How Can A Reflective Learning Journal Help English Language Essay

Brooding diary is designed to assist you believe deeply about your acquisition, particularly on issues such as: your advancement in acquisition, the troubles you encountered in the procedure of acquisition, the schemes you have taken to acquire around those troubles, and your rating of your ain public presentation.

What can you acquire from composing brooding larning diary?

For the survey, composing a brooding acquisition diary helps you:

conveying together theory and pattern,

output better apprehension of the class stuff

For your development as a successful and independent scholar, it helps you:

See your strength and failing as a scholar

Find out the methods of larning which accommodate your ain acquisition manner

Notice how you can better your acquisition in the hereafter

Derive a clearer image of your acquisition advancement and so in a better place to be after your acquisition

General Instructions

What larning experience to reflect on?

The object of contemplation for this diary is your experience in larning during the hebdomad. See ‘Detail guidelines ‘ for the particulars.

Frequency and length expected

You are required to do one entry per hebdomad, each about 250 words of length. You are advised to do entry on a regular basis instead than go forthing it till before a entry day of the month, and the quality of contemplation should be the accent of your entries instead than worrying about the word count.


Your brooding learning diary will lend to 3 % of your concluding class for this course-3 % from 25 % allocated to the PBL undertaking. The standard for appraisal is the satisfactory completion of the undertaking, i.e. doing regular entry as required. The focal point of this exercising is on contemplation.

Requirement for entry

You are to upload your hebdomadal diary by Sunday of the hebdomad, before 12 midnight, under the ‘Assignment subdivision ‘ of the Course Repository.

Detail Guidelines

This subdivision offers guidelines to doing journal entries that are brooding and important to you personally.

What larning experience to reflect on?

Reflect on your procedure of larning. Record any observations, experience, ideas and penetrations that are important to you as a scholar, or even as a individual.

Prompt inquiries for your mention:

The map of prompt inquiries is to excite your brooding thought. You do n’t necessitate to ( in fact, you are non supposed to ) reply every one of them in any entry.

What have I learnt about developing an EC system?

What have I learnt about PBL?

Make I understand what I have learnt?

What can I make in order to derive a better apprehension?

Where can I happen more information?

What scheme have I used in larning this subject?

How effectual is this scheme?

How can I do this scheme more effectual?

Why do I need to larn about EC development?

How does this larning experience contribute to my academic development?

What implications does it hold sing my acquisition?

What troubles have I encountered in using my cognition in covering with mundane state of affairss?

What would be the causes for those troubles and how could I get the better of them?

What has been discussed today in category? What does it intend to me?

What has been discussed in the old group treatment?

What do I happen hard in understanding? Why?

What do I happen hard in accepting? Why?

Quick Help on Reflective Journal Writing

What to compose in the Reflective Learning Journal?

Brooding larning diary authorship is really different from academic assignments that you have been composing. It is a piece of flexible, personal, informal piece of authorship. If you are diffident about how to get down, and how to compose, do n’t merely scrabble something in the diary, as composing something genuinely “ brooding ” is the most of import portion of the procedure, see if our tips can give you a lift!

“ I do n’t cognize what to compose! ”

5 tips on what to compose in a journal entry:

Start off with whatever in your head about your larning experience in the class

Do n’t merely throw in events in chronological order

Describe the significance of what you learnt in the class. Besides, your reaction, feeling, sentiments, positions on both the acquisition procedure and the learnt stuff

List the goods and bads, strengths and failings you consider you demonstrate in the class of your acquisition

Make advice for yourself and do program for your acquisition in the close hereafter

“ Now I know what to set in the entry, but how should I compose it? ”

5 tips on how to compose a journal entry:

Write in first individual, as if you are composing a missive to a friend

There is no right or incorrect reply for a journal entry. Therefore, experience free to show your thoughts, sentiment, and ideas

Do n’t waver to portion your personal experience if that helps to exemplify your point

Do n’t restrict yourself to words – diagrams and images are all right excessively

Do n’t be excessively intimidated by English regulations. It ‘s all right to do minor grammatical errors if that does non interfere the transmittal of thoughts. So do n’t set excessively much ideas about how to compose good English, alternatively pass more attempt on what to compose

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