Harry Potter Literary Criticism English Literature Essay

The books about Harry Potter were written in England by J. Rowling and were published during the period from the 30th of June 1997 till the 21st of July 2007. The genre of the series is Fantasy, Mystery and Thriller. The books tell about the escapades of a male child Harry Potter and his friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley ; all of them are the students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

When in 1999 in the esteemed best-seller list of “ New York Times ” the first three rows were occupied by Joanne Rowling ‘s book about a small ace Harry Potter, it became obvious that the Western universe is faced with a new, hitherto unknown phenomenon. First English, and so other developed states were captivated with the epidemic of reading. Suddenly, out of the blue, kids ‘s literature has proved its fight with such monsters as dad music and game industry.

Literary unfavorable judgment.

From the beginning, Harry Potter book has received positive feedback. The first book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher ‘s Stone won the attending of Scots newspapers, such as The Glasgow Herald, which said that the book was a “ Magic material ” ( Eccleshare, 10 ) and The Scotsman newspaper, which announced that it had “ all the devisings of a authoritative ” ( Eccleshare, 10 ) . Some clip subsequently the English newspapers started to compare it with work of Roald Dahl ‘s The Mail on Sunday, and called Harry Potter “ the most inventive introduction since Roald Dahl ” ( Eccleshare, 10 ) .

When the book “ Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix ” was being finished, a batch of representatives of literary schools started to give critical reappraisals. So, Harold Bloom, who is the professor in Yale and literary bookman and critic, said “ Rowling ‘s head is so governed by cliches ” and that her dead metaphors were non the proper manner of the authorship manner ( Bloom, 2003 ) .

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban got a critical observation from the critic Anthony Holden in 1999. His sentiment about the book was non positive – “ the Potter saga was basically arch, conservative, extremely derivative, dispiritingly nostalgic for a water under the bridge Britain ” ; he besides mentioned the “ prosaic, ill-formed prose manner ” . At the same clip Ursula Le Guin said, that she did n’t hold great sentiment about it. She added that when many grownup critics were speaking about the rare originality of the first book, she read it and remained slightly at a loss. She understood it as a lively child ‘s fantasy assorted with a novel about school, good menu for its age group, but it was ordinary in stylists, imaginatively derivative, and ethically instead mean-spirited.

The writer Fay Weldon, admitted that the series of books was non what poets expected, but nevertheless it was non a poesy, but it was clear, salable, it was for every twenty-four hours.

The film critic Charles Taylor ( Salon Columnist. 2000 ) does n’t hold with Byatt ‘s unfavorable judgments in some point. He agrees that she may hold “ a valid cultural point-a teeny one-about the urges that drive us to reassuring dad rubbish and off from the disturbing complexnesss of art ” ( Taylor, 2003 ) . But at the same clip he does n’t hold that the books are missing in serious literary virtue. Charles Taylor pointed out the increasingly darker tone of the books, which we can see in the violent death of a schoolmate and a friend. He is besides certain that that Philosopher ‘s Stone, which is considered to be the most blithe of these seven books, disrupts the childhood reassurances ( Taylor, 2003 ) .

The well-known Stephen King called the books “ a effort of which merely a superior imaginativeness is capable ” . He thinks that the book is “ a good 1 ” , but he feels tiring to read the beginning of every book, which starts with description of Harry at place with his awful uncle and aunt ( Wild About Harry. 2000 ) . He has besides joked that “ Rowling ‘s ne’er met an adverb she did non like! ” ( Heilman, 112 ) .

Beatles and Harry Potter.

Russian critic Vladimir Alexandrov compares Harry Potter with the Beatles. He drew attending to the fact that the forenoon after the first public presentation of “ The Beatles ” , the Herald Tribune reported that they consist of: 75 % of advertisement, 20 % of hairdos and 5 % of music shortness of breath ( Giselle, 45-48 ) .

Meanwhile, for all subsequent old ages, no 1 has achieved the same antic success. They were still are a societal phenomenon with a pronounced the world-historical significance. Indeed, thanks to “ The Beatles ” in the 60 ‘s the full planet has taken a alone effort to unify non motivated by the thoughts of lasting revolution or Islamic fundamentalism, but on the footing of music. Millions believed in “ Beatles ” , and were ready to travel after them. This, of class, was a Utopia.

Joan Rowling may be the same phenomenon. Today, a batch of people compare Beatlemania and Potteromania. Reasons for this are easy seen: earsplitting universe popularity ; the about complete rejection of the original highbrow critics, and the go oning onslaughts from spiritual leaders and organisations.

Particularly uncovering is a 3rd ground. The increased bete noire to Rowling clearly demonstrated the acknowledgment of her popularity. Recently, “ Book Review ” reported about the presentation combustion books about Potter. The Pastor Fletcher Brothers, the Godhead of the site with the facile rubric “ Village of Liberty ” , has supplied its antipotter remarks links to Gospel. In the 19 provinces of the USA there were efforts to forbid by jurisprudence the books of Rowling. They were understood as the propaganda of pagan religion and Satanism.

Harry Potter the Urban Mowgli.

The Books about Harry Potter have incredible success. The important sentiment of Western unfavorable judgment Tells that a phenomenon explained by the fact that book is about the most of import kids ‘s frights – fright of being abandoned, fright of solitariness, fright non to run into the outlooks of parents. The Books of Rowling convince kids that they can get by with all the troubles.

If to travel through the history of the series, we see that the first book “ Harry Potter and the Sorcerer ‘s Stone ” tells about the male child who miraculously survived after the calamity that took the lives of his both parents, one twelvemonth old Harry is in a wholly foreign to his environment. He lives with aliens in a unusual universe of Maglov. This universe is the “ rock jungle ” which tries to devour the kid, teach him to populate by the Torahs of most jungles.

It sounds like the narrative of Kipling. He leaves his hero on the threshold of maturity. The same happens to Harry Potter. The miracle finds him on the threshold of adolescence. He gets the invitation to wizards school Hogwarts, when, he should lose religion in thaumaturgy. Every child has his Hogwarts.

Small kids read Harry Potter with exhilaration, because they feel that the narrative is beloved for them. For them, Hogwarts is something that is in the vicinity. They will non endeavor to acquire at that place, because they are already at that place. For immature people Harry Potter is a kind of powerful tranquilizer-antidepressant. Entirely with him, they feel rather comfy, despite all the hocus-pocus of age.

Equally long as a kid lives in the psyche of an grownup, he will believe in Potter. He will believe in the victory of good over evil. May be it is non inconclusive, but impermanent, as is the instance with Rowling.


Get downing from the 30th of June 1997, when the first book “ Harry Potter and the Sorcerer ‘s Stone ” was published, the series became really popular and got positive unfavorable judgment from all over the universe.

Some critics think that there are book that are non appropriate for kids, such as “ Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows ” .

By the June 2008, it was sold more than 400 million transcripts of the books all over the universe and it has been translated into 67 linguistic communications ( Allsobrook, 2003 ) , and the last four books in turn set records as the fastest selling book in the whole history.

Nice narrative Joanne Rowling, which combines the attraction of faery narratives, investigator, thriller and role-play, would hold no ground to still be a literary event and would non be deserving ships chitchat, if non unexpected dimensions of success.

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