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In March, United States makes agreements to salvage Occident from a new common enemy, the communism. After taking the devastated Grecian State and with the economical support derived from the Marshal Plan, U.S. prepares the Reconstruction of Europe. They believe that the lone manner of halting the progress of the communism is through economical recovery. At the same clip, this metempsychosis will allow U.S. to acquire new commercial trade paths for their green goodss.

The go toing provinces to the IX Inter-American Conference celebrated in Bogota , sign the Charter of the American States, with the intent of continuing peace and security among the American states ; and besides to protect sovereignty and the territorial unity, every bit good as their economical, societal and cultural development. Ironically, at the same clip, there is an break of the conference due to a popular reaction in response for the blackwash of the leader of “ El Partido Liberal ” in which the authorities makes a bloody repression that provokes 5,000 deceases.

Declaration of Human Rights: December

After many struggles related with World War II, the U.N. makes a declaration where some rules are established. The more of import has to make with racial equality every bit good as some of the processs that must be followed during international and societal dealingss.

At the terminal of the British associated state in Palestine, the Israeli State is recognized within the Palestinian district, but the Arabian people deny its being and the first Arabian- Israeli war begins. This struggle ends the following twelvemonth with a peace pact which benefits Israel with an addition of its district.

1949: The Cold War:

Due to economical competition and political tenseness, after World War II, a new struggle starts between the United States and the Soviet Union. This job shows a complex system of international dealingss during the station war period between two superstates whose chief purpose of each one is to acquire universe hegemony. The Soviet Union accuses United States and its Marshall Plan of advancing an imperialist mechanism used to obtain more power through the control of the destitute states.

First atomic trial in the Soviet Union: September

The Soviet Union becomes an atomic authority after detonating an explosive device. Before that, merely United States is capable of utilizing atomic arms.

NATO is created: April

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization begins to plan a new map of the universe. In Washington a meeting is gathered with the intent of subscribing an understanding to support each other ‘s district from possible onslaughts. Some of the members are: Belgium, United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Iceland, Canada, Norway, and U.S.A.

Gran Cronica Oceano del Siglo Twenty

Literary Background

George Orwell ‘s fresh 1948 can be classified as a Dystopian Novel. The word dystopian means the antonym of Utopia and it refers to a fictional society in which the accent is put upon its negative effects ; and it reflects an autocratic or totalitarian signifier of authorities. This term was used for the first clip in 1868 by the economic expert and philosopher Stuart Mill ; but as a literary motion, it became important in the old ages after World War II, due to the fact that the chief intent of this subgenre of anti- Utopian literature is to stand for the frights and anxiousnesss of the cultural context from which they come into sight.

Some representative characteristics of Dystopian Literature has to make with a background narrative of war, revolution, a natural or climatic catastrophe which resulted in dramatic alterations to humanity. In this fresh written in 1948, some old ages after the World War II we can see clearly a description of the rise of totalitarian provinces such as the Soviet Union, under the control of Stalin ( the representation of “ Large Brother ” ) , every bit good as the manner in which they lived being invariably observed and controlled by a sort of organisation that obliged them to have on uniforms, to devour merely the staff they provide them ( Victory java, Victory gin, Victory cigarettes ) and even this organisation controlled their manner of understanding existent facts, by agencies of altering history invariably.

There is besides a cardinal character that is against the organisation of the society, and who feels truly worried about the possible and unpleasant events in a hereafter. In 1984, the chief character, Winston Smith, is a hopeless individual who can non assist feeling frightened for each one of his ideas, or actions ; but at the same clip has a strong feeling to contend against the Party and believes in the Brotherhood as a manner of halting the use made by the authorities ; as Julia the other chief character, that in malice of working for The Party, and take portion as an active member in The Junior League Anti-Sex, she hates the Party and believes in a secret universe where everyone can make what they want.

Dystopian literature, normally describes an event that takes topographic point in a hereafter ; the society represented has a closed connexion with the existent status of the society, in order to let the readers to affect with the reading, use their ain experience, acknowledge some forms and construct their ain similarities doing relationships between the novel and the world.

What is more, this manner presents to the society new engineerings that are more advanced than that of the modern-day society. In Orwell ‘s novel we can happen a sort of metal plaque which was located in the houses, in all the offices of the Ministries and even in the squares ; they were called telescreens and they could see and hear everything made by people in The Party, even their ideas were controlled by the constabulary of ideas. The novel besides explains that the ideal set up by The Party was “ a universe of monsters machines and terrorizing arms ” ( Owell, :62 ) .

In this manner of authorship, there is normally a group of people who belong to a lower and in-between category merely for being poorer than the modern-day society. This group is non under control of the province, and most of the clip, the chief character identifies him with this group of people. The novel tells us the worker every bit good as the animate beings were free, because they were considered as “ natural inferiors who must be kept in subjugation like animate beings ” ( page 60 ) .

Another feature in this manner of authorship is that at the terminal, the dystopia does non command the universe, and there is a possible manner of get awaying from the use. Unfortunately for us, this point is non found in 1984, because Winston is captured and tortured, even he suffered a brainwash until he changed his thought about the Party, and in fact he started to love Big Brother.

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George Orwell

Eric Arthur Blair, whose anonym was George Orwell, was born on 25 June 1903 in Motihari, Bengal in the British settlement of India, but when he was one twelvemonth old he and his female parent went to populate in England. Together with his sisters, Marjorie and April, he was the boy of Ida Limouzin and Richard Blair, who worked for the Opium Department of the Indian Civil Service. That is why small Orwell seldom saw him until he had retired in 1912. Eric ‘s gramps had been a affluent plantation and slaves but the lucks disappeared by the clip he was born.

When Orwell was two old ages old he attended a little Anglican parish school and two old ages subsequently he was recommended to go to one of the best schools in England, St Cyprian ‘s School in Eastbourne, Sussex, and old ages subsequently he would be cagey and intelligent plenty as to win scholarships to both Wellington College foremost and at Eton College subsequently where he was a King ‘s Scholar from 1917 to 1921. During these old ages Orwell developed his antipathy towards the English category systems, particularly at St Cyprian ‘s Preparatory School as he would demo in Such, such were the joys which was non published until 1968 for fright of libel action. Besides during these old ages as pupil he made a figure of enduring friendly relationships with those who would subsequently be the British intellectuals.

After completing his surveies, Orwell could non obtain a scholarship to maintain on analyzing at a university ; hence he joined the Indian Imperial Police in Burma, and as his co-workers he had a local kept womans but as his hatred of Imperialism began to turn, he all of a sudden resigned and returned to England in 1928. Shooting and elephant published in 1950 revealed the behaviour of colonial officers.

Already in England, Orwell lived as a hobo and mendicant, working in low paid occupations ; one time he even tried to acquire himself arrested in order to cognize how life in prison was. In 1928 he decided to go a author and took his experiences in poorness as stuff for his work Down and out in Paris and London ( 1933 ) . However at foremost he was non a really dedicated author because he spent most of his clip with his sister and aunt or researching the lower category universe. He adopted his pen name George Orwell while working for the New Adelphi in 1933 and chose this 1 because he wanted to emphasize his deep, womb-to-tomb fondness for the English tradition and countryside: George stands for the frequenter saint of England while the River Orwell in Suffolk was one of his favorite topographic points in England.

Up to this minute Orwell knew what it was to populate in poorness, sometimes stateless and due to the fact that his Hagiographas could non back up him, he finally found work as a school teacher but his ailment wellness forced him to give this up to work half-time as an helper in a second-hand bookstore in Wallington. During this period he finished his first fresh Burmese yearss ( 1934 ) . In 1936 he married Eileen O’Shaugnessy, a physician ‘s girl, subsequently he wrote “ Keep the cast-iron plant winging ” and was commissioned to bring forth a documental history of the unemployment in England. As a consequence appeared the work entitled “ The route to Wigan Pier ” , a milepost in modern literary news media.

It was during the 1930 ‘s that Orwell adopted socialistic positions and when the Spanish Civil War began Orwell volunteered to contend for the Republicans against Franco ‘s Nationalist revolution. He felt a strong understanding for the Independent Labour Party and became a member in 1938, and before this he joined the reserves of its sister party in Spain, the non-Stalinist far-left POUM ( Workers ‘ Party of Marxist Unification ) . He was admired of the evident absence of a category construction in the radical countries of Spain he visited. When Stalinists on their ain side began to run down Anarchists Orwell was shot in the cervix, an experience he described in his short essay “ Wounded by a Fascist Sniper ” , every bit good as in “ Homage to Catalonia ” . He and his married woman Eileen left Spain after about being arrested as “ Trotskyists ” when the Communists moved to stamp down the POUM in June 1937.

Orwell began composing book reappraisals for the New English Weekly until 1940. During World War II he was a member of the Home Guard and in 1941 began working for the BBC Observer and Tribune where he was literary editor. As he was good cognizant that he was determining propaganda, and despite the good wage, he resigned in 1943. In 1944 Orwell finished his anti-Stalinist fable “ Animal Farm ” , which depicted the treachery of a revolution and was published the undermentioned twelvemonth with great critical and popular success, giving Orwell a comfy income for the first clip in his grownup life. From 1945 Orwell was the Observer ‘s war letter writer for he was a close friend of the Observer ‘s editor/owner, David Astor and his thoughts had a strong influence on his column policies. After the war, Orwell went to Germany as a newsman, but in his despatchs he sent to The Observer and The Manchester Evening News he did non advert the extinction cantonments or Auschwitz. In 1949 Orwell gave to his friend Celia Kirwan, who had merely started working for a Foreign Office unit, the Information Research Department, a list of 37 authors and creative persons he considered to be unsuitable as IRD writers because of their pro-communist propensities which included besides histrions like Charlie Chaplin. One account for this action was that he was assisting out a friend in the common cause of anti-Stalinism and Orwell himself described him as a Democratic Socialist. Orwell ne’er abandoned the democratic socialism that he systematically promoted in his Hagiographas and his list was besides accurate: the people on it had all made pro-Soviet or pro-communist public dictums.

After the war Orwell lived largely on the distant island of Jura in the Western Isles of Scotland. With Eileen he had adopted a small male child, but she would decease during an operation. In 1949 Orwell married Sonia Brownell ( 1918-1980 ) , who had been an column helper on the magazine Horizon, and their matrimony would last merely three months. Orwell died from TB in London University Hospital on January 21, 1950, shortly after the publication of Nineteen Eighty-Four which was a acrid protest against the bloodcurdling hereafter and corruptness of truth and free address of the modern universe. Before his decease, Orwell requested burial in conformity with the Anglican rite, so he was interred in All Saints ‘ Churchyard, Oxfordshire with the simple epitaph: Here lies Eric Arthur Blair, born June 25th 1903, died January 21st 1950.

Orwell ‘s selected plants

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Keep the cast-iron plant winging, 1936

The route to Wigan Pier, 1937

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Inside the giant and other essays, 1940

The king of beasts and the unicorn, 1941

Animal farm, 1945

Critical essays, 1946

The English people, 1947

Nineteen Eighty-four, 1949

Shooting and elephant, 1950

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The Orwell Reader, 1956

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Eric blair: The war broadcasts, 1985

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1984 is the reversal of 1948, the twelvemonth in which this novel was written based on the Cold War as a terrorizing vision of the hereafter, where the society is manipulated by a totalitarian system which chief intent is to make a society without psyche and ideas.

Gran Cronica Oceano del siglo Twenty


Internal Structure

Opening Conflict: Winston Smith decides to compose a journal.

Rising Action: Winston met O’Brien and he invites him to his house.

Climax: No Oklahoman than Winston and Julia discovered that they were observed in their private topographic point that they are instantly captured.

Falling action: Winston is tortured and suffered a brainwash until he believed in The Party and its philosophies and he declared his love to Big Brother.

External Structure

The novel is composed of three parts and an Appendix. The first portion is divided in eight chapters ; the 2nd portion is divided in nine chapters and the 3rd portion, in six. The Appendix is about The Principles of Newspeak.

There can be found italics in the parts where the chief character writes in his journal, besides when The Times or when The book ( Goldstein ‘s book ) are mentioned.

There are besides capitals letters, in the instance of “ WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH ” , the motto of the Party, or when Winston writes “ DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER, DOWN WITH BIG Brother… ” in his journal.


When we started reading this novel we felt rather intrigued by it, we non merely wanted to cognize more about it but we besides wondered how those people could populate that manner and we felt suffocated. While our reading continued, we made some connexions between the novel and the absolutism that ruled our state between 1976 and 1983, which chief intent was to mortify people and destruct their capacity of reasoning and concluding. For this ground we had a strong feeling of empathy towards the characters.

Point of position

The novel is narrated in 3rd individual remarkable, the storyteller is non portion of the narrative and he knows what the chief character feels and thinks. “ He was a alone shade expressing a truth that cipher would of all time hear. But so long as he uttered it, in some vague manner the continuity was non broken. ” ( Page 26 )

The Centre of consciousness is Winston Smith, the chief character.

“ Not physically. Six months a year- five old ages, conceivably. I am afraid of decease. You are immature, so presumptively you are more afraid of it than I am. Obviously we shall set it off as we can. But it makes really small difference. So long as human existences stay human, decease and life are the same thing ” ( Page 111 )

Subject: Consequences of Dictatorship

Capable Matter

The narrative is situated in a totalitarian context with all its deductions: non merely political, economical and societal complete control but even the control over people ‘s feelings and ideas in a really expressed and direct manner. As a effect, everyone suspect of each other, even kids denounce their parents. Besides, as a effect of the devastation of words intended to cut down idea, a committed member of the Party is vaporized for non happening a word which rhymes with “ rod ” .


Large Brother: he is the leader of the Party. He symbolizes power, strength, but is person to be afraid of if you are a treasonist. He is merely seen in postings and in the telescreens, likely he is non existent.

Emmanuel Goldstein: he is the opposition of the Party. He is the individual that the Party incriminations every clip everything goes incorrectly. He merely appears in the Two Minutes Hate in the large screen.

Victory Cigar and Victory Gin: these are alternate ways that Winston uses to hold his ideas absorbed and hold his nervousnesss calmed.

Glass paperweight and the image of Saint Clement Church: these are leftovers of the yesteryear that cipher remembers. These elements reconnect Winston with that unknown yesteryear, which no longer exists in the heads of people or in records. Winston is invariably seeking to detect something of the past, of the times before the Party.

Telescreens: these devices are used with two purposes: to demo Party ‘s propagandas and to supervise all the citizens, except the workers. They are located in the houses, in all the offices of the Ministries and in the squares. The telescreens symbolize the entire monitoring of the totalitarian authorities.

Posters: the Big Brother ‘s postings that are all over the metropolis of London have the lettering “ BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU ” ; these typify the ubiquity of Big Brother and the totalitarian government.

Overalls: the blue overalls are used by the members of the Party, distinguishing them from the workers, typify the control and fusion of all the members of the Party.

Scarlet sash: it is a symbol of celibacy of the Anti-Sex League.


The Times: it is a really of import newspaper spread all over the universe as a transnational newspaper. The importance of this allusion relies in that Winston ‘s undertaking was to rewrite the information which was non considered to be true any longer harmonizing to the Party philosophy.

Shakespeare, Byron, Milton and Chaucer: they are considered to be the most of import advocates of the English Literature. They are really of import allusions in relation with Newspeak because their rich literature is being replaced by something else which will belie what they truly intend. The object of Newspeak is to shorten the linguistic communication to such an extent that thought will be besides shortened and hence any rebellion would be possible because there will non be words with which to show and or understand it.

Fictional characters

Winston: He was 30 nine old ages old, had really just hair, his face was of course sanguine, his tegument roughened by harsh soap and razor blades and the cold of the winter and he had five false dentition and a varicose ulcer above his right mortise joint. He looked really old for his age. He worked in the Ministry of Truth Enlarge

Julia: she was 26 old ages old. She was a bold-looking miss with thick dark hair and has a freckled face and brown eyes at school she had been captain of the hockey squad and had won the gymnastic exercises trophy two old ages running, that is why she is fleet and athletic. She lived in a inn with 30 other misss and worked on the novel-writing machines in the Fiction Department. She is described as ‘not clever ‘ but fond of utilizing her custodies and experiencing at place with machinery. Julia had no memories of anything before the early 1960ss. Although she knew that in a manner she was doomed, that Oklahoman or subsequently she would be caught by the Thought Police, she believed that it was possible to build a secret universe in which 1 could populate as he chose.

O’brien: he was a member of the Inner Party holder of some station so of import and distant. He was a big, beefy adult male with a thick cervix and a coarse, humourous, barbarous face. In malice of his formidable visual aspect he had certain appeal of mode. He had a fast one of resettling his eyeglassess on his olfactory organ which was oddly demilitarizing and recalled an 18th century nobleman offering his snuff box. He had the visual aspect of being a individual that you could speak to if somehow you could rip off the telescreens.

Syme: he was a philologue, a specializer in Newspeak and he was one of the tremendous squad of experts now engaged in roll uping the Eleventh Edition of the Newspeak Dictionary. He was a bantam animal, smaller than Winston, with dark hair and big, bellied eyes, at one time plaintive and gibelike, which seemed to seek your face closely while he was talking to you. He was enthusiastic about his work and about destructing words.

Parsons: he was Winston ‘s fellow-employee at the Ministry of Truth. He is described as a tubby in-between seized adult male with just hair and froglike pink face, a fattish but active adult male of paralyzing stupidity, a mass of imbecilic enthusiasm- one of those wholly devoted hacks on whom the stableness of the Party depended even more than on the Thought Police. At the age of 30 five he had merely been unwillingly evicted from the Youth League and before graduating into it he had managed to remain on in the Spies for a twelvemonth beyond the statutory age. At the Ministry he was employed in some subsidiary station, for which intelligence was non required, but on the other manus he was a prima figure on the Sports Committee and all the other commissions engaged in forming community hikings, self-generated presentations, salvaging runs and voluntary activities by and large. An overmastering odor of perspiration, a kind of unconscious testimony to the arduousness of his life, followed him approximately wherever he went, and even remained behind him after he had gone. Near the terminal of the narrative he was vaporized because his girl denounced him of Thoughtcrime.

Charrington: at foremost he is described as: a adult male of possibly 60s, frail and bowed, with a long, benevolent olfactory organ, and mild eyes distorted by thick eyeglassess. His hair was about white, but his superciliums were shaggy and still black. His voice was soft, as though bleached, and his speech pattern less adulterate than that of the bulk of workers. His eyeglassess, his gentle, crabbed motions, and the fact that he was have oning an elderly jacket of black velvet, gave him obscure air of intellectuality, as though he had been some sort of literary adult male, or possibly a instrumentalist.

But by the terminal of the narrative he changes into a adult male stooped to obey, whose Cockney speech pattern had disappeared. He was still have oning the old velvet jacket but his hair had turned black and he was non have oning the eyeglassess. His organic structure had straightened and seemed to hold grown bigger ; his face had undergone merely bantam alterations that had however worked a complete transmutation. The black superciliums were less shaggy, the furrows were gone, the whole line of his face seemed to hold altered, and even the olfactory organ seemed shorter. It was the watchful cold face of a adult male of about 30. He was a member of the Thought Police.

Ampleforth: He was a poet that worked in the same Department as Winston. He is described as a mild, ineffective dreamy animal with really haired ears and a surprising endowment for beguiling with rimes and meters. He was engaged in bring forthing confused versions, called definite texts, of verse forms that had become ideologically violative to the Party but which for one ground or another were to be retained in the anthologies. He was arrested at the Ministry of Love for non happening the right rime of a verse form.

Katharine: She was Winston ‘s married woman. Katharine was a tall, blue-eyed miss, really directly, with glorious motions. She had a bold, hooked face that one might hold called baronial until discovered that there was every bit about as possible nil behind it. Winston considered her to hold the most stupid, vulgar, empty head he had of all time encountered. Due to the fact that they ne’er had kids, what she considered to be their responsibility to the Party, they parted in 1973.

Large brother: He was the most of import and the lone swayer in the Party. Although we ne’er know who he is or his physical characteristics, his image was everyplace: in post cards, coins, telescreens. All citizens should give and obey large brother ; in fact, he insists that they love him more than they love anyone else. Big brother may be or non, but one thing is for certain, He is watching you.

Emmanuel Goldstein: this is another character that appears merely in the screens during the narrative, and is a representation of Two Minutess Hate, who besides has a really of import influence as respects Winston ‘s actions. He had been one of the taking figures of the Party, and so had engaged in counter-revolutionary activities ; that is why Large Brother describes him as the most unsafe adult male in Oceania, and cardinal treasonist. He had a Judaic face with an corona of white hair and a little goatee face fungus with a long thin olfactory organ.

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