Country Risk Factor Applied To Greece Economics Essay

The Grecian authorities provides hazard appraisal and direction as a legal duty for out-of-door organisations carry oning activities in their state. Harmonizing to Barrow ( 2000 ) , hazard appraisal and crisis direction is a sort of turning importance to all sorts of concerns. Changes in concern environment impact the net incomes and plus ownership of a state taking to state hazard. For this ground, investors peculiarly avoid from puting in the state. Grecian as a state has been exposed to their state hazard where investors have doubted the possibility of the state to pull off investings. This survey assignment provides an analysis of state hazard that faced by investors in Greek over its crisis, a history of old crises and grounds for the crises.

The organic structure of the survey assignment will explicate the elements of state hazard in connexion to the Grecian crisis. It will stress on authorities coup d’etat and explains ways of cut downing exposure to suit the coup d’etats. The recommendation portion eventually gives the consequence and sentiment sing puting in Greek in the current state of affairs.


State hazard definition

State hazard is a aggregation of hazards elements related with puting in a foreign state in which out-of-door investors should take it into consideration while puting abroad their place states ( Bouchet, 2003 ) . Accourding to ( referance ) state hazard is an attributed to alterations in the concern environment that negatively affects the operating net incomes of a state and the value of its assets. This consequences to put on the line on the portion of investors who already invested or those who intend to put in such states who suffered from some sort of crises. This hazard refers to put on the line impacting all sorts of companies within these states. Changes in currency involvement controls and other regulations and ordinances which affect on the economic system graduated table, stableness and devaluation are some the fiscal characteristics that can do state crisis by impacting the operations of companies. Government coup d’etat is the most terrible state hazard that companies are exposed to.

There are many factors to measure the state hazard appraisal in which foreign investors indicate in their feasibleness survey as it is indispensable to measure the state hazard, Deceanu, Pintea, Thalassions and Zampeta has supply a survey in their diary that the state hazard survey over Greece is that Greece issue is the autonomous debt. Although most analyst agrees that the Political and economic hazard are the chief factors in state hazard appraisal, other factors have their influence to the foreign investors risk appraisal.

Brief about Greece crisis

The recent Grecian crisis draws its roots from old old ages. Panaritis ( 2011 ) states that, Greece work up to the world confronting its economic system in 2010 after sing rejection, deal and dejection. The wars and struggles that the state got involved in from 1912 all the manner to the 1974 struggle between Cyprus and Turkey contributed to its current crisis. As authoritiess were concentrating on the political facets, the economic system was abandoned and kept on declining. After the 1945, a period of economic catastrophe and unequal attending on the economic sector which so leads to a hapless authorities decided to screen alternate ways to retrieve its citizen ‘s lives. Welfare policies establishing on high wages were implemented and workers ‘ salary accommodations effected.

Some of Greece citizens nevertheless migrated to the U.S which affected the state ‘s Gross Domestic Product. In 1970s, the state ‘s one-year growing rate shoot to 6 % entering a success and recorded an 8 % annual growing with low rising prices rates ( Panaritis, 2011 ) . Production besides increased to about 10 % annually. The 2009 Crisis is the recent 1 in Greece which led to hazard of assurance on the portion of investors. However, it is considered as a challenge to originate new policies and economic bends. The badness extended to 2010 in the fiscal market, impacting bonds and stamp downing the private capital market.

Reasons for crisis related to Country hazard Factors.

Extraordinary Government Expenditures leads to High Debt Risk which is considered as a Financial Hazard

The Greece crisis resulted from a figure of factors. Government disbursement is refering one of the chief causes of the Greece crisis. GDP is an economic system wellness measuring. It indicates the growing of any economic system and investors chiefly concern about it to analyze the concern environment while puting abroad. The below tabular array sourced from Hellenic Statistical Authority, shows the GDP in compared with the Country Surplus/deficit, entire debts, Expenditure and Revenue. The state recorded a positive growing yearly from 1999 to 2007 ( see appendix 2 ) as a consequence of the incremental in the flow of foreign capital from investors to the state ( Athanassiou, 2009 ) . However, the economic system had fall down once more in its GDP every bit good as in other economic indexs that chiefly influence on the investors determination to put in.

The diminution in the Gross Domestic Product was a effect of the authorities extraordinary in disbursement which leads to entering diminution in the GDP since 2008 as the state besides recorded tolerable of the authorities shortages. This was negatively followed by economic downswing caused by Greece disbursement which ever was transcending its one-year budget.

Despite all, Greece has recorded historically four times falling shortages in wage its debts duties. This statically was on 1827, 1843, 1893 and 1932 ( Fouskas and Dimoulas, 2012, p.9 ) . Furthermore, counties has exposed to Creek debts failure in both private and public sector as it has reach $ 407 billion as the below saloon charts. States in Euro zone and the International Monetary Fund were ever the in the caput to cut off the high Greece debts. Consequently, they disagreed to compose down a monolithic billion sum of its loans to Greek as Greek reported its budget for the twelvemonth 2013 which “ involves 9.4 billion Euros of disbursement cuts ” ( BBC, 2012 ) ( Strupczewski Breidhardt, A. and Paravantes, M, 2012 ) .

Beginning: BIS July 2012. Etstat. Available from: hypertext transfer protocol: //

Indeed, Greek entire debt 407 US Dollars as stated in July 2012 ( BBC, 2012 ) . Greek has a statistical figure from the twelvemonth 1998 to 2008 as reported in Fouskas and Dimoulas Annual Journal in 2012. The below computation represents the degree on loan, outgo and the sum received from other states which conclude that Greek has experience the high debt crisis before the existent clip series of the planetary fiscal crisis in 2007-2008 as anterior mentioned ( see appendix 1 ) .

The above issue indicates a high degree of hazard measuring to investor ‘s searcher to open their concern in Greek. Although states all over the universe were involvement in Greece Crisis and its current place within the Euro zone in order to travel parallel with Euro states and other would prefer to take off the Greek ‘s rank from the Euro Union. On the other manus, International Monetary Fund and Euro zone states had disapprove to use farther two twelvemonth for Greece to run into its shortages and cut down the debts in analogue to run into its budget demand that involve a new adoption budget from IMF and Euro Zone Countries in order to force up the Euro economic system which late face a Europe Crisis in other states instead than Greece ( Strupczewski, Breidhardt and Paravantes, 2012 ) .

High Debt Crisis Leads to a significant degree of Corruption considered as a Political and Financial Risk

Greece corruptness is a public issue that Greece citizen are suffer from every bit good as Euro zone members and Greece in and out door investors. The authorities revenue enhancement fiction, unemployment and the corruptness is another job that the Greece economic system faced and therefore investors worldwide worried about it. Puting revenue enhancements below the expected degrees in the recent decennaries has encouraged the current Greece Corruption as many of the citizen garbage to pay it. The authorities has imposed to increase the revenue enhancements over rewards and pensionaries in analogue with the decrease in overall rewards degree, increase the revenue enhancement ranks and increase up the pensionary ‘s age to reconstitute the ordinance and the regulations over the state to maximise the gross ( Stamouli, 2012 ) . Due to Greece corruptness, foreign investors are concerned about what is in the Greece every bit much as they concern on their concern ( Anonymous, 2012 ) . A copyrighted study study conducted by the Transparency International Greece and distributed among single in Greece. The study was aimed to concentrate on the corruptness degree in Greece. The determination of the study the last twelvemonth ( 2011 ) province that the corruptness per centum of 13 is the entire corruptness in Greece in the private and public sector every bit good as the diagram shows below. Besides, it is reported in BBC concern intelligence that “ Greece ‘s planetary ranking fell from 80th in 2011 to 94th in 2012, reflecting the state ‘s go oning economic convulsion and widespread revenue enhancement equivocation ” ( BBC, 2012 ) . In add-on, the high degree of unemployment, as clear shown in the graph below, which has predicted by analysts that the idle degree could even travel up farther and therefore added to “ the fact that the idle rate is a lagging index of broader economic activity, unemployment may non hold reached its extremum yet ” ( The Telegraph, 2012 ) .

Beginning: Eurostat. Available from: hypertext transfer protocol: // title=File: Unemployment_rates_2011.png & A ; filetimestamp=20120502060702

Furthermore, Greece debt crisis and its corruptness had cause a series of job to European Union as it was and still show a greater place ( societal economic turbulences ) and harmonizing to a national study conducted in 2011 to rate the corruptness on Greece, it is reported that about 554 Million Euro had cost Greece to a junior-grade corruptness which really was 78 million euro less than 2010 ( Transparency International, 2012 ) .

No Statistical Information over the state ‘s assets leads to Lack of Transparency as a Political and Financial Risk

Adding to the above, the state has a history of misreporting the official statistics of the state ‘s economic system. Transparency to investors is how is the information rate of grade to be dependable for the investors to put in such state and other investors have the facet of Transparency to province “ unequal economic informations, concealed failings in fiscal systems, and a deficiency of lucidity about authorities policies and policy preparation contributed to a loss of assurance that finally threatened to sabotage planetary stableness ” ( Gelos and Jin Wei, 2002 ) For illustration, the state paid Bankss such as the Goldman Sachs bank 1000000s to hide the state ‘s adoption degrees since 2001. This was discovered after nine old ages, in 2010. The Hankering and dollar cross currency barter of Greece currency was the most celebrated where defective exchange rates were used by Goldman Sachs bank. Harmonizing to Bakouris, a Chair of Transparency International ‘s Grecian Chapter, ” The Grecian crisis will merely stop when the crisis of values terminals, and that will merely go on when Grecian leaders take the lead in doing transparence the norm in Grecian authorities and society ” ( Bakories, 2012 ) .

Inflation, Interest Rate and exchange Rate

The alteration of Greece debt degrees in 2009 by George Papandreou authorities from 5 % to 12.7 % of the Gross Domestic Product ( GDP ) is besides a ground for the current crisis in the state. The 2009 shortage was so increased in the following twelvemonth to 130 % from 113 % of the GDP. These utmost upward statistics were as a consequence of the old faulty statistical estimations that led to Euro stat carry oning elaborate audits on the state ‘s histories since 2006 to 2009 for dependability. The authorities offered its five twelvemonth bond for subscription and despite the crisis, there was a four times over subscription. About 70 % Greece authorities bonds in 2010 were of aliens and loans were used to pay full-blown bonds and finance the continued budget shortages.

Intolerable and fast turning ratio of debt to GDP ratio is besides a ground behind the Greece crisis. The debt ratio of the Grecian authorities started speed uping in the period between 1981 and 1996, where it increased to 100 % from the old 22 % . The old ages were characterized by high rising prices rates, legion devaluations of currency, higher involvement rates and slow growings in the GDP. The difficult dram policy resolved the 1996 to 1999 crisis and brought the economic system to stableness. The 2008 to anticipate 2003 high debt ratio against the GDP has eventually catalyzed the budget shortages increasing the impact of the crisis. Fiscal market involvement rates are hiting to provide for the increasing hazards. Investors will therefore evade investment and therefore increase the degree of the debt.

State hazard in Greece crisis

Certified recognition establishments assume the state hazard other than customary recognition hazard when they pattern international loaning. Country hazard involves fiscal hazards, political hazard factors and economic system hazards which threaten the investors internally and externally.

The Grecian authorities is presently confronting state hazard as consequence of the ` debt ratios that it has experienced over the old ages. Harmonizing to AMCM ( 2008 ) survey, budget shortages can ensue in a state ‘s fiscal hazards such as high rising prices rates and GDP and act upon authorities ordinances and legal determinations. The state experienced a lower than expected growing rate in GDP in the twelvemonth 2008. The World Bank study of 2012 indicated a GDP deflator of 1.64 % yearly in 2011. Interests rates in the fiscal markets and output on bonds appreciated, which led to the asphyxiation the capital markets in the state.

The Grecian authorities currencies become unstable as a consequence of the crisis. Slodkowski ( 2012 ) reported that the Euro fell four times below the US dollar which was non expected. The authorities changed its policies as it geared towards accomplishing. The security of employees and assets was threatened by the increasing debts and the value of assets deteriorating. Political and societal instability out-faced the value of the regulation of jurisprudence and encouraged larceny of rational belongings like the instance of Goldman Sachs bank.

The authorities was exposed to high authorities hazards as a consequence of the debt crisis. The EU Commission estimated the debt degrees of Greece to further lift to 198 % in 2012 in instance the policies were non reinforced in its study on the Economic Adjustment Programme for Greece. Harmonizing to the European committee ( 2012 ) , the state has experienced high debt ratios since 1993. The Grecian authorities has recorded uneconomical disbursement of its grosss taking to incapacitation in run intoing its foreign debts ( Fotopolous, 1992 ) . Monetary instability and failure to command the exchange rate system has besides been a job in the Grecian economic system. This has led to the currency being overvalued and corruptness in the exchequer systems ( Wills, 2010 ) .

Schemes in which companies can cut down the exposure to host authorities coup d’etat

The crisis affected the authorities political and economical environment. Investors ‘ attitudes in Greece changed in concurrence with the ingestion behaviours. The authorities was concealing the state ‘s debt position from its people, and this prompted to ignorance in ingestion despite the existent state of affairs. Harmonizing to Willis ( 2010 ) , corruptness increased and the state started to see bureaucratism.

The most terrible state hazard is the coup d’etats. Governments can coup d’etat the direction of private companies if they are at hazard of fall ining. The private investors hence end up losing their ain concerns. Government influences led to the closing of Coca-Cola, HBC Company and the Burger male monarch concern. The Coca- Cola Hellenic has chosen to travel abroad as the company fed up from the high revenue enhancement on it gross with no stableness in Greek neither politically nor ecumenically environment ( Lucas and Kontogiannis, 2011 ) . The Coca-Cola Hellenic Company closed down its operations in the Thessaloniki and Patras parts in April 2012 in order to reorganise it operations due to the increasing costs that it incurred. This is attributed to the Grecian authorities base on investing and the 10 % increasing revenue enhancements on drinks which reduced gross revenues by 12 % every twelvemonth in 2011. This was the instance since the hit of the 2009 Grecian crisis. Burger King Company renounced its operations in Geting Britain Working plan as a consequence of the authoritiess ‘ dissentious strategies. The populace considered the operations as development of the childs.

However, there are some schemes to cut down authorities host exposed to coup d’etat the concerns mentioned by as followed:

Obtain insurance over the concern.

The best manner for investors worldwide to salvage their concerns from coup d’etat is to cover the concern with insurance. Insurance coverage will cut down authorities host every bit good as the hazard.

Having a loan from Local Greece Bankss.

The 2nd scheme is to borrow fund from Greece Bankss in order to hold a path for the company to non be taken over by the hostage authorities. Greece bank offers little concerns a sufficient fund for the investors to get down their concerns with significant involvement rate for maximising the bank net income. Investors can besides come in the Greece Stock Exchange Markets to heighten its local place as the company will turn up and open a new line that host authorities will non take over the concern.

Find out an sole concern, supplier and/or engineering.

To hold a particular provider, doing a alone provider or a engineering is to construct up an sole concern line with less or no rivals. Such engineering as

Using Greece citizen.

In Greece, the degree of unemployment is may increase the degree of corruptness as the state is confronting this issue. Government with expose to coup d’etat concern would happen it hard to make so as it will increase the unemployment rate and raise societal jobs in the Greece Society. The companies can besides expose societal involvements by using subjects since Greek Torahs on labour are more favourable.

Reduce the hard currency flow representation.

To reflect a lower hard currency flow in yours concerns can be utile for protect it from the coup d’etat. This manner is limited as the company should follow the state authorities regulations and ordinances.


Because of the instability of the authorities, corruptness in its operations and the state risks that it is exposed to, puting in the state is more hazardous than expected benefits. However, with insurance screen and other exposure control steps, puting is projected to be good if the state can command over its debts.


A state ‘s fiscal crisis exposes concerns to fiscal, political and economic hazards that if non controlled can take to settlement. The hazard of these companies being taken over by the authorities or change of its operations as a consequence of authorities intervention is the most terrible hazard. However, the exposures can be controlled. Investors need to analyze the hazards in a given state to find viability to put.

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