Comparison of price control systems

First, we will present two existent universe illustration of monetary value ceiling, which are oil monetary value control in Philippines and drugs monetary value control in Canada. We will so do the comparing of monetary value control system and effects between the two states.

Oil Price Control in Philippines


The President of the Philippines, Arroyo placed the full state under a province of catastrophe on 2 October 2009 which is a hebdomad after tropical storm “ Ondoy ” , and a twenty-four hours before ace typhoon “ Pepeng ” began. The onslaught of typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng smashed up many parts of Philippines, caused over P30billion in harm and claimed about a 1000 lives, chiefly Metro Manila and north Luzon states. Despite desolation of typhoons, several oil companies raised oil monetary values which prompted public protests and unfavorable judgments and put off more than the common rumble from consumers. With 1000000s of Filipinos still enduring from the effects of those typhoons, the corporations were criticized as greedy, heartless and predatory. Royal Dutch Shell, Petron and Chevron ( known here under the trade name Caltex ) increased the monetary values of Diesel by 2pesos per-liter, or 4 cents, an addition of about 6.7 per centum. Gasoline monetary values went up 1.25 pesos a litre, or 4.74 pesos a gallon, and kerosine by 1.50 pesos. Harmonizing to the Ibon Foundation, an independent economic research group, the additions were the biggest of the twelvemonth. The companies insist the additions reflect universe oil monetary values. After Ondoy and typhoon “ Pepeng ” have left the state for some clip, the entry of new typhoon “ Ramil ” do the infliction of monetary value ceiling more necessary.

To protect public involvement, the authorities enforced a fuel monetary value ceiling to forestall marauding pricing, unreasonable pricing and to decrease the hardships caused by those catastrophes by temporarily enforcing monetary value ceiling on oil. The president, through the EO, ordered the joint Department of Justice ( DOE ) undertaking force to establish ailments against the lawbreakers of the EO every bit good as the commissariats of RA 8479. President Arroyo revoked Executive Order 839 on the Philippines ‘ chief island of Luzon, which kept the degree of the monetary value of crude oil merchandises predominating on 15 October 2009. The proclamation was made after she met with Cabinet secretaries and representatives from the oil houses and conveyance sectors.

Before the EO was issued, the President ordered a survey of how to include crude oil merchandises under monetary value control, sing that fuel is an of import merchandise used by about all consumers. Before revoking the edict, Arroyo sought crude oil companies ‘ confidence that they would go on to supply fuel price reductions to transport groups for the following six months to maintain menus down. Arroyo besides proposed that traders of liquefied crude oil gas ( LPG ) can reel their monetary value over the Christmas season so consumers wo n’t excessively harshly affect by increasing monetary value. The Palace farther pointed out it was based on the EO is Section 14 ( vitamin E ) of Republic Act 8479 or the Oil Industry Deregulation Law, which states that: “ In times of national exigency, when the public involvement so requires, the DOE may, during the exigency and under sensible footings prescribed by it, temporarily take over or direct the operation of any individual or entity engaged in the industry. “ The EO took consequence instantly upon its publication in a newspaper the following twenty-four hours.

Chemical reaction

Many consumers and few companies praised the president ‘s determination because the infliction could assist 1000000s of Filipinos recover from those catastrophes moreover the alterations in monetary value when monetary value ceiling was imposed was an insensitive move to the oil companies.

Economists said the unprecedented intervention could frighten investors off from the state. The Joint Foreign Chambers, a aggregation of Chamberss of commercialism whose members include major oil houses, argued in their missive that a monetary value cap in the northern Philippines would take to lower fuel imports, deficits and a black market. The order has prompted oil companies to warn of a deficit since they may be forced to sell their merchandises at a loss if planetary fuel costs rise. It is because the oil monetary values are tied to universe markets and the companies would believe twice about importing more oil. Petron Corp. , the Philippines ‘ largest oil company predicted that it may lose up to P1.5 billion pesos, or $ 32 million, in its 4th one-fourth for the last three months of the twelvemonth since the executive order may coerce it to sell at a loss. Some people compelled the authorities to increase the monetary value freezings countrywide particularly because the monetary value of oil in the Visayas and Mindanao, which are the two other chief island, are 5 to 7 pesos more expensive than monetary value in Luzon.

The companies have insisted that their monetary values are determined by the universe market and did non prosecute for marauding pricing. However, because of the increasing of monetary value all at one time and the companies refused to open their books, intuition has grown among the populace. To follow with EO 839, oil houses reverted to monetary values before 19 October 2009. Most oil houses raised monetary values by P2.00 per litre for Diesel, P0.85 per litre for regular, P1.50 per litre for kerosine and P1.25-1.50 per litre for fuel.


MAP said that with the infliction of the order, the authorities is interrupting its promise to supply oil investors stableness and protection under the jurisprudence and the authorities should subsidise the merchandises.

On 2 November 2009, foreign and local business communities demanded the expiration of President Arroyo ‘s Executive Order 839, to decrease the inauspicious influence of loses on the crude oil, hazard of future stock merchandises, and hinderance to future and visual aspect of black market.

In a statement, the Joint Foreign Chambers ( JFC ) said oil supply in Luzon, which accounts for 80 per centum of the state ‘s crude oil market, will be reduced because importers will non sell at a loss.

EO 389 will non truly assist the most destitute of typhoon victims. It is because the poorest income groups are non consumers of crude oil merchandises. This happens because the authorities is non clear what merchandises they normally purchased and so imposed monetary value ceiling on oil that provide low Reconstruction and rehabilitation.

Reports on fuel supply deficit coupled with spiking fuel monetary values brought frights to Cebuano consumers that these might make a negative impact towards the monetary values of other trade goods.

However, the monetary value supervising study of the Department of Trade and Industry showed that monetary values of goods in the market have non posted alarming alterations because of the fuel supply deficit.

Oil houses warned that more serious fuel supply deficit in less than two hebdomads from 11 November 2009 if the freezing on crude oil monetary values stays.13 yearss after that twenty-four hours they would run out of finished merchandise stock. The large oil houses did non confront any existent fiscal troubles or bankruptcy as they have over a decennary of overpricing and accumulated ace net incomes.

How to settle the job

Government responded that the DOE and the oil companies must open their books and demo the populace that all the negative things attributed to them are merely misperceptions because even though the monetary value of petroleum has gone up to $ 80, the addition should non be affected instantly at least non until after 45 yearss.

On 4 November 2009, Deputy presidential interpreter Lorelei Fajardo said the monetary value freezing would stay in consequence for the continuance of the province of catastrophe in Luzon based on the recommendation of Justice Secretary Agnes Devanadera. This was emphasized by deputy presidential spokesman Lorelei Fajardo on 2 November 2009 after the Joint Foreign Chambers ( JFC ) asked the expiration day of the month of Executive Order 839.However monetary value caps can merely be imposed for a maximal 60 yearss, the infliction will be lifted sooner or later.

The authorities opened to selective execution of the oil monetary value freezing after hebdomads of protests and warnings of a fuel supply crisis. Petron has agreed to open its books and the authorities hoped that the remainder of the industry, particularly the Big 3, would besides be this transparent.

Meanwhile, Malacanang said that the Energy Regulatory Commission ( ERC ) and the Dept. of Energy ( DOE ) will analyze proposals about monetary value freeze as the ERC and DOE are in the best place to find the virtues of this proposal because they are cognizant of the factors involved in the incident.

President Arroyo announced her determination on13 November 2009 at the terminal of an exigency meeting at Malacanang with representatives of oil companies every bit good as functionaries of labour and conveyance and ordered the lifting of the monetary value freezing on crude oil merchandises and basic trade goods in Luzon, which was still officially under a province of catastrophe, effectual on 15 November 2009.This determination was made after doing oil houses and bargainers promise to reimburse their losingss on a staggered footing, stabilise monetary values and supply of merchandises, put in more investings for the hapless to spur economic activity and create occupations and supply some signifier of subsidy or price reduction in selected countries, particularly those affected by the catastrophes.

The bottom line is to stay the same in the following six months, presuming that universe markets remain stable. If international pump monetary values go really high, so the authorities can reexamine this policy.

Most of the corporations committed to keep the monetary value for at least six months.

It was agreed during the meeting that inside informations of the monetary value accommodations and subsidies would be finalized over the weekend.

The DOE ( Department of Energy ) and the oil houses are given the weekend to travel back to the pulling board and do their computation or expression ( on the monetary value addition ) .

Mrs. Arroyo besides instructed Favila and Energy Secretary Angelo Reyes to assist transport groups put up a pool that would let them to straight import fuel.

Favila said the National Development Corp. and the Philippine International Trading Corp. , both authorities corporations, will assist set up capital for the venture.

The oil companies welcomed the move and have agreed non to increase their monetary values on a erstwhile footing. Earlier estimations showed that consumers may hold to bear P4.50 to P5 per litre addition in pump monetary values one time the EO is lifted.

As to how much the first addition in monetary value on 15 November 2009 depended on competitory forces. Harmonizing to Martinez, the P1-billion fund which was earlier set aside by the authorities to help the conveyance group in transition to LPG may besides be tapped to assist buffer the impact of the expected rush in oil monetary values in the following few hebdomads.

Martinez suggested that aid or subsidy could come in the signifier of price reduction vouchers for legitimate conveyance groups. The oil houses every bit good as makers and bargainers agreed to his proposal to cut down monetary values in countries that continue to endure from the effects of the storms.

On 16 November 2009, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo said that the authorities will non waver to re-impose the freezing on fuel monetary values in Luzon if oil companies will renegue on on their promise to lurch additions in the monetary values of their merchandises. The oil companies, makers and bargainers are to the full cognizant that the authorities can once more enforce monetary value controls.

Drugs monetary value control in Canada

Government in Canada have imposed monetary value controls on prescription medical specialty for many old ages for its citizens.Through this purpose, the affordable of Canadian citizens in buying the necessary drugs they need can be ensured.To achieve the efficiency in drug monetary values control, several mechanisms have been instituted to command drug monetary values.These includes the constitution of a semi judicial by the federal authorities to command drug monetary values and several measurings to modulate the drug monetary values at the provincial degree, for case, formulary direction, usage of generics, reference-based pricing, monetary value control of patented medical specialty, monetary value freezings, reimbursement rates, cost sharing agreements and bounds on markups.These measuring have make effectiveness monetary value control to a big scope.

Patented Medicines Prices Review Board ( PMPRM ) , a federal quasi- judicial bureau established under the Patent Act in 1987 to modulate drug monetary values.This bureau take duty to command monetary value of patented medical specialties merely.The PMPRM was intended to avoid and forestall the monetary values of patented drug range inordinate which might ensue from industries ‘ new right to market exclusivity.Hence, certain guidelines are used by PMPRB in finding the inordinateness of a drug monetary value:

The cost of therapy of new patented drugs must do certain non transcend the highest cost of therapy and in the scope of bing drugs used to handle the same disease.

Industries can bear down the discovery drugs and those that offer a significant betterment to the median of monetary values charges of the same drug in other specified states which are United State, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, France and Germany to guaranting that Canadian monetary values are non highest in the universe.

The additions of monetary values of bing patented drug can non transcend the Consumer Price Index.

The PMPRB additions control over the pricing of the drug one time the drug accepts a patent of any kind and besides reexamine the drug ‘s monetary value when it was ab initio marketed. A company that consider out of conformity with the guidelines by the PMPRB must cut down the monetary value.Moreover, any extra gross that have earned by that company from gross revenues of the drugs will be relinquished and can order the refund of the extra gross of the company to the federal authorities.


Federal monetary value controls on patented drugs is to avoid brand-name companies from cut downing monetary values on these merchandises one time a patent expires.The highest monetary value of the exisying drugs in the same curative category is take as a mention by Canada ‘s Price-Control Policy.This is done to set up the maximal allowable for new patent-protected drug preparations come ining the market.As a consequence, due to fearness of shapers of brand-name drugs of accidentally take downing the maximal allowable entry monetary value for new drugs in the same category, the shapers of brand-name drugs will reluctantly cut down the monetary value of the original drug when it goes off-patent.An unreal inducement is created by Canadian monetary value controls to defy viing for brand-name companies on the footing of monetary value with generic houses for gross revenues of off-patent drugs.

Consequences of Drug Prices Control

Although authorities of Canada have imposed drug monetary value control system to guarantee the monetary values of drugs are under control, nevertheless, can non deny that, the drug monetary value control system besides result in effects.

Price- controlled system of Canadian bureaucratism indirectly lead to diminish in bring forthing fewer new drugs Canadians are frequently forced to wait to a twelvemonth for more advanced medical specialties.As a consequence, Canadians are routinely denied entree to newer and better medical specialties, and frequently travel to America to buy them.

Furthermore, monetary value favoritism is one of the effects of drug monetary value control.Drug companies and industry frequently prosecuting in monetary value favoritism by bear downing the different purchasers for different monetary values of the same merchandise.Drug companies are prefer to sell the drugs for less in Canada and elsewhere merely.This phenomena is happen due to the drug companies can sell for more in the United States.

In add-on, the expensive development of drugs and reasonably inexpensive to fabricate will indirectly take to monetary value favoritism works in the drug industry.Price favoritism causes drug companies in Canada to bear down high monetary values of the same merchandise of drugs in United States. Hence, companies can reimburse their research & A ; development costs.Besides that, companies can do a net income in Canada and elsewhere by merely covering the cost of doing the pill every bit long as the research & A ; development cost of companies can reimburse.

Further, monetary value controls make puting in research & A ; development less attractive.This is the consequence of the go oning of lifting in costs and hazards involved in developing new drugs.With excess hazards and uncertainnesss, companies ne’er being certain of the merchandising monetary values of their hereafter drugs and even find themselves holding to reimburse ample amounts. For illustration, Schering Canada Inc. had to reimburse $ 7.8 million in 2003 because it charged a monetary value judged as inordinate for its Remicade ( Remicade ) drug.

Price control causes a direct decrease in volume.Due to this, a worsening figure of research & A ; development missions are obtaining by Canadian subordinates.As a consequence, pharmaceutical invention is indirectly become slower, and lead to a singular bead in pharmaceutical research & A ; development.A diminution of pharmaceutical research in Canada would hit Quebec hardest, which is the place to Canada ‘s largest concentration of pharmaceutical research & A ; development, with 42.3 % of entire disbursement in2002.However at that place other major costs linked to drug monetary value controls, these include losingss of extremely skilled occupations, corporate research centres and occupations forgone in the subcontracting of goods and services and in industries associated with research & A ; development.

Downward force per unit area on the monetary values of older patented drugs and non-patented drugs since deformations caused by monetary value controls would discontinue to be. Pharmaceutical houses eliminate inducements to take down the monetary values of drugs already on the market is result from monetary value control.As a effect, some generic drugs are more expensive in Canada.In order to to the full recovery of research & A ; development, launch and selling costs, companies tend to maintain these monetary values higher.This status will besides take to a higher selling monetary values of the goods by generic drug manufacturers.

Last but non least, drug monetary value control will take to lower rates of permutation of generic versions of drugs by consumers in Canada for their trade name name masters drugs.The possibility of monetary value competition between off-patent, brand-name drugs and generics wholly is eliminated by the public policies coercing permutation of generics.Generic companies no longer hold to vie on monetary value against consumer truenesss toward brand-name drugs when coercing generic permutation for brand-name drugs is done by authorities.As a consequence, consumer demand to buy the drug at higher monetary value due to the absence of alternate merchandises.

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