Operation Enduring Freedom

Operation Enduring Freedom

Operation Enduring Freedom is the term used to mention to the war in Afghanistan. This operation has a focal point on counterterrorism activities that came approximately after the September 11 onslaughts on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. The war in Afghanistan began on October 7, 2001, which was launched by the United States and British military. The aim of the war in Afghanistan was to free the state of Taliban, but Taliban forces have gained strength since the start of Operation Enduring Freedom. If we leave Afghanistan, the Taliban will recover strength and derive full control over Afghanistan.

Some American ‘s say we should retreat from Afghanistan, but what if we leave? If we leave, we fail the people of Afghanistan. The overthrow of the Taliban in Afghanistan would make stableness to the subcontinent. Afghanistan was the fluid of the igniter to terrorist act in the universe before the U.S. and British military intervened. Canada entered the war against terrorist act with the U.S. and British military later on in Operation Enduring Freedom. The Canadian defence curate was asked if the invasion of Afghanistan was a error, the Canadian defence curate replied with, “We merely did non hold a pick. Canada was attacked indirectly when 25 Canadians died on 9/11.” The Canadian defence curate agreed with the U.S. about holding a “clear clasp and build” attack to extinguish the Taliban. A clear clasp and construct attack will assist set up land, in order to unclutter the Taliban out of small towns, hold the small town, and construct it. This is done by developing Afghan security forces that will take this attack to extinguish the Taliban. The preparation of Afghan security has been a slow succeeding procedure. Asia is now more unafraid than before Operation Enduring Freedom ( One Reason to Stay in Afghanistan ) .

Other than taking control of the Afghan authorities, the Taliban has wholly stripped all basic rights from Afghani adult females. Since the Taliban has seized power, the adult females have been literally summoned to house apprehension. Womans were wholly stripped of their work, instruction chances, health care, visibleness, and freedom of address. The adult females of Afghanistan would be beaten and killed in dismaying shows for go againsting any Taliban Torahs. These shows would dwell of being publically hung and being killed in forepart of their families- these are merely the few of many atrociousnesss ( The New York Times ) .

The Taliban is greatly outnumbered financially and militarily. Withdrawal of military personnels from Afghanistan would let the Taliban to recover control of Afghanistan and become stronger than earlier because retreating from Afghanistan would look like a licking of U.S. and allied forces. This would do an addition of terrorist act globally. The rights of Afghanistan ‘s citizens, particularly adult females, can merely be secured through long-run military and fiscal support ( RealClearPolitics ) .

On December 1, 2009, the President gave a address about his scheme on the war in Afghanistan from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. The President stated that he will deploy 30,000 more military personnels into Afghanistan. It is easy for person to stand back and state what the determination should or should non be ; nevertheless, Americans do non hold the cognition in which the President has been briefed. Foremost, there is a good ground for the deployment of 30,000 military personnels, which is non an excessively inordinate figure. I do non believe that we can we disregard the menaces that are still in being and merely draw our military personnels out. The President is doing the best determination sing the many implicit in issues as stated in the above paragraphs. Terrorism affects the international community. This is non merely America ‘s battle ; it is a planetary war on terrorist act due to terrorism happening around the universe.

If we leave, we fail them. There are many similarities between the Iraq war and Vietnam War, but it will non be wholly the same if we complete the end of extinguishing Taliban power from Afghanistan and giving the Afghan people substructure. If we withdrawal military forces, we will let the Taliban to recover power and the citizens and military of the United States will live over all the errors of the Vietnam War.

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