Studying The Concept Of Inner Journeys English Literature Essay

A journey is defined as the motion of one topographic point to another. The construct of an interior journey is similar in that it is besides a motion or growing to adulthood in an single because of challenging and inspiring experiences. By analyzing texts we can research the manner persons go through a journey of the head and spirit.

This journey involves geographic expedition of the ego which leads to growing and development. It involves challenges and obstructions which are facing but things can be learned from those experiences leting them to turn mentally and spiritually.

The texts, ‘My Place ‘ , and ‘Looking for Alibrandi ‘ nowadays this construct of interior journeys. The chief characters face alteration and growing which leads them to knowledge of themselves, others and the universe.

‘My Place ‘ written by Sally Morgan is an autobiography and is set in modern-day Australia. This text is about Morgan ‘s journey to understand her heritage and her topographic point in Australian society. It ‘s her hunt for individuality which starts her on an emotional and religious journey.

An inspiring or tragic event can get down an person ‘s interior journey. With the decease of Sally ‘s male parent ‘fear had all of a sudden vanished ‘ which leads her to detect her Aboriginal heritage. The subjects of find of the truth and find of character are explored. These messages are shown through the usage duologue and the usage of pronouns. Sally sets off on her journey to happen “ our household history ” , as clip base on ballss, she says, “ Now we kids are acquiring older ” and with more oppugning the truth is revealed and she declares, “ We had an Aboriginal consciousness now ” . Colloquial linguistic communication is used to demo us the ideas during the journey and aids make the reader connect with the writer and adds pragmatism. The reader can see the procedure of turning spiritually every bit good as physically which is portion of 1s journey.

Equally shortly as Sally and Gladys visit Corunna Downs they discover a sense of topographic point. The consequence of this self-discovery is shown through Morgan ‘s usage plural pronouns, such as ‘We have a sense of topographic point now ‘ and ‘We belong now ‘ and shows us how her inner journey has changed her. Besides the insistent usage of the word ‘now ‘ suggests a alteration has taken topographic point. ‘We were different people now. What had begun as a probationary hunt for cognition had grown into a religious and emotional pilgrim’s journey. ‘ This is a major event that has made them experience whole and made them gain that they are coming to the terminal of their journeys of self find. Morgan ‘s journey to happen the truth about her heritage has made the respondent reflect and understand that individuality and topographic point is really of import to the person.

Sometimes, other person ‘s experiences or ideas can assist a individual gain their ain journey. By questioning her female parent Morgan uses her household ‘s narrations to assist her along her interior journey, such as when Gladys says ; ‘All my life, I ‘ve merely been half a individual ‘ . By maintaining her kids ‘s existent individuality a secret it made Gladys experience less of a individual. When Morgan reflects on what Gladys says she understands and realises her ain identity- that she is Aboriginal and she feels like she is a whole individual. By listening to others views it can assist an person on their ain journey.

Besides when Gladys says ; ‘Let me go through this manner but one time and make what good I can. I shall non go through this manner once more ‘ she shows empathy and shows us that this is her doctrine of life. She is comfy with where she is traveling. Other people ‘s journeys can do an single reflect on their ain emotional and mental adulthood.

Throughout one ‘s journey an person can detect many qualities in themselves that assist them acquire through. Morgan discovers that she is strong, determined and resilient and that these are the qualities that start her on her journey and assist her when she faces hard times. By looking at the writer ‘s character the respondent understands that the more one realises their good features the more confident they become.

The Bird Call chapter is a really of import phase of Morgan ‘s journey as she reflects on her Nan ‘s narrative. Through Daisy ‘s duologue the reader understands that obstructions prevent persons traveling on their ain journey. Repeat is used when Daisy says “ Me, I had been scared all me life, excessively scared to talk out ” . Morgan realises that fright prevents Daisy from talking out. The respondent understands that sometimes obstructions which are made by the single demand to be overcome so that the journey can go on.

During Daisy ‘s unwellness Sally and her sister talk about where they are and what they have achieved on their interior journeys. Jill says ‘We ‘re merely merely coming to footings with everything, happening ourselves, what we truly areaˆ¦ ‘ Sally answers ; ‘We ‘re all truly altering ‘ . The writer uses duologue and plural pronouns in the duologue to prosecute the reader and do them link with their feelings of pride and accomplishment. The reader is cognizant that people change and turn and that their journeys continue because of these alterations.

After Daisy ‘s decease a bird is heard and Morgan uses affectional linguistic communication and direct address to demo that she is on her journey. “ Oh Nan, ” I cried with sudden certainty, “ I heard it excessively. In my bosom, I heard it. ” The bird call is of import because it is regarded by Aboriginal people as a mark of at hand decease. The bird call has made a connexion with Morgan and it has made her realise her Aboriginal individuality and the reader can see this by the emotion in her voice. Morgan has accomplished an interior journey and feels fulfilled at this minute. The respondent can see that positive results can be achieved on interior journeys by get the better ofing obstructions.

In Morgan ‘s journey of find, subjects of individuality, find and endurance are explored. Morgan kept inquiring and kept looking for the truth and it was her continuity that started and ended her journey. Her female parent ‘s and Nan ‘s narratives help her have an apprehension of her heritage and her topographic point in Australian society. By the terminal of her journey the writer is a wiser and a more accepting individual because of the challenges she faced and from the inspiration she received from her household.

Analyzing ‘My Place ‘ has made the respondent understand that holding features like strength and resiliency can assist an single go frontward on their journey. The Methods used to happen 1s individuality such as interviewing and entering household history is of import every bit good as assisting an single reflect on their ain journey.

Finally, the text has made the respondent think about the importance of household history and about how of import stating the truth is so that a individual can turn. Not cognizing the truth and being lied to can forestall an person from doing an interior journey. These are obstructions that can be overcome so that a journey of the head and spirit can be completed.

The 2nd related text is the movie, ‘Looking for Alibrandi ‘ by the manager Kate Woods. The supporter, Josephine ( Josie ) Alibrandi, narrates her narrative while she is in her concluding twelvemonth of High school. She attends a affluent Catholic school in Sydney ‘s eastern suburbs on a scholarship. In the text ‘My topographic point ‘ , the chief issue is about individuality and it is besides explored in this text as Josie struggles with her Italian-Australian background against her equals who are of Anglo-Australian heritage. ‘Alibrandi ‘ besides explores the subject of find, as it does in ‘My topographic point ‘ where Josie finds out the truth about her household, her male parent in peculiar. The subject of alteration is besides explored where characters change in position as they go through challenging experiences. This text is about Josie ‘s understanding her heritage, and her topographic point in Australian society. It ‘s her hunt for individuality which starts her on an emotional and cultural journey.

There are several events that occur during the movie that help us to see the manner that Josie develops and alterations over the class of her journey. In the gap scene which is ‘Tomato Day ‘ Josie is ashamed and embarrassed to take part in the household and cultural rite. She does n’t see herself as belonging at that place. She talks about her hereafter, and about non truly cognizing where she fits in to society. The subject of cultural individuality is shown to us through the usage of costume and the manner of the movie. Cinematographer Toby Oliver says that they wanted to bring forth a ocular manner which was similar to the work of the Italian movie manager Federico Fellini. A sepia shade was put over the coloring material filming to give the movie a nostalgic expression, so that even though this is a portraiture of a contemporary activity it is connoting that that it is an old Italian tradition.

Oliver says ; the movie was based on “ some of the stylistic elements on Fellini ‘s work, and Italian movies of Fellini ‘s epoch. The Tomato Day scene is a great illustration of that Italian manner of filmmaking ” where parts of it seem “ semi docudrama but at the same clip deliberate and controlled, with the long shootings that move from one group of people to anotheraˆ¦ ” This ocular manner reflects the Italian civilization that Josie is ashamed of.

To go on this subject of cultural individuality the shade disappears every bit shortly as Josie appears and her voiceover makes the spectator know her feelings: “ ‘This might be where I come from, but do I truly belong here? ” The manager uses duologue and personal pronouns to demo us that Josie ‘s is non connected with her civilization and to pull the spectator in so that can associate to her narrative. This event shows us the beginning of Josie ‘s journey of ego find, her uncertainties about her household, her civilization and her hereafter emerge through this event.

Another of import event was Josie run intoing her male parent for the first clip. At the beginning of the movie Josie says that male parents seem reasonably useless, and that she is happy to make without hers. Meeting him has a profound impact on Josie ‘s life.

The manager uses a fantasy sequence to show this of import development in Josie ‘s journey. After acquiring Josie out of problem at school, the stained glass window in the stairwell at St. Martha ‘s alterations to uncover Michael as an angel, delivering Josie. Light builds behind it, doing it about a scriptural miracle. Josie realises that he is a portion of her that she ne’er knew anything approximately and that half of her household history has been losing. On her journey Josie realises that a relationship with her male parent is of import and besides see that the support and advice of her male parent might assist her. The spectator can understand that non cognizing the truth about a parent can do an single feel like a portion of them is losing. Besides it is really of import to hold a male parent figure for advice, different position or fiscal support.

The last scene of the movie takes us to ‘Tomato Day ‘ a twelvemonth subsequently. This event signifies how much Josie has grown and learnt over the class of the twelvemonth. Josie is much more secure in who she is, and accepts that her household is an of import portion of who she is. She embraces her household and their traditions, and she knows and appreciates where she belongs. “ I know now that what ‘s of import is who I feel I am. ” She eventually we know she is happy here as she asks Nonna for a dance. It symbolises the manner they have resolved their differences. ‘I ‘m Christina and Michael ‘s girl and I ‘m Katia ‘s granddaughter. And we ‘re non cursed, we ‘re blessed. ‘

Self find is really of import to developing and maturating and hence assisting person on their journey. Josie eventually finds her true ego through the aid of other characters, such as John Barton. Before she was immature and made generalizations. She says of her equals, “ all the other pupils in the school are in ringer groups ” , nevertheless as she continues her journey and begins to understand her individuality she says “ if person comes up and inquire me what nationality I am I ‘ll look at them and state that I ‘m an Australian with Italian blood fluxing quickly through my venas ” . Repetitive usage of the first individual ‘I ‘ , suggests that she is more confident. Through her relationship with others Josie realises there are other positions of life. When she sees how much force per unit area John is under she starts to be less selfish because he is much worse off than she is. John ‘s self-destruction truly changes her and makes her think about what she has.

This ocular text shows us that Josie is truly on a journey of find all throughout the movie. This journey reveals a batch about herself, her household and the lessons that she is to larn in her life. Josie trades with these issues of truth about her male parent and grandma and self-destruction and makes her a wiser and more mature individual. Self find is an of import subject in the text, without it Josie would non hold discovered her individuality.

The spectator understands that while seeking to confront struggles in life it may assist them happen their ain individuality. Other characters whether they are friends or household can assist alter their positions of others and of the universe. The respondent understands the construct of interior journeys provides chances for the person to hold a better apprehension of oneself, other persons and the universe.

In decision, by analyzing the two texts we can see that persons can take interior journeys by happening one ‘s individuality, seeking for the truth of one ‘s heritage, or by sing traumatic events such decease. All these experiences have allowed the characters to alter and turn which leads them to knowledge of oneself, others and the universe.

It has changed the respondents apprehension of oneself, as an interior journey will allow them derive some personal experience that will assist them go wiser and more mature. An apprehension of other persons will come when relationships are formed and cognizing approximately political issues in society will besides assist them understand the universe.

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