Essay on the Hospital Nurse

Nurse (nurse) – a person with a secondary specialized medical education, a specialist in the field of nursing. This is a profession that is very difficult to underestimate, not a single doctor can cope if he does not have such an assistant nearby. Therefore, no medical institution can do without a nurse.

What responsibilities do nurses have to fulfill during their work day? The nurse mainly acts as an intermediary between the doctor and the patient. Of course, the types of duties are slightly different, and depend on the place where the nurse works. For example, in a clinic, a district nurse is present when a patient is admitted by a doctor, and helps him in every way. Patronage sisters – visit patients or newborn children (baby sisters) at home, perform medical procedures, give recommendations to relatives, etc. Procedural nurse – performs intravenous, subcutaneous, intramuscular injections, puts droppers, takes blood for analysis, which requires great responsibility.

An alatine nurse works in a hospital where patients are being treated. She keeps documentation, distributes medicines, informs the doctor about the well-being of each patient, and provides first aid if necessary. The operating nurse assists the surgeon in operations. And these are just some of the examples …

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A person who has chosen this profession should have certain qualities: mercy and sympathy for someone else’s pain, responsiveness, attentiveness, sensitivity, accuracy, responsibility. The nurse must have in-depth knowledge about the anatomy and physiology of a person, provide immediate first-aid care, carefully maintain documentation, and be able to reassure the patient in a critical situation.

A nurse is even closer than a doctor to a sick person and his relatives. Only she spends so much time nearby. Most often, it is to her that the patient trusts her feelings about her illness. That is why the nurse should be not only a competent and responsible employee, but also a real psychologist.