English Is Considered As Lingua Franca English Language Essay

English is considered as lingua franca around the Earth. Peoples largely communicate across civilizations in English all over the universe. During the procedure, it is natural that many words of the local linguistic communications get their manner in and go portion of that peculiar assortment of English spoken in that part. This paper aims at happening Urdu words that have become portion and package of the English linguistic communication spoken in Pakistani scenario. It is a survey of Urdu loan words that got their manner in English in mundane communicating. For the survey, the linguistic communication of newspaper was chosen as it represents the linguistic communication in usage. English day-to-day the Dawn was selected for the intent as it is most circulated newspaper in Pakistan. The paper elucidates that there are a big figure of Urdu words which are portion of English.

Chapter I


Newspapers have become an indispensable portion of modern life. The modern adult male starts his twenty-four hours by reading over the intelligence with a cup of tea. Equally impossible is a forenoon without the day-to-day newspaper for some people. It is because newspapers are seen everyplace in the universe. They are printed and published in each and every linguistic communication known to adult male all over the universe. Newspapers are called ‘the mirrors of the universe ‘ . They reflect and report the tendencies and go oning from all parts of the universe. Normally, they cover every facets of life- national, international, local, societal, political, cultural etc.

Reading English Newspaper can better EFL pupils ‘ ability of vocabulary and the accomplishment of reading. But it does n’t intend that they need to look over the all content in the newspapers. First, they can happen the subjects they are interested. Then, merely read these subjects they scan. They besides do n’t complete every paragraph of them. If the content is truly interesting for pupils read it exhaustively. So they may acquire good temper to read what they are interested. Gradually, they are able to absorb many sorts of new information and have good storage of vocabulary.

Language instructors can utilize the newspaper as an effectual tool for showing the constructs of reading and authorship, every bit good as the construction of the English linguistic communication. Using newspapers in this manner helps pupils see realistic illustrations of the practical applications of grammar and comprehension that they can use in their reading and composing experiences in and out of the schoolroom.

It is an observation in Pakistan that when we analyse the content of English newspapers we frequently find such words that are emerged from English into Urdu or other linguistic communications due to the civilization association or bilingualism. The profession of intelligence coverage and redaction is wholly about reading of words and phrases. One can non construe it until he has bid over intelligence linguistic communication every bit good as general linguistic communication.

Where English enjoys a really esteemed position in Pakistan, It is indispensable that Pakistani intelligence newsman and editors function efficaciously in English.

This research presents an analysis of linguistic communication transition in Pakistani English newspapers due to civilization association or bilingualism. Based on the empirical information from Pakistani English newspapers and magazines, this research aims to demo the English words that have been converted into Urdu or other local linguistic communications of Pakistan. It besides presents the brief overview of the usage of English as a non-native assortment. This research suggests that fluctuations and alterations in a linguistic communication are an built-in portion of bilingualism and multilingualism.

This research centers on the fluctuations in the English linguistic communication due to linguistic communication transition in Pakistan and besides shows the important function of the Urdu and other local linguistic communications in the formation of Pakistani English. Merely those characteristics that are found as a consequence of transition have been discussed. In this research, merely that information has been taken into history where Urdu phrases and clauses have been used. This research is interested in depicting different facets of linguistic communication alteration in English when used in a non-native context i.e. Pakistan. First and foremost a great trade of involvement has been generated in the English linguistic communication as a consequence of its spread around the universe and its usage as an international linguistic communication.

Now-a-days English has become a planetary linguistic communication. English is used all over the universe by 1000000s of native and non-native talkers because of its dominant place. There are about 430 million L2 users and 330 million L1 users. So the non-native talkers use English more than the natives 1s. Bing an international linguistic communication, it is used about in all the states of the universe. When people started utilizing English in non-native contexts because of its turning popularity, it developed as a transplanted linguistic communication.

Its prevalence and power in Pakistan is turning really much. For many Pakistanis, English has become non merely a practical necessity but besides the linguistic communication of chance ; societal prestigiousness, power, success every bit good as societal high quality. Such power is vividly seen in Pakistan where people tend to exchange from Urdu to English to make particular consequence. Urdu is the national linguistic communication of Pakistan and one of the two functionary linguistic communications of Pakistan. It is the most of import linguistic communication of literacy in the state.

In Pakistan, Urdu-English transition is a common feature of educated Pakistani bilinguals. Conversion occurs when two linguistic communications come in contact. English has assumed a lingual and cultural individuality of its ain. This individuality manifests itself throughout the linguistic communication at the word degree, the phrase degree and the sentence degree. It is the natural effect of its regular contact with the Urdu linguistic communication. A big figure of adoptions from Urdu and the regional linguistic communications of Pakistan have entered in Pakistani English. Urdu-English transition at the degree of the phrase and clause is available ; this research is likely to bridge the spread. The transition informations in this research focuses on the usage of Urdu phrases and clauses in the English newspapers.

The information has been collected from the following printed Pakistani English newspaper and magazines:

1. Dawn ( daily ) ( Lahore )

2. The intelligence

Statement of the Problem:

This research is based on the analysis of English newspaper and to look into the frequence of words occurred in Urdu or other local linguistic communications.

Aim of the Survey:

This survey aims to happen out the words of other Pakistani linguistic communications that have been occurred in English newspaper, in Daily Dawn and The intelligence.

To compare the common words occurred in both newspapers.

Significance of Survey:

This survey of newspaper provides us a thorough study to what extent the Urdu words have been used in English newspapers. This is a good research for linguistic communication betterment of policy shapers, instructors, pupils and assessment establishments.


We have studied thoroughly the sensible sum of English newspaper “ Dawn Daily Lahore ” and “ The News ” . We have classified the subdivision of newspaper. On the footing of this categorization we have checked the frequence of the Urdu words occurred in English.

Boundary line:

We have studied 10 newspapers of both “ Daily Dawn ” and “ The News ” on day-to-day footing due to the clip cost restraints and because they are the oldest beginning of information.

Design of Survey:

This survey is qualitative in nature. It is based on the Meta analysis of newspaper. The usage of this method is appropriate with the intent of this survey. Research is conducted while utilizing qualitative attack. Because the consequence of the informations analyze is in the descriptive phenomenon such as words and sentences.

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