Life And Art A Lesson Before Dying English Literature Essay

Many people ever say that ‘life imitates art ‘ , but there are some that say the opposite. Does life copy art, or does art copy life? In some ways, both can be true. We can state that life imitates art when 1 is influenced by the music he/she listens to, the pictures one sees, the architecture around us, etc. Art imitates life when the emotions one feels are portrayed in their plants of art and/or their picks and manners. InA A Lesson Before DyingA by Ernest Gaines andA The Invisible ManA by Ralph Ellison, the writers portray the construct of life copying art and the contrary of it.A A

“ Ernest Gaines is a novelist and a short narrative author he is among the most widely read and extremely well-thought-of modern-day writers of African American fiction. Born on a Louisiana plantation, where, at age eight, he worked in the Fieldss cuttingA sugarcaneA for 50 cents a twenty-four hours, he experienced the racism of the Deep South ” ( Lang, John 1 ) . This gave Gaines the thought for his book, A A lesson Before Diing. Having experienced the horrors racism with other black Americans whichA includes: A the segregation of theatres, schools, places and bathrooms, cognizing that striking for being equal is a suicide want. Coevalss of black people being uneducated and treated like animate beings who are no better than the white people gave him the thought for his book. He proves in this book that racism lead the black people to be less confident in themselves because they were less educated and treated like the white people were so much better than them.A

The novel A Lesson Before DyingA is about people seeking to turn out that they are equal to each other in a clip and topographic point in which they were counted as much less and practically thing. It ‘s about those who are put in gaol can happen freedom ; even if it may be in that minute of their ain decease. In this novel, Jefferson, the supporter, proves to the readers that even where there is apparently no hope to populate, there is ever a little flicker that needs to be set on fire. No affair how little of a flicker that may be, it is still a flicker. After Jefferson is convicted of a offense, by being in the incorrect topographic point at the incorrect clip, other black people do non happen it surprising that his life will be taken because he is black. However, Jefferson does non discontinue hoping, and this reflects on the readers with an a little sum of understanding.

A Lesson Before DyingA is the heartbreaking narrative of racism and being unequal to each other. ItA portrays the inequality the African-Americans lived during the 1940 ‘s in the South because of racism. This racism includes supplying small or no instruction to black kids and wholly excepting inkinesss from good paying jobs.A In the decision of this narrative, Grant realizes that he ‘d helped to turn Jefferson into a adult male and besides teaches him what the true significance of humanity is. Measure by measure Grant realizes that Jefferson had changed him every bit good.

A The Invisible Man

Throughout the narrative, A The Invisible Man, the storyteller is invariably inquiring about who he truly is, and the different individualities that he imagines himself as.A A In the novel, he goes from being a hopeful pupil with a bright hereafter to being merely another hapless black worker in New York City to being a reasonably good off interpreter for a powerful political group, and finally to being the “ unseeable adult male ” which he realizes he is in the terminal. The sarcasm in this narrative is portrayed when the storyteller is incognizant of his ain invisibleness, believing that others can “ see ” him, he is unseeable to himself. Merely after he goes through a long and hard journey of self-discovery, full of changeless calamities and losingss.

A A A A A A A The narrative opens with the storyteller take parting in a “ conflict royal ” A earlierA to presenting a address on humbleness, and the Black people.A A These are the yearss during which he is still a great pupil, specifying himself as a “ hiddenA Booker T. Washington. “ A A At this point he is populating the life that others have told him that he should populate. The life that defines him as he believes he is seen through the people ‘s eyes.A A The maltreatment in which he is put through in the conflict royal gives him the firstA hintA that everything is non as it seems, but that did n’t alter how the storyteller idea of himself.A A

Life imitates art is besides described in the bookA The Invisible Man, A by utilizing the subject of sightlessness. Because in my sentiment I think Ellison wanted to demo that people do non desire to see certain things, that they have the control to take if they want to accept him or non ; by giving himA the individuality of “ unseeable adult male ” . Ralph besides used this subject to turn out that he was overlooked, non merely by white people, but by black people as good.


Throughout the narrative, the supporter was invariably seeking for his true individuality and who he truly is, and in the terminal he realizes that he has no true individuality. He is unseeable, or more suitably, he is a mirror which reflects merely what other people want to see. The narrative of how he comes to recognize his invisibleness trades with a subject of self-discovery, of how other people can non state you who you truly are, though they will seek if given the opportunity. The storyteller ‘s attempts to happen out who he is represent the manner in which we all must seek or contend to specify ourselves.A A Defining oneself is one of the major subjects that are presented throughout the novel, every bit good as one that is invariably developed throughout the narrative.

A A A A A A A A A A A A InA The Invisible Man, the storyteller feels unseeable because no one sees him for himself. Alternatively, the lone thing people seem to detect about him is the colour of his tegument, which leads them to believing approximately him as ‘a black adult male ‘ merely ; and that is what makes him ‘invisible’.A While the narrative ofA A Lesson Before DyingA focuses on Jefferson ‘s test and executing, the secret plan focuses on the battles of hapless people to derive a step of pride within a racialist environment. Both narratives tell about one adult male ‘s battle to accept decease with pride while another adult male struggles with his ain individuality. Besides theA supporters both struggle to derive: A designation as being treated as worlds, of their human rights, and the freedom to follow their dreams.

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