Reflection Of Learning Using Tools And Techniques English Language Essay

This paper presents a critical contemplation upon a survey I conducted on myself in footings of personality and attack to acquisition by utilizing specific tools and techniques. Using this method, I would so look into two cardinal incidents from my yesteryear by researching the development and deductions it has had on the manner I work. This would be done by assorted methods such as the Myers Briggs Type Inventory, Learning Style Questionnaire and VAK Dominance trial, associating them to how I work and learn.

So, why is critical contemplation of import? Harmonizing to Atherton ( 2005 ) Learning and Teaching: A Critical Reflection, “ self-understanding ” , means recognizing possible strengths and possible inclinations or wonts that might take to difficulty in school or other state of affairss. This means that people today need to understand their acquisition manners, in many ways, this self-understanding will be the key to success.A However, it is incorrect to presume that larning manners reflect what a individual will execute in different types of categories or callings. The thought is to hold sufficiency of a self-understanding that we can analyze expeditiously and seek aid when appropriate so that we can acquire the most out of school and life-long learning.A Everybody has a assortment of larning manners that change over clip, from state of affairs to state of affairs, and to changing degrees.A

Therefore, allow ‘s expression at some acquisition manners that I have performed to see what type of scholar I seem to be. I will get down by researching the Myers Briggs Type Inventory ( MBTI ) .


Harmonizing to the Myers Briggs Type Inventory trial, I was an ENFP type which meant that I reasonably expressed extrovert, moderately expressed intuitive personality, somewhat expressed feeling personality and to some extent expressed comprehending personality. And harmonizing to Joe Butt ( 2005 ) , I am regarded as being a ‘warmly enthusiastic, ebullient, clever and inventive ‘ single. I am besides ‘able to make about anything that involvements ‘ me. In add-on, I am ‘quick with a solution for any trouble and ready to assist anyone with a job ‘ , every bit good as, trusting on my ‘ability to improvize alternatively of fixing in progress ‘ and ‘can normally find compelling grounds for whatever ‘ I want. Besides, the concern balls website provinces that ENFPS are “ thought ” people and “ people ” people. They are by and large surpassing, merriment, helpful, liked and admired by others.

I total agree with the above statement as it defines who I am to the nucleus. This is chiefly to toss off to one experience I had in the past working in a busy shop as a squad leader for Argos plc in London. I have come across many challenges, chiefly from unhappy client. These clients were unhappy for a figure of grounds but I found the test of transforming these clients from unhappy shoppers to happy shoppers as a rewarding chance. One good illustration would be when a shopper came one time and brought a closet merely to happen that they merely collected one portion of the closet. This client so came to the shop the following twenty-four hours to roll up the other portion merely to happen that the shop did non hold the other portion. Unhappy with the service, the client petition a full refund. After a period of clip and some persuasion, I eventually was able to convert the client that I could be able to taxi the other portion for them which the client was really pleased to hear. I found this experience disputing but honoring as it helped me larn to improvize and cover with any job that came my manner, large or little.

On the other manus, ISTJ, an MBTI type antonym to an ENFP besides showed features which to some extent, I belief I have. Joe Butt ( 2005 ) believed, ISTJ is person who is respect to be ‘serious, quiet, earn success by concentration and thoroughness ‘ . Besides, they are regarded to be ‘practical, orderly, affair of fact, logical, realistic and reliable ‘ . An ISTJ type besides takes “ duty ” and makes certain that everything is good “ organised ” . What ‘s more is that they ‘make up their ain heads about what should be accomplished and work towards it steadily, irrespective of protests or distractions ‘ .

Now that I have look at the MBTI, I will now be analyzing the result of my learning manner. The Index of Learning Styles, defined by Genovese ( 2004 ) , is to assist scholars and coachs to ease the acquisition by bespeaking penchants and wonts. The findings of the trial resulted in me holding a balance between active and brooding acquisition, reasonably feeling, strongly ocular and eventually a balance between consecutive and planetary acquisition.

Harmonizing to Felder and Soloman ( 2005 ) and Felder and Brent ( 2005 ) , ‘a balance of the two is desirable ‘ , and so far I scaled equally in active and brooding acquisition every bit good as consecutive and planetary acquisition. This could be because active scholars tend to retain and understand information best by making something active with it, such as discoursing or using it or explicating it to others and brooding scholars prefer to believe about it softly foremost. Such learning manners are methods which I may follow depending on the scenario where I may pick to leap in and converse or set back and contemplate on the affair as this aid because, Felder and Brent ( 2005 ) province that if you ever move before reflecting you can ‘jump into things prematurely and acquire into problem ‘ , while if you spend excessively much clip reflecting you may ne’er acquire anything done ‘ . They besides say that ‘sequential scholars understand new information in stairss ‘ where each measure follows logically from the old one were as ‘global scholars tend to larn in big leaps by absorbing stuff in a random order ‘ without needfully seeing any connexions until they have understood the whole construct.

Furthermore, the consequence of the acquisition manner trial demonstrated that I was reasonably sensing and firmly ocular scholar. This is because I am by and large cautious, realistic and persisting and I like larning facts and work outing job, which fit the description of a detection scholar. Additionally, harmonizing to the trial, I was regarded to be a ocular scholar as I prefer to larn new information by seeing it in the signifier of images, presentations, diagrams, charts, movies and so on. The V-A-K Dominance trial supported the acquisition manner questionnaire as I managed to hit a KVA codification. This meant that I was strongly kinesthetic scholar, flowed by an mean ocular acquisition and a low auditory acquisition. This meant that I clearly preferred acquisition manners which consist of holding a touching and making every bit good as seeing and reading attack to listening and talking method.

The statement above is true as it relates to me larning over the old ages through instruction and employment. What I have acquired through instruction and employment is organizational and leading qualities. What these experiences enabled me to make is do critical and contingent determinations ; analytically, this was because I was really observant and analysed state of affairss and would rapidly come to a decision because I have an oculus for item and I wanted everything good organised so that I would be able to pull off myself more efficaciously and expeditiously. A good illustration of this would be when I prepare to make an appraisal for a university faculty. I would foremost look at how long I have before the deadline so breakdown the inquiry and get down be aftering what I would be discoursing in my appraisal. The following measure would be to get down researching the subjects associating to the inquiry, the geographic expedition into these subjects are n’t normally systemically ordered but in a manner that whatever can be acquired. Finally, after careful planning and a period of researching, I would get down composing up the appraisal, make certain I understood and answered the inquiry relevantly.


After holding completed the full trials, the result was that I am, harmonizing to the MBTI consequence, a pleasant, easygoing, and normally fun individual. However, the acquisition manner trial showed that I am Kinaesthetic acquisition which involved physical experience. These two trials represented my acquisition and working attack in life as they defied who I am, but non who I could be. What I mean by this is that although today I might be an ENFP, tomorrow, fortunes may alter which could take me to be an ISTJ, a complete antonym, which to some grade, I belief I possess. For illustration, middle aged semi and unskilled people who attended categories because they recognised the demand to be computing machine literate for the present occupation market learnt that when they were at that place, they could still larn. They were non stuck in the rut of no makings. Not many, but a important few, took up the challenge of traveling on to other makings and higher aspirations. So it does go on.

What the above statement meant is that larning is a go oning rhythm, ne’er stoping. When you belief you have reached a concluding phase, there would ever be the following measure. Therefore acquisition is everlastingly come oning with clip, and it ‘s up to us to be kept informed. This excessively can be said approximately personalities as we can be a individual at work and wholly a different person at other times. This is chiefly down to the environment that we are in and some may pick to accommodate to the environment, instead than altering it.

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