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How has school been for you. ITs been three hebdomads into the new semester and I do trust that you are get bying good with your tutorials and undertakings.

On behalf of the disposal squad, here ‘s a soft reminder to all users of this web log to take note of their blogging moralss when posting a web log entry. Blogging can be simple, basic, but yet there are some of import moralss that we would wish you to instill.

It is to our great comfort to cognize that this web log has been efficaciously used. It has been noted to be successful in leting our Co-Curricular Activity nines ( CCAs ) to post information and updates on their activities and approaching events. Blogging can be a instead effectual medium of communicating. However, we have received feedback noticing on our web log stations being excessively insouciant and careless in respects to the linguistic communication and tone.

Furthermore, as web logs can be easy accessed by the populace, the administrative squad would wish to stress the demand to compose right and politely. It is of import because this web log is associated with Ngee Ann Polytechnic ‘s ( NP ) repute. There is concern that these stations will make a negative feeling of our pupils. In add-on, if any parent or future pupil were to opportunity upon this web log, and organize a negative first feeling of our school, this would impact us adversely. Therefore, we have included some composing tips that will assist blog users like you, to make a more positive feeling on readers.

Here are some tips that you can utilize as a checklist to guarantee that you are composing both right and politely:

Take note of your tone

Always pay ample attending to the tone of your web log. A simple phrase like “ I want ” may give off a negative vibration, and this might be wholly different from your original purpose. Try utilizing phrases like “ I would wish ” , this alternatively breeds good natured feelings, and leaves the reader feeling comfy excessively! You surely would n’t desire person to be mistaken about what your purpose is right? Always bear in head, composing positively will spur your readers to transport on reading! Learn to change your tone harmonizing to the targeted audience every bit good. Formal tone could be used to thank the participants of an event that is publicized, while a somewhat informal tone could be used to make a personal feel with pupils. The ability to utilize different tones for different occasions will be able to separate your web log stations from the remainder! So, are you ready to warm up the tone of your communicating with a positive phrase? Or have you been on the right path all along?

Be sensitive about your pick of words

Always exclude coarsenesss and slangs when composing a web log station. As pupils of Ngee Ann Polytechnic, we represent the school. The repute of the school is in our custodies, and we surely do non desire to make a negative stereotype of our engineering school ‘s pupils. Please exercising discretion when posting up your web log station, and look into to see if you have included any slangs normally used by adolescents. Using words or phrases like “ LOL ” or “ FML ” is non appropriate on this web log!

Do non acquire personal

Ever heard of “ cyber intimidation ” ? This could one of the effects when users of the cyberspace get personal. Be it societal networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, or web logs, we all need to be cognizant of the effect of acquiring excessively personal! Do n’t you realize that when person gets excessively personal, it normally breeds sick feelings? This web log is meant for our engineering school ‘s CCA groups to portion meaningful information and success narratives with everyone. All CCAs are equal regardless of their accomplishments. As pupils of the same engineering school, should n’t we give our support to our fellow CCAs alternatively of seting them down?

Write in clear, short sentences

Make you gain that composing in simple, clear sentences is normally more effectual in acquiring your point across? As the normally heard phrase goes, ever seek to maintain your sentences “ short and sweet ” ! Try to remain clear of long, long-winded sentences as it might backlash, and make more misinterpretations alternatively. Write clearly by utilizing short sentences that do n’t hold excess phrases, commas, or parentheses. Keep your linguistic communication simple and do n’t utilize large words when a simpler one will make. Replace long, long-winded phrases with one word whenever possible. ( Negative Wordss to Avoid in Writing, 2012 )

Make seek to set the tips into pattern! They are easy tips to follow. The disposal squad is looking frontward to seeing more gracious and positive web log stations in the hereafter! Let ‘s work together to do this web log a success!


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Pearl Tang Shu Yi


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