Idea Of Achieving The American Dream English Literature Essay

A chief facet of the success that is needed in order to carry through the accomplishment of the American Dream is that it is caused from influence. Many people in the drama seem to be the influence Willy to go on with his aspiration of success. The chief influence that came upon Willy was his brother, Ben. Ben was his successful, rich brother whom Willy looked up to. He looked for him for advice legion times. Ben, even though merely in Willy ‘s imaginativeness, expressed “ William, when I walked into the jungle, I was 17. When I walked out I was 21. And, by God, I was rich! ” ( Miller Act I 94 ) . This pushed Willy to desire to win more. The figure one thing that Willy had in his head was non merely success, but what comes from successaˆ¦money. If merely he succeeded, his fiscal jobs would travel off. A clear illustration of a figure in his life that illustrates the successs that he desires is Charley. His neighbour invariably helps him out, yet Willy still continues to believe that he will be more successful than Charley. When Willy portions his insensible ends to his boies about opening his ain concern, his boies ask him if Hes traveling to stop up every bit successful as Charley. Willy explains “ bigger than Uncle Charley! Because Charley is non — liked. He ‘s liked, but he ‘s non — good liked. ( Act I 30 ) . The high influence from Charley merely pushes Willy into more denial about his hereafter.

His desire for the America Dream drove Willy into insanity. He was obsessed with the thought of desiring tonss of money. He ever denied that he would ne’er acquire to the top. The chief manner that Willy showed to be insane was that his head drove him off the border, literally. The thought of perpetrating self-destruction came upon him, and finally the thought consumed him. He had the thought to crash his auto so that his household would be able to populate the American Dream from his life insurance money. It happened when “ the auto speeds off, the music clangs down in a craze of sound, which becomes the soft pulsing of a individual cello stringaˆ¦all halt a minute when Linda, in apparels of bereavement, bearing a small clump of roses, comes throughaˆ¦all stare down at the grave ” ( Act II 136 ) . The scene of Willy perpetrating self-destruction and the effects afterwards that his household has to confront can clearly demo that he was non in the right province of head if he wanted American Dream that much, that he was willing to lose his life for it. With the American Dream being a factor in Willy ‘s life that he was willing to decease for, his devotedness to money success effected his calling as good. Even being fired from his occupation, Willy merely grew into more self devastation. When Howard, his foreman, broke the intelligence to him by stating “ … Willy, but at that place merely is no topographic point here for you. If I had a topographic point I ‘d bang you right in, but I merely dont have a individual lone topographic point ” ( Act II 80 ) , Willy still ne’er to the full comprehended. Bing unable to emotionally manage state of affairss or accept world was merely another consequence from his ego devastation.

Not merely was Willy ‘s insanity disinigrating, but he was doing his household heart-ache as

good. His married woman, Linda, and his two boies, Biff and Happy, had to witness the action of their male parent

destructing himself. The sum of force per unit area that Willy put on his boy, Biff, to win in life is

enormous. It merely causes Biff ‘s life to gyrate downward. The difference between Biff and Willy

is that Biff is cognizant of his ruin. He expresses to Willy, “ Dad! I ‘m a dime a twelve, and so are

you! ” ( Act II 132 ) . Willy instantly denies this thought that he is non in one manner or another

different than the mean American. With Biff being Willy ‘s chief concern, he has a certian thought that since Biff failed math that that is the ground he is a failure. He expresses to Biff furiously “ If you had n’t flunked you’d ‘ve been set by now! ” ( Act II 109 ) . This illustrates the force per unit area that Willy has been seting on Biff for old ages, that it is his ain mistake because of his failure. Willy, with the thought of the American Dream welded in his head, thinks that if Biff had merely succeeded, he would be “ set by now ” or in other words be fiflthy rich. The thoughts of world were the thoughts that were unfortunatley ne’er welded into his head, such as the American Dream was.

With the facets of the American Dream, we still see many people in today ‘s society

engaged with the thought of a perfect life. A common desire is for the kids of society to populate

better than their parents did. Lots of force per unit area comes entirely from society to win and do tonss

of money. An

illustration is for immature people to take their callings by the sum of money that they make. It

comes down to measure, non the quality of money. The thought of working difficult and gaining money

seems to boom with the thought of necessitating immediate success. Success is an thought that takes clip

and attempt, it is non an thought that should outright go on. In today ‘s society, it seems that

the American Dream is the manner of an easy life, with no difficult work put in.

From the disinigration of his ain saneness to the disinigration of his households aspirations and

hopes, Willy ultimatley caused the devastation of the full Loman household. Being consumed by

the American Dream can do people to look past the realistic facets of life, and merely look

foward to an unrealistic facet which leads to the razing of their life. In Willy ‘s instance,

success was the lone option that he saw and he was ne’er traveling to look past the thought. The

signifcance of Willy Loman ‘s position of the American dream is that many people still have the

same, life-destroying, aspiration that leads to an unexpected ruin from such high hopes in


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