Loss And Acceptance In Victorian Age Britain English Literature Essay

Thesis: In his dirge of a lost beloved friend Lord Tennyson brings to illume the complex emotions of heartache, credence, and eventually traveling on within the confines of Victorian Era Brittan in this Guangzhou XXI he deals with chiefly the move from loss and credence even if he has non yet to the full reached the credence of the vacancy of his beloved friend and future brother-in-law.




Background of Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Subject and Capable

Capable focal point, who is A.H.H.

Over Arching Theme and motives

General non-personal apprehension of the Poem

Personal Reading of Poem

How “ I ” read the Poem

What “ I ” gained from this verse form

In his dirge, “ In Memoriam A.H.H. “ , Lord Tennyson brings to illume the complex emotions of heartache, credence of heartache and loss, and eventually traveling on within the confines of Victorian Era Brittan at the loss of his close friend. In this Guangzhou XXI he deals with the move from loss to limited credence ; although, Lord Tennyson has non yet to the full reached credence of the vacancy of his beloved friend and future brother-in-law. Before coming to the motives, subject, and personal reading of the verse form foremost the adult male Alfred, Lord Tennyson must be laid out to derive a Fuller apprehension of this heroic poem.

Alfred Tennyson was born August 6th, 1809, at Somersby in Lincolnshire, England ; he was the 4th of 12 kids. His parents were George and Elizabeth ( Fytche ) Tennyson. Tennyson ‘s ain household ‘s constrained fiscal fortunes compared to the wealth of his uncle Charles Tennyson and his married woman Elizabeth ; who adversely lived in palaces, made Alfred Tennyson feel hard up and led him to fuss in concern of money throughout his life. ( Everett 2004 ) Alfred Tennyson was non born into the nobility and was a common adult male in England until 1884 when Queen Victoria made him 1st Baron Tennyson of Aldworth in the County of Sussex and of Freshwater in the Isle of Wight. He had antecedently refused such rubric twice when offered by Prime Minister Disraeli in 1865 and 1868. ( Parsons 1900 )

“ In Memoriam A.H.H. ” is a verse form, which could be considered and heroic poems of emotional convulsion, which was completed in 1849. It is a dirge for the poet ‘s close Cambridge friend, and fiancAA¬© to Tennyson ‘s sister Emily. Arthur Henry Hallam ; the focal point of the verse form emotions, happened to decease instead all of a sudden of what has been considered a intellectual bleeding in Vienna, Austria in 1833. The verse form being written over a period of 17 old ages, it is self-contemplation for hope after a great loss touches upon many of the most of import and deeply felt concerns of Victorian society. It contains some of Tennyson ‘s most complete and frequently quoted lyrical work, and is an remarkably sustained exercising in lyric poetry. It is widely considered to be one of the great verse form of the nineteenth century and one of Tennyson ‘s chef-d’oeuvres.

The original rubric of the verse form “ In Memoriam A.H.H. ” was “ The Way of the Soul. ” This gives an thought of how the verse form is an history of all Tennyson ‘s ideas and feelings as he copes with his heartache over such a long period of clip ; which was approximately 17 old ages, including wrestling with the large scientific and philosophical inquiries of his twenty-four hours. It is possibly because of this that the verse form is still popular with and of involvement to modern readers. Owing to its length and its arguable comprehensiveness of focal point, the verse form should non be considered a eulogium or a coronach in the strictest formal sense but instead one adult male ‘s appreciation of emotions in an epoch of steadfast conservative societal criterions and scientific disclosures. Canton XXI is written in the ABBA manner of lyric poesy normally associated with Shakespeare who developed this type of lyric poesy with his sonnets and has become the quintessential criterion of English lyric poesy to this twenty-four hours. Tennyson besides makes several allusions to singing ; waste vocal and that of a type of finch the house finch, and clip ; hours a signifier of clip these are some of the constructs that arch throughout the whole of the verse form non merely quarter XXI. In Guangzhou XXI nevertheless, Tennyson showcases work forces and scientific discipline which as stated above were in struggle. The societal conservative nature of the Victorian epoch was in a steadfast conflict with scientific discipline and its new analysis of world though innovation and the finds of the societal scientific disciplines. Besides it has been inferred by some that Alfred Tennyson and Arthur Henry Hallam had a relationship that passed beyond mere friendly relationship into the country of physical intimacy.

Reading this Guangzhou one can non but notice the form ABBA within the lines of Tennyson ‘s wordss. Finding this a spot cumbrous it was easier to read by taking the first and last lines the “ a ‘s ” as it were and read them together so reading the “ B ‘s. ” This brought out a new deepness of the verse form ‘s emotions. Besides taking the “ B ” lines and reading them foremost before the “ a ” lines besides brought a 3rd dimension to the few short poetries. This was amazing to state the least. Most poesy is merely read and analyzed in the signifier the author laid it down in, but larning through research that Tennyson ne’er wrote down his work until he was finished shooting it within his head caused a consideration that possibly his work could be read in a atypical mode. Taking Tennyson ‘s work and reading it ABBA so, AABB, and eventually BBAA it felt as though a vocal was being sung. Like many of today ‘s music the lyrical form AABB or BBAA is more in melody with the modern “ ear. ” However no affair how it is read the same deep emotion is conveyed to the reader. The message of a deep hurting an about impossible loss of one beloved is what can be understood though Tennyson ‘s words. The emotion that he has penned to words is beyond description and can merely be understood if the reader has besides suffered such a deep loss. That is the great entreaty of Tennyson ‘s work “ In Memoriam A.H.H. ” because at some point in everyone ‘s life they go through the same strivings, anxiousness, heartache, choler, sorrow, and credence of the loss of a loved one.

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