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Why is it that some people do non like skateboarding at all? What could be the job with such a great athletics? The bulk of people who are opposed to skateboarding are those that do non even skateboard! They see skateboarding as a athletics that vandalizes belongings, sometimes they do n’t even see it as a existent athletics, merely punks, Rebels and castawaies skate, and is seen as unsafe to the populace. To repair this job, more skate Parkss should be built for skaters to maintain them off the streets and to avoid hooliganism and alter the bad image of skateboarding.

Skateboarding defaces public property/vandalism. Skaters frequently participate in disfiguring or damaging public and private belongings. Skaters use bannisters, benches, stepss, kerbs, and other surfaces and constructions to make skateboard fast ones which normally does damage to those characteristics ( Gunter, James ) . Besides, metropoliss see the usage of wax on concrete characteristics much the same as graffito. It is wise to presume why they would non desire to pay to repair characteristics that skateboarders have damaged ( Gunter, James ) .

There are steps to be taken to cut down hooliganism and belongings harm. Each twelvemonth many skaters ride the streets to happen the best topographic point to skate. In the wake of this, the skaters leave behind ugly wax discolorations, broken or worn concrete. Many people are so left with the undertaking of mending the harm ( Stop Skateboard Damage… ) . There are ways to halt this harm ; people can “ skate-proof ” . “ Skate proofing ” is adding small raging velocity bumps to benches, shelfs, bannisters, and more. A company called Skate Stoppers specializes in put ining specially designed brackets that deter unwanted skateboarding by acquiring drive of any obstructions or structures skaters look for. ( Stop Skateboard Damage… ) . Another easy manner to halt skaters from skating on cherished constructions is to give them a good skate park that has the same musca volitanss from the streets and public topographic points. The countries in skate Parkss that mimic obstructions found in metropoliss are non good planned out and are decrepit designed. “ Who is this impacting? Harmonizing to the 2002 Board-Trac study, 78 % of skaters identify themselves as street skaters. This means that many skate Parkss appeal to a certain section of skaters, but fail to delight the bulk – or approximately 10 million – who want to skate street ( Cuker Interactive ) ” . “ Rob Dyrdek conceived the term ‘Skate Plaza ‘ because his construct is wholly different from the current thought of a ‘skate park ‘ . A Skate Plaza is an country made for street skating that resembles a public square or similar unfastened country in town or metropolis. As Rob says, “ The thought of the Skate Plaza is basic, it ‘s a park to skate in, non a skate park. “ ( Rob Dyrdek/DC Shoes ) . Now if merely skateboarding could be seen as a existent athletics.

Sometimes, skateboarding is n’t seen as a athletics… more like a avocation that childs do to do problem. Many people do non cognize what to name skateboarding, it could be a athletics, and it could non. Skateboarding has been called an art, or a lifestyle ( Character Sketch of… ) .

Skateboarding is really all of those things: a athletics, a life style, a avocation, and an art. “ Skateboarding is n’t about looking cool or making fast ones on a board, but more frequently about hanging out with your friends, holding a good clip ” while siting the skateboard, and germinating at one ‘s ain gait. Furthermore, come oning skateboarding injuries and it take backbones ( Miclause ) ! It is a athletics because it demands physical activity to a point where person ‘s legs will get down to ache from hours of skating. Some skaters are n’t every bit serious so they skateboard as a avocation. It is something for childs to make, and skateboarding normally maintain them out of problem. Skateboarding is an art because of the accomplishment it takes to make certain fast ones. The childs and adolescents that skate can name their small avocation a athletics but those sorts of childs are castawaies of the societal universe ( Character Sketch of… ) .

The people who skateboard are the childs that are Rebels and punks ; delinquents. There were violators, synonymous with condemnable. Skaters would bust up everything in their manner and so acquire chased down by bulls. Skaters normally come from broken places, even peasants and delinquents skate ( Character Sketch of… ) .

The truth is there are many different sorts of people that skate. When skateboarding began, surfboarders from California who were largely white who put wheels on a board of wood to sit on whenever the moving ridges were n’t good. In 2003, there was an estimated 13 million skateboarders populating the U.S. entirely ( Cuker Interactive ) . There are many different people that skateboard, if you go to a good skateboard park ; one is bound to happen a diverseness of skateboarders. Three are even grownups skateboarding utilizing longer skateboards: Longboards. “ Longboards are more stable and smoother equitation because the board is more flexible and the wheels are made of softer plastic, leting them to turn over over pebbles and unsmooth concrete that could do a trick lodger to crash ” ( Rubia, Sal ) . Skateboarding is a hazardous athletics that endangers the skater and the people around the rider.

Skateboarding puts a hazard to the skateboarders and the populace, it ‘s excessively unsafe. Skateboarding presents a batch of liability. Ninety-five per centum of skateboard hurts are from skateboarders under the age of 25 ( Skateboard Injuries ) . Seventy four per centum of those hurts are utmost, normally to the caput and cervix. ( Skateboard Injuries ) .

If you look at these factors, the most hurts are when the childs are immature and get downing to skateboard. Three and a half million kids, and more, acquire hurt every twelvemonth if they are involved in recreational activities. More than 775,000 kids, ages 14 and under, are treated in infirmary exigency suites for sports-related hurts each twelvemonth ( Skateboard Injuries ) . Most of the hurts occurred as a consequence of falls, being struck by an object, and luckless hits ( Skateboard Injuries ) . Basketball, More than 200,000 kids ages five to 14 were treated in infirmary exigency suites for basketball-related hurts. Skateboarding, More than 61,000 kids ages five to 14 were treated in infirmary exigency suites for skateboarding-related hurts. Basketball is a more unsafe athletics than skateboarding. And all these hurts come from kids ages 5-14 ; grownups are less common to be a portion of a skateboard hurt ( Sports Injury Statistics ) .

Skateboard injuries normally go on to childs who are new to skateboarding. Most of those hurts are caused by uneven surfaces ( Gilligan, Chris ) . A individual should ever sit on smooth surfaces, but since metropoliss do non supply equal skate Parkss or skate places that do hold smooth surfaces, more childs are frequently faced with the determination to skate in the metropolis. If the metropolis does non supply a skate park, the metropolis IS a skate park.

Skateboarding is n’t that unsafe as some people may state, and it certainly does non vandalise as bad. All sorts of childs skateboard and skateboarding is an artistic athletics that can be a avocation. Skate Parkss and Skate Plazas should be built because they take away the hazards of anybody being hurt from skateboarding. If Parkss and place are built, so skaters will come to them and go forth other public topographic points entirely because they would eventually hold a topographic point of their ain ; a oasis for skateboarders. And if good skate Parkss and place are built, it will pull a worth following of childs and adolescents and grownups. Because skateboarding is n’t about who rides the skateboard, it ‘s about individuals who do it for the love of skateboarding. It would be a bad thought to censor skateboarding, and a greater thought to encompass it and appreciate the art of it, and bask the athletics!

“ When merriment is outlawed, merely outlaws will hold merriment. ” – Unknown

“ If you want to understand skaters, you have to skate. Skate Parkss are an urban art signifier, like a concrete moving ridge, unless you understand what it ‘s like to carve that moving ridge, you should n’t set write to paper. ” -Unknown

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