Realism And Naturalism In The Literary World English Literature Essay

When people think of what is existent, that frequently think of what is natural. When people think of what is natural, they frequently think of something existent. However, these statements do non use to literature. Although Realism and Naturalism seem as if they should be the same exact constructs, they have wholly different significances in the literary universe. The motion towards Realism began after the Romanticism period when people became more interested in narratives that could associate to their mundane lives. From at that place, Naturalism was invented. Realism is composing about something that is existent, or possible. It has mundane people, ordinary scenarios, and familiar linguistic communication to that civilization. Although Naturalism captures some of the same thoughts, it is frequently much darker and filled with a more Gothic feel of literary devices. The Death of Ivan Ilyich is a great illustration of a literary work from the Realism epoch. A work that describes the ulterior motion to Naturalism is The Lost Phoebe. By contrasting these two illustrations, I believe you can place the differences between Realism and Naturalism.

The Death of Ivan Ilyich is the narrative of a adult male who has worked his manner into a high societal standing, married a good married woman, and started what seems to be the perfect household. When a fatal unwellness takes over, Ivan starts to see himself alter non merely physically, but mentally every bit good. This narrative is a piece from the Realism motion. All the characters are populating normal, ordinary lives. What seems to be the perfect household to foreigners is non so perfect on the interior. Everything that revolves around this piece could be true, or existent, for other households. It was created to do a societal alteration, frequently a rule of Realism. The thought was to utilize their ain methods to uncover the inhuman treatment of the society that many people, like Ivan Ilyich, take such pride in. In the beginning of the narrative, Mr. Ilyich ‘s coworkers are all discoursing his decease and the effects that his decease could do. “ He had been ill for some hebdomads with an unwellness said to be incurable. His station had been kept unfastened for him, but at that place had been speculations that in instance of his decease Alexeev might have his assignment, and that either Vinnikov or Shtabel would win Alexeev. ” The people that he spent most of his clip with in a individual twenty-four hours did non care about the fact he was sick or aching in hurting. The lone thing that came to mind is how they could break themselves. This is a job that we see in society from the past and now ; it is a existent thought yet told in a fiction scene. Another sad but true, realistic thought that is discussed in the narrative is matrimony and love. Ivan Ilyich did non get married his married woman for love. Several people tend to non get married for this ground and happen other comfort countries like finance and success. “ To state that Ivan Ilyich married because he fell in love with Praskovya Fedorovna and found that she sympathized with his positions of life would be every bit wrong as to state that he married because his societal circle approved of the lucifer. ” Another point of position this narrative stairss on is selfishness. Ivan had tried to give his lone girl the best possible life, even if it meant non being home most of the darks. When he becomes badly, she has no manner to demo love for her male parent because of the other things that are more of import in her life. “ Their girl came in in full eventide frock, her fresh immature flesh exposed, strong, healthy, obviously in love, and impatient with unwellness, agony, and decease, because they interfered with her felicity. ” It ‘s difficult to believe from my ain point of position how person could move in such a manner towards their ain household ; the Realism of this narrative is that scenarios like this happen everyday. Person can nail how the battles in this adult male ‘s life could be similar to what person else is traveling through and how it could besides rectify us in the manner that we live our ain. The major point of position revolves around his life and the determinations he made on how to populate. It was his pick and when decease came upon him, he could make up one’s mind if he made the right 1s.

In the narrative of The Lost Phoebe, an aged adult male and his married woman live together with the small money they have and they little nutrient they can set on the tabular array. Even though fortunes are non the best, felicity seems to come from merely them being together. In the period of Naturalism, many of the thoughts were focused around characters of a lower rank in life. It believed that life is deterministic ; adult male is non a free agent, but he is an animate being motivated by his chemical science, heredity, and environment of fortunes. Henry, the old adult male, seemed to happen motive in the love for his married woman Phoebe. The thoughts of this literary work still theorize around pragmatism including original linguistic communication of ordinary characters, but in this work, it seems to be a darker narrative with a semi-twisted happy stoping. Henry had been married to the love of his life for 48 old ages. “ Old Henry and his married woman Phoebe were as fond of each other as it is possible for two old people to be who have nil else in this life to be fond of. ” Henry ever accused his beloved married woman of mislaying his properties even though they most likely had no importance at all ; other than that, their lives together were peaceable and sympathetic. “ Phoebe, Where ‘s my corn-knife? You ai n’t ne’er minded to allow my things entirely no more. ” “ Now you hush, Henry. If you do n’t, I ‘ll go forth yuh. I ‘ll git up and walk out of here someday, and so where would y ‘ be? Y ‘ ai n’t got anybody but me to look after yuh, so yuh merely act yourself. ” His married woman ever knew how to quiet him and take control of the state of affairs. Not long afterwards, Henry ‘s married woman passed off. I ‘m certain he felt about as if the whole universe around him had fallen apart. He had non order to his life and the lone thing that kept him motivated was Phoebe. Up into this portion of the narrative, everything can associate to Realism. On the dark that Henry spots the bright visible radiation of the Moon, he takes a bend toward the unknown and becomes eager to fins his long lost Phoebe. Henry someway took a unwellness that destroyed the memory of his married woman ‘s decease. He eventually makes the determination to put out and hunt for her. He remembered her menace had ever been, “ Yuh ‘ll non happen me it I of all time leave yuh. I guess I kin git some topographic point where yuh ca n’t happen me. ” Henry ‘s despairing effort to happen Phoebe lasted for seven long old ages traveling door to door and looking under every stone and in every hole until it finally came to an terminal. “ Of a sudden at that place came to him now for the first clip in many old ages the full appeal of her girlish figure as he had known it in boyhood, the pleasing, sympathetic smiling, the brown hair, the blue sash she had one time worn about her waist at a field day, her homosexual, graceful motions. He walked around the base of the tree, striving with his eyes, burying for one time his cane and utensils, and following thirstily after. ” He thought he had eventually found his one true love, Phoebe. In despair to follow her and eventually acquire her to come back place, Henry jumps to his decease and to his Phoebe. You could believe of this narrative with a tragic stoping ; a adult male who jumped off a drop chasing after nil but a dark shadow in the center of the dark. I think of this narrative as a love narrative ; a adult male who had searched for his long lost love for seven consecutive old ages and he eventually found her, through decease. This work includes several of the same thoughts of that of Realism ; nevertheless, the chief theories behind both of them differ wholly. The Lost Phoebe includes many Romantic, Gothic ideations with a sense of Realism ; the thought that creates Naturalism.

In The Death of Ivan Ilyich, the writer is making out through a existent life scenario to do a alteration within a community and within people ‘s lives, a rule of Realism. It includes ordinary characters, familiar linguistic communication, and a realistic point of position. In The Lost Phoebe, the significance is much deeper. A adult male in hunt for his true love, but in all actuality, he ne’er finds her. They learned to populate in peace with the lesser things in life. Naturalism incorporated the same thoughts as Realism merely in a deeper and darker manner.

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