Harmony In Sense And Sensibility English Literature Essay

The novel “ Sense and Sensibility ” was written by the Jane Austine an English novelist. This was her first novel to be published in 1811.Jane Austine was born in 1775at a small town known as Steventon which is found in Hampshire near Basingstoke. She was the 7th kid in the household of eight kids and their male parent was Reverend George Austine. Cassandra, her senior sister and her received their instruction chiefly at place and she spend most of her clip with her household members. She lived merrily during her childhood together with her brothers and besides in the company of the male childs who were taught by their male parent. She largely stayed with her sister. These kids wrote and performed dramas as a manner of entertaining themselves. Even at her immature age Jane was interested in composing. She often visited her male parent ‘s library where she read many books and got the stuffs which helped her in composing the satirical studies which she wrote as a miss. Jane wrote her first book at the age of 14 old ages. These were the novels on Love and Friendship and A History of England by a partial, prejudiced and nescient Historian. At the age of 20 old ages she wrote other novels which were to be completed and published in future. They included: Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice and Northanger Abbey. She besides started composing another novel called The Watson which ne’er came into completion ( Austine 1 ) .

Jane enjoyed dancing and participated in ball games in the great houses her neighbours. Austine, his male parent and their two girls moved from Steventon to Bath go forthing his place in Steventon under his boy James. Life in Bath was hard for Jane because there was no freedom in the busy town and hence missed the life she had in Steventon. Her male parent died in 1805 and the household was faced with fiscal jobs and was hence forced to depend on aid from their brothers. During this clip, she fell in love with a immature adult male who unluckily died. After that she got engaged to Harris Bigg -Wither who was a brother of his close friends and besides rich land proprietor but she changed head and was unhappy with the issue as a whole ( Austine 10 ) .

The fresh Sense and Sensibility is a narrative of the two Dashwood sisters, Marianne and Elinor who struggled to happen good hubbies so as to procure their place in the society. The novel was written in 1797 and it was a alteration of the study which had been written by Jane at the age of 20 old ages. The early version of this work was written in the signifier of a novel in letters and it had been read aloud to the household in 1795.Elinor and Marianne were girls of the 2nd married woman of Mr. Dashwood. They had a younger sister called Margret and an older stepbrother named John. After the decease of Mr. Dashwood, his estate in Norland Park was straight inherited by John who was the lone male member in the household and besides a kid of his first married woman. Elinor, Marianne, Margret and their female parent was left with small income. Shortly before his decease on his deathbed, Mr. Dashwood had instructed his boy John to take good attention of his half sisters. However, Fanny John ‘s married woman was selfish and greedy and hence told his hubby that it was non his responsibility to financially take attention of them therefore gave nil to the misss and their female parent ( Burke 700 ) . They instantly moved to Norland after decease of Dashwood and became its new proprietors. John and his married woman started maltreating the misss in what was their place which forced them to travel out and look for another life topographic point. Looking for a topographic point to populate was a great challenge to them because they did non hold adequate money.

Edward Ferrars the brother of Fanny came to Norland to see them. He was intelligent, pleasant, reserved and retiring. Edward and Elinor fell in love with one another which made Mrs. Dashwood happy trusting that they would get married one another. Funny is unhappy with that and she tells them that her female parent Mrs. Ferrars who was windowed but affluent wanted his boy to acquire a good calling for himself and acquire married to a adult female of a high rank or one who comes from a great estate. Mrs. Dashwood was annoyed with her and decided to travel to another topographic point to populate. Edward loved Elinor due his reserved behaviour made Elinor non cognize his purposes ( Burke 700 ) . Elinor hoped that her matrimony with Edward would be successful but she did non promote her relations to be hopeful for the matrimony. Sir John Middleton a rich cousin of Mrs. Dashwood offered her a bungalow in his estate in Devonshire in Barton Park and she accepted it even though it was little and dark in comparing to Norland. They were welcomed by Sir John and he invited them to be dining at the great house of Barton Park with him and his married woman often and besides fall in the societal life that his household had. Sir. John lived with his mother-in-law Mrs. Jennings a rich sort window who started looking hubbies for the Dashwood girls.During their stay, they met their old friend Colonel Brandon. Brandon was interested in Marianne and Mrs. Jennings was happy about it. Marianne was happy about this because Brandon was aged 35 old ages and she thought that at that age she was a old unmarried man who could non fall in love or give love to another individual.

Marianne was walking outside when it started raining. She slipped and fell down and was injured on her mortise joint. John Willoughby who had paid a visit to his aunt, Mrs. Smith saw the accident. He helped her and carried her place. Marianne admired his good expressions and his vocal positions in music, poesy and art. Harmonizing to her he was the antonym of Brendon who was quiet and reserved ( Austine and Verlag ) . He started sing Marianne frequent an act which made Elinor and her female parent think that the two people were in secret engaged. Elinor was concerned about the relationship between Marianne and Willoughby and cautioned her to be careful but she rejected. They went on a field day to see the house which Willoughby was supposed to inherit. Elinor wondered how Marianne could travel entirely to see her house which she did non cognize the proprietor Mrs. Smith which Marianne was annoyed with and termed it as intervention to them. Elinor and Marianne thought that the house that Marianne was to be shown is one in which she was to be a kept woman when they married. Willoughby visited them early in the forenoon and told them that his aunt had told him to travel to London for concern intents and was non retuning until after one twelvemonth. Marianne was unhappy about the thought and started playing music which had been given to her by Willoughby and reading of which they enjoyed together as a manner of soothing herself.

Edward visited them once more and seemed unhappy which made Elinor uncomfortable because she wondered if he still had feelings for her.She nevertheless hid her frights and did non desire to expose her feelings to her female parent and sisters who had strong religion on their love. Anne and Lucy Steele, the uneducated cousins of Lady Middleton came to remain at Barton Park. Jokingly, Sir John told Lucy that Elinor was in love with Edward so that so that she can state Elinor that they have been engaged for four old ages with Edward. Elinor blamed Edward because of leting her to give love to him when he was attached to person else but subsequently learned that they he was engaged at a really immature age and therefore it was a error. Harmonizing to her Edward does non love Lucy but he does non desire grief her by interrupting the battle. She tried her best to conceal letdown and showed Lucy that she felt nil about Edward. Marianne wrote many letters to Wiilioughby as a manner of demoing Elinor that they were to the full engaged but he did non react to the letters. Finally he wrote a missive to Marianne stating her that he was engaged to Miss Grey a affluent adult female. Marianne the told Elinor the truth that they were non engaged but she loved her and he is the 1 who made her believe in his love. It is during this clip that they came to cognize the character of Willoughby ( Austine and Verlag 50 ) . Colonel Brandon revealed to Elinor that he had impregnated the 15 twelvemonth old Eliza Williams and abandoned her when he realized that she had become pregnant. Fanny Dashwood invited Lucy so that they can remain with her. Lucy became ill-mannered and boated to Elinor because of the love that she received from Fanny ‘s female parent Mrs. Ferrars. Fanny and her female parent liked Lucy truly and this made Miss Anne Steele state them that Lucy was engaged to Edward. When Mrs. Ferrars became cognizant of the battle she was annoyed and Fanny threw both Lucy and Anne out to the street. Mrs. Ferrars told Edward to interrupt the engagement failure to which he could non inherit from her. Edward refused and his heritage went to his brother Robert. Elinor and Marianne sympathized with Edward because of what befell him.

Edward decided to go a parish leader so that he can gain a life. Colonel Brandon had the cognition of how hard life can be when one is denied love and asked Elinor to help him in offering Edward a vicarage in Brandon ‘s estate. The purpose of Brandon was to assist Edward until he can acquire something better to make. The household subsequently realized that Lucy was married to Mr. Ferrars. Elinor is unhappy and her female parent realizes that her girl had strong feelings for Edward and she apologized to her girl for non paying attending to her sadness. Edward faced her female parent and told her that Robert had married Lucy. He said that his love for Lucy had ceased along clip ago and that was the ground behind her interrupting the battle and marrying Robert who was rich. Edward so asked for a manus in matrimony with Elinor which she accepted. Edward subsequently reconciled with his female parent and her sister and she was given 10 thousand lbs by his female parent ( Austine and Tavner 100 ) . They married and went to remain at Delaford in Parsonage. Mrs. Dashwood, Marianne and Margret stayed in Delaford for the following two old ages. Marianne continued to turn and she decided to get married the 37 twelvemonth old Colonel at the age of 19 old ages. The house of the Colonel was near the Parsonage where Elinor and her hubby lived which made it easy for sisters and hubbies to see each other oftenly.

Elinor and Marianne were really different and they fell in love to work forces who were really different. Both of them were temporally abandoned by the people who subsequently became their hubbies. Elinor believes that love should be arranged sanely and that people should fall in love with people of their ain category who have money so as to avoid jobs. She does non belief in giving off of emotions. Marianne believes that love is bold, passionate and dramatic and adds that people should give manner to emotions invariably. Both of them realized that some of their thoughts need change.The two misss experience love affair and grief. The differences which existed between the two sisters were solved because they found love and felicity in the remainder of their lives. Throughout the events in the novel, Elinor and Marianne came to understand the sense and esthesia of life and love ( Austine and Tavner 155 ) .

Harmony is merely reached if sense and esthesia are conciliated. Before any action is done, it is good to believe carefully about its effects. Love and matrimony should non be based on wealthy. Even though Willoughby had all the wealth he did non get married Marianne. Marriage should besides non be based on category. Edward was prevented from Lucy because they were non of the same category. She was denied wealth and subsequently she married Elinor who was besides non of his category. Some things should non be a barrier to marriage if people want harmoniousness in the matrimony life. Peoples should be allowed have their ain pick of partner. Family backgrounds, economic position and facets of civilization have no topographic point in finding issues of love and matrimony. Race, faith, and tribal favoritism should be avoided in matrimony affairs ( Austine and Tavner 200 ) .

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