Creative Writing Shootout At Dawn English Literature Essay

The trees glisten with the forenoon sunshine while birds sing to the forenoon zephyr. The mist flows easy over the lake with a shade of fume to it. The grass axial rotations in tonss looking like moving ridges in the ocean doing it to look like the green sea that I ne’er thought existed.

Not far from the lake is a lone cowpuncher, named Richard Smith now Richard Smith was good known for his crisp shot. Besides for rupturing down a town in one dark of imbibing and philandering now most people would be run out of town for such a thing. But because of his crisp shot no 1 daring to dispute him for fright of being shot down faster so you can state shoot. Now his Equus caballus, male child was it a site to see it was the most gorgeous animal on the face of the Earth. This Equus caballus was coal-black black and was at least 16 A? custodies tall and it ran faster so a lighting can strike. And yet it belongs to the meanest of mean the worst portion about this Equus caballus ‘s proprietor Richard Smith. Was that he is a hired gun adult male or as said in the modern age an bravo hired for two things a good trade of money and to kill who of all time he was paid to kill.


Mornings gorgeous, are you ready for another twenty-four hours of crisp shot and running from the jurisprudence? The Equus caballus responded with a nee and a nod of the caput “ Thought so! ” “ We got to travel see Cal first though and acquire my money he owes me for the last occupation I did for him. ”

As he slowly roles his cover up into a orderly small ball he thinks to himself “ I think this it the lone easy portion of packing up this damn saddle bag ; and the remainder of my material male child oh male child is it a hurting in the to pack into merely one stinking saddle bag. ” After the saddle bags were packed and the Equus caballus he acquire us to hold a walk around the campfire and besides to hold a expression about.

Now this is a sit to see merely look at it the tree ‘s are blowing merely right in the soft air current Ohio! And if I look out beyond the hill I can see the vale and merely at the underside of it is the lake. Just expression at this lake it is oh so beautiful well it glistens and twinkles as the light reflects off it. “ It ‘s merely fantastic ” and look at where I ‘m standing it the perfect topographic point to site and kick off my boots and relaxes awhile before I go.

But before I could even acquire a opportunity to loosen up out of now where came this slug set downing merely 3 pess from where I was sitting so felt another slug fly right by me ear hit the land right following to me. I shot from the land and spinning in circles seeking to see who was hiting at me. But it was no usage the forests that environing my cantonment were impossible to see past. Besides doing it impossible to see anyone that planed to hit me in less they where stupid plenty to come out into the unfastened merely to be shot at them selves or else killed.

Who ‘s at that place, and what do you desire? I have nil of yours! I shouted seeking to salvage my thankless sole. Oh but you do! The alien responded and besides added you have the life of my brother you stole it right out from under my weaponries and what for? Nothing, nil at all you had no ground for taking his life. Now I ‘m gon na take yours hope you do n’t mind.

“ But I did mind I cared a batch about my life and who took it! ” I had no thought who this alien was but I had my thoughts. But first thing foremost I need to happen out where he ‘s concealment and fast because I doubt that his following slug will be aimed into the grass. Some how I have to do him huffy plenty so he ‘ll speak so I had to hit from what of all time way the voice comes from.

Hay alien? You know I enjoyed killing your brother! It was amusing watching the light slice from his hapless small face, SHUT UP! ! Shout the alien and that ‘s all it took for me to happen his concealing topographic point and shoot him. I spun on my heels wiped around pulled my gun out of its holster and shooting to where he was in the forests.

I hear a low ball as his lifeless organic structure fell to the land which meant it was clip to travel see who my invitee was that I merely had to kill. As I walked the distance that was between us and took the first expression at the alien who tried to kill me and he was no more so 15 old ages old. And I did retrieve who his brother was after looking at this child. His brother was the 1 who highered me to make a putting to death in and so ne’er gave me the 3,000 dollars he promised me.

So I hunted him down and changeable him in the tummy in the center of the street and this male child I now merely killed he was on the side of the street and watched me kill his brother. And when his brother collapsed on the street this small male child ran and held him as he died.


On my manner to Cal ‘s I noticed that I was non going entirely any more but being followed by who yet once more I do non cognize. But I was determined to happen out who this new strange was and acquire him as far off from me as possible. And look here comes my chance now! Not far down the soil route was a bunch of trees and mountain of stones that I was now determined to utilize for screen if the clip was needed.

The closer I got to the bunch of trees and the stone I prepared myself to leap of in to the little batch of trees. Closer! Closer! Closer! Now! I jumped of my Equus caballuss doing it to swerve into the other way and about caused it to tumble over. This would non be good for me because my large old Equus caballuss would hold landed right on top of me. But that was non something to worry approximately because right now all I need to worry approximately is who ‘s following me and whether they want to kill me or speak.

I ran over to the stone that I planed to utilize as screen and as I closed in they towered over me. Making me to experience as if I was a little mouse trapped in a corner with a jar hanging above his had fearing his ain gaining control. But I had to that experiencing behind me and get down thing about the individual that was shuting in in front of me and the stone that separated us.

As the alien neared I hollered out WHOSE THERE AND WHAT IS YOUR BUSSINESS WITH ME? My voice echoed off the stone doing my words sound as though I where a elephantine. But it was to late to contemplate about it right know because the words had already been spilled from my oral cavity

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