Solving Problems Of Interpersonal Communication Problems

Everything that we do with other people involves communicating such that all our societal interactions are communicative and they presume communicating procedures. Interpersonal communicating is characterized by: communicating from one person to another, communicating which is face to face and both the signifier and content of communicating reflect the personal features of the person every bit good as their societal functions and relationships ( Ellis, 2009 ) . Interpersonal communicating develops relationships of some kind among the communication parties for case when there is high grade of trust among them, where each individual is prepared to openly discus their feelings and where the participants have a common liking toward each other ( Hartley, 2005 ) . In this instance the sort of relationship created is that of instructor to pupil relationship. Both the instructor and the pupil have the duty of seeking elucidation whether they understand each other to minimise struggles between them.

Interpersonal communicating is ever a two manner procedure intending that two parties must be involved. The parties pass messages to each other such that there is the transmitter and the receiver but this is non inactive since the transmitter besides becomes the receiver to finish the communicating procedure ( Hartley,2005 ) . The geographics instructor in this instance acts as the beginning when instruction and the pupils as the receivers. On the other manus the state of affairs can be reversed where the pupil becomes the beginning and the instructor the receiver, this happens when the pupil seeks elucidation.

Interpersonal communicating is an on-going procedure and non an event. However, during the procedure of communicating several things may go on that may impede or make jobs such that the parties do non pass on as intended. In most instances these jobs are termed as noise in the procedure of communicating. They hinder the transmitter and the receiver from decrypting the words and marks sent taking to misunderstanding of each other hence go throughing the incorrect messages. For case in the instance where the geographics instructor intends to pass on to pupils on likely examinable inquiries yet some other pupils do non understand the instructor and even though they are hardworking they end up neglecting the test. In this scenario it can be concluded that some noise existed between the instructor and the pupils and the intended message was non communicated. The being of communicating job between the instructor and the male parent of the pupil may be said to hold resulted from choler of the male parent due to the boy ‘s failure in the trial and the information availed to the male parent by the boy. The redresss to this interpersonal communicating will besides be discussed subsequently in the paper.

Problems of interpersonal communicating

Language barriers

The complexnesss of linguistic communication codifications are frequently highlighted in communicating across cultural boundaries. There are figure barriers in interpersonal communicating that are related to linguistic communication. Among the most common include ; deficiency of tantamount words where the transmitter and the receiving system comes from different cultural backgrounds and they use same word to intend different things ( Ellis, 2009 ) , deficiency of tantamount grammar or syntax this may do the parties in the communicating to misinterpret the information forwarded by each other. For case same words may work as nouns or verbs or adjectives for illustration in English `lift a pollex ‘ or `thumb a lift ‘ in the first instance the word a `thumb ‘ is a noun and in the 2nd instance a `thumb ‘ is verb. Use of parlances and similes may besides do misconstruing as different civilization utilize them otherwise. Pronunciation is besides a major job in interpersonal communicating this may change the significance of the word for case jobs associated with pronunciation of `r ‘ and `l ‘ one may articulate ‘right ‘ as `light ‘ ( Bovee & A ; Thill, 2000 ) . In a category context such pronunciation jobs may do the pupils fail to pass on as intended. The linguistic communication jobs in the communications procedure are therefore really common in schoolrooms for case it ‘s common to happen student holding different category notes as they hear different things from their instructors. The linguistic communication used by the geographics instructor may hold non been understood by the pupil who failed in the trial ; this creates a struggle between the pupil and the instructor and it ‘s escalated farther to household of the pupil.

Use of non-verbal marks

Non verbal communicating is a type of communicating which consists of mute cues that a communicator sends in concurrence with spoken or written message for illustration, a individual ‘s tone of voice where the single vary the the tone of the voice by either doing it loud or crisp, facial look, oculus behaviour, caput nodding, nose thumbing, thumb motion. In add-on one ‘s positions and mode of walking besides may hold communicating significance for case a individual may walk in a mode which indicates arrant desperation. Besides the distance between two single involved in private conversation shows the relationship between the two ( Turner & A ; West, 2008 ) . It is hence the duties of the receiving system and the transmitter to decrypt the message transition so as to avoid misinterpretation.

The receiving system decodes and interprets the message sent and responds by directing back feedback which helps the transmitter to happen out if the receiving system has right interpreted the message. The job arises where the receiving system misinterprets the message sent since he or she will react by incorrect feedback. Such misunderstanding may originate since single comes from different cultural background and a certain non verbal communicating may hold a wholly different significance to other civilizations, for case nodding of the caput in some civilization symbolizes credence or understanding but in some civilizations it symbolizes dissension ( Kalefleisch,1993 ) . In a category context the instructor ‘s alterations of tones, facial looks or uses cues that they think will assist them to pass on efficaciously. In suggesting what subject will look in the trials the look made by the geographics instructor may hold been misunderstood by the pupils ensuing in pupils revising in other subjects which made them to neglect the test. Use of gestural cues at times therefore poses a command job in interpersonal communicating.

Channel noise

This job is caused by physical barriers and is largely due to our senses of smelling, touching, savoring, hearing and visual perception. Among the common channel noise includes express joying speaking, coughing, sneezing, and saw wooding such noise can be indoors or outside the scene of the beginning and the receiver of the message. For case an aircraft over a edifice or a lawn mower outside a schoolroom, people speaking or shouting aloud in the hallways or outside Windowss it can be even murmuring of pupils in category in the category pupils observing may deflect other from listening ( Ellis, 2009 ) . The talker may besides non be hearable plenty, may hold inappropriate visual aspect or have bad idiosyncrasies that contribute to hapless communicating with the audience. If the talker keeps on jangling his keys from the pockets this is still noise that may deflect effectual communicating ( Campbell & A ; Nelson, 2010 ) . A school has many activities traveling on at the same clip for case cleansing of pavings, pupils traveling up and down to research labs and several categories, cutting or paring of hedges outside the schoolroom or uninterrupted mutter or laughing of pupils in category. All these deflect the pupil in one manner or the other from the instructor hence doing the pupil to lose some of the instructor ‘s comments. This means that communicating is non effectual. May be such noises distracted the pupil when the geographics teacher hinted on the subject to look in trials and this made the pupil non to capitalise on the hinted subject hence neglecting an test which became the beginning of the struggle.

Psychological noise/emotional job

It besides presents barriers to communicating. Nervousness and anxiousness can sometimes in certain state of affairss be barriers to communicating every bit good as tenseness that may be caused by contention or struggle. The beginning of the message may utilize words or phrases that may be viewed negatively by the other party. The subject of treatment may besides be controversial or no appealing to the other party or the audience may experience that the talker is biased therefore he may miss involvement in listening to the talker ( Hartley, 2005 ) . On the other manus the subject of treatment may be tiring and the individual seeking to pass on may besides be tiring this may do even the hearer to get down dozing or kiping therefore unable to hear the talker ‘s chief points. It besides true that some people may non wish the individual seeking to go through messages and so they pay small attending no affair the message intended to be communicated. At times psychological noise may ensue from the audiences wont of thought of what is to go on following for case may be they besides have to turn to the audience or they have a trial in the close hereafter or the events that happened sometimes back. Fatigue, emphasis or sometimes incorrect timing for case excessively early in the forenoon, excessively close to lunchtime or to late in the twenty-four hours when the hearer are tired and the hearers may be forging attentiveness hence non decrypting the message ( Huff, 2008 ) .

In category context for case pupil shams attentiveness to avoid being punished or to delight their instructors. Such instances, the instructor may be cheated that the pupil have understood the message being passed to pupils yet this is non the instance.The instructor leaves satisfied that the message has been passed. In our instance the pupil who is failed to go through the trial may hold psychological jobs when the instructor was explicating on the examinable subjects in the trials therefore failed to decrypt the message that was being passed on this left the instructor with the feeling that all pupils were attentive and would go through tests if they capitalized on the taught countries but this was non the instance since some pupils end up neglecting the test.In add-on the job of the communicating between the instructor and the male parent of the pupil who failed the test resulted from the annoyance of the male parent due to his boies failure in the trial, misconstruing occurs when the male parent feels that the instructor has duty of doing the pupil base on balls the trial piece may be the instructor felt that he communicated efficaciously to pupils on what to anticipate in the trials.

Solutions to interpersonal communicating jobs

Language jobs should at all times be avoided when communicating is taking topographic point between persons but the major concern is how to avoid them. The parties in a communicating exercising should guarantee that they use the words that have similar cross-cultural significances so that misunderstanding is avoided. Use of parlances, similes and other nonliteral linguistic communications should besides be avoided and if used they should explained and made sure that the receiver understands the message to the full ( Fussel & A ; Kreuz, 1998 ) . Pronunciation jobs can be avoided by the beginning merely if he patterns to articulate words decently nevertheless in some contexts like in a category pronunciation can be solved by spelling the words used or composing on the board so that communicating is made effectual. In add-on to these linguistic communication jobs the instructor should understands the linguistic communication jobs of his pupils so that aid is given in particular instances as the inherent aptitudes of the instructor feel that they may non grok the footings used.

Non verbal cues are built-in in any communicating procedure and people should non ever assume that they understand what gestures means otherwise the fail to grok the message sent. In order to avoid the jobs associated with gestural marks the receiver should pay attending to what is being said since most gestural cues are aimed to stress a verbal message. For case in category context a instructor may raise the voice to underline something antecedently said. In add-on it should be made certain that gestural and verbal messages match to avoid miscoding and misunderstanding. Peoples should besides be probationary in construing gestural communicating due to the cultural differences in gestural cues. It besides advisable to avoid non verbal distractions when pass oning since it at times act as noise in interpersonal communicating. For case switching your eyes or continuously playing with 1s hair may add other significances in the message being conveyed. Non verbal marks should besides be put in context when utilizing them. Attention should paid on non verbal cues but they should put in the right context. To understand what gestural cues means one should see the full communicating procedure non merely on component of it and we besides need to inquire others about what certain gestural cues mean in their civilization ( Turner & A ; West, 2008 ) .

In order to avoid psychological jobs in interpersonal communicating it advisable that to guarantee that the parties in the communicating procedure are psychologically prepared and they understand each other state of affairs to avoid conflicting communicating. The parties in the communicating procedure should guarantee that their subject of treatment is relevant, non tiring and good timed to avoid distractions to other issues. It ‘s besides advisable that all parties are actively engaged for case in category the instructor should prosecute pupils with inquiries to do certain that they do non forge heed. In add-on the instance of parent instructor miscommunication, the parent should ever be psychologically prepared that a pupil can neglect or go through a trial and it ‘s non ever the destiny of a instructor for pupil failure. To avoid psychological job in interpersonal communicating the parties should guarantee that they know their feelings, analyses the state of affairs, having their feelings reframing when needed and sympathizing such patterns are complex activities that involve sensitiveness, consciousness, penetration and empathy hence merely like any proficiency, emotional communicating require forbearance and continuity ( West & A ; Turner, 2008 ) .

Solution to the channel noise can merely be rectified by doing certain the right channel to communicating is used. The parties in the communicating procedure should guarantee that contributing environment exists so that communicating is effectual. In this instance internal scenes of the category should hold minimum noise merely that can non be controlled. The instructor should take the duty of guaranting beginning of noise such as mutter is minimized ; nevertheless small can be done on external scenes since other activities must take topographic point ( Aswathappa, 2005 ) . If in our instance external noise is excessively high the instructor ought to raise his voice or the pupil to hold asked the points missed for effectual communicating to take topographic point.


Interpersonal communicating is critical in developing relationships among persons since every societal interaction involves communicating. As said earlier it involves at least two persons go throughing messages to each other. Individual must be ready to show their feelings and emotions for interpersonal communicating to be said to happen. It ‘s a cyclic procedure that is uninterrupted from beginning to recipient and frailty versa where the receiver becomes the beginning and the beginning the receiver for the procedure to finish.

Interpersonal communicational though really of import and inevitable in our twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours activities has certain jobs that hinder effectual communicating to happen between persons. These jobs include: Language jobs, channel related jobs, not verbal cues reading jobs and psychological and emotional job such as choler love and pretension. These jobs if non good checkered makes the communicating between single to divert from the original purposes and they need to be checked every clip persons are pass oning to avoid struggles for case the 1 that emerged between the instructor and pupil.

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