Cognitive Behavior Therapy Biographical Information English Literature Essay

Steve is 30 old ages old male who is of sound head. He married his married woman after wooing for five old ages whom they have stayed all along together for two old ages. Domestic problems mount up within his household taking to dissatisfaction and which occurs clip to clip within his matrimony. The infringing dissatisfaction develops steadily and in the terminal leads to domestic battles whereby Steve and his married woman portion temporarily.

With the sexual relationship satisfaction notwithstanding, Steve has a feeling that his married woman is self centered and has no concern about his feelings. This inculcates depression and anxiousness in Steve therefore doing him look to be pouting all the clip. However, Steve has some positive properties in that he has many good friends, maps good in his occupation and is really optimistic about his life in general since he denies symptoms other than the hurt about his matrimonial relationship.

Showing Problems

Steve is enduring from a figure of emotional jobs owing to his matrimonial strife. Harmonizing to Steve, his married woman is individualistic and caters for her ain involvements other than the involvements for the common good in the twosomes married life. Due to the dissatisfaction accruing from his province, the indecent tendency in the matrimony drives Steve into the development of aggressive behaviour and ends up contending with his married woman, both verbally and physically. This leads to momentary separation between the twosome. Anxiety so takes centre phase when Steve begins to experience intense solitariness. Thereafter, he would stop up creeping back to his married woman imploring her to accommodate.

Other jobs related to depression and anxiousness which warrant Cognitive Behavior Therapy that are non involved in Steves instance are as they include ; the work related issues are non involved in any manner since we are told that he functions really good in his work. Depression and anxiousness occur at times owing to negligence by friends or when one is regarded as a societal misfit. This state of affairs has nil to make with Steves instance since we are clearly told that he has a batch of friends who supports him.

Furthermore, deficiency of emotional and material support may do depression amongst the affected persons. However, this is non involved in Steves instance since he is financially stable and has no other societal troubles other than his matrimonial job. Furthermore, the interpersonal relationships do affect 1s emotions and the negative portion of it normally triggers depression. Steves advancement has ne’er depicted any kind of deficiency of interpersonal relationship. This is even more apparent as he still crawls to his married woman despite her subtle and cold relationship towards him. Health issues are besides damaging to 1s positive advancement and the ultimate effect may take to depression. This factor is non involved in Steves instance since he is non reported to be enduring from any wellness related issue.

Appraisal of Client / Developmental and Maintenance Process

During the initial meeting, Steve mentioned that his parents often engaged in verbal differences while he was turning up. Although his parents ne’er divorced, the regular battles frequently resulted in Steves female parent go forthing the household for a better portion of his childhood and merely visited him legion times a twelvemonth. This state of affairs led Steve to be brought up about wholly by his male parent and as a consequence Steve felt emotionally neglected by his female parent. this maternal disregard bit by bit manifested itself into a signifier of insecurity characterized by Steve holding a strong yearn for his female parents attending Over the old ages.

This traumatic childhood experience likely explains the soldierly strife between Steve and his married woman. Every clip when Steve feels or perceives that his married woman is tuning cold on him, he instantly associates this with the emotional disregard he went through as kid. Without 2nd idea, he would reason that his married woman is egoistic and does non care about his feeling. This negative position that Steve holds so strongly about his married woman is what Beck called Dysfunctional Assumptions which frequently take the signifier of conditional Ifthen propositions or are framed as should or must statement ( Westbrook,2004 Pg 8 ) . In short, Steves distorted mentality dictates that his married woman must be egoistic and has no concern for his feelings if she gives him a cold shoulder.

Influenced by these deformed premises, Steve practically leaves no room for him to see the same event from a different angle whereby his married woman disregard could be a consequence of her being preoccupied with work from the office or that she could be merely holding a bad twenty-four hours. Steve seems to anticipate his married woman to go to to his emotional well being to counterbalance for that which he failed to have from his female parent during childhood.

During the class of the meeting, it besides became apparent that Steves dissatisfaction over his married woman was based on perceptual experience instead that facts. Steve often used the word I think when showing his dissatisfaction such as I think she is giving me a cold shoulder or I think she is self centered. When asked whether he could back up these negative ideas with facts, Steve admitted that he had ne’er communicated these emotions straight to his married woman but was someway positive that these negative premises that he had on his married woman were accurate despite no confirmation from her portion.

Steve besides talked at length about being angry and losing control every clip the feeling of dissatisfaction surfaced. He would so see an emotional rollercoaster which serves to escalate his fury doing him to act sharply with his married woman before both have a opportunity to prosecute in any meaningful conversation.

As Steve is unable to derive emotional independency owing to the disregard he experienced as a kid and has come to trust on his married woman for the same support after matrimony, Steve ends up creeping back to the same individual whom he so despised and virtually imploring her to accommodate after each difference and separation.

The fact that Steve chose to maintain his ideas and feelings to himself is a major factor in keeping the barbarous rhythm of combat, dividing and accommodating with his married woman,

Assessment Tool

From the initial appraisal, Steve seems to be highly dying about his matrimonial state of affairs. To estimate the degree of anxiousness he is soon traveling through, Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale ( HAM-A ) will be used. The scale consists of 14 points, each defined by a series of symptoms, and measures both psychic anxiousness ( mental agitation and psychological hurt ) and bodily anxiousness ( physical ailments related to anxiousness ) .

Steve besides appears to miss the ability to pass on efficaciously as he tends to maintain his feeling to himself instead that sharing it with his married woman. This is a major faltering block in any relationship as it promotes misconstruing which if left unattended, would engender misgiving ensuing in the interrupting down of his matrimony. To measure Steves communicating accomplishment, the Queendom Communication Skills Test will be administered. This 38-question self-assessment exercising would enable Steve to measure his ain interpersonal communicating accomplishments and manner.

Last, Steve besides suffers from pent up defeat which frequently leads to anger and ramp ensuing in him losing control and contending with his married woman. To better understand the function of choler in assorted psychological and physical conditions associating to Steve, Novaco Anger Scale and Provocation Inventory ( NAS-PI ) will be used.

Goal Puting

At the terminal of the intervention Sessionss, Steve should be able to interrupt the barbarous rhythm of combat, dividing and so creeping back to his married woman. This could be achieved by interrupting down the current care procedure through assorted signifiers of cognitive and behavioural alterations that would finally fit Steve with the accomplishments to pass on efficaciously with his married woman.

Session One

This is preponderantly a get to cognize your client session. A significant sum of information will be collected in order to understand the factors impacting Steves status and to place feasible intercession. The information would include the nature of Steves childhood household and societal relationships, his current fortunes in footings of his matrimony and household life, employment position and degree of societal interaction, his beliefs about his anxiousness and his ability to move upon his environment ( Lynch, Canadian Journal of Counseling ) . All the Information collected will so be used to make the Case Formulation.

As Steves job relates to anxiety, general relaxation technique including take a breathing exercising will be taught in this session. This would be an of import exercising as Steve will non be able to get down undertaking his job if he is invariably in a province of anxiousness. Learning to loosen up and take control of his choler would be the first measure towards work outing his job.

Session Two

The consequences of the three appraisal tools, i.e. , Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale ( HAM-A ) , Queendom Communication Skills Test, and Novaco Anger Scale and Provocation Inventory will be reviewed in order for Steve to derive penetration of his current state of affairs associating to the three countries which his demands to work on.

The completed Case Formulation will be presented to Steve for reappraisal. Extra information will be added or deleted consequently to guarantee information contained therein is every bit accurate as possible. Thereafter, Steve will be given a item account of the Case Formulation to enable him to understand where and how his job originates. Cardinal theories about CBT associating to how ideas create feeling and how that later affects our subsequent will be explained and discussed.

Steve will besides be asked to set into pattern the relaxation technique he learnt in the first session by conceive ofing a state of affairs where he begins to experience dying owing to his married woman turning cold on him and thenceforth utilize take a breathing exercising to quiet himself and recover his calm. Steve will besides be advised to repeatedly pattern this exercising at place.

Session Three

Building on the cardinal theories of CBT learnt in the old session, i.e. , how ideas create feelings, ABC technique will be introduced in this session to assist Steve understands how the same actuating event can take to different beliefs and effects ( Leahy, 2007 Pg 11 ) . In Steves instance, his married woman turning cold ( triping event ) would put off a series of concatenation reaction get downing with Steve comprehending his married woman as ego centered and detached ( belief ) taking him to experience dying and defeated ( effect ) . However, if Steve were to construe his married woman backdown as a consequence of her being occupied by personal issues or work from the office, his initial negative feelings are likely to be replaced by a positive sense of compassion as he might see the demand of supplying emotional support to his married woman to assist her through the hard period.

The aim of this exercising is for Steve to be cognizant of the fact that a simple alteration to his belief towards the same event would take to an wholly different effect.

To farther enhance Steves apprehension of his job, the technique of Analyzing the Evidence would be used to measure and dispute his negative ideas of his married woman. Using the above illustration my married woman is cold and ego centered, Steve is requested to seek for grounds for and against this statement and name them individually in a two column paper. Opportunities are that Steve will come to recognize that he has more grounds against the statement illustration of which might include: my married woman is non self centered because we portion many common involvements, we have enjoyed good sexual relationship, and we have courted for five old ages and have been married for two old ages. How could these be possible if she is so awful ego centered?

More significantly, it is hoped that the above procedure of idea disputing would finally take Steve to implore the inquiry if his married woman is so egoistic by a simple act of retreating emotionally from him, so by the same item, Steve would besides be considered as egoistic if he does the same. As human existences, we are bound to see some signifier of emotional backdown from clip to clip. Would this do everyone in this universe ego centered?

Session Four

This is possibly one of the most of import Sessionss as the Queendom Communication Skills Tests mark will be reviewed once more and in greater item. In extra to doing Steve understands his present manner of communicating and its effectivity, the ultimate aim is to do him aware that the root cause of his job could lie in his failure to pass on his feelings and emotions to his married woman every clip when dissatisfaction arises.

By maintaining soundless, Steve is in kernel puting a phase for catastrophe as the events that followed are based simply on perceptual experience alternatively of facts and the truth of the affair is ideas are hypotheses, description, position and even conjectures which can turn out to be true or false with facts ( Leahy 11 ) .

However, Steve could debar this catastrophe by merely speaking to her married woman. Simple inquiries such as you are instead quiet today, is everything OK? Is it because of something that I have done? Do you desire to speak about it? Is there anything I can make to do you experience better? are effectual in maintaining a duologue traveling and in the procedure extinguish any unneeded misinterpretation. More significantly, it keeps everyones experiencing in cheque. Steve is to bear in head that being emotionally withdrawn does non do a individual ego centered and uncaring. It merely means we need a minute of purdah for self contemplation.

Session Five

In this session, I would wish to speak about Steves deficiency of emotional independency due the disregard he experienced in childhood and has come to trust on his married woman emotionally to counterbalance for this disregard. As a consequence, he sort of expects ( subconsciously ) his married woman to go to to his emotionally good being, really much like a female parent nursing her babe. This is to do Steve aware that in order for a matrimony to work, he has to larn to supply emotional support alternatively of merely having it. He has to larn to see his married woman as a existent individual alternatively of her being a female parent nursing him. While it is healthy for married twosome to trust on one another for emotional support, exaggerating it ( as in Steves instance ) would do the other spouse emotionally exhausted therefore seting undue force per unit area on the matrimony.

Using XYZ technique ( I will happen the name of this technique to accommodate this intent subsequently ) , how would Steve experience if his married woman were to anticipate him to pull off her emotional well being all the clip, likely exhausted. Hence, by the same item, he should non anticipate the same from his married woman. He will come to understand that his married woman, like any other human existences, besides requires love and attention from him. Healthy relationship is about giving and having.

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