Rhetorical Analysis of a Music Video

Rhetorical Analysis of a Music Video

Rhetorical Analysis of a Music Video

The topic of matrimony equality has been, and still is a controversial subject in today ‘s modern society. On October 10Thursday, 2014, same-sex matrimony was legalized when a United States District Court Judge decided, in the instance ofGeneral Synod of the United Church of Christ v. Cooper, that the prohibition on same-sex matrimony was unconstitutional. Since so, the figure of provinces where same-sex matrimony is legal has been increasing. Right now in the United States, same-sex is legal in 36 out of 50 provinces. Over the old ages, there have been legion public figures and famous persons who have stated that they support cheery rights. Songwriting squad Ben Haggarty, besides known as Macklemore, and Ryan Lewis have joined the pro-gay rights group of public figures.

On October 2, 2012, Macklemore and Lewis uploaded a music picture to YouTube entitled “ Same Love ” , based on the vocal of the same name. The picture was posted at hypertext transfer protocol: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=hlVBg7_08n0. The high-quality colored video received 35 thousand positions within hours of being uploaded. The picture was besides chosen to be featured during YouTube’s pride hebdomad. Since its release, the picture, and song itself, has become a popular and well-known for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender ( LGBT ) community. During the 56ThursdayAnnual Grammy Awards, Macklemore and Lewis performed “ Same Love ” while Queen Latifa took the phase and acted as nuptials officiator for 36 occupied twosomes. Madonna, in a white suite joined in and began singing her hit authoritative “ Open Your Heart ” . The public presentation, for certain, created Grammy Award history. During the full ceremonial, the “ Same Love ” music picture played in the background.

The picture, itself, was shot by managers and videographers Ryan Lewis and Jon Augustavo. Trica Davis and Honna Kimmerer, both served as manufacturers for the picture. The dramatis personae of the picture included Brooklyn Thornton, Jaida Kimmerer, Robert Braxton, Mia Clapp Perferti, Josue Gonzalez, Rory King, Rosie Cole, Kendall Kapsner, Tina Tsiakalis, Thomas Collins, Jay Somerville, Sarita Valdez, Shelton Harris, William Pontius, Jairemie Alexander. Songwriters Macklemore and Mary Lambert both have nonspeaking cameos in the music picture, as portion of the marrying party and invitees. The picture is shot in several locations including the Center for Birth and All Pilgrims Church, both located in Pennsylvania.

The picture follows the life of a chief male character, get downing with his birth and stoping with his decease. We foremost begin to see the chief character of the picture battle with his gender during a scene in which he is at a party playing spin-the-bottle with a group of friends. When the bottle lands on him, he begins to panic. He is really frightened as he has ne’er felt like this before. The picture shows that he is embarrassed, so locks himself in his room. His female parent is concerned for her boy, so goes to see what is incorrect with him. The immature adult male becomes hostile as he does non desire to state her about his feelings. Fast forward a few more old ages in the chief character’s life, he is now a successful concern adult male in a successful relationship with another male. The chief character has brought his fellow to a dinner, in which he is traveling to come out to his parents. During the repast, the chief character tells his male parent and female parent that he is, so, homosexual. The male parent exits the room, the female parent follows him a minute subsequently. A few scenes subsequently, we see the chief character and his fellow acquire engaged while walking along the shores of a beach. The audience can state that this is one of the happiest and most emotional minutes of the chief character’s life. The picture so jumps frontward to the nuptials. It begins by demoing the participants, including the two grooms, acquiring ready for the ceremonial. We see the two characters being pronounced a married twosome and, besides, see the nuptials response. This includes several different shootings including the chief character dancing with his female parent, the grooms cutting the bar, and the invitees keeping ices to observe the honeymooners. The concluding scene of the picture shows the twosome, much older now, in a infirmary room. The chief character is lying in a infirmary bed with his hubby, by the bedside, keeping his manus.

Even though neither one of them is cheery, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, both, grew up around homosexual grownups. Ryan’s uncle is cheery and has been populating with the human immunodeficiency virus, otherwise known as HIV. Macklemore’s uncle Johnny and godfather are besides gay. A exposure of Macklemore’s uncle is really shown, with his spouse, at the terminal of the picture. The twosome, harmonizing to Macklemore, serves as a theoretical account of a commited and loving relationship. In fact, the exposure of the twosome besides serves as the screen art for the individual. ( Lambe ) There are several topics relevant to the LGBT community and person who are fighting with their gender discussed in this picture. One of the first themes the audience is sees is gender pigeonholing. Toward the beginning of the picture, the chief character, as a kid, is seen mounting trees and playing football, nevertheless scenes of misss playing with dolls and selling lemonade are besides shown. These are all illustrations of gender stereotypes that exist in today’s society. Children are invariably taught that some activities or playthings are merely suited for male childs, while some are merely suited for misss. While turning up, kids take these gender functions with them. There is a popular stating which is “Children learn through illustration, ” which means that kids are invariably watching the universe around them and acquire their sentiments and beliefs from their parents, instructors, etc. Children besides learn from the things they see on telecasting and hear on the radio.Look at children’s plaything commercials, misss playing with dolls, cooking sets, or dress up apparels and boys playing athleticss, combating superhero action heroes, and rushing illumination autos.

Another topic affair the picture touches on is the battle of “coming out” to one’s household. Even though the chief character waited until he was an grownup to state his parents of his gender, it is still a really hard and emotional thing to make. A big fraction of household members tend non to be supportive of their children’s proclamation that they are cheery, sapphic, or bisexual. During the picture, we see the chief character come out to his parents. After he does this, the male parent leaves the room and is non seen for the balance of the picture, non even at his son’s nuptials. Unfortunately, unlike the picture, that disapproval is frequently expressed in footings of verbal, emotional, and/or physical maltreatment. Numerous surveies have shown that about half of all LGBT young person who come out to their households are forced out of their places or take to go forth due to harassment, maltreatment, and rejection. A few old ages ago, a survey of homeless LGBT young person was taken and found that about 43 per centum of those teens were stateless because they were rejected by their households due to their sexual orientation. In some instances, after coming out to their parent, teens are forced out of their place. About 32 per centum of the homeless LGBT young person had experienced physical, emotional, or sexual maltreatment ( Durso 4 ) .

During the picture, the chief character and his fellow go the victims of an antigay comment while walking down the street. This is a graphic illustration of the intimidation that occurs in and toward the LGBT community. Antigay hatred offense can run from a high profile slaying instance such as Matthew Shepard, a cheery college pupil who was viciously beaten, lashed to a concatenation nexus fencing and left to decease, to everyday happenings such as abuses, menaces, and sexual force. Harmonizing to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, about half of all the hate offenses committed in 2013 were because of the victim’s sexual orientation ( FBI 1 ) . In today’s universe, intimidation has become more and more frequent due to societal media and the namelessness it provides people with. The Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network, besides known as GLSEN, published a study saying that, when surveyed, LGBT young person were about three times every bit likely as non-LGBT young person to state they had been bullied or harassed online ( GLSEN ) .

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