Farwell To Manzanar And Red Scarf Girl English Literature Essay

Both Farwell to Manzanar written by Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston and Red Scarf Girl written by Ji – Li Jiang are two novels that are have wholly different narrative lines. Farwell to Manzanar is about a Nipponese miss named Jeanne and her household that are moved into cantonments during WWII because Japanese are labeled as felons. Red scarf miss is about Ji – Li Jang traveling through China ‘s communist revolution and how she viewed it. Though there narrative lines and secret plan possibly different, they portion many different subjects and state of affairss. One of the subjects in both narratives is make up one’s minding between her friends and her household. She ‘s is forced to expose regard for her household and go forth her friends and have her category position lessening or disrespect her household and hold a good category position. Another subject nowadays in the book is there options and picks. Many times in both books they have minimum options and picks. In Farwell to Manzanar, they do non hold as many options when they foremost reach the cantonment because they are considered “ untrusty ” and they do non hold many options but as clip goes on they receive more trust and things to make. In Red Scarf miss, her options are really limited because they are forced to believe in Mao. Anybody who opposes Mao would endure terrible effects. For her options come and travel but they are no options for her that truly in range. There is besides a existence of duty for the two chief characters in the book. In both books, the immature have to bit in with the work burden. Often the parents are unable to work, so they kids have to accept and presume some duty. Besides, in both books the authorities has a batch to make with it because the authorities uses force and fright to acquire what it wants. Everyone is excessively frightened to revolt.

Friends vs. household:

Both Jeanne and Ji-Li are put in a batch of force per unit area state of affairss to take between her friends and her household. Ji-Li has to do a important determination to travel with her household and allow her category position bead or travel with her friends and demo discourtesy to her household. Her household originates from a black category and her friends are a ruddy category. Ji-Li is diffident of demoing full trueness to president Mao. All of her friends have complete trueness to Chairman Mao, so in a manner she has to take between her households or Chairman Mao. She is perused and obligated into going a Communist revolutionist. An illustration of this is when the pupils are convinced to right bad things about the instructors. Ji-Li does non cognize what disrespectful things to compose about the instructors. Ji – Lithium is worried about non composing something bad about the instructors because if she is caught non composing anything bad, so everyone will label her as pro-communist. And to her if she is labeled as a pro-communist a batch of bad things can go on excessively her like her category position dropping. A similar state of affairs happens in Farwell to Manzanar. Ever since they have moved in to Manzanar, there Nipponese imposts have been traveling out. Her grandparents still live with them. Now they were following more American imposts and traditions. This makes Jeanne think does she desire to remain loyal to Japan as her grandparents and parents did or does she desire to get down a new life and new imposts in America? Finally Jeanne makes her determination and foliages

Her parent ‘s Nipponese imposts for newer American 1s. Some of the things she does in these new American imposts were glee nines, baseball, football, dance and wand swirling category. They even started traveling to a high school. But as the Nessei were out and about making more American things, the Issei still took on Nipponese imposts. Many took advantage of what infinite they had by doing it into a nice country. Some of the things they did were do stone gardens outside or put in linoleum inside alternatively of rug. Unlike in Ji – Li ‘s instance they did non even recognize that that Issei and the Nessei were turning apart.

Options and picks:

In both of the books picks and options addition overtime. At the start neither Jeanne nor Ji-Li have many picks. The ground for this is that both are oppressed. Since they are oppressed they are non free to make what they wish. She is invariably being oppressed. She ever has a pick to do but there truly is no option for her. For illustration when the adult male comes to Ji Li ‘s school and forces her to attest against her pa she says “ I had no pick but to travel ” ( Jiang 45 ) . At the minute she was forced to attest she had a pick but it was like the pick was decided for her because she would non allow her dad acquire hurt. The chief facet that makes her do her picks is peer force per unit area. Peer force per unit area is something Ji-Li faces throughout the book. For illustration an act of peer force per unit area is when she is selected for the hearings, she does non desire to endorse out because I she does, than people will look at her as a coward. Another illustration is when on page 10 “ This is for her ain good. Her schoolmates and instructors will merely be surprised if she says that her male parent wo n’t allow her travel. But what if she passes the hearing and ca n’t go through the political background probe? Then everybody will cognize that the household has a political job. ” In this state of affairs she does non desire to take the trial because everybody will cognize that she is a black category. This shows that she is afraid of what her friends think of her.

Government uses force to acquire what they want:

In both books Farwell to Manzanar and Red Scarf Girl, the governor has a large portion to with the secret plan. In Red Scarf Girl the Government is involved in one of the most of import subjects in the book. In this instance, Chairman Mao is the Government. He is the ground there is a cultural revolution. One of the chief secret plans it ‘s to see if Ji-Li will travel with Mao or her household. The Government has control because they had brainwashed the people. Cipher truly had a pick but to accept and travel with Chairman Mao. People looked at Mao as a male parent figure and idolized him. He took advantage of his people demoing complete trueness towards him so he so changed and manipulated his state. Ji – Lithium described it as “ Many friends have asked why, after all I went through, I did non detest Chairman Mao and the Cultural Revolution in those old ages. The reply is simple: We were all brainwashed. ”

It was merely after Chairman Mao ‘s Death. In Farwell to Manzanar, is the authorities forces all the Nipponese life In America to travel an burial cantonment. One of the obvious grounds the Government does this is because Japan and America are at war, but another ground is because America is paranoid that the Nipponese life here are undercover agents and are menaces to the United States. The United States locks up all the Japanese in an internment cantonment until the war is over. Since the United States knew that the Japanese could non successfully revolt back, they took advantage of it by locking them up.

Universe of duty:

Both Jeanne ‘s household and Ji – Li ‘s household are non really stable. One of the consequences is the immature have to step up to the home base and take some duty. Ji -li ‘s pa is taken and since there is no father figure there is cipher to put the regulations. Ji – Lithium must be more responsible. In Farwell to Manzanar, Jeanne ‘s pa comes to Manzanar subsequently. Jeanne has to assist her ma with all the procedures nesacry to keep at that place place

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