Critical appraisal


  • This is a group-based appraisal. Each group must hold 4-5 members. Any pupil, who fails to fall in the group-based appraisal and submits his/her single work, will NOT be assessed.
  • Date to manus in: 18 May 2010.
  • Each group should subject ONE printed transcript and ONE electronic transcript in a disk/CD. The work should be handed in to Assignment office. The lectors will non accept any entry either in individual or via email fond regard. The pupil Centre closes at 4pm, so you must subject the assignment good before the shutting clip.
  • Any group, which fails to subject both paper based and electronic transcript of the study, will NOT be assessed.
  • Each group should besides subject a transcript online utilizing BREO ‘s turnitin nexus. Please follow the instructions provided in BREO ‘s “ Assignment ” booklet. Your work will NOT be assessed if you failed to subject a transcript online.
  • You will be marked as fail if you have missed the deadline for entry either in printed transcript or online.
  • Each group besides needs to subject one transcript of the compulsory equal appraisal signifier signed by all group members. Your work will NOT be assessed if the group fails to subject the signifier or did n’t follow all the demands specified in the assessment signifier right.
  • The original full paper you selected must be attached as an appendix of the study. The work will NOT be assessed if the original paper is non attached with the study.
  • The reappraisal article must be from those provided by the coach in BREO. If your group used any other article outside the given list, your work will NOT be assessed.
  • Your assignment will be scanned by a plagiarism observing tool. Any effort of plagiarizing your work will be detected and penalised. All members of the group will be held responsible for the whole study.
  • Non-assessed studies will be marked as “ No Attempt ” which is a FAIL.


This assignment requires each group to analyze and choose a paper for critical assessment. The coach will supply you with a list of suited articles officially published in information systems diaries, so your group MUST select ONE from the list. You are required to thoroughly and critically read the article and to the full understand it before trying to turn to the assignment inquiries. To be able to make that you will hold to make much play down reading from text editions and other academic articles related to the subject. You must utilize adequately research grounds to back up your reappraisal and remarks. If you attempt to read the article in a vacuity, i.e. with no mention to other reading, your critical assessment will be weaker.

Important Guidelines

Some guidelines are offered to enable you to fix the critical assessment of the chosen paper. The stairss are suggested as follows:

  • Form a group with 4-5 pupils and come in your group members ‘ names into BREO.
  • Assign undertakings among group members and put up meeting agendas and deadlines.
  • Read and choose one of the given articles listed in BREO.
  • Survey academic diaries which cover that subjects of your chosen article.
  • Study the chosen article and place parts and countries for farther research.
  • Conduct external research and cod research grounds.
  • Develop a logical statement and constructive remarks.
  • Fix a formal study to construction your review.
  • Meet all group members and subscribe the equal appraisal signifier before subjecting your study before the entry deadline.

Focus of your review

It might be helpful if you follow the undermentioned guidelines in your study:

  • Remark on the importance of the survey reported in your chosen paper. Remark on the research job addressed by the writer ( s ) . Is it important, and why?
  • Remark on the grade of contributions/originality of the work reported in the paper.
  • Remark on the theoretical statement of the paper, or theoretical underpinning ( if there is any ) .
  • Identify the research methods adopted. Discourse the rightness of the research methods.
  • Remark on the cardinal findings and their deductions.
  • Identify the research restrictions and supply suggestions for any future research.

Format and demands

  • You should non merely reiterate ( transcript ) the stuffs from the chosen paper. You must do your ain statements clear.
  • Your review should be appropriate with strong grounds, precise but to the point.
  • Reference manner must follow Harvard Reference Systems, e.g. EJIS manner ( European Journal of Information Systems ) . The university library web site has “ A usher to academic referencing ” at hypertext transfer protocol: //
  • The review should be word-processed, the length of your review should be between 3500 – 4000 words. Please publish the figure of words utilizing Word Count map at the terminal of your study.

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