Different Aspects Of The Speech Presentation English Language Essay

Address analysis is an rating of different facets of the address presentation. It is a critical accomplishment to analyze a address and how to present an effectual address. It is one of the 25 necessity for a public talker. It includes whether you attend the address presentation, or see a picture or read the address text.

Address analysis is really of import because the ability to analyse a address will speed up the growing of any talker. It besides will maximize the impact of the following address presentation of a talker. A common thing that happens after a address is that you will get down measuring yourself right from the minute you leave the phase. Did everything travel as planned? What did the audience think? Frequently, you will acquire so caught up in showing your address that you lose path of how the audience is responding and reacting. That ‘s why acquiring feedback after the address is of import, so you know what you did good and what you did hapless. Therefore, you can place things that could do your address even better.


Incorrect method of the address

On the address organisation, first thing the talker started with his debut which is non organized at all, because he all of a sudden said, “ My address isaˆ¦ . ” without fulfilling the audience and without uncovering the subject. Furthermore, he did n’t explicate what he is traveling to speak about in his address. Therefore, his debut is hapless while he did n’t preview his general and its points.

For the organic structure organisation, he did n’t truly demo what is the major point of his address. He used to explicate some exposures and utilizing some illustrations with it. There is no clear thought about the manner he organized his address, he kept speaking about some things which are non belong to the address. Like altering from a subject to another without cognizing where the beginning of it, he merely said whatever came on his head. The manner he organized his address is really direct and without any debuts of his thoughts that he is traveling to speak about.

In the terminal of the address, he gave his personal sentiment about the subject and how to travel beyond your business, there is no specific intent in his address. There is no clear sum-up for his subject and he was like giving his personal thought merely.

On the linguistic communication, in the first topographic point, the talker holding problem in stating what he wants to state. This might be the failing of the address musculuss. For illustration, like the musculuss of the face, lingua, and lips.

The talker besides may hold different address features. One of them is the talker hard to set sounds and syllables together in the right order to organize words. Longer words are normally harder to state than shorter words. Besides, he besides made errors when speech production. The talker may seek stating a word several times before he said it right. Additionally, the talker may non be able to pass on efficaciously with address, and may necessitate the aid of extra communicating methods.

On the address bringing, the talker supposes talking extemporarily by utilizations merely a set of brief notes or a speaking lineation to ramble on the memory. However, besides utilizing a set of brief notes, the talker has relied on the presentation slide of the power point from the laptop to read to his audience for his address presentation.

On the other manus, on the talker ‘s voice, although the talker ‘s voice volume is loud plenty for a little size of audience in a schoolroom, he bit by bit speak quietly and non aloud when the clip he read the book from the presentation slide of the power point from the laptop, the audience can non hear clearly. The talker besides fall into repeats pitch forms that are merely every bit hypnotic as a drone. Although overall the talker is non talking excessively fast, he did errors once more when the clip he read the book from the presentation slide of the power point from the laptop. He is talking so rapidly that the audience lose path of his thoughts.

In add-on, the talker does excessively many intermissions particularly when every clip he is forgot the book. Furthermore, when he does pause, he besides pauses at the center of thought units. This may deflect audience from his thoughts. Most of import, one of the major errors that he made is he make full the silence with vocalized intermissions such as “ uh, ” “ er, ” and “ um. ” This raging the audience and they create negative perceptual experiences about the talker ‘s intelligence. Furthermore, the talker spoke extemporarily with hapless vocal assortment. He did non develop a lively and expressive voice throughout the address.

On the talker ‘s organic structure, his physical actions affect much the result of his address. Based on the personal visual aspect, the talker wore a simple insouciant apparels and a chapeau during his address. It ‘s non a suited garb apparels while you give a formal address to audience. He besides wear a cap during a address, it shows discourtesy to the audience. Besides, the talker did a large error in his motion. He shakes his organic structure here and at that place while speaking. Sometimes, his organic structure faces back or side to the audience.

Following, is the gestures mistake that he had made. He moved excessively much of his manus throughout the address. Sometimes he put his two custodies inside his pocket ; sometimes he allow them hang at the sides ; even sometimes he contorting his finger and gently chuck the tabular array to retrieval his memory. These gestures that the talker makes draw attending to themselves and deflect from his message. The last error which he had made is his oculus contact. He has about no oculus contact throughout the address. He kept looking up and down from the laptop so back to audience once more. It is the biggest error and the obvious portion that he had made in this overall address. Even sometimes, he closes his eyes to remember his memory.

Suggestion of the right method to better the address

On the address organisation, the right organisation that the talker has to make is to garner his thoughts and back up the thoughts with the right stuffs to direct the clear thought of his address, and as we said before, the author did n’t denote his specific intent he announced merely the general thought of his address.

He has to work on his address by taking the right methods of forming the thoughts and the points to be clear to the audience. Furthermore, he has to back up the thoughts with statistics, illustrations or testimony, but he merely used one method with is the “ illustrations ” but it was non on its right topographic point, because he kept on giving illustrations about his sentiment.

The talker should hold organized his address under the topical order because his general thought is about “ the host nine ” so it is about a topical address.

On the linguistic communication, fundamentally there are some linguistic communication techniques that the talker can utilize for an effectual address. First, adjectives. Adjectives are the simple persuasive linguistic communication. Second, repeat. It can be used for accent. By the manner, it ensures the audiences are listening because repeat catches the ear. Third, inquiring inquiry. Of class, the list of the address is non complete without the inquiry. This is an effectual address because it requires an audience response.

It is besides of import for the talker to retrieve that the linguistic communication used in a presentation. Use lone professional linguistic communication to the audience. The talker has to do certain that right grammar and word picks are used through the presentation.

On the address bringing, because of the talker supposes talking extemporarily, he should well-prepare and practise for several times for the address which is merely presented from a brief set of notes and no other stuffs.

On the other manus, on the talker ‘s voice, the talker demand to keep his volume throughout his address and demand to speak louder when the audience expression puzzled, are tilting frontward in their seats, or are otherwise striving to hear. The talker besides has to work on changing pitch forms either upward or downward to suit the significance of his words of the address. Again the talker has to keep the rate he speaks throughout his address, non excessively fast particularly a slower pacing is needed when he is explicating complex information that is non familiar to the audience.

In add-on, when the talker does intermissions, he should do certain his intermission at the terminal of thought units. Most of import, to guarantee the talker do non filled with voices such as “ uh, ” “ er, ” and “ um ” when every clip he is forgot the book, he has to pattern the address several times utilizing merely the speech production lineation as pattern makes perfect. Furthermore, when giving the address, the talker should modulate his voice to pass on his thoughts and feelings.

On the talker ‘s organic structure, position, facial look, gestures, and oculus contact will impact the manner audience respond to him. Based on the personal visual aspect, he should have on an at least formal suit and formal pants. He has to take off his cap while giving the address as it shows discourtesy to the audience. Besides, on the motion, what he has to make is to stand consecutive and sometimes merely travel a small is possible. He organic structure should besides merely face forepart to the audience.

Following, on the gestures, he should merely travel his manus when he emphasizes any keywords. Finally, on the oculus contact, he should direct ocular contact with the eyes of audience to assist estimate his truthfulness, intelligence, attitudes, and feelings. He should besides fix a speech production lineation before his address and pattern or memorise some parts of the address to avoid errors happened by looking on the laptop by the audience.


In drumhead, we ‘ve covered three ways to give feedback from watching a picture recording of a talker ‘s address. For the first screening, we recommended listening to audio merely for the address organisation and composing down word for word what the talker really said. Next, for the 2nd screening, we recommended listening closely to linguistic communication that has been talking by the talker. Finally, for the 3rd screening, we recommended looking for address bringing. Address bringing includes methods of bringing, the talker ‘s voice, and the talker ‘s organic structure. Particularly, we recommended looking profoundly for any distractive or insistent idiosyncrasies to smooth and polish the talker ‘s address bringing. When you implement these tips, you will non merely look more professional, but you will experience more confident in your address presentation as you make a greater your impact on your audience.

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