Money The Root Of All Evil English Literature Essay

Lorraine Hansberry was born May 30, 1930 to parents Carl Augustus Hansberry a really successful existent estate agent and Nannie Louise Perry. She was brought up in a middle-class life. When Lorraine was about eight old ages old, her parents moved into a nice house in an all white community where they were n’t welcomed. One dark after traveling into the all white vicinity, Lorraine and her parents were met by an angry rabble who did n’t desire them in their vicinity. Lorraine ‘s male parent was an active member of the Republican Party. He won an anti-segregation instance before the Illinois Sepreme Court. And the events in the instance that her male parent won lead up to the thought of her composing “ A Raisin in the Sun ” . As a kid Lorraine was sent to a public school instead than a private school as a protest to the segregation Torahs. As a kid Lorraine was interested in African History at an early age which followed her through high school and even through college. Hansberry studied art at The University of Wisconsin and in Mexico. After go toing a schools public presentation of a drama by Irish dramatist Sean O ‘ Casey she ( Hansberry ) decided to go a author, which had a large consequence on Lorraine ‘s life. In 1950 she dropped out of college and moved to New York. While in New York, Lorraine took categories at the New College of Social Research and worked as an associate editor of Paul Roberson ‘s “ Freedom ” . During this period when she ( Hansberry ) lived in New York she met assorted celebrated authors. One in specific was Langston Hughes. In 1953 Hansberry married Robert Nemiroff a Judaic literature pupil and songster who she ‘d met at a lookout protesting favoritism. Lorraine began composing a drama shortly after get marrieding her hubby. The original name of “ A Raisin in the Sun ” was “ The Crystal Stairs ” after a line in a Langston Hughes drama. On January 12, 1965, at the age of 35, Lorraine died of malignant neoplastic disease. Even after her decease Lorraine ‘s dramas are still inspirational and are still being refashion to this twenty-four hours. ( Miiler: Hansberry )

Unlike any other dramas of its clip, “ A Raisin in the Sun ” had more relatable characters of the clip. The characters in this drama were: Walter Lee Younger, Beneatha ( “ Bennie ” ) Younger, Lena ( “ Mama ” ) Younger, Ruth Younger, Travis Younger, Joseph Asagai, George Murchinson, Mr. Karl Linder, BoBo, Willy Harris, and Mrs. Johnson. The drama was centre around Mama and her household and the things they went through after having an insurance cheque from Mama ‘s hubby. Though there were 11 characters in this phase drama, merely about 6 of those people are the chief characters and the other 5 were the minor characters. Even though they were need in the drama to do it travel along, they were n’t major. The major characters were fundamentally the Younger household and some household friends like George Murchinson and Joseph Asagai. Those two helped the secret plan thicken and shows how Beneatha was influenced by both work forces to either alter the manner she was brought up or follow the freshly lifting tendency of loving the fatherland, loving where we came from.

( In this image from left to compensate: Beneatha ( “ Bennie ” ) Younger, Lena ( “ Mama ” )

Younger, Ruth Younger, Travis Younger. Bottom centre: Walter Lee Younger ) ( )

The major characters as I stated before, are the household and two friends. To get down off, im traveling to speak about Lena ( “ Mama ” ) Younger, Mama was the anchor of the household. She kept the household in line and no affair what happened in her household, they were ever traveling esteem her and believe in Jesus. The narrative A Raisin in the Sun opens with Mama waiting on the insurance cheque to come from here late hubby, Walter Lee Younger Sr. , Mama has large programs for the money of her late hubby money. She wants to break the life of her and her household. Mama wanted to travel into a nice vicinity called Clybourne Park. The house was really still and quiet. That ‘s when we meet her girl, Beneatha ( “ Bennie ” ) Younger. Beneatha was smart beyond her old ages. Merely at the age of 20 she wants to travel to college to go the first female physician of her clip. She is better educated than anybody else in the household. She is really controversial and some things she says or does rubs her female parent the right manner. She evens gets slapped by her female parent for that type of discourtesy! Mama ran the house with an Fe fist. Bennie at the clip of the drama was dating a affluent immature adult male whom I will speak about a small subsequently in this paragraph. While speaking to this immature adult male Bennie besides meets another immature adult male and I will be speaking about him subsequently every bit good. Once speaking to this immature adult male Beneatha goes through a life altering experience. And she discovers the admirations of Africa and all its glorification. She cuts off all her hair and transforms herself to a Nubian goddess. Her looks causes a rift with the household some how. Because some household members do n’t acquire it and other household members merely think it ‘s amusing. Like her older brother, Walter Lee Younger. Walter Lee is a really complex adult male with large dreams. He had dreams of populating the high life and non holding to drive the white people around. So when Walter heard about the insurance money coming which he was acquiring a piece of, his encephalon went into over thrust and he began to believe of a get rich speedy program. Walter ‘s better half is his married woman, Ruth ; Ruth Younger is a difficult working lady. She works long hours for the measures in the house and for her hubby and her boy. The youngest member of the Younger household is Travis Younger. Travis was a immature kid around simple or in-between school age. A really sheltered kid merely allowed traveling outside to travel to school or bag food markets for pocket alteration for ice pick or little things in school. He was the individual who saw the mail adult male coming and he went to acquire the cheque from the mail adult male. I ‘m non traveling to acquire to deep into the where and how ‘s of the drama merely yet though. The following to characters I ‘m traveling talk about is George Murchinson and Joseph Asagai. Joseph Asagai was an Africa foreign exchange pupil who met Beneatha at school. He began to wish Beneatha and began prosecuting her, taking her out on day of the months and giving her gifts from Africa. She decided to allow him prosecute her. He even proposed to her, she did n’t cognize if to accept it or deny it. Continue reading to happen out if Bennie accepted or denied the matrimony proposal. ( Sparknotes: Raisin )

This following paragraph is about the bad characters in the drama. Of whom names are George Murchinson and Karl Linder. George Murchinson was the first cat that Beneatha dated in the drama. He was a really affluent person, egoistic and sort of narcissistic. He wanted Beneatha to non travel to school because he feels that ‘s non a adult female ‘s topographic point. He feels as though a adult female should make adult female ‘s work and go forth the working and the larning up to the work forces. He let ‘s his intellect bend people off and that makes people think he ‘s chesty. Though his thoughts were different he did assist the secret plan come along. The following bad character is Karl Linder. Many might non believe he is a bad character but I have to differ, if you let racism ignorance command your life and the hinder the felicity of a household so you are a bad individual. Of a dramatis personae of all black Karl Linder is the lone white character in the drama. As I said before Mama wants to purchase a house in Clybourne Park. Well Mr. Karl Linder is the quote unquote welcoming commission. But it was n’t the good welcoming commission he was apart of the, we will pay you this sum of money if you all do non travel in. And that makes him a bad character. He truly helps the secret plan go along every bit good but it still makes him a bad character. ( Sparknotes: Raisin )

A Raisin in the Sun is a novel/play about a household and the battles they go through. The characters in the drama have their ain growing at their ain clip. This drama takes topographic point in south side Chicago in the lodging undertakings. It is a really little 2 sleeping room flat lodging 6 people. The Younger household is their name. The Younger ‘s came across some money from their male parents ‘ insurance cheque. The female parent Lena wants to purchase a nice house in a nice vicinity, give the household members some money and salvage the remainder for her grandson Travis ‘s college fund. Some household members like the new determinations but some do non hold. Lena ‘s eldest boy Walter feels as though it ‘s non a good investing, he thinks opening a spirits articulation will convey in more money. Then theirs the loud and vocal Beneatha, she tells what ‘s on her head and does n’t care who does n’t wish it or non. She had a immature adult male prosecuting her, George Murchinson, whom she did n’t wish because of his haughtiness. While she was with George she met an African foreign exchange pupil named Joseph Asagai. He asked her a individual inquiry and the remainder was love at first site. He began demoing up at the Younger house and giving Bennie gifts from Africa. Stuck in between a stone and a difficult topographic point because she is dating two work forces, she chooses Joseph. While with Joseph, she took a dramatic alteration. She cut her hair and decided to get down over because she wanted to be natural. Joseph felt like Bennie was the 1 that he could get married. So he proposed, but Beneatha did n’t no what to state yes or no. After speaking to Lena she decided to take the battle proposal of Joseph. Then the play comes in, Ruth who is Walter Lee ‘s married woman discovery outs she pregnant. Wondering how she would state the household and what she would make with another kid and another oral cavity to feed she decided to acquire an abortion. She consults with Beneatha and Lena about what she should make with the new babe on the manner. They tell to maintain and she says there ‘s no room for a new oral cavity to feed. While they are in a het argument on the new kid on the manner, Walter Lee has another thing up his arm. Lena tells Walter to keep the remainder of the money she did n’t utilize yet and utilize it sagely. He spends all of his and his female parents ‘ money on the spirits articulation. Then when it rains it pours, bad intelligence came to the household. The money that Walter Lee gave to his concern spouses to set a sedimentation down on the spirits articulation comes up losing. One of his concern spouses runs off with his cut of the money and everybody else. Though all of Lena ‘s money was lost she still put the down payment on the house in Clybourne Park, a predominately white vicinity. But before she and the household could travel into the house, evil walked through the door in the form of Karl Linder, who wanted to purchase the house back from the household. With the cordial reception that merely a household could give the told him no thank you. They finally moved into the house in Clybourne Park, and the eyes were truly on them. And with her biggest smiling and the all the neighbours all watching them as they move in, Beneatha courteously said, “ How-dy neighbours! ” Satisfied with her household Lena gives a large smiling and the drapes come down. The narrative A Raisin in the Sun is a great oculus opener to the things that happen and you ‘re merely non cognizant of it.

The subject of A Raisin in the Sun is really complex there ‘s non merely one subject there ‘s 3: Man v. Man, Man v. Self, Man v. Society. An illustration of Man v. Man is when Karl Linder tried to purchase the house back from the household. Another illustration of Man v. Man is when Walter Lee and Ruth argued about life. It ‘s more Man v. Man in the work but there ‘s merely non adequate clip. An illustration of Man v. Self Ruth make up one’s minding should acquire an abortion or non and another illustration is when Walter Lee was inquiring should he utilize all his female parents ‘ money in the down payment of the spirits articulation. And in conclusion Man v. Society is shown once more with Karl Linder seeking to purchase the house back. That ‘s society back in those times at its worst. Racism was running ramped lead to the Man v. Society. The significance of Man v. Man means one contending one another, and Man v. self one contending with their egos.

Due to Lorraine ‘s short lived calling and little tally with her dramas she got small to no achievements. She was named one of the most originative authors of her clip. That ‘s the lone thing should present for.

Even in decease Lorraine Hansberrys ‘ dramas live on. In most recent times music ace star Sean “ Diddy ” Combs and T.V ma Phylica Rashard and others celebrated histrions and actresses have come together and refashion A Raisin in the Sun. It was a Broadway drama but it turned into a gesture image, and it depicted the drama to the highest. Oscar nominated dramatis personae, Lorraine would be really proud. Though it ‘s been made into a gesture image, it ‘s still being produced on Broadway. It ‘s besides being reproduced in church dramas, school dramas and community centres around the Earth. Showing how much the people of the USA truly appreciate Lorraine and the things show did. A Raisin in the Sun has become the voice of all civilizations inkinesss and white and the things people go through. Present twenty-four hours A Raisin of the Sun has been tampered a small spot, but the true significance of A Raisin in the Sun is still instilled in the message. The stronger the household bond is, the stronger the individual will be. Like Walter Lee, though he made a bad determination about the money at the terminal of the drama he was happy and the household was happy excessively. Like Ruth, though she thought approximately holding an abortion, she ne’er did she kept the newest member of the Younger household. Travis even enjoyed the move, giving Lena a new garden chapeau. All in all demoing how the bond of the household and how strong it is, the dramas over the old ages are still the same but different.

In decision, I hope by reading this paper it helps you farther understand the implicit in message of A Raisin in the Sun and understand the life style of Lorraine Hansberry. In this paper, I told you in deepness about Lorraine and her life and the different parts and characters of the novel/play. I besides told, in more item about the subject of the drama. I ‘ve learned a batch every bit good as I wrote this paper. I learned more about literature and all the things some authors had to travel through back in the yearss to acquire the productions out. Particularly since it was a female writer on top of that she ‘s a black writer. Researching this paper has helped me better acquisition and farther my instruction.

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