Emily Dickinson And Nathaniel Hawthorne English Literature Essay

American poet, Emily Dickinson was born in Amherst, Massachusetts, on Dec. 10, 1830. She is considered as one of the greatest poets in the English linguistic communication. She was raised in a household of strong Puritan beliefs and the Protestant faith and the instruction that she received influenced his ulterior plants. Although, contrary to set up usage, Emily Dickinson received an instruction that antecedently was reserved for work forces merely. Soon she decided to retreat from the universe, keeping contact merely with a few friends. At 23, Dickinson was cognizant of his ain career about mystical, and at 30 was being off from the universe at all, about cloistered. She perceived really good the images, the esthesiss and the constructs of the Nature and like Cynthia Hogue says in Hes article How ( vitamin E ) to Read Dickinson ( W ) riting Nature i??She had such an i??unexplainable oculus, i?? . . . as she persisted in her brooding observations of the nature she could i??see, i?? i??hear, i?? observe, about like an Impressionist, as visible radiation changed the manner Nature lookedi?? . Most of the Dickinson ‘s verse forms are written in a few poetries that are combinations of three or four pess, in short stanzas. The subjects she uses are decease, religion, immortality, nature, domesticity and with the images and metaphors that she creates in the verse form, she besides enters in others subjects. Some of her verse forms are the representation of the Nature and others are the representation of the human life.

One of the verse forms that represent the Nature is the verse form 328 i??A Bird came down the Walki?? , in which she represents the actions of the animate beings in the Nature. In the first stanza, we can see that Dickinson is depicting an action of a bird, i??A Bird came down the Walki?? ( 328/1 ) i??He spot an Angle worm in halvesi?? ( 328/3 ) i??And ate the chap, natural, i?? ( 328/4 ) , a bird that comes from his fly to eat a worm. Then he connects the 2nd stanza with i??And so he drank Dewi?? ( 328/5 ) , depicting the act of the carnal life, first feeding and so imbibing. After that the bird sees a beetle but he let him go through i??To allow a Beetle pass-i?? ( 328/8 ) , here Dickinson is depicting a friendly brush between two animate beings, a bird and a beetle. Normally, the birds eat insects but the bird has already eats a worm so there is no struggle between them. In these two stanzas we can see a portion of the cyclical life of the animate beings and how a beetle and a bird life in harmoniousness in the Nature. In the 3rd stanza Dickinson describes the motion of the caput of the bird, foremost depicting the eyes and so the caput i??He glanced with rapid eyes, i?? ( 328/9 ) i??He stirred his Velvet Head.i?? ( 328/12 ) . In the concluding two stanzas we can see how he bird unroll his plumes to take fly through the ocean to travel place in the midday. i??And he unrolled his plumes, i?? ( 328/15 ) , i??And rowed him softer Homei?? ( 328/16 ) i??Than Oars divide the Ocean, i?? ( 328/17 ) , i??Or Butterflies, away Banks of Noon, i?? ( 328/20 ) . In this verse form Dickinson make us see and conceive of the beauty of one bird in the Nature, the actions of the animate beings in the Nature and that she likes the Nature.

In this other verse form, i??Apparently with no surprisei?? ( 1625 ) , Dickinson is depicting the Nature with a metaphor.

Apparently with no surprise

To any happy Flower

The Frost beheads it at its playi??

In inadvertent poweri??

The blonde Assassin passes oni??

The Sun returns unmoved

To mensurate off another Day

For an Approving God.

In the first stanza she is depicting that the summer terminals and that the cold of the fall comes. The flowers that were happy because of the summer now are traveling to be frozen. We could believe that Dickinson is depicting that the life of a adult female is coming to an terminal, because the adult female is going older. The word i??floweri?? is the adult female and the significance of the word i??Frosti?? is that the dead is coming. Besides, when Dickenson says i??Apparently with no surprisei?? is that the adult female already knows that the dead is coming because is the life rhythm. In the 2nd stanza, i??The blonde Assassin passes oni??

we could believe that there is other ground that is killing her, at first the word i??frosti?? to state that she is acquiring old and now the word i??blond Assasini?? that may mention to a disease, and with the i??The Sun returns unmovedi?? that she is unhappy. Finally, i??To step off another Daysi?? , i??For an Approving Goi?? could intend that the adult female will be sad waiting for her dead until the God O.K. that she can decease. In this verse form Dickinson describes the dead of a adult female, may be a adult female that is really close to her, utilizing the metaphor with the Nature.

In this following verse form, nevertheless, Dickinson talks about a job that is in the civilisation from clip ago and in our clip excessively. The job is the challenges between the scientific discipline and the church.

“ Religion ” is a all right innovation

When Gentlemans can see-

But Microscopes are prudent

In an Emergency.

In this verse form she express the challenge that is between the faith and the scientific discipline. In the minute when Dickinson was alive is when the scientific discipline starts to acquire more power and in this verse form Dickinson make laugh of the religion that the people had, stating that the religion is an innovation to believe in something and to make non hold fright to something. Besides she says that to work out the jobs you do non hold to believe in religion, because the religion will make non work out it. This religion is still in our society and I think that it will stay for several old ages.

Emily Dickinson as we can see was an extrodirnary poet who wrote about nature, religion, decease… and that with the nature she created metaphors to speak about others subjects excessively. She was one of the most original poetic voices in the usage linguistic communication.

Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in 1804 in Salem. He was an American novelist, born into a household of Puritan tradition and his life and his work were marked by the Calvinist tradition. His most celebrated work was The Scarlet Letter.

The Scarlet Letter gives a true portraiture of the seventeenth-century Puritan society and how that society lived surrounded by moral biass, mistakes and penalty. The writer makes a terrible unfavorable judgment of society and to make that he tells narrative of a adult female who portrays improbably how these moral and spiritual biass were impregnated in the heads of people of the clip and that how any small bad luck or accident that they had was taken as a trial and Hester in the novel has to pay his wickedness traveling through the worst fortunes.

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