Methods Of Improving Communication And Presentation English Language Essay

During the Impact Workshop we were asked to advert our two accomplishments which we think we need to better. Harmonizing to me the accomplishments which I want to develop are Verbal Communication Skills and Presentation Skills. After the completion of the workshop I went through few books and found out certain methods which writers believe, can be usefull to better these accomplishments.

Skill 1: Verbal Communication Skills

Many instructors worlwide have to learn chiefly grammar and vocabulary because these countries are tested in scrutinies. This means that speech production is a ignored linguistic communication accomplishment in many schoolrooms. Even after good knowlegde of grammar, pupils tend to happen hard to talk English outside tha schoolroom. Students who can talk English good may hold a greater opportunity of, happening employement and deriving publicity. Good English talkers will be in a strong place to assist their conutry ‘s economic, political and societal development. Talking activities can reenforce the acquisition of new vocabulary, grammar or functional linguistic communication. Talking activities gives pupils a opportunity to utilize the new linguistic communication they are larning. ( Baker, J and Westrup, H, 2003, pp. 6-8 )

It is really of import to talk in English during the schoolroom Sessionss ; it is non merely a topographic point where we learn about the regulations of linguistic communication. It is besides a topographic point where pupils can pattern utilizing the linguistic communication in a supportive environment. Peoples learn linguistic communication in different ways. Many learn to talk in English without taking a individual lesson nevertheless other learn it by taking categories in the linguistic communication. ( Baker, J and Westrup, H, 2003, pp.6-8 )

When we talk about speech production, we mean utilizing linguistic communication for a intent. The writer says that alternatively of inquiring pupils to reiterate sentences, some clip give pupils a subject and inquire them to build and state their ain responses. And this illustrations is related with me as this is one technique which I have been following since my schooling nevertheless when I decided to come to U.K. and pursue Masterss I had to look for IELTS test, I found that this is non plenty as my mark was reasonably low in spoken English as comparison to other metrices. I realised that talking in English requires a batch of pattern, non merely treatment on little subjects in the schoolroom. It requires a clasp over the linguistic communication so that one is able to grok foremost what needs to be spoken. And should be able to do others understand what they want to state by pass oning efficaciously. Hence I realised after reading this book that to hold a good bid on the linguistic communication one demand to pattern and utilize his/her accomplishments to make his/her ain sentences and seek to pass on in English every bit much as possible. In order to be flush with the linguistic communication and stand out of the crowd one should non reiterate what others say, but one should do his/her ain sentences and duologues.

I have started using the methods suggested by the writer in order to better my spoken English. I have seen a alteration in me, as I have started talking a batch in the category, started inquiring inquiries during the claassroom Sessionss. I found that I am non that much hesitant any longer, while interacting with pupils from different counrties, civilizations and I have realised that by making this on a day-to-day footing I happen to better on my vocabulary and I fumble less while talking. And I think that because of this I have become more confident and started taking portion in group treatments and presentations in the category. Now I feel that winging from India to UK is deserving, and I feel this spring in my life and chance to analyze here and have a good appreciation over the linguistic communication will assist me in close hereafter i.e. HR in which I would wish to prosecute my calling. As English is a cosmopolitan linguistic communication one must hold a good bid over it as it is required worldwide for employment.

The writer suggests that an person can better talking accomplishments in English by triping and widening their lingual competency ; increasing their assurance in utilizing spoken English ; developing their ability to analyse and measure spoken public presentation ; sharpening their competency in face to confront interaction. By utilizing these points one can better the quality of their speech production accomplishments every bit good as to increase the quality of their knowlegde of the linguistic communication system. ( Anderson, K et al.,2004, pp.7-8 )

After go toing theImpact workshop I realised that it is really of import to develop talking accomplishments, if I have to prolong in this competitory universe. I thought a batch on how I can better this accomplishment and I confronted this to my coachs and with the aid of their counsel I found that I should read a batch of books and besides look at different approches which assorted writers have suggested to improvize this accomplishment. Then I found this book and I discovered that in order to better spoken English 1 needs to hold good vocabulary knowlegde so that he/she can utilize different words while interating with others. Making this helps in addition in assurance while talking in English and along with this 1 besides enculcate an ability to detect and mensurate different ways of speech production. Polishing their accomplishments by interacting with more and more people personally and speaking to yourself by looking at the mirror. Hence constructing your ego assurance and therefore heightening your accomplishments.

Since these factors are really helfull in order to construct up one ‘s speech production accomplishments, I have besides started implementing them in my twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life. I try to talk and interact in English on a day-to-day footing with my friends, schoolmates, household members etc. I besides try to take part in those activities which require usage of spoken English as a whole so that my accomplishment is developed.

In order to talk good English 1 should besides be able to articulate words clearly aand right. While articulating a word one must take attention to voice the sound at the terminal of the word. If one do n’t and mean to state ‘I need a cab ‘ , the hearer sick hear ‘I necessitate a cap ‘ . The writer farther explains with this illustration that if all vowels are voiced, so this should assist cleary the voicing through to the terminal. The writer put frontward the methods to improvize on one ‘s pronunciation and speech production by praticing the pronunciation of such words by talking them on a day-to-day footing and during trim clip. Rehearsing it has added benefit of transfer to its homophones, ‘too ‘ and ‘two ‘ , besides used with high frequence. ( Bareithe, T, 2007 )

As per the writer one needs to pattern this accomplishment by pass oning more and more even during the trim clip, be it wailking from one topographic point to another, or driving from one workplace to place or frailty a versa, or waiting for person. The writer says that there are few words which are pronounced likewise nevertheless written otherwise and have different significances. We need to pattern pronounciation of such words along with others. And there are few words if non pronounced right, so the hearer might construe it something else. E.g. if we do n’t articulate ‘backed ‘ right so the hearer may hear it as ‘packed ‘ .

Earlier I use to listen to English vocals and usage to believe that I can pull out few English words that are considered as portion of good vocabolary. However subsequently on I realised that by making so I am non bettering, instead haltering my vocabulory and curtailing myself as I have fallen quarries to utilize a batch of slangs and can non pass on often as I was non able to hold on the words from the vocals. When I read this book I realised that the methods given in the book are right ways of bettering spoken English and now I have been rehearsing all the methods mentioned by the writer. I try to use my trim clip in practising pronunciation of different words. And I think this method is really usefull and easy as comparison to other methods.

Skill 2: Presentation Skills

In order to better our presentation accomplishments, the writer says that one should be able to cover beter with the feedback. When person is sharing their perceptual experience one should be gracious, non defensive, take notes and should non seek to explicate or apologize. One should ever be specific and should inquire them to clear up, with simple, unfastened inquiries in a liqueur, unagitated tone. And should thank them for their feedback.

Harmonizing to the writer the prsenter should ever be unfastened to the feedback given by the audience or the assessor. One should take the feedback positively and should seek and implement advices into actions. Besides while showing the talker should be really clear, should utilize simple words and should hold a pleasant tone.

Earlier I was really bad in presentation accomplishments, I figure this out when I started giving presentations during the schoolroom Sessionss. I use to acquire annoyed from the no.of inquiries asked as I was non able to manage the force per unit area. And I was non able to accept that my schoolmates are transverse oppugning me instead than my tuitor, which made me farther phobic to presentations as it hurted my self-importance. However after reading this book and suugestions given by writer I learnt to keep on to be patient and get downing accepting the feedback, be it from anyone, my schoolmates or janetor. ( Rotondo, J and Rontodo, M, 2001, p.167 )

As per the writer for better presentation one demand to utilize good ocular AIDSs to do it clearer, so that it makes sense to the audience- if they follow the lineation of your address and they succintly present that lineation. Follow your lineation. Mention to your Outline Worksheet, and get down your presentation by planing one slide for each thought. For Example the basic presentation may hold the undermentioned slides: rubric ; attending grabber ; purpose ; docket ; benefit of audience ; point 1 with the illustration ; point 2 with the illustration ; point 3 with the illustration ; drumhead, action measure ; concluding statement.

The writer suggests that for a presentation one should seek and utilize some good images, so that the audience is able to understand it easy. The linguistic communication used should be simple and clear. The construction should be clear get downing from the rubric, with each portion of the presentation divided separatly and elaborated with illustrations, should ever hold a decision.

Before reading this book I use to believe that presentation need non necessitate much attempt, which can be done without visuals every bit good, merely by reading from the paper but after looking at the suggestions given by the writer I thought that visuals are really usefull, particularly to construct the involvement of the audience. Adding up images adds coloring materials to the presentation and makes it more entertaining for the audience. I have presented on few subjects during the category Sessionss and have started utilizing images. It is really usefull in order to keep the beat. ( Bienvenu, S, 2000, P.76 )

The writer believes that there are few stairss which one should ever follow in order to show efficaciously. Its starts from remaining relax ; Lashkar-e-Taiba ‘s state theres is a eldritch inquiry from the audience which you think is can do you nervous, that your bosom starts crushing excessively fast. However one should remain composures before replying it so that the flow of the presentation is maintained. And the thought procedure remains active. The following measure can be being steadfast and polite to the audience while replying their inquiries and non being hyper or rude if person asks excessively many inquiries. Check the audience ‘s organic structure linguistic communication, whether they are paying any attending or non, or whether they are being distracted by anyone or they are paying more attending to person else so you, if they look annoyed or if they are genuinly intrested in the presentation and if this is the instance so they would desire you to reply all the inquiries rapidly without blowing any clip.

I discovered after reading this that it ‘s a human behavior to acquire nervous while standing and showing in forepart of figure of people. Particularly when the audience is really proactive in inquiring inquiries and due to nervousness one tends to bury things or gets diverted. One should be able to command the presentation with the aid of his/her communicating accomplishments and sense of temper. So that the audience does non free its involvement. One should be able jugde after looking at the audience, whether they are paying attending or non, whether they are acquiring annoyed or taking more involvement in dish the dirting or making some other work. Besides one should be able to keep his/her composure when person asks a inquiry which is irrelevant or which can make confusion for others. One should ever seek to reply questionss clearly and should be to the point. One should be thorough with the presentation so that he/she is able to reply evry inquiry asked.

I have realised that after coming to U.K. I started groping and started acquiring nervous while replying inquiries during the presentation. I use to acquire annoyed with the no.of replies nevertheless after reading through this book I am able to show more confidently and I am able to reply inquiries without acquiring irritated. This has truly helped me in order to remain unagitated and present efficaciously. I ever am thorough with the subject of presentation sso that I am able to work out any of the questions based on the subject. ( Bradbury, A, 2006, pp.132-134 )


After reading all these books related to my failings which I wanted to work on, and after the application of the methods suggested my all the writers I see myself bettering twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours and comprehensivley get the better ofing my failings. Though I do n’t hold any groundss to demo but my active engagement in the schoolroom, group work, presentations proves it all. Thus far I am satisfied with my advancement and more than happy to do this determination of coming to U.K. and so go toing the Impact workshop under my accomplishments faculty, which made me recognize that cognizing your failings is non an embarasment instead it is more good. As one knows the countries of development and can be improved before come ining the corporaate sphere, where we are suppose to execute and vie.


Log 1


Miss Divya Manohar

Description of experience?

I was an introvert and was ne’er bothered that it might impact my professional forepart before coming to Leeds because I thought it was a affair of personal pick. However doing assorted presentations at Leeds made me realizes that I had to pitch up to work on both my presentation accomplishments and my shyness.

What did I antecedently think was true, but now know to be incorrect/ incorrect?

I use to believe that being an introvert will non consequence be adversly.

What was new or surprising to me? What have I changed my head approximately, as a consequence of this?

Back in India I was non at all diffident speaking in forepart of the crowd during different celebratory activities but when it came to make the same in a conference hall facing my coachs, I was nervous. And was unable to execute efficaciously.

One thing I learned from this?

One should be ever ready to larn, and it ‘s ne’er excessively late.

How do I plan to get by up with it?

I have started working on it after going a portion of Leeds Metropolitan.In order to go better I am seeking to talk more honestly while speaking to my schoolmates and seek non to waver to inquire for aid from others. Besides Iam seeking to include some good vocabulary to my verbal communicating that will assist me do a grade for me in order to measure my advancement.

Besides apart from this, I will set a wont of practising my presentations before I get on the phase. And making good research on the subject so that I will be able to reply all the inquiries which aundience might hold, efficaciously.

Log 2


Miss Divya Manohar

Description of experience?

After I came to leeds I realised that I my spoken English was non that good. Even after analyzing in an English medium school, I was required to smooth my speech production accomplishments. I ne’er thought that it might impact my professional forepart because it was appropriate as per the Indian aundience. However after giving my IELTS test I figured out that when it comes to talking English fluently, particularly when you are being jugded I am non good at all. Furthermore after pass oning with people from assorted civilizations specially who are from U.K at Leeds made me realizes that I had to pitch up to work on spoken communicating accomplishments.

What did I antecedently think was true, but now know to be incorrect/ incorrect?

I thought that my spoken linguistic communication is effiecient plenty, nevertheless it was non that great when it comes to profeesional degree.

What was new or surprising to me? What have I changed my head approximately, as a consequence of this?

When I was in India I was ne’er hesitating whenever it comes to talk in forepart of general populace or in a schoolroom whenever there was a treatment on assorted subjects or an event but when it came to make the same when I was being assessed during IELTS and after coming here, I was non confident plenty. And was unable to show my position points efficaciously.

One thing I learned from this?

One should be ever ready to larn, and it ‘s ne’er excessively late.

How do I plan to get by up with it?

I have already started working on it after going a portion of Leeds Metropolitan.In order to go better I am seeking to talk more honestly while speaking to my schoolmates and seeking non to waver to inquire for aid from others. Besides Iam seeking to include some good vocabulary to my verbal communicating that will assist me do a grade for me in order to measure my advancement.

Besides apart from this, I am reading good books, newspaper, magazines etc. that will assist me show more efficaciously in this linguistic communication with cases. And have started talking in English even at place so that I feel comfy while speaking to others in public.

Unsent Letter 1

I am wirting this to state you about a workshop I have late attended, after which I am able to answere those inquiries which I use to inquire myself, nevertheless could n’t acquire an reply. That was to show in public about a certain subject or instance.

… ( In the workshop ) we had to show about the determination of the group in the terminal of the twenty-four hours. I was supposed to show as I chose this peculiar accomplishment for betterment. There were state of affairss while showing, I was nervous and due to thaat I was hesitating while talking, wittingly that I need to better my talking communicating accomplishments every bit good, I tried to show. Apart from this workshop at that place has been cases when I found myself tense while pressenting in the category. During other module Sessionss as good, when of all time we had to present something, I could experience the uncertainity in me, whether to show or let my schoolmate to make so. I feel that this feeling has become more outstanding after coming to U.K. I use to do presentations when I was in India ; nevertheless mu assurance was non this low. I ever wanted to be in a group where there are pupils who are better so me in presentation accomplishments, so that they can be the one ‘s who can make the speaking portion, and usage to lodge to the readying of the presentation. At the terminal of every presentation I give I look for feedback from the audience and I try to instill their feedback in me for the following clip. I besides needed to recognize that I am excessively tough on myself and that this can so hold an impact on my assurance a whole.

Unsent Letter 2

Dear …

A few months ago, I had to look for my IELTS test, where I was jugded on 4 different parametric quantities of English linguistic communication. These paarameters were: hearing, reading, speech production and composing. I thought I will be able to execute every bit in all of the above metrices but when it came to talking, I found that non merely while replying the inquiry, I was even nervous while pass oning with the tester. Gradually during the session, which lasted for non more than 15 proceedingss, I did better as I knew that I have to execute in order to hit good sets in that subdivision. Apart from that mark portion I had other things in my head every bit good, which included my friend ‘s reaction if did non score good. I still retrieve I did a catastrophe by halting early in the last inquiry where I was given a scenario, on which few inquiries were based and in the really last inquiry of that portion I was suppose to state the tester in brief the ground behind my reply. I was non merely nervous I remember I could n’t even state much, I could non show my position points, I was short of content, lacked in assurance on narating her something which I had been making for old ages. It was really dissapointing of me. I wanted to inquire the tester for some feedback but could n’t make that due to embarassment. That was when I knew I need to work on this accomplishment, that excessively hard. And after coming to Leeds this has been confirmed.

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