French Health Care System Compared To Us Economics Essay

The U.S. wellness attention system has progressively been the subject of every family for about two decennaries, since Bill Clinton ‘s promise to make something about the lifting wellness attention costs in the early 1990s. The World Health Organization ( WHO ) , in a comprehensive survey carried out in 2000, ranked the U.S. wellness attention system as the highest in cost. Today, the U.S. system is still expensive for many citizens ; harmonizing to The U.S. Census Bureau, about 47 million Americans are without medical coverage ( Rayski, 2010 ) . This paper seeks to take a critical position of the U.S. wellness attention system by comparing it with the Gallic system. In add-on to wellness attention costs, other issues have been identified, such as

The Gallic Health Care system was chosen because of the increasing involvement from a bulk of wellness attention experts who regard the Gallic wellness attention system as the theoretical account for United States. In add-on, the Gallic theoretical account has been on the spotlight following the consequences of the 2000 World Health Organization ‘s ranking of the universe ‘s wellness systems.

Harmonizing to the WHO, France has the best wellness attention system in the universe, while the U.S. was ranked at figure 37. The superb public presentation by France in the WHO rankings was because of assorted foreparts, chiefly: proviso of cosmopolitan coverage, antiphonal wellness attention suppliers, patients ‘ freedom of pick, and the wellness of the population ( Guilloton, 2009 ) .


There are assorted similarities between the United States and the Gallic wellness attention systems. Both systems rely on private insurance every bit good as authorities insurance. This is despite the fact that complementary private insurance financess in France are really koosely regulated, in lower rates than in the U.S. In add-on, in both systems, the insurance is provided through the employer.

In the Gallic wellness attention system, doctors are private, although patients are registered in national wellness insurance. The system is besides authorities financed. This resembles the US system, taking the signifier of Medicare for all. Although in the Gallic system the whole occupant population is covered and the benefit bundle is greater, the system resembles Medicare and Social Security, because it is funded by implemented paysheet revenue enhancements in add-on to a figure of income revenue enhancement parts. However, physicians work for the most portion in private, office-based patterns, and there is a mix up of public and private infirmaries.

Physician Compensation is another topic that shows important similarities between the Gallic and the U.S. health care systems. The national wellness insurance system is in charge of paying Gallic physicians, who are paid harmonizing to a centrally planned fee agenda, although physicians can bear down their monetary value. Notably, the fees are founded on an up front intervention graduated table, a similar method to DRGs in the United States system. The patient must construction the difference between the sum paid for by the cosmopolitan wellness attention system and the fee charged by the physician.

Merely like Americans, the Gallic are against limitations on patient pick. Some Americans consider the French to pattern “ socialised medical specialty ” , which is non the instance. The Gallic system depends on independent private practicians as opposed to a British-style national wellness service, a system regarded to as “ socialised medical specialty. ”

In France, everyone has wellness attention. However, unlike in Britain and Canada, there are no waiting lists to acquire elected surgery or see a specializer, Dutton says. There is no expressed wellness attention rationing in France. There are no waiting lists for specialised infirmary interventions. There is really easy entree, possibly excessively easy, to specialise services. A

The Gallic system has progressively been traveling towards control of the authorities. In France, there have been a assortment of efforts in recent old ages to broaden authorities control of wellness attention costs. In 1991, for illustration, the Gallic authorities enlarged its Health Map system whereby it is in charge of the capital building of all wellness attention installations every bit good as their budgets, the acquisition of medical equipment, and even the monetary value of drugs. This resembles the US system, whereby the authorities has been beat uping for entire control of wellness attention.


A major difference between the Gallic wellness attention system and the US is the fact that everyone in France has entree to wellness insurance. Every legal citizen of France has the right to utilize wellness attention, which is covered by the jurisprudence of cosmopolitan coverage called la Couverture maladie universelle. In the United States, entree to wellness attention is a ambitious construct ; harmonizing to a Consumer Reports survey of the U.S. wellness attention system, a entire 40 per centum of the citizens in the United States do non hold equal wellness insurance. This is because in America, as opposed to France, the federal authorities does non vouch cosmopolitan wellness attention to all its citizens.

The issue of waiting times raises important differences between the France and the US systems. Waiting times are a major concern in the United States, whether for a specializer, specialised interventions, or major elected surgery, for illustration hip replacing. One of the primary determiners of entree to wellness attention in the United States is handiness to funding to pay for intervention and the handiness of services in the country. These factors, in add-on to the willingness of the wellness attention supplier to present service at the insurance company ‘s set monetary value, every bit good as rationing, have significantly increased waiting times. In France, nevertheless, the wellness attention system has successfully managed to avoid waiting lists, because of, for illustration, the reasonably high coinsurance charges.

There are important differences in the reimbursement of physicians in both systems. In France, the authorities reimburses its doctors at a much low rate compared toU.S. doctors, while many physicians in France are free to order any attention they consider medically necessary. However, Gallic doctors do non hold to pay back their suppression pupil loans since the province pays medical school. The mean annual net income for Gallic doctors is $ 55,000, about a 3rd of what the US doctors earn.

Technology besides has noteworthy differences between both systems. The United States, compared to France, spends more on engineering. The Gallic authorities does non fund new engineerings every bit liberally as is the instance of the U.S. authorities. This is because of fee limitations every bit good as planetary budgets, which provide small inducement to put liberally in medical engineering. Besides engineering differences, there is a important difference in the manner both systems control wellness attention costs. It is of import to observe that the investor-owned insurance sector of France is much smaller compared to the United States sector. This is the same tendency in the Gallic system ‘s medical-industrial composite, which is much less powerful compared to the U.S. ‘s system.

Favorable Features

The issue of cosmopolitan coverage has made the Gallic wellness attention system a favourite. The Gallic system should be on an upward tendency off from centralised authorities control. Furthermore, wellness attention suppliers should see presenting more market-oriented methods. This is an priceless lesson to the wellness attention jobs of the United States ; by sing the success of the Gallic system, it is apparent that centralised bid and control is bound to take to more jobs. There are legion benefits to be obtained from developing consumer inducements and pick.

A notable characteristic of the Gallic system is that the more serious one ‘s status is, the more coverage one gets. Expensive unwellnesss such as malignant neoplastic disease, mental unwellness and diabetes are expeditiously covered by the authorities, an facet which is uncommon in the United States. The high prevalent instances of Cancer in the U.S. , peculiarly to the African Americans, are progressively taking to disapprobation of the wellness attention system, because of the complications in supplying for insurance coverage.

The issue of pregnancy benefits of the U.S system, compared to the Gallic, makes the Gallic system low-cost and much welcome. In France, adult females take up to 16 hebdomads of compulsory, compensated pregnancy leave from work, in add-on to benefits such as fiscal addendums for places with more than two kids, nanny services every bit good as individual parent allowances. These are of import lessons for the U.S. to larn from. There should be a cosmopolitan pregnancy benefits policy, which should counter the current system of alone company policies sing pregnancy leave.

A Gallic System That Would Work For Americans

In the recent yesteryear, wellness attention has advanced in considerable ways. From patterned advance in medical cognition, to investing in equipment and drugs, the twenty-first century has set wellness attention on a new degree.

Today, interventions are more effectual and quality of life and life anticipation have been enhanced. As a consequence, physicians and other wellness attention suppliers have been faced with the challenge of maintaining up to day of the month. At present, in about every state in the universe, authorities policy plays a cardinal function in wellness attention. In respect to medical interventions and insurance, authoritiess, either actively or passively, offer particular legislative favour to involvement entities.

Most Americans need a wellness attention system that will unify the state, in malice of gender, racial, spiritual, cultural, or political backgrounds. In relation to the U.S. system, the Gallic wellness attention system covers everyone, and its costs rise at a lower rate. see graph.


Both rely on private insurance every bit good as authorities insurance. In both systems, the insurance is provided through the employer-government financed. This resembles the US system, taking the signifier of Medicare for all

I think that the employer-based health-care system is good. However, it would be good if citizens who make excessively much money to measure up for Medicaid but can non afford insurance, could acquire insurance. Maybe the authorities could raise the maximal pay demands so these people would measure up. And the extra costs could be paid for by cutting the waste in the current Medicare and Medicaid systems.

I feel that it is good that America is the leader in engineering ( MRI scanners and etc ) and that doctors and research workers are non limited by the authorities and that they have fiscal inducements.

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