Comparing Contrast Of Two Romantic Views English Literature Essay

London at the terminal of the eighteenth century was full of disease, poorness, overcrowding, harlotry, child labour and of class, decease and this was because of one thing, the industrial revolution. This decreased the criterion of life of the citizens of London and made them hold a really unpleasant life. Peoples were excessively pressured and stressed about life under the control of the monarchy, so romantic poets started to compose about the favor of rural life over urban life and the Restoration of nature to the worlds populating at that place. Romantics criticized the monarchy and supported the Gallic revolution where the monarchy was overthrown by power. Here is a list of romantic ideal, each poet has different point of views. They were critical of the metropolis, the industry, the hate of urban life, the grounds anyone made and the social regulations. On the other manus, they admired the freedom of each person, the originative imaginativeness, the love of the naturals, the countryside and evidently, the agribusiness. The two poets I have studied are William Blake and William Wordsworth. They both had different romantic position points. Blake was really critical in his position of London but on the other manus, Wordsworth is really look up toing of London. I will be analyzing the similarities and differences, the linguistic communication and the symbolism, the historical context, the construction and the signifier of the verse form and in conclusion how each verse form links to the romantic thoughts.

For both verse forms, the content and the message given is really different. Since the verse form ‘London ‘ is a description about Londoners demoing undiminished wretchedness, injustice subjugation and so on, William Blake is fundamentally knocking the society. On the other manus, ‘Composed upon Westminster Bridge ‘ written by William Wordsworth is described as a kiping metropolis, giving the message that London is a really beautiful and a natural topographic point. Blake ‘s verse form ‘London ‘ is a first individual narrative involved and all-knowing which means the poet sees everything, every landscape he or she can see with the bare oculus. This goes the same with ‘Composed upon Westminster Bridge ‘ because Wordsworth is besides looking at London but in a different position point. Wordsworth is looking at the beautiful side of London and it is full of natural quotation marks in his verse form. He ne’er talks about or references anything about worlds in his verse form while on the other manus, Blake ‘s verse form ‘London ‘ is full of unfavorable judgments on the people of London, how London is the worst topographic point to populate in at that clip, the 18 to 19th century. The verse form is both written on the present tense.

The tone for both verse forms is really different. As you can see, ‘London ‘ by Blake is a knocking verse form of the people of London or the metropolis itself which implies that the tone will be really cheerless and angry towards the metropolis. On the other manus, ‘Composed upon Westminster Bridge ‘ is a verse form of loving nature, a kiping metropolis, which implies that the tone will be a really delight, enchanted and somehow there is a find feel towards it. However, the gait for both verse forms is similar. ‘London ‘ is a slow as in a humdrum, which means that it is really insistent and really dull, tiring for the audience to read. Besides it has no alteration in velocity till the terminal of the verse form. ‘Composed upon Westminster Bridge ‘ is besides a slow paced verse form. You can state this by the image of the kiping metropolis. However, this verse form is more controlled and measured. The tone and gait suggests how the verse form is read ; how decelerate, how fast, how soft it has to be read, and so on. The beat of both verse forms are the same, being regular and composure, with unchanging gaits because it is reinforced by the repeat of ‘in every ‘ to decelerate the reader down. But, the rime strategies are different. ‘London ‘ has a rhyme strategy of ABAB, CDCD, EFEF, GHGH while ‘Composed Upon Westminster Bridge ‘ has a rhyme form of ABBA, ABBA, CD, CD, CD. They are evidently different because ‘London ‘ is merely an ordinary verse form while ‘Composed Upon Westminster Bridge ‘ is a Petrarchan sonnet.

The construction of ‘London ‘ is a quatrain, which means 4 lines for each stanza, and each stanza shows a different side to London. The first stanza contains a batch of repeat such as ‘charter ‘ and ‘marks ‘ . This creates an consequence on how much Blake wanted freedom because charter means a written paper demoing freedom. The whole stanza gives a message of wretchedness. In the 2nd stanza, the word ‘every ‘ is repeated 5 times which gives an consequence of the humdrum of life. From the beginning of the verse form, Blake uses the technique of utilizing the apostrophe. This signifies the words that are left out and creates the consequence of conveying out the eighteenth century ‘s linguistic communication. ‘Manacles ‘ on the last line is a metaphor of captives that are cuffed. This brings an consequence of how people were treated in that clip. The 3rd stanza has an initial rhyme which creates a fricative sound to province the sound of sorrow and suspiration. Besides there is a metaphor ‘runs in blood down castle walls ” . The “ Palace ” is capitalized because it refers to the monarchy so the quotation mark mentioned agencies that the monarchy is blamed for the deceases of soldiers who were forced to contend. The word ‘Black’ning ‘ is besides a metaphor which indicates the pollution during the industrial revolution which was excessively much that covered the edifices black. On the last stanza, the ghastliness continues with images of unwanted babes born to Harlot ‘s. The “ Marriage hearse ” is a apposition which implies the effects of alteration in society in sexual morality. Blake uses the romantic ideal of hate of urban life.

The ‘Composed Upon Westminster Bridge ‘ is a petrarchan sonnet. It is divided in to octave and sestet and as it moves from the octave to sestet, the temper alterations. “ like a garment ” is a simile which gives the reader an thought of the “ City ” . Wordsworth besides uses a exaggeration on the start which is an look to stress the deepness of feeling. There are tonss of metaphors such as “ stateliness ; ” which gives a imperial imagination, images of royalty. Besides, “ smokeless air ” implies that there are no mills running at this point, which once more implies that without worlds, London is a beautiful topographic point. The concluding metaphor is “ bosom ” which refers to the metropolis, bodying London itself. The exclaiming grade is used for bodying a sense of find or strength of feeling. The linguistic communication used that is simple represents nature but the linguistic communication that is complex represents manmade stuffs. The romantic ideal used in this verse form is the love of nature and imaginativeness because the whole verse form is about nature and does n’t state a individual word about worlds which represents how much he cares for the nature.

In decision, Blake shows the negative side to stress the romantic ideals and Wordsworth shows the side. Obviously, they use different romantic ideals because they have different point of views of the metropolis London.

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