Secrets Are The Mysteries Of Life English Literature Essay

When many people hear the word ‘secret ‘ they may hold a smile or a disquieted look on their face. A secret is the concealment of truths or false information. Sometimes in life, we face jobs and achievements. Secrets are the enigmas of life they make or interrupt us. There are several grounds for this ; it does non count whether you are maintaining or have told it. In The Kite Runner and The Memory Keeper ‘s Daughter by Khaled Hosseni and Kim Edwards together portion the perceptual experience of secrets and the redemptional power of love. Using the component of character both novels is able to expose the load of maintaining secrets. Secrets affect us by how we portion them and how we keep them from others, impacting our character, honestness and relationships.

First, trust and communicating are indispensable in many relationships. Without those two facets, the relationship would non be one you want to maintain. In Khaled Hosseni ‘s The Kite Runner showed how these facets were destroyed in a relationship. Amir, the boy of a affluent and well-known adult male, developed a friendly relationship with one of his retainers named Hassan. As the old ages progressed, Amir is faced with a life altering determination, he was able to salvage Hassan but the manner he acted affected their lives which led them to follow two separate waies in life. “ I opened my oral cavity, about said something. Almost. The remainder of my life might hold turned out otherwise if I had. But I did non. I merely watched paralytic ” ( Hosseni73 ) Amir and aged and wise looking into his yesteryear, struggled with the picks that he made as a immature male child that finally altered his friendly relationship with Hassan. This was besides a major altering point in Kim Edwards, The Memory Keeper ‘s Daughter. David Henry was faced with a life altering determination that would change his relationship with his married woman everlastingly. “ He had done the incorrect thing all those old ages ago ; he had made a error when he handed this girl to Caroline Gill. “ ( Edwards198 ) His determination was based wholly out of protecting the bosom of the adult female he loved most in his life, but in making so I think that he in fact was destroying it even more. By maintaining this immense secret between them, their relationship is easy falling apart. Therefore, both of these plants illustrated how trust and communicating is critical in many relationships.

Second, when people keep secrets they are invariably doing certain they do n’t acquire caught in their prevarication, therefore they must do prevarications that can cover up their prevarications. In The Kite Runner, Amir ‘s secret is taking an consequence on his character. As a consequence, doing Amir run off from his secret. “ America was different. America was a river, howling along, forgetful of the past. I could wade into this river, allow my wickednesss drown to the underside, allow the Waterss carry me someplace. ” ( Hosseni144 ) Once the war began, Amir and Baba moved to America. Here Amir stared a new life and began a household burying about his secret. This statement was besides apparent in The Memory Keeper ‘s Daughter. David Henry was forced to do a determination that changed his life infinitely. David and his married woman Norah celebrate their anniversary, Norah giving David a camera called the ‘Memory Keeper ‘ . “ Photography is all about secrets… The secrets we all have and will ne’er state. ” ( Edwards201 ) David uses the camera to still clip in hopes that he can happen a minute that will do sense of his secrets he ‘s maintaining from Norah. He longs for the determination he made old ages ago to be taken off, therefore he hides behind his camera looking merely for a greater significance in life. The camera is his flight from the present to seek to do right of the yesteryear. In decision, both characters of these novels present the position of running off from errors in life.

Third, salvation is a chief topic in both of these novels. Redemption is basically acquiring back at a incorrect. In The Kite Runner, Amir betrayed his best friend and finally their relationship was broken. “ There is a manner to be good once more ” ( Hosseni226 ) Rahim Khan was one of the few work forces that knew everything that occurred in Amir ‘s life. Rahim told Amir that Hassan started his ain life every bit good when he left to America. They had a kid named Sohrab ; nevertheless, this kid was now wanted to be found because Hassan and his married woman were killed during the war. In the terminal, Amir decided to stand up for himself and knew that he had to happen the kid. He was non traveling to be the same coward that he was back as a kid, those yearss were over. He eventually felt like he had done something right. This was besides unmistakable in The Memory Keeper ‘s Daughter. When David unluckily dies of a bosom onslaught Caroline takes it upon herself to state Norah the secret they have been maintaining from her. “ ‘Phoebe did non decease, ‘ Caroline said equally, looking heterosexual at her, and Norah felt caught in the minute as she had been all those old ages ago, keeping on to that regard as the known universe shifter around her. “ ( Edwards368 ) The secret that David keeps affects the whole class of their lives. David has kept Phoebe a secret from Norah, doing the dislocation of his household. He had wanted to state Norah but he did non cognize how to near it. Caroline had decided that Norah deserved to cognize about their secret. Norah and Caroline ‘s life was wholly changed by that one minute and eventually felt relieved. Therefore, salvation was a major topic in both of these novels.

In decision, secrets may stop up in hurting and sorrows. Equally far as I am concerned, honestness is the best policy. In Khaled Hosseni ‘s The Kite Runner, Amir ; the chief character of the novel made a determination that changed his life. He was given the opportunity to salvage his best friend but did non, which made him maintain that secret. Finally, stoping his relationship with his best friend. Besides, In Kim Edwards The Memory Keepers Daughter, David besides the chief character of the novel was faced with a determination that finally changed his life and his married woman Norah ‘s every bit good. When Norah gave birth to her girl Phoebe who had down syndrome, David told Norah that she died when she was born. David went on maintaining that secret from Norah ever inquiring what if, what if he did n’t give his girl off and she was populating with them instead than Caroline. I have to hold that a secret can be more detrimental than anything. Therefore, it is with fright that persons keep secrets and in making so may put on the line more than if you came straight out.

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