Packaging in Walker Percy’s ‘The Loss of the Creature’

The Loss of the Creature

The Loss of the Creature

Based on Percy’s experiences and my personal experiences, I believe that “packaging” has both a positive and negative impacts on people’s experiences. In Walker Percy’s “The Loss of the Creature” Percy introduces the construct of “packaging” . “Packaging” is the pre-formulation of a peculiar thing before you encounter it. “Packaging” can be presented in many ways changing from cyberspace beginnings, post cards and through assorted media. Percy introduces this construct by naming out points and giving illustrations to back up these points. Each point and illustration he gives provides more information about his chief thought. In “The Loss of The Creature, ” Percy takes a apparently impersonal stance on “packaging” . Percy discusses the impacts of “packaging” on people’s experiences while on a circuit, while in a schoolroom, while on the beach etc.

Percy takes this impersonal stance when he discusses both the benefits of “packaging” and the negative impacts of “packaging” . He explains how “packaging” can function as a foundation on which people can construct their ain perceptual experiences upon. A quotation mark in the essay where Percy describes this is “Does this mean that we should acquire rid of museums? No, but it means that the excursionist should be prepared to come in into a battle to retrieve a sight from a museum” ( Percy310 ) . Percy explains through this quotation mark that the job is non “packaging” instead its people’s ability to see through the bundle. I’ve besides been able to profit from it. It was my first clip of sing my new university campus and we were to be given a circuit of the school. Unlike the remainder of my co-workers who had no cognition on the school, I was able to inquire inquiries and actively take part while on the circuit. I had received some signifier of “packaging” about the University from cyberspace beginnings and on-line brochures/prospectuses. This “packaging” was able to give me a good thought of the experience I was approximately to face. In that scenario the “packaging” acted as more of a guideline for me instead than merely a pre-formulated thought. Percy besides talks about how “packaging” gives the consumer an thought of what to anticipate during his experience.

Percy, in his essay, negotiations about “the scenario where a “sightseer measures his satisfaction by the grade to which the canon conforms to the preformed complex” which is the “packaging” . From that statement he refers to how people measure their perceptual experience to the “packaging” and in some ways, it is good. There was a clip, I was given an essay to read and after reading the essay, I will compose my ain essay about it. In that scenario, the essay that I was given to read had been “packaged” . After reading the book, I read some other people’s good essays about the book. These other “packaged” essays, had given me a saloon of how good I want my essay to be. The “packaging” of the essay made me desire to compose better a better essay than the 1s I read. In that scenario, the “packaging” gave me an thought of how good I wanted my ain essay to be and I was able to make that degree and even excel it.

However, Percy besides discusses the positive impacts of “packaging” , he besides discusses the negative impacts “packaging” has on consumers. One of the negative impacts Percy negotiations about the consumer’s “loss of their sovereignty.” Some citations from “The Loss of The Creature” that help Percy explicate this are: “It is about impossible because the Grand Canyon, the thing as it is, has been appropriated by the symbolic composite which has already been formed in the excursionist ‘s mind” ( 301 ) . This quotation mark represents how “packaging” as a symbolic composite that has been pre-formulated in a consumers’ stops them from basking the full value/benefit of the experience that is before them. It besides explains how “packaging” prevents a consumer from believing independently. This is experienced in our mundane lives, an illustration of this was when I fell sick. Equally shortly as I noticed that I’m non experiencing good, the first thing I do is hop in my auto and travel to see the physician. Because I agree that he is an expert I trust the direct sentiment he gives me. These actions in bend halt me from trying to believe for myself and seek to calculate out the job. Alternatively, because of the pre-formulated thoughts I’ve gotten from “packaging” I surrender my sovereignty to the expert.

Furthermore, another quotation mark that represents the negative impact of packaging is “The highest point, the term of the excursionist ‘s satisfaction, is non the autonomous find of the thing before him ; it is instead the mensurating up of the thing to the standard of the preformed symbolic complex.” The quotation mark explains how consumers compare their present state of affairs to an already pre-formed thought given to them by a symbolic composite ( “packaging” ) . They alternatively surrender their sovereignty to the “packaging” . “ . I have besides been impacted by “packaging” both negatively and positively over clip. An experience I had with “packaging” late was when I encountered Chinese pupils for the first clip. The debut to a civilization that I wasn’t familiar with but I had a “packaged” thought of. Due to “packaging” I had a pre-formulated thought of the features that Chinese pupils should hold and instead than researching the civilization straight I was instead mensurating up the civilization before me to the “packaged” thought that I had gotten from experts, cyberspace beginnings and telecasting shows. In the essay Percy besides talks about a household who visits the Grand Canyon for the first clip and was unable to see the Grand Canyon for what it genuinely was, instead they see it through “that which has been formulated by images postcard, geographics book. Tourist booklets, and the words Grand Canyon” ( Percy 298 ) . From the minute I read that portion of the essay, I was able to associate a recent experience I had where “packaging” had stopped me from basking the true beauty of the substructure. It was last twelvemonth my household decided to go to Dubai for the vacation. While we were at Dubai we decided to see all the admirations of Dubai, particularly the Burj al Arab hotel. The lone 7 leading hotel in the universe. Throughout our circuit of the hotel we listened to the small mp3 participants that had been handed to us. We listened to the words of the talker as he described all the beautiful facets of the edifice. Equally shortly as he finished speech production, our circuit of the edifice came to an terminal. In that scenario, we were ne’er able to independently encompass the beauty of the substructure. We merely saw the edifice and embraced its beauty from its “packaged” perceptive.

Conclusively, the true effects of “packaging” depends on the manner the consumer interprets it. If the consumer interprets “packaging” in a negative manner, it will convey along its negative effects and if the consumer interprets “packaging” in a positive manner, it will convey along its positive effects. “Packaging” merely like many other things has both a negative and a positive impact on people’s experiences, this depends on the consumer’s ability to use this “packaging” to his ain benefit or salve the experient from its many-tissued bundle.

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