In Chinese People View English Literature Essay

There is a individual that I would wish to present, she has important influence my life and assist me step up to work out my job and she is Im Yoon-Ah besides known as Yoona from her phase name. A South Korea graven image vocalist born in May 30 1990. She besides a terpsichorean, actress, promotional theoretical account and introduction in the twelvemonth 2007 play, ‘9 Ends, 2 Outs ‘ as an actress ( 1 ) .She is everyone graven image and the best of the best. She been awarded 7 trophy and best female entertainer but one thing that she truly do non hold is a female parent. Her female parent left her when she was merely a child because of letdown, Yoona grandmother take attention of her this long. Yoona can non remember her female parent visual aspect and ne’er negotiations about her female parent ( 2 ) . She has failing but she overcomes it. She work hard as a entertainer and now she become successful without her female parent taking attention of her. This awake me that we should travel on to life even though it is non just. I ever complain about Valentine ‘s twenty-four hours because I do non hold a girlfriend to observe with and ever feels lonely in that twenty-four hours but after I know her narrative, I know I am lucky plenty. Although I do n’t hold a spouse to observe with in Valentine ‘s twenty-four hours but I still have Mother ‘s twenty-four hours to observe but Yoona did non hold that opportunity so why kicking but non merely travel on. After this incident, I move on and that is how she act upon me in my life the most!

Fundamental, Yoona is a member a Korean dad call Girls Generation, a most popular Korean dad group introduction in 2007 with the vocal ‘In To The New World ‘ and gets many attending from worldwide ( 4 ) . She was introduction together with the group and the lead terpsichorean of it. The group consist of 9 members, Taeyeon, Yuri, Seohyeon, Jessica, Tiffany, SooYoung, Sunny and HyoYeon. They all handling each other like sister and assisting each other up. Although Yoona was everyone ideal miss but she is n’t girly at all. She is dorky, cut-up and choding. She ever messing around with her members in forepart of the unrecorded camera ( 5 ) . From the expression of it, she is non afraid looking like a sap in the telecasting. She wants to hold merriment that is all. This incident once more tells me to populate peacefully with my friends and do n’t worry excessively much about image, merely relax and have fun in our life. From her action being nice to her members and populating together peacefully, I besides started to handle my friends better and go less misconstruing job between us. Other than that, I am a brainsick nervous emotionally individual, when I start speak to the crowd. I will get down to trembling between my legs and besides started to alter voice. Now, I still nervous but her action remember in my head, she is so popular but she wo n’t mind her image so why I worry excessively much? Although I still nervous but I will seek difficult to command myself and bask my address in forepart of the crowd and have fun. She one time once more important influence my life!

Other than that, she besides act upon me to ne’er mind your haters or enemy. She is a graven image or ideal miss of everyone but some of them might anti her because of green-eyed monster, the gustatory sensation of sour. No mode how good is she perform as a entertainer, there is still contemptuous disturbance happened. The anti will ever give harsh word to Yoona even they does non cognize each for illustration she is a histrion who act to be nice or cute, she is beautiful because she had plastic surgery and so on. They slender her by posting position of all bad things about her in the societal web. They keep defaming Yoona without clemency but fortunately Yoona was a self independent vocalist, she does non care any of it, she merely travel on. Her public presentation would non impact by those anti her and yet is acquiring better and better! This came in my head mundane when I was still in secondary school. I was a category leader, senior of wushu nine and a prefect before. This office can significantly do me experince that what Yoona have gone though such as slander, dissing particularly when I was a prefect. Student did non follow your orders, make merriment of you, come out of bad words in forepart you, defame you to the whole school and the worst of all is make my school bag go a H2O bag. It is a adversity for me in my secondary school life but when I think how courageous Yoona managing all those adversity that even more than I, I shut up and I know what to make. I will follow Yoona ‘s footfall by disregarding them and travel on and be great than the last clip. For now I would non even care if at that place person who dissing me because I will ever retrieve how she done it.

Finally, the last thing that she has important changed my life is ne’er giving up attitude. Yoona reference her adversity when she was a cub actress in a play called ‘You ‘re My Destiny ‘ before introduction in a Korean ‘s idol narrative plan show call ‘Strong Heart ‘ . She filmed for a month but unhappily been scolded a batch by PD ( Production Diary ) because she made an NG on her first shot, she mixed up the line and the PD told her to travel back place because she have non ready to movie yet. Sadly, Yoona cried all the manner to place. She got disquieted because she has to movie that play for over 9 month and she lost confident to herself. Whenever the they start hiting, Yoona started to shout because she was scared of being scold by the PD once more but finally she got scoled more than earlier. After that minute, she started to derive back her confident and ne’er giving up on that play. After 9 month she successfully finished her shooting. No mode how acrimonious it is tasted, she ne’er giving up on anything until now her difficult work paid off, she is eveyone graven image now. After cognizing her narrative, I ne’er giving up since so, I begin to analyze harder for my approaching SPM test and ne’er giving up on any topic I learn. Not merely that, any adversity that I get I would non giving up and work out the job courageously.

Decision, she has become my idol and function theoretical account since her introduction. Beside listening to her vocal or watching her play. I will besides look for her acticle because I have so much thing that still have to larn from her. Knowing her experience and adversity doing me cognize what to make and how to make when I have the precisely same job as she haved. I am a “ SONE ” ( Girls Generation ‘s official fans club ) now because I love her and esteem her so much. She do me go more confident, be nice with friends more, ne’er head and disregard your haters and ne’er gives up spirit.

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