Empire Of The Sun English Literature Essay

Jamie: Jim is a 11 twelvemonth old male child who lives in Shanghai and does non cognize a batch about the universe war 2 and is in the center of it. He supports the Nipponese because he merely wish their planes and because he thinks they are truly courageous people. You can depict Jim as a cockamamie male child who gets scared rather rapidly. At the terminal of the book ( old ages subsequently ) Jim is still a spot silly/clumsy. Jim has a compulsion with planes, you can clearly see this from the start of the book where he can call all of the planes that are winging by through the sky. Since Jim is a spot clumsy/silly that does non intend he can non be a courageous individual. You can clearly see that Jim is a courageous individual in this book he besides tries to assist other people every bit much as possible and is truly honorable.

Basie: Basie is a soldier from America. You do n’t truly acquire to cognize a batch about Basie. All you can truly state about Basie is that he is a selfish cat but he acts like he ‘s a nice cat to Jim but he is merely utilizing Jim for his ain end!

Dr Ransome: He ‘s a English physician who lives in Singapore Dr Ransome is a truly nice individual and is ever willing to assist people. He is truly nice to Jim non merely for his ain end but more because he is a sort individual. While being in the Concentration cantonment he teaches Jim and he is his friend every bit good.

Jim ‘s parents: The male parent of Jim is a rich adult male who owns a fabric company as, his female parent is a truly caring female parent. You do non truly acquire to cognize a batch about the parents of Jim in the book because they ‘re merely in a little portion of the book.

The scene

The narrative of the book start in Shanghai where Jim and his parents live. It ‘s a busy and living metropolis. But most of the book takes topographic point in a concentration cantonment where Jim lives for over 4 old ages, it ‘s called: Lunghau. The cantonment is a truly icky topographic point to be, you can about compare it to some cantonments in Germany. There are a batch of executings go oning and you do non acquire a batch of nutrient and sometimes you do n’t acquire anything to eat/drink. Fortunately Dr Ransome is with Jim in the cantonment, he teaches him and is his friend that makes it less icky to be at that place. The narrative besides takes topographic point at another cantonment which is merely a conveyance cantonment ( you do non acquire to cognize a batch about this cantonment ) .


One of the major struggles are of class that the Nipponese invade Shanghai and gaining control most of the people who live at that place. Jim will be captured by the Japanese every bit good. The 2nd struggle in the narrative is that Basie will seek to protect Jim and himself of class of being captured by the Japanese. There will be a batch of bloodshed but Jim will still be captured and Basie will decease. The invade of the Japanese will besides divide Jim and his parents. The concluding Conflict ( s ) will be in the concentration cantonment. There is a batch of hatred from the Nipponese towards the British and Chinese people, they are acquiring humiliated and killed for no grounds. The Japanese have their ain Torahs in at that place. Jim and Dr Ransome are seeking to last this incubus and they have done that for over 4 old ages!

Synergistic Part


Airplanes are winging through the sky.

Expression at them their up so high!

Jim knows all the names.

All the names of those killing machine planes.

Old ages subsequently Jim realized.

He was the one being victimized.

The Japanese are occupying.

The Earth has started quivering.

Jim is the 1 who is treated barbarian.

Keep on life that ‘s what he and DR. prioritized.

This verse form is about how Jim ‘s love for war planes alterations as he realised what their for. After a piece he is transported to a concentration cantonment where he is treated like an animate being. He ‘s at that place with Dr. Ransome.


page 143: “ [ Fliping a brace of dark glassess to Jim as the Nipponese ground forces Begin to crush him ] I want these back when they ‘re done. “ You can see how Basie even when he will decease maintain up the hope for Jim.

page 119: “ What else you wagering with Basie? My LIFE. [ shows a transcript of LIFE magazine ] “

This show ‘s you a spot about the personality of Basie.

page 313: “ If Shanghai was excessively unsafe, possibly his female parent and male parent would go forth Armhest Avenue and unrecorded with him in Lunghua. In a practical sense it was a commiseration that the Nipponese soldiers would non be at that place to guard themaˆ¦ ” You can see how Jim still thinks about his parents after he knows he will likely ne’er see them once more. ( rather sad, but he will! )

Page 25: ” Jim had about given Yang a bosom onslaught by indicating his metal Spitfire into the face of a Nipponese corporal. ” This tells you in the beginning of the book how infantile Jim is and still knows nil about the war and how to act against the Japanese.

Page 351: “ Merely to be swept back by the incoming tide among the quays and mud-flats, driven one time once more to the shores of this awful metropolis. ” At the terminal of the book Jim eventually realizes how awful this metropolis is and he has eventually grown up, he ‘s a adult male now.

Writing a missive

Tim Neve

F.V. Alkemadelaan 8

1181 PW


Jamie Carter

Baker street 4

323 Electronic warfare


Dear Jim,

How are you making? I hope you are making great. I ‘ve heard you have had a awful clip in the cantonments. I hope you and your parents have some remainder now, back in London. How could you hold endured four whole old ages in that cantonment? ! You should be a truly strong individual by now. Make you cognize anything about Dr. Ransome? I truly hope he did non decease because he was a truly good and nice individual. How are your parents making? I figured they were truly scared that they would ne’er of all time see you once more because they fled and you had to travel to the cantonment. As good I want to inquire some more in depth inquiries. What I truly wanted to cognize about you after reading the book is why are you so obsessed with the combatant planes? Did your pa acquire you obsessed with it or are it merely the films you enjoyed watching? As good do you retrieve indicating a plaything spitfire at a Nipponese corporal? And did you truly like Basie? Or were you merely with him because he protected you and you acted like you liked him? He was sort of a douche-bag you know. He was moving like he protected you but he was merely utilizing you for his ain ends! Well at least I ‘m glad you are safe.

Greetings from the Netherlands,

Tim Neve


blz 32 ” Those are some Deadly serpents ” Venomous – giftig

blz 33 ” along the Paddy Fieldss ” Paddy ( rice Paddies ) – rijst velden

blz 47 ” so a line of camouflaged trucks packed with Nipponese soldiers ” camouflaged – gecamoufleerd

blz 50 “ And by his recreational plane-spotting ” Plane-spotting – het bekijken new wave vliegtuigen met een verrekijker

Blz 50 ” The Gallic missional sisters were reasoning ” missional – missionaris

Blz 55 ” as the claxons sounded from the avenue ” claxons – toeters

blz 25: ” Jim had about given Yang a bosom onslaught by indicating his metal Spitfire into the face of a Nipponese corporal. ” Spitfire – speciaal type vliegtuig

Blz 56 “ when Jim reached the junction ” junction – kruispunt

blz 57 “ , submersing this little decease ” submersing – onderdompelen/vergeten

Blz 57 ” seeking to whomp his caput ” turnup – onthoofden, slaan met een matchet

blz 58 Kidnappings were common in Shanghai ” snatchs – ontvoeringen

blz 65 ” and watched the H2O degree about unnoticeably falling in the swimming pool ” unnoticeably – onmerkbaar

2x! ” blz 91 towers of fume shuddered from the patrol car ‘s funnels as it prepared to raise ground tackle ” shuddered – huiverde, funnels – trechters

blz 93 ” Faint with hungriness, ” swoon – zwak door de honger

blz 93 ” and ducked through a narrow hatch. ” Hatch – Liege.

blz 111 ” Jim lay back on the teak bench ” teak – teakhout new wave een teak roar

2x! blz 111 ” the Nipponese sergeant in charge of the detainment Centre was keeping another of his roll-calls. ”

roll-calls – appels, detainment – gevangen/hechtenis

blz 113 ” Jim began to rattle at the Nipponese watching behind their white masks. ” Rattle – ratelen/kletsen

2x! blz 113 ” even the emaciated soldier had found the palpebra of a mess-tin. ” Emaciated – uitgemergeld, mess-tin – Messtin deksel, iets gemaakt van messing.

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