Examining The Pleasures Of Money In Humans English Literature Essay

Money, the media of exchange for merchandises and services, provides things people need, like nutrient, vesture, shelter, or medical specialty. Peoples spend most of their life looking for it. My parent, for case, works from dawn to sunset to acquire it. The more money people have the more benefits they can acquire, because they will be able to acquire a bigger and better houses, apparels, or nutrient. Less money means emphasis in measure payments, gas monetary values, and nutrient monetary values. With money, people can carry through their stuff demand. However, money can non purchase everything such as felicity, friendly relationship and love, wellness, and appetite.

Money provides pleasance for worlds, like houses, autos, or things people like in the term of playthings. However, those material demands will convey impermanent felicity. Peoples can purchase the newest plaything they want, like iPhone. Peoples feel pleasance when people the get the things they want. However, since it is a engineering, other new things will be released and the pleasance from the cherished playthings will diminish. Telegraph, interviewed an Australian millionaire, Karl Rabeder. With his money, he buys 3,455 square pess Villa which worth 1.4 million lb sterling, 17 hectares farmhouse which worth 613,000 lb sterling in the market, six sailplanes which valued at 350,000 lb sterling, and a luxury Audi A8, deserving 44,000 lb sterling. He is able to hold a holiday in five-star hotel in Hawaii. However, he sold his full plus and gave it all to charity in Central and Latin America. He realizes that money avoids the felicity to come. Now, he feels lighter than of all time. Many lottery victors besides return their award to charity. Once there was besides an old Chinese adult male who won 4 million Yuan. The lone thing he wants to purchase is new wireless. With his pension, 700 Yuan, he buys 20 Yuan lotteries every month. He did non state his girl that he won the lottery. He feels happier if he can assist people who truly necessitate it. Money can non purchase felicity and the existent felicity comes when people can give what they have to assist other people.

Many people think they can make friendly relationship with money. In concern relationship, many people give a present to their concern spouses. In our day-to-day life, a fellow tries to acquire his girlfriend ‘s fondness with expensive materials, like bags, jewelleries, expensive autos, and many more. One of my friends merely bought new auto, Mercedes AMG C 63. My other friend asked him the ground of purchasing that new auto, since it be excessively much for a auto that he would merely utilize for the following two to three old ages. He merely answered that he used it as the come-on for adult females. He knows that he has the capableness to purchase expensive autos, yet he tries to acquire a girlfriend with his parents ‘ money. Karl Rabeder besides mentions when he took a holiday to Hawaii, everyone seemed like histrions and actress. During their holiday he did non see a individual existent individual. The staff played the function of being friendly and the invitees played the function of being of import and cipher was existent. He was truly shock with the five-star life manner, because he did non see the true friendliness and love that come genuinely from the people themselves. His money makes people act friendly to him. In Life is Beautiful, a 1997 Italian film, tells a narrative about Guido Orefice, who was acted by Roberto Benigni. The film, which is a romantic comedy at the beginning, tells the love affair between Orefice with Dora. Orifice fell in love with a school instructor, Dora. Unfortunately, Dora was already forecasted with a rich cat who happened to be really loud and rude. However, Orefice still fights for her and Dora falls in love with him. Different with Dora ‘s fianc & A ; eacute ; , Orefice is non a rich cat, but he able to acquire Dora ‘s bosom. Power and money can non do a individual love person but personality can. In Tuesdays with Morrie, a book that tells a narrative about Morrie who is a professor that suffers from Lou Gehrig ‘s disease, Morrie talks about the importance of the being of a household. Money and power can non replace household who does non merely give love, but besides takes attention of the household members ( Albom, 92 ) . Money and power might convey friend or life spouse but can non convey a relationship. Peoples go to physicians when they non experience good. They buy medical specialties and vitamins to acquire a tantrum and healthy organic structure. Peoples can purchase health care and vitamins with money. The Ma: Grave of the Dragon Emperor is a 2008 escapade film which tells a narrative about a Han Emperor from Qin Dynasty, played by Jet Li, who turned into ma. The Emperor united seven lands into one individual monolithic imperium and raised himself emperor of the provinces. Han, a brutal and autocratic warlord, buried and cursed all of his former enemy ‘s psyche to keep the building of the Great Wall of China. Emperor Han began to experience horror-stricken, because he thought that all he had accomplished will be lost upon his decease. He heard a enchantress, Zi Yuan, played by Michelle Yeoh, knows the secret of immoral life and desired to hold her as his kept woman. The Emperor ordered his right-hand adult male to happen her. His right-hand adult male found the enchantress and they fell in love, which made the emperor angry. The Emperor had his right-hand adult male drown and quartered which wounded the enchantress ‘s feeling. The enchantress, who supposed to project the immortality enchantment on the Emperor, casted a powerful expletive on Emperor Han and his ground forces. The Emperor is horrendously burned alive and imprisoned within a shell of terracotta, together with every last one of his work forces, transforming them into the terracotta ground forces. Han who was the most powerful adult male in China feared his decease. He tried to derive an immorality life but ended up as a ma. In Tuesdays with Morrie, Morrie thought Albom, the writer, about aging and the importance of young person. Many people are afraid of aging which brings them to decease, but aging besides brings other value. Peoples will make better in their life when they understand that they are traveling to decease ( Albom, 118 ) . Morrie ne’er buys the aging state of affairs but it happens to him. Peoples ne’er buy growings, since it is the procedure of life. John Travolta ‘s 16-year-old boy, Jett Travolta, passed off in 2009. John Travolta who is a successful Hollywood histrion can non salvage his boy ‘s life with the money he has. Jett, who suffered Kawasaki diseases since he was 2, received the best intervention. He was besides accompanied with guards and caretakers. However, Jett hit his caput in a bathing tub and he was already unconscious by the clip his caretaker found him. John Travolta might be able to engage guards or caretakers with his money but he could non purchase wellness and life-time for his boy. Peoples can non purchase lifetime and wellness with their money and power.

With money people can purchase any sorts of nutrient they want. With money people can imbibe the most expensive java in the universe, Luwak java. It is non from Jamaica or Hawaii. It is an Indonesian java. Luwak java is made from java beans which are eaten, digested, and so excreted by civets which gives alone spirit to the beans and removes the acrimonious spirit. Luwak java bean costs about 600 dollars a lb and 50 dollars per cup. With money, people can bask the most expensive java in the universe. The Grand Opulence sundae from Serendipity is the most expansive sundae in the universe. The sundae is made of scoops of the richest Tahitian vanilla bean ice pick mixed with Madagascar vanilla and covered in 23K comestible gold. The sundae is besides sprinkled with the universe ‘s most expensive cocoa, Amedei Porceleana, and covered with pieces of rare Chuao cocoa, which is from chocolate beans harvested by the Caribbean Sea on Venezuela ‘s seashore. The chef-d’oeuvre is served with alien candied fruits from Paris, gold dragnets, earthnuts and Marzipan Cherries. It is topped with a bantam glass bowl of Grand Passion Caviar, sole sweet caviar which is made from salt-free American Golden caviar, known for its scintillating aureate colour. It ‘s sweetened and assorted with fresh passion fruit, orange and Armagnac. The sundae is served in Harcourt crystal glass with an 18K gold spoon. This sundae costs a thousand dollars and approximately one time a month, rather a few people have the money to eat this ice pick. With money people can eat the most expensive ice pick sundae in the universe. Money provides the most epicurean nutrient, but people can non bask the nutrient which they want to eat. Diana, Princess of Spencer, had job with eating desire. With her position and her fiscal, she could purchase any sort of nutrient she wants. However, the emphasis she had made her unable to bask what she could hold. Due to her hubby ‘s relationship with other adult females and the media tenseness, she suffers from eating upset, binge-eating syndrome, which makes her skinnier. Her money and power can non convey her back the appetency to eat. Many Hollywood Stars besides have the same job. The money they have can non convey their appetency for them. Money might offer better quality of nutrient but money can non offer appetency.

Even though money is of import but money can non purchase several things, like, felicity, relationship, life-time, wellness, and appetite. Sometimes money might convey bad consequence on human life, such as dependence, whether it is dependence to money or other points. Peoples might non even recognize it that they were being controlled by the money. Money which brings problems to human is non everything. Health, life-time, relationship, felicity, and appetency are the most of import thing in human life.

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