valerius Marshal

“ They had their thin books with the fat of others work ”

-Robert Burton

Plagiarism can be classified under two Broad headers:

Intentional Plagiarism

It is in academic authorship, when a author wilfully passes on another individual ‘s thoughts or ideas as his. The cyberspace is a really good beginning of knowing plagiarism. Examples if knowing plagiarism include when a individual buys pre-written essays from the cyberspace and passes off as his work, another illustration is when a author transcripts and pastes thoughts and ideas from different beginnings, passes it off as his authorship and does n’t give recognition to the authors whose thoughts he has used. Intentional plagiarism is done wittingly as a consequence of indolence and complacence by the plagiarizer. It is easy detected as it is normally glowering.

Unintentional Plagiarism

This class of plagiarism is when a author uses another authors thoughts, ideas and sentiment in his ain work but fails to give decently acknowledge such author ‘s thoughts.

International pupil are more guilty of unwilled plagiarism than knowing plagiarism. It is caused by many factors which include hapless paraphrasing, hapless mentioning techniques, improper citation, deficiency of citing accomplishments, deficiency of apprehension of the term plagiarism. Unintentional plagiarism is n’t easy detected. Overall the plagiarizer has no purpose to wilfully embezzle another author ‘s thought as his.

Forms of Plagiarism

There are infinite authors who have written extensively on plagiarism and have coined up different signifiers of plagiarism but the major signifiers of plagiarism are:

Collusion: Where work prepared by a group of individuals is passed off as if it was single work.

Direct Duplicate: copying of another individual ‘s work verbatim. It besides includes where a author transcripts from his former authorship and appropriates it into his new composing so much that the new authorship lacks originality.

Examples of direct extra include copying and gluing other people ‘s work, purchasing essays online and go throughing it on as yours e.t.c

Legitimate coaction: is planing with another single author to utilize his

work and go through it on as yours.

( 4 ) Paraphrasing thoughts and ideas of another writer without appropriate


( 5 ) Piercing subdivisions of stuff from more than one beginning into a new whole.

Types of Plagiarism

There are assorted types of Plagiarism, they include but are non limited to the followers:

( I ) Self Plagiarism

You self -plagiarize when you re-use your ain former pre-written for a new

Academic authorship and you don t mention it decently.

( two ) Word Switch Plagiarism

When a author poses another author ‘s work as his but changes a few words, phrases

and sentences to do it look although it is his original work. Such author

normally makes usage of equivalent word. It is better to cite or rephrase another individuals


( three ) Complete Plagiarism

It is when an full work, is copied verbatim from one or more beginnings. Normally such

work lacks originality and such plagiarizer are lazy authors who refuse to bring forth

their ain thoughts.

( four ) Partial Plagiarism

Partial plagiarism occurs when a plagiarizer mixes up thoughts copied straight from

another author with thoughts indirectly copied but non cited and poses it as his original

work. International Students have besides being labeled as being involved in other

unjust patterns along side plagiarism although unjust pattern is moral incorrect that is

impacting the entireness of academic establishments even local pupils are involved in

unjust patterns.

Unfair Practice in faculty members is any act that interrupts the academic procedure or any act that puts another pupil at an academic advantage over others. A more precise definition says unjust pattern is an act whereby a individual might obtain for himself or another an unmerited or a higher class than his or her abilities would otherwise function.

There is a long list of patterns that are regarded as unjust and they constitute academic misconduct which establishments separately punish with countenances.

Other unjust patterns include:


It is when work done by a group of persons is submitted and passed off as entirely the work of the individual doing a entry.


Examples of rip offing include audience of illegimate stuffs in the scrutiny hall, descrying and copying fellow pupil ‘s work.


Wikilipedia, , the free Encyclopedia, defines disproof is the disproof of informations, information or commendations in any academic exercising.


In academic pattern, when a individual transcripts from another beginning without making any original work it is termed duplicate. It is common for pupils to copy straight from each other, from their ain former work and even to copy straight the work of public authors.

Disproof and Caricature

Disproof is when a individual misrepresents facts merely to acquire an unjust and undue advantage over others. E.g. when pupils lie to a schools scrutiny board sing his wellness conditions, so that he will acquire permission to resit an scrutiny.

Caricature is when a individual passes himself off to be another individual, to acquire advantage on behalf of that other individual. Caricature is slightly a condemnable offense and has stiffer punishments. Both international and local pupils are involved in caricature during scrutiny and trials.

Overall it is personal sentiment, that with the moral and academic degeneracy in the society and universe big, non merely international pupils but the entireness of pupils are involved in unjust pattern. This is an overpowering job and establishments should explicate ways to control this prevalent pattern. For international pupils plagiarism and unjust pattern are merely one of the issues that they have to cover with to accommodate to their new environment.It takes international pupils a longer clip to cover to acquire used to western civilizations even their new methods of academic acquisition. In seeking to turn to the academic threat called ‘plagiarism ‘ academicians have conducted research and written extensively on the capable affair, they have besides assessed the principle behind why international pupils plagiarize. Surveies and academic research have shown a figure of grounds why pupils plagiarize.

International pupils plagiarize for a majorily of these grounds:

Cultural daze

When international pupils leave their topographic point of legal residence and relocate to the western universe they undergo a phrase where they are seeking to accommodate to their new civilization, being new to the environment and its systems they undergo cultural daze at the beginning of their surveies seting to academic norms of pattern in western states. During this phrase a batch of them are involved in plagiarism because they are still seeking to suit into the new system.

Cultural differences

Across the different multi-cultural groups there are divergent positions as to what constitutes plagiarism. It has been interpreted otherwise in different civilizations, in some civilizations plagiarism is acceptable. International pupils plagiarize because of cross-cultural differences, they have plagiarism as acceptable pattern in their place states.

Language Deficit

Language differences for international pupils, from Non-English speech production states is a large barrier to their acquisition procedure in their new environment. Survey statistics show that most of the pupils who plagiarize are international pupils from Non-English speech production states, because they have lack English proficiency.

Hull and Rose,1989 suggest the hapless linguistics accomplishments and the demand to bring forth academic work of high quality drive international pupils to plagiarism ( cited Hyland 2001 ) .

Lack of proper apprehension

Most international pupils do non understand the extent, significance and construct of plagiarism since most of them come from a background where plagiarism is plagiarism is an acceptable norm.

Inadequate Research accomplishments

Most international pupils have hapless referencing and commendation accomplishments, they do non cognize how to impute sourced stuffs and deficiency techniques for proper paraphrasing. Its been noted that the job faced by international pupils is understanding the difference between citing, implanting beginnings and plagiarism ( Ryan,2000 ) .

Lack of Disincentive

For some pupils the benefits of plagiarism outweighs the hazards, this is the instance for lazy international pupils.

International pupils can avoid plagiarism by ever being original, utilizing their ain words by analytic thought. When international pupils plan in front of clip and before day of the months their assignments are due they avoid the enticement to plagiarise. They besides need to develop good note-taking accomplishments. More significantly international pupils must larn how to cite decently, they must supply commendations for direct citations and all borrowed thoughts that are n’t general knowledge must be acknowledged decently in the Reference portion of any research authorship. International pupils must cognize the regulations steering paraphrasing and citing other authors ‘ work.

Institutions must besides learn international pupils in item about plagiarism.Seminars and workshops should be organized specifically for international pupils by universities on plagiarism.Higher establishment should concentrate on educating international pupils on ways to avoid plagiarism instead than stress on the countenances for plagiarism. Most lectors make premises about international pupils ‘ academic backgrounds. Lectors should be more patient in learning the term ‘plagiarism ‘ to guarantee that international pupils comprehend the entireness of the term.Courses on note -taking and composing accomplishments should be introduced in schools and international pupils be made to take this class obligatorily.


I am of the position that plagiarism has slightly been over overdone and this has into led to its ambiguity and the confusion amongst international pupils as to it s context. The cyberspace nevertheless has made it really hard to control plagiarism.The tremendous focal point on international pupils as the ill-famed plagiarizers would non work out the eminent jobs, it is clip for establishments to pull up feasible programs on how to control plagiarism among international pupils because it is n’t plenty that there is now a package called ‘Turnitin ‘ for observing plagiarism. Institutions should observe that most international pupils do non plagiarise deliberately hence a rehabilitative attack instead than a punitory attack of countenances should be taken out on international pupils.

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