Sexual Cultures In All Shook Up English Literature Essay

This Essay will be researching the characters traits in the musical “ All Shook up ” . “ All Shook up “ is a modern-day musical with the narrative structured around Shakespeare “ 12th Night ” .All Shook up takes topographic point in the 1950 ‘s With ELVIS being the chief inspiration for the musical. “ All shook up ” is a Jukebox musical based around the melodies of Elvis Presley a stone and function star and sex icon for many adult females of the twentieth century. This essay is traveling to research the Character of Chad and the manner his character is betrayed how he fits into the community and how the audience expression apon this “ All shook up ” is a modern version of 12th dark demoing the Thwarting to a modern audience.

One of fagot theory ‘s major aims is to oppugn anything that has been traditionally accepted as heterosexual in order to detect hidden or coded elements of fagot activity. The pattern of Thwarting a topic has been applied to theatrical historical periods, dramatic genres, cultural and public presentation patterns, every bit good as single creative persons and their work.

Queer theory is the survey of genderism it is a interpretative reading on Texts. Queer theory is a everlastingly on-going and altering critical reading of the heterosexual civilization order. The Term “ Queer ” was developed as an umbrella term in 1990 ‘s. Queer Theory builds upon the Feminist positions of Homosexuality, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transsexuals or anyone who does non believe they fit in the societal norms of gender and gender.

The narrative Of All shook up is based around the characters falling in love. All shook up is set in the 1950 ‘s. Chad A Roustabout comes to the little town after acquiring released from prison for traveling into towns and bust uping civilization with his love for adult females. His Motorcycle interruptions down and Natalie a female machinist says she will repair it for him. Natalie Falls in love with Chad at 1st sight but Chad can non see her for a adult female but a lubricating oil monkey. Dennis a close friend of Natalie gives her the Great intelligence that he will be go forthing town to travel to dental school. Dennis is frantically in love with Natalie but she can non see this and does non love him back. Natalie attempt to happen a manner to acquire into Chads bosom. Dennis becomes Chads buddy and bents around with Chad. Natalie is covetous by this so decided what she needs to make is dress up like a adult male to hang out with Chad, she hopes this manner he will get down to love her. Natalie now being Ed becomes Chad buddy, they hang out and Chad Starts to truly similar Ed. Ed ( as Natalie ) negotiations about how great she thinks Natalie and Chad would be together. Chad says no. Chad starts to Fall for Ed and They end up snoging. This is a new feeling for Chad and he go really baffled, he does non no how to get by with his feelings and is worried what other people will believe so goes to fall in the Navy. While he is at that place he comes back to confound his love for Ed to happen out she is really Natalie. Chad says he does non desire to be with her and goes away one time once more. There is a nuptials and Chad comes back through the Door to state That he does Love Natalie and wants to be with her. Natalie is now non certain approximately Chad as she truly misses Ed. She decided to Hit the unfastened route on her motorcycle and drive to where her bosom will take her. Chad attempt to win Natalie ‘s bosom but she plays difficult to acquire. This clip he will be her buddy. The show ends with Natalie and Chad equitation of into the sundown with the Navy beckoning him adieu.

Chad ‘s Character Represents Elvis Presley, he is the Leading adult male. Chad character is non Elvis himself but is the Face of Elvis. Elvis Presley was a hit in the sixtiess. His Song “ Girls Girl ‘s Girls ” took advantages of Elvis Sex symbol Status. He was loved by adult females everyplace, he was really attractive and his sex entreaty was widely acknowledged. While Peoples can see Elvis as being an icon heterosexually some people believe his image was far to forge and equivocal. He got described as “ sharply bisexual ” . You could ever listen to his music and at1st will be beautiful medloes but on a 2nd hearing you could “ thwart ” his work, looking behind the wordss.

The Opening figure to the musical “ Jailhouse Rock ” within a lineage of musical Numberss that offers a specaclar eroticization if non so homoerotic “ your the cutest gaol bird I of all time did see “ . In the 1950s prisons were split up into sex groups so he would be speaking about a adult male “ I certainly would be delighted with your company ” Chad the characters is really homoerotic towards the other characters are the captives in the prison but being suttle so merely some of the audience would understand. Its really homoerotic in the topographic point he is singing about work forces in a work forces ‘s prison. This is Elvis vocal but besides for “ Chad in All Shook up ”

Chad enters on a Motor bike the town Freeze around him and he songs a vocal about Traveling from town to town to happen a topographic point where he belongs, he knows the ladies love him every where he goes seeing tonss of different adult females in all the tows he goes to “ Ive been with alot of adult females, Alot “ ( p23. ) He repearts this during the show out to the audience with direct reference and to the adult females of the town. In the vocal “ Deckhand ” he sings the words “ Till I find my topographic point theres no uncertainty, Ill be a rolling Deckhand ” Chad has n’t found his topographic point in society he has been with many adult females but keeps on traveling from town to town in hunt. Chad has n’t felt comftable with adult females in society and moves from town to town when he starts to experience unfoftable he moves on this is go oning when he realises he does non like any of them adult females and is steared more towards the work forces, he packs up and foliages so he does non hold to cover with non suiting in to society. Chad sets the musical off as being Homosexual. An mean audience would non snap onto the thought. An intellect audience would be able to see this from the beginning with the manner his character comes across of being Straight and seeking to acquire the attending from the ladies by over counterbalancing his gender.

Natalie a Female macanic falls in love with Chad at 1st sight, Chad can non see Natalie For being a adult female but a “ Grease Monkey ” . In the 1950s it was rare to hold female macanics and the same still applies for todays civilization. Natalie Decided she is traveling to Dress up as a adult male to gets chads attending. Natalie and chd terminal up at the old fairground.

CHAD “ The moonshine the summer zephyr. Its like my dada used to say-in the right visible radiation with the ring spirits, anyone can fall for anyone. ”

NATALIE “ Anyone for Anyone? ”

CHAD “ All you gota make is open your bosom ”

This is the portion of the show where Chad starts to come to footings with where he belongs and starts to experience more conftable about his gender. This is Chad speaking about his feelings he has, seeking to non allow Natalie cognize he says “ my dada said ” Chad is still concealing insecure as he is non being unfastened with Natalie and Brings his Dad into the equation that his Dad said it and non Chad. The character Natalie as Ed trys scoring Chad by function drama showing to be other people. She tells Chad to Feign that she is Natalie, what Chad does non cognize that this is Natalie but chad can still see her as being a adult male.

Queer theory promotes textual probes and experiments with public presentation techniques by which fagot experiences can be more overtly addressed

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Natalie who is still moving as ED sings the vocal “ A Little Less Converstation ” she tries to suduce Chad as erectile dysfunction and is sucessfull.And they end up Snoging at the terminal of the vocal. Chad is finaly experiencing conftable with Ed in society besides demoing his feelings now for him and demoing that he is Homosexual. Chad has ne’er showen his feelings in public earlier and starts to experience uncoftable once more. “ Just dont kiss me ” he screams at another adult male who comes into the scene.The remainder of the town foak on phase get confused but they shortly bury what he says after all “ and im loving the ladies, and the ladies love me ” ( p34 )

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