Frog In Search Of A New Pond English Literature Essay

Pinging is a toad who lived in this pool since birth and had no purposes of of all time go forthing this beautiful oasis. Until one twenty-four hours his beautiful oasis turned into a mud hole. While on his journey in hunt of a new pool he had to confront many challenges that he was non prepared for, nevertheless, along the manner he met an interesting friend, Owl. Like most owls Pinging ‘s new friend was wise and insightful and helped Pinging on his manner. I, like Ping, have had to do a journey a clip or two that I was besides non prepared to do but with great friends, like Owl, I was able to get the better of the obstructions merely as Pinging did.

Who can think that precise minute when your universe is traveling to alter?

I have been through my portion of life alterations, matrimony, and birth of kids, divorce, decease and occupations. Some had more battles than others and looking back none of them seem every bit bad as I recall when I was traveling through them. As I reflect back on the past twosome of old ages which has led me to where I am today, in nursing school, I am aroused to see my achievements. I see many things now that had I non grown as a individual and faced those challenges head on the manner I did I would most likely non be where I am today. Like that twenty-four hours that Pinging experient failure and reverse ( Gold, 26 ) I have been there so many times. But like Owl said “ merely your ain bosom has the power to steer you. You must trust on yourself over any other offering. Born of the bosom, hewn by the spirit, the way to the charming life can non be taught-it must be taken. ” ( Gold 31 ) When I was traveling though the tough times I felt like I was lost and confused. I did n’t cognize what to make and every clip a friend would offer advice to me it merely did non look right, for me. That ‘s when my ma said that I had to get down someplace and the best topographic point to get down is where you are. Owl offered similar advice to Ping stating “ excessively many wait for merely the right clip and merely the right topographic point to move. The really act of waiting really pushes the coveted events off. You must make in order to be. ” ( Gold, 32 ) So when was the right clip to get down nursing school, nil like the present?

Leap of Faith

Like Pinging I made the pick to allow travel of the yesteryear, prosecute the hereafter, and give birth to the great new thought of life. ( Gold, 21 ) . Change my calling after 13 old ages? Am I holding a midlife crisis? I decided to allow travel of past relationships, grabbed ahold of my current one and returned to school to acquire my nursing grade. My hubby has been such as inspiration to travel back to school and acquire my grade. What was standing in my manner? My yesteryear, all my frights of failure and my frights of taking a hazard. It ‘s difficult to allow travel of all you know and take the hazard of a new hereafter which is the same vacillations that Pinging was sing.

Wise eyes

At one point Ping is kicking about being tangled in a web of tree subdivisions saying “ My manner is blocked its this tree that keeps me down. ” ( Gold, 29 ) And Owl responds “ The trees that keep you down are the trees that lift me high. Are they non the same trees? ” ( Gold, 29 ) Oh so many times I have faced similar obstructions like my friends but sometimes they merely seem to come out like it was no large trade but for some ground I felt that was unjust to me. However, when reflecting on the state of affairs and the manner we both handled it otherwise I can see now the true grounds why we handled it otherwise and how I grew from it.

Beginner ‘s Mind

Now that I am in nursing school it is so much harder than I foremost thought. My aunt and my measure sister have both failed out. This merely adds more force per unit area to me to win. The whole clip I have been taking college categories I ne’er thought I would neglect a class nevertheless, I have failed several of my trial and I have been worried that I will non do it. I have ne’er experienced this fright before. Owl tells Pinging “ as devastating and demoralizing as failure is, there is something much more tragic and terribly worse: the absence of failure. For so you have non exerted the will to try success. ” ( Gold, 46 ) He goes on to state “ Do non let failure to maintain you from your wants or desires and prevent you from populating a life good lived. ” ( Gold, 47 ) I will non allow failure acquire me down, I will go through these classs and I will go the best nurse I can be.

The Trial

One of the grounds that I decided to travel to nursing school is that I have spent 13 old ages assisting my community as a whole. It is clip that I help people on a one-to-one footing. However, since being in school I have had more fiscal strain put on my household with non holding a rise in three old ages and my hubby late acquiring laid off work and to exceed off the cost of school being added to our diminishing budget. I can non state you how many times my hubby and I talked about me discontinuing school merely until we can acquire back on our pess. He said “ believe we ca n’t make it and we wo n’t, believe that we can and we will. ” By him believing in me has made me believe in myself. That belief in each other is what is transporting us through now. Like Owl told Pinging “ Wordss form belief ; belief signifiers action. To take control of your fate, you must take control of your ideas. ” ( Gold, 53 ) That positive idea procedure is what is maintaining me focused in school knowing I can make this for me and my household. And that it is merely four more semesters. I have made it this far the end is right at my finger tips and I can non give it up now!

The analogy that Owl uses to go like H2O is on point. “ Water has the relentless power to transform and reconstitute all things that stand in its way. ( Gold 68 ) “ Travel with the flow, because the flow knows where to travel. Align your day-to-day life with it and you will sit its boundless moving ridge, taking advantage of its omniscient way. ” ( Gold 67 ) It ‘s when we fight against it that we have more challenges along the manner. I am larning to allow “ Travel with the flow and you will happen your ego supported by cryptic integrity of its ain power. ” ( Gold 67 ) We will all acquire bumps and contusions along the manner but it is one wild drive.

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