Summary Of The Moon Is Down English Literature Essay

During the 2nd universe war a little Norse town is invaded by German troops.George Corell, a local shop keeper, sees to it that the German ground forces meets with barely any opposition. Sic soldiers are killed by the enemy. Colonel Lanser, commanding officer of the German unit asks Mayor Orden to collaborate because the Germans need coal from the local coal mine. And He and his staff want to populate in the city managers house.Mayor Orden uncertainties if the local people will accept German regulation and wants to avoid beeing seen while collaborating with the enemy. While they are speaking, Ordens cook Annie throws boiling H2O at some German soldiers who have made her angry.

The German officers turn the mayorA?s house into their central offices. They do non experience at place in their new milieus and are rapidly annoyed by one of their fellow officers, Captain Loft, who insists on regulations and ordinances. Fortunately The local people seem to hold accepted their destiny and the German officers begin to bask the countryside. Colonel Lanser tells Corell to watch his stairss because some people may desire to penalize him for his coaction. Corell does n’t listen and believe he is the city manager. Lanser remembers the first universe war and admirations how long the people will stay unagitated. At that minute he hears that Captain Bentick has been killed by a mineworker named Alexander Morden. Before Morden is tried in the city manager ‘s house Orden promises Alexanders married woman Molly that he will non condemn Alex himself because he is on the side of the people. He tells Lanser he is merely wants to condemn the mineworker if the Germans who shot the six localsoldiers are sentenced as good. During the trail it appears that an order from Captain loft had made Morden really angry and he attacked Loft with an axe. When Captain Bentick tried to halt them he had been killed. Morden is sentenced to decease and instantly executed. The city manager praises Alex for his bravery and says that his action will be an inspiration for all the people. After the executing a shooting is fired through a window and hits lieutenant Prackle in the shoulder. During the winter the local people do everything they can to oppose the Germans. The German soldiers get more and more nervous besides because of a figure of sabotage of their electric visible radiation supply. Acertain lieutenant Tonder becomes about hysterical when he realizes that the Germans are get downing to fear the people in the small town who pig-headedly and mutely resist German orders. Tonder is homesick and needs company. He visits Molly Mordeon who insults him by offering him her organic structure for the monetary value of two sausages. But so she admits that she is lonely too.when he has left a meeting takes topographic point in Molly ‘s house. The Anders boys local mineworkers intend to sail to England. They want to take Corell with them and throw him overboard. Molly ‘s visitants leave when they hear Tonder return. Molly opens the door to her visitant, concealing a brace of long scissors in her dress.Hunderds of packages are dropped by some aircraft. They contain cocoa, dynamite and letters with instructions how and where to utilize dynamite. But this is non the lone job Colonel Lanser is faced with. Tonder has been killed by Molly and Prackle is troubled by his nerves.Corell accuses the city manager of take parting in opposition activities. The city manager and the physician are arrested and kept surety. They are top be executed in instance of force. Doctor Winter is certain that the people will maintain on contending against the Germans even if their leaders should be dead. Merely when the Mayor and the Dockter are stating Lanser about the finding of the people several detonations are heard. The narrative ends with the city manager stating adieu to his married woman.

Analysis & A ; Interpretations



Structure: The narrative has been told in history order.

Fictional characters: Mr. Corell

Mayor Orden



Space and Time: The narrative takes topographic point in a winter in World War II, before 1942 because that is the twelvemonth that the book is published. The narrative is told in a chronologically manner and in approximately 9 months clip.

The narrative takes topographic point in a Norse town.


Language and manner:

Background Information about the author

John Steinbeck was born on 27 February 1902 in California. He was an American writer and a victor of the Nobel Prize in 1962 for Literature for his “ realistic and inventive authorship, uniting as it does sympathetic wit and acute societal perceptual experience. ” His male parent came from Germany and his female parent came from Northern Ireland.

In 1919 he graduated at the Salinas High School. In 1928 he worked in California as a circuit usher, there he met is future first married woman, Carol Henning. Steinbeck and Henning married in January 1930.

His first novel was published in 1929, named Cup of Gold. The narrative was based on the life and decease of Henry Morgan. After the Cup of Gold he published a batch of other work, like ‘The Pastures of Eden ( 1932 ) ‘ , ‘The Red Pony ( 1933 ) , The Forgotten Village ( 1941 ) and ‘Once There Was A War ( 1958 ) .

During the World War II was Steinbeck a war letter writer for the New York Herald Tribune.

John Steinbeck died in New York on 20 December 1968 of a bosom disease. He became 66 old ages.

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