Book Analysis of Erin Bow’s ‘Plain Kate’

Living In The Shadows

Living In The Shadows

Imagine life in a universe where people believed in witches… good at that place was a universe like that one time. It was called the Puritan society ; it is where people were so afraid of enchantresss that they would take a life merely if one individual were to believe a individual was a enchantress. Erin Bow the writer ofPlain Kateentertains us with a book that is so fairytale like including a batch of genre that the book represent such as unwanted escapade, charming and vindictive genres. The chief subject toPlain Kateis largely grief throughout the narrative this immature miss who is the chief character of this fairy narrative loses so much and it seems like she can non acquire off from Missouri. It is job after job in the streets of Samilae that she lives in because of the ground that she has something that everybody else does non hold, she is blamed for being person she is not…which is a enchantress. This book can be relevant to our universe now in assorted ways, largely because everybody in this universe has a struggle in their life and this book can assist to inform those people that they are non entirely in this universe even when it seems like they are a alone shadow looking for hope.

Plot Function:

The lifting action to this narrative starts in the town of Samilae, Kate is merely a kid and everybody thinks that she is a enchantress because of her wood carving accomplishments. In the beginning of the narrative Kate loses her male parent she has cipher or nil non even a place, but she stays where her male parent did most of his concern which is a bantam street stall. The ground being is because they had another adult male take over the concern and the mill. It was non merely her male parent and her workplace, but besides a place to both of them. Kate is so devastated when she loses her male parent you would believe that would be the flood tide to the narrative, but it is merely the lifting action that leads to the flood tide. Kate is sorrowing and has cipher to pick her up or assist her out. She is an orphan miss life in a universe with cipher, but her cat Taggle that she shortly finds in her bantam place as a pool. To exceed all of that off, While Kate is sitting minding her ain concern seeking to do a life and sell her work people stare at her and presume that she is a enchantress and is the ground the town is run down and ugly looking. The town people blame Kate for everything because she can make something that cipher else in the town can make. One twenty-four hours a alien comes to town named Linay, he comes in to town with this small act as if he is non up to something bad. Linay is really a enchantress seeking to steal Kate ‘s shadow and utilize it against some evil strategy of his.Linay gives Kate a proposal, which is to assist her acquire out of this awful town for her shadow. Kate does non like that proposal so she denies it go forthing Linay disturbed by her response. Linay shortly starts to come up with all these programs to do the people metaphorically push her out of town. Kate shortly gets blamed for all these atrocious things go oning like for illustration they blame her for the disease distributing on their harvests. Behind the scene of the offense it is really Linay doing all this pandemonium to seek and allure Kate to take her proposal. Which in the terminal Kate becomes so fed up with all the fussing from the townsfolk. Knowing she will decease without some sort of aid, Plain Kate agrees to sell her shadow to Linay. In return, he AKA Linay gives her supplies and the company she longs for in the unexpected signifier of her cat being able to talk.Telling her cat to maintain his oral cavity shut, Plain Kate convinces the Roamers ( itinerants ) to allow her fall in them on their journey out of town. But despite her concern about what Linay has done, she has n’t the slightest hint of the strategy of him acquiring his custodies on her shadow non merely for herself, but for the full countryside. Linay is huffy with heartache, and he ‘s determined to acquire retaliation on the people who hurt him. Kate shortly realizes that she can non populate for long without her shadow. So she makes a move to non merely salvage herself, but her town every bit good and the townsfolk avoiding the large image that they were traveling to hang her.

Fictional character Analysis:

Kate is the chief character inPlain Katethe name “Plain Kate” was given to her by her male parent when she was born and everybody since so maintain on naming her by that. Kate is a alone miss who has cipher… no household, no place, cipher to care about. Which gives this alien Linay that arrives to town a good chance to accomplish the evil strategy that she has to destroy the town.Kate is a intelligent, talented immature adult female. She is a quitdeter­mined miss with an interior strength that no other miss her age has. She is the uneven miss in her town… the enchantress. She learns a batch throughout the narrative shehas had to larn how to sur­vive on her ain, rely­ing on the kind­ness of aliens and her ain carv­ing accomplishments. But she besides comes across as incred­i­bly vul­ner­a­ble and wants to be accepted, to be portion of a fam­ily. If one were to compare Kate to person in our universe today I would hold to state that she is slightly similar everybody in this universe. Kate has a job and faces it. She thinks she is confronting the universe entirely merely like everybody in this universe thinks when they are traveling through a tough clip. Finally everybody find person to assist them out and back up them whether it be household or non. Merely like there is ever bad people everyplace you look there is good people every bit good that are at that place to assist you out through the tough times.

Motifs & A ; Subjects:

In many ways, Plain Kate is a calamity about heartache and retribution, with more dead organic structures than Hamlet with mature subjects including bias ( even witch firing ) , decease, sorrow, and retaliation. There ‘s besides some evil thaumaturgy throughout the narrative. Plain Kate ‘s tone is reasonably dark throughout the narrative, although it is a lovely book and has a slightly hopeful sides. Grief is used a batch throughout the narrative by non merely Kate, but Linay every bit good. He has lost his sister, seeking for retaliation he attempts to convey down the town that prosecuted her and blamed her of witchery. She uses the choler constructing up in her to come up with all these evil programs and uses an orphan miss to carry through it. However, Linay seems to hold some sort of sympathy towards Kate. Even though he seems so evil someplace in the narrative Linay shows some sort gestures towards Kate. Therefor stating us that Linay someplace deep down underneath all that heartache of choler there is a good side. The subjects inPlain Katewere largely moral issues because choler is portion of heartache when you lose person near to you or anybody in general.

Critique of Writer:

I think the intent Erin Bow wrote this fantastic narrative was to entertain us and give us trust and possibly alteration somebodys position on life. Everybody in this universe can most likely relate to this book because everybody has felt entirely at some point in their life. Erin wrote this book to touch the readers emotions and Lashkar-e-Taibas merely say that if you read this book you would spurt cryings out. To entertain us she makes the speaking cat Taggle good story to lighten up our liquors up after the electrical storms in Kate narrative. He is the rainbow after the storm, like they say now-a-days. Make non take this book as a really long persuasive essay, take it as a life lesson to pay attending to others people ideas. All she wants is to state people that pain, and fear come in all signifiers and to non take it as if you are entirely to contend them off. Even when it seems like cipher notices you and you feel like all you are is a shadow. I was really good positive that sometimes you have to turn up and be a hero even if it means it is your life on the line or taking opportunities. I would hold to state that the writer is an optimist and a realist, because at first she thinks of all the atrocious things that are go oning. Then optimism plays into action when she eventually has assurance in herself and decides to make something about the state of affairs instead so merely sit around and experience sorry for herself.

Analysis and Evaluation of the Book:

Was this book worth reading? of class it was it was full of surprises and enigmas. I enjoyed every small spot of it. It ever had me entertained and maintain me desiring to maintain reading.Bow has dif­fer­ent cul­tures, tra­di­tions and beliefs and how sus­pi­cion and prej­u­dice can all excessively eas­ily turn to fear and hatred. So in this instance it would back up my ain beliefs because fright can easy turn to detest in a pulse, but it is besides really much a narrative of redemp­tion, love, friend­ship and per­se­ver­ance. This affected me emotionally and it made me desire to do a few alterations in my life. The ground it made me desire to do some alterations to my life was because I have a inclination to endeavor for little ends. I ever take the easy route and that is non good, so i will non acquire to truly acquire to populate the good life. Besides when something great comes my manner I will non cognize how to confront it because I would non cognize how to command it.


This is a narrative about shadows a narrative of blood and a narrative of thaumaturgy, but above all it is the narrative of a miss happening her manner in the universe. Kate is our heroine because of her failing, and over the class of the book this flourishes into strength. That is why this book is so alone normally the chief character is person that has something to lose, nevertheless in this instance all Linay is looking for is the weak nexus and that would be Kate. The book seems as if it is traveling to be a book full of good liquors, but truly this book is dark and a small spot dejecting. That is the bad thing about this book there is a batch of cryings and non enoughs smilings for the readers. A good book ever touches a person’s emotional side and that is one of the good thing about this writer and her narrative. It caught the readers attending and what more could an writer ask for. Everybody wants to read a book they can associate to and this is one book that I can give my full recommendation for people to read. The lone thing that was lingering in my head throughout the narrative is how did she compose this unbelievable book that is so dark and yet still managed to set a small spot of good things in at that place. Erin Bow wrote this narrative out of her heartache for her sister who drowned before she could read the stoping to this wondrous written book. It is so sad to cognize that her darling sister did non acquire to read the stoping, because the stoping is the best portion by far. I would state you, but you would hold to read it yourself to acquire that jaw dropping experience. The stoping is non what you expect it to be, it is non the usual happy stoping that everybody already knows is traveling to go on.

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