Pronouncing The Abbreviation ASAP English Language Essay

I chose this entry from “ Journal 2 Student Entries ” because I will wish to analyse subdivisions i. and two. Before analysing these two texts, I would wish to add that the writer of this entry did non take into history that ASAP has origins in the US Military in 1955. Another of import point must be made that is- as all acronyms are abbreviations, but non all abbreviations are acronyms, ASAP is acronym. When spoken, ASAP ( asap, a.s.a.p. ) is marked A-sap, with a long A sound on the first syllable. ( Cambridge Advanced Learner ‘s Dictionary )

I need the subject proposal ASAP.

This sentence was created in order to “ travel rapidly up ” the pupils. Sometimes, utilizing the phrase “ every bit shortly as possible ” does non sound as of import and pressing as “ ASAP ” . Therefore, I believe the professor needed immediate action from the pupils. If the professor used this acronym in spoken linguistic communication, I can presume that h/she wanted an pressing attending. Imagine stating words like, “ This undertaking is has to be done and I would wish you to give me your proposals every bit shortly as possible. ” This sentence could be right, but the attending needed from the pupils would non be achieved because of the length of the sentence. Short words tend to catch our attending, and sometimes, while hearing these short words ( like ASAP ) , we stop making what we were making or halt paying attending to winging mosquitoes and believe over the marked short word. The perfect illustration to turn out the importance of marked acronym “ ASAP is the writer ‘s ain entry. The writer of “ ASAP ” ( the entry for Journal # 2 ) provinces that the marked word “ ASAP ” “ does non truly convey the same message of being in a clip bound, at least non to me. “ However, in world, the writer is affected by the pronunciation of this acronym, so he/she must hold taken into the consideration the urgency of “ subject proposal ” because the writer is composing about this event, captured by the pronunciation of the acronym “ ASAP ” .

I will direct the talk slides ASAP.

As for this marked sentence, one time once more, professor is seeking to catch the attending of pupils, stating, “ I promise, I will direct the talk every bit shortly as I get into my office. ”

In this instance, we are-the pupils, need to be reminded that we should be clever plenty to understand that in pressing state of affairss like this, we do non necessitate full sentences, acronyms and abbreviations could be absolutely all right.

I think that in many pressing state of affairss it is a superb thought to utilize acronyms and abbreviations in order to have and give every bit shortly as possible.

Party animate being

The slang look “ party animate being ” is by and large used for people who like to travel to parties a batch, and they like to travel them frequently, sometimes even on a regular footing, by and large devouring tonss of sums of intoxicant as good. Cambridge Advanced Learner ‘s Dictionary provinces that a “ party animate being ” is ‘someone who enjoys parties and party activities really much and goes to every bit many as possible. ‘ Party animate beings normally take any opportunity they get to travel to a party, and travel to every bit many as possible, frequently acting in a loud or ill-mannered manner.

This look is really common, and can be heard a batch when speaking about parties, or certain people that like parties and music a batch. I believe that this term was created and first used in the United States of America, as this is a state where a batch of adolescents and immature people are holding parties, and sometimes these parties become more of import to adolescents than their surveies, households, avocations, everything. Furthermore, after being popularly used in the United States, this term has travelled across seas and continents, and now this term is normally known and used in many more states than merely the United States.

What grabbed my attending here is that a ‘party animate being ‘ is a individual, whereas a individual can non be an animate being, and an animate being is unable to party, so it is the combination of the both that made me believe of this look as really interesting. I think that this combination of words was created possibly because when people go enraptured about something, or when they love to dance and party, they are able to utilize so much energy – that merely an animate being has. I think that this is why the term ‘animal ‘ is used here.

3. Insomnia

Recently, I start to experience tired and I realize that after kiping eight hours at dark I still do non experience fresh in the forenoon. I still struggle with this job, so I looked up in cyberspace in order to understand the cause of this fatigue. I found the below information really utile, hence, now I know the cause of my fatigue. After reading this information, I have concluded that I am holding this job because of “ overladen ” yearss ( analyzing for upcoming test ) , so I struggle falling asleep.

“ Insomnia is the perceptual experience or ailment of unequal or poor-quality slumber because of trouble falling asleep, trouble keeping sleep, or waking excessively early in the forenoon. These consequence in the feeling that slumber is non renewing and frequently are associated with impaired map during the twenty-four hours. Insomnia is the most common sleep upset in the United States. About tierce of the grownup population has experienced it at some clip and about 10 % have a persistent job. ” ( )

Now that I have understood my kiping upsets, it will do me better to analyse the above text in order to alter my focal point from ‘insomnia ” to something better- Text Analysis.

The first statement is get downing with a item. This brings Halliday ‘s impression that semantically, the item will be a mark, name of a value, which gives the significance or maps.

There are three procedures of relational procedure as features of descriptive text in the beginning. Those are ; Insomnia is the perceptual experience aˆ¦ , slumber is non renewing… , and are associated with impairedaˆ¦ . Token here become identified, and value as identifier ( Halliday ) .

In the following, the lone procedure of ownership occurs in the text that is and about 10 % have a persistent job. Then, in this phase, there is no verbal procedure. It means that the text is non colloquial text, and no other sentiment is taken as mention.

There is no material procedure.

No mental procedure.

There is no verbal procedure in this description.

It means that the text is non colloquial text, and no other sentiment is taken as mention.

I have been looking for you everyplace.

We may state these words when we are looking for person for a long clip. Last month I had this experience when I thought that I lost my fellow in Vatican ‘s crowd.


We use these words in order to inform the person/group of people we are turn toing that we were seeking difficult to happen them and reach with them.

However, normally, we do non believe about how in term of linguistics this sentence is structured.

Kylee saw the birds with a binocular.

Last hebdomad, Douglas came back from Strasbourg and he was so aroused about his girl Kylee. He said that they went to the wood in La Wantzenau, France. Douglas gave my binocular to Kylee and she had merriment looking through the binocular. She was looking at the birds by binocular for the first clip. Now, while I am working on my Journal # 2, I thought approximately making a phrase construction tree and the first phrase come into my head is “ Kylee saw the birds with a binocular. ”

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